Affiliate Marketing is the most popular ways of making money online these days. In this post, I asked few top bloggers of India to share their best Affiliate Marketing Tips so that as a beginner you can get the best advice to start affiliate marketing in 2022.

I am blogging from last many years and tried both Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing. For me without any doubt affiliate marketing is the best method to make money from my blog. The feeling of making money while you are sleeping is simply awesome and that is possible only because of affiliate marketing.

So, if you want to start your journey in affiliate marketing then make sure to read what these top Experts of Indian blogging community are saying. They have shared few best affiliate marketing tips for beginners from their experiences and I am sure that will be a gold mine free information everyone. So let’s get started.

best affiliate marketing tips and tricks by top indian bloggers
best affiliate marketing tips and tricks by top Indian bloggers

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Harsh Agarwal

harsh agarwal

Harsh Agrawal is A Solopreneur from India, and founder of award-winning platform He help others turn their passion into a profession and educate through his award winning blog

1. Hunt for new offers:

A lot of new bloggers usually copy the offers promoted by existing bloggers. This indeed works but there is an untapped way to outsmart even the smartest of bloggers. Be the first one to introduce new tools, deals. A lot of this could be achieved by browsing your existing affiliate networks dashboard.

For example, if you are using ShareASale, you can check their “Power rank” to find new affiliate products to promote. Since the program listed here is already making great sales (that’s why it’s in Power rank), that means your existing readers may like it as well. Similarly, the majority of affiliate networks have such a list, and exploring them once in a while, will help you to discover amazing affiliate offers.

2. Create Keyword-list based on Affiliate Keywords:

When you do Keyword research, make sure you focus on informational, transactional, and commercial keywords. 

Look for these kinds of keywords:

  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Alternatives
  • Compare
  • Improve
  • Offer
  • Discount
  • Promo
  • Coupon

Usually, they are inclined to give you more sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Pritam Nagrale

pritam nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is the founder of & He is a digital marketer, blogger, YouTuber and Entrepreneur. He is one of the few Indians, who are into internet marketing from the time when people did not know the meaning of internet marketing.

  1. One of my favorite tips in affiliate marketing is creating mini affiliate sites and targeting long tail and low difficulty keywords that most affiliate marketers forget to target. Basically there is good money in long tail keywords even if that keyword search volume is very low. For example – if you do excellent research for affiliate keywords, you will find hundreds of keywords that have monthly search volume between 10 and 50. Most of these keywords are super easy to rank and if you find the top 3 spots on Google for some of these keywords, you will definitely get 1-2 sales from each of these keywords.
  2. If you are planning to promote affiliate products using paid methods, there are various tools that can actually help you to scale your affiliate business. Be it excellent keyword research or spying on your competitors, or designing a high converting landing page or even writing great copies, a good tool can make your work very efficient and can save your time. So tools are very important for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips By By Kulwant Nagi

kulwant nagi

Kulwant Nagi is an affiliate marketer, helping other bloggers to monetize their blog with affiliate marketing. He is the founder of Affiliate Booster theme.

1. Always promote the products after using

This is my #1 tip for every affiliate marketer who is doing affiliate marketing for online services and software. Getting access of online products is very easy these days as all of them have free trials. Just use the product for few days, be familiar with the features, understand the use cases and promote the product by giving real examples.

2. Educate your audience with email marketing

Most of affiliate marketers focus on having the first monetary transaction. They just want the potential buyer visiting their blog post, buying the product with their affiliate link, and then the visitor is GONE forever. They just focus on the first transaction. The real affiliate business starts with email marketing. Once you educate your audience, surprise them with free gifts, and help them to solve their problems, they become your true fans. And selling to fans is much easier than selling to unknown people.

3. Use exit popups on your affiliate articles

If any of your affiliate article is performing good, just add exit popup on that article to capture the attention when visitors has decided to leave the page. You can show him the offer once again and convince him to start the trial, get free access or whatever, the ultimate goal here is to STOP him and ask him to do some actions before leaving.

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Akshay Hallur

akshay hallur

Akshay Hallur is the founder of BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures. He is a professional blogger, digital marketer, and a trainer.

1. On your blog, 20% of the affiliate products lead to 80% of the income. Rather than publishing blog posts on every product and hoping to be lucky, you need to learn the art of picking the top 20% highly converting products that drive real value to the readers to begin with. Researching how well the product converts even before promoting it goes a long way. There are various metrics/things like EPC, sentiment analysis, a cost-benefit analysis that you can make use of for this. Or else you can even reach out to the affiliate product owner for the conversion metrics. This will make sure that you have good returns on every dollar spent.

2. Know where your audience hangs out. You need to know where people research a product before making a purchase decision. Do they read blog posts? Do they watch videos? Getting to know the behavior of the people prior to making a purchase decision helps you a lot. Without having empathy for your audience how can you make sure that they buy the product that you’re promoting?

3. Implement sales funnels. It helps you to visualize the journey of the buyers before buying any product. By getting to know at what stage of the funnel people are in, you would be better equipped to lead them in the right direction with appropriate marketing messages. For crafting an effective funnel, you need to have at most clarity regarding your business and map it comprehensively. Another crucial thing is this – for getting more people inside of your funnel, you need to embrace omnichannel marketing. That’s what I am doing if you see nowadays combining blogging with YouTube marketing. I’m leveraging the best out of both of the platforms to let more people inside my funnel.

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Anil Agarwal

anil agarwal

Anil Agarwal, a professional blogger from Gurgaon, India and I launched this blog called on Jan 1st 2010. He completed master’s degree in computers and I got the motivation to start BloggersPassion blog after seeing the success of some of the leading blogs in blogging and make money online niche like Problogger, ShoeMoney, and JohnChow. It’s been 10 long years since he started blogging and blogging has evolved so much since then.

Create honest reviews: One of the best ways to increase your affiliate sales is to create honest product reviews. Use the product first. Don’t recommend a product just because of high commission rates. Use it, and recommend only if you find it useful. Take all screenshots and talk about how users can use the product while writing reviews. List all the pros, cons along with other alternatives.

Find the WINNING product: Follow the 80/20 pareto principle while promoting affiliate products. You don’t have to promote a ton of products to make a living from affiliate marketing. You just need one or two GREAT products that are really helpful. That’s why I’m able to make so much money from affiliate marketing because I promote winning products like Semrush, Bluehost, etc.

Increase your search traffic: Want to boost your sales? Increase your organic traffic. You need to implement the best SEO strategies like keyword research, link building, competitor analysis if you want to win the SEO game. SEO sends you unlimited traffic for free. The best part? You’ll get high conversions when you’re driving traffic from Google.

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Amit Garg

amit garg

Amit Garg, founder of He launched this blog on October 22nd, 2019 where he helps beginners to start blogging and make money online. He completed B.Tech in computer science and have 4 years of rich experience in software development.

Successful affiliate marketing starts with building trust with your readers.

And…to build trust, one should promote only high-quality products rather than crappy products just for the sake of huge commission. To find the right products, I highly recommend you try them yourself first. Either you can subscribe to them or take advantage of their free trials and money-back guarantee. Keeping an eye on what your competitors are promoting is another great way to find best-selling products.

Next, you need to educate your audience about those products. For doing so, you can do an unbiased review having all the details related to that product including its benefits, pros, cons, alternatives, FAQs, etc. To take your affiliate sales next level, you should offer some exclusive offers and discounts. Coupon codes and free trials work very well to boost your affiliate sales.

Next, comes the promotion part. Don’t forget to promote your affiliate links. Without promotions, you’re not going to get any sales. 

Add proper CTAs. 

Create a Toolbox page where you can recommend top products you are/have been using. You may also take advantage of the review box and exit popups. Last but not least, an email list that offers great ROI. If you’re not building your email list, do it from today.  

Affiliate Marketing Tips By Ankit Main

ankit main

Ankit Main, the founder of is developed by Ankit Main with an honest desire to help newbies in blogging and internet marketing

Thanks for inviting me to your round-up post. Here are my two cents on how to make a decent income from an affiliate marketing business.

Be consistent with your effort. Don’t give up after a few attempts. Give your best and success will come to you. It took me almost 1.5 years to match the annual income that I was making from my job. Nowadays, I make more per month than my annual CTC when I was employed. That’s the power of affiliate marketing.

Understand the power of investing. I used to focus extensively on content and didn’t spend much on research, design, marketing, productivity improvement, and the educational aspect. That was my biggest mistake. All the factors listed above, as well as creating high-quality content, are crucial to growing as an affiliate marketer.

Good networking is another way to help your affiliate business grow. On social media, I got the chance to meet many like Santanu Bhai, Saurabh Bhai, Aditya, Adarsh, and countless others (can’t name them all) who helped me to improve my skills and knowledge. A big thank you to them all. Social media, on the other hand, can be a big time-waster if you don’t manage your time wisely. Social media eats up most of your productive time browsing viral feeds, commenting on useless topics, and viewing repurposed content you’ve seen a thousand times. Instead, participate in groups where you can gain knowledge, follow the latest developments in the industry, and get help when needed.

Investing time in research is another crucial part of affiliate marketing success. You should choose the right offers to promote, target the right keywords, and promote your content/offers to the right audience at the right time. For those who don’t have a significant budget for purchasing market research tools, you can try their trial versions or free alternatives.

The affiliate marketing landscape changes quickly. Prepare for the future. Choose niches that are currently being developed and are likely to rise rapidly and provide a significant ROI, e.g., crypto, AI, AR, IoT, green energy, EV.

Put more emphasis on omnichannel presence instead of text-only content. Make sure to produce visual content, primarily videos, to boost visibility and revenue. The last thing I would suggest is to be a good learner. Don’t be static, be dynamic.

Conclusion: Your turn now

So, these are some of the best affiliate marketing tips for beginners shared by few of the top bloggers & affiliate marketers. If you have a blog, you can start implementing these tips gradually and you will also start making money from your blog with time. If you have any question or doubt then you can also write a comment below and share your problem with us. Thanks for reading and sharing this article.

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