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Here are top Marketing Management Software Lifetime Deals on AppSumo

SoftwareRegular PriceLifetime Deal Price
TruConversion$499/month$69 (Lifetime Access)
Adsbot$488/month$39 (Lifetime Access)
HeyReach$1668/month$69 (Lifetime Access)
Pin Generator$204/month$99 (Lifetime Access)
RTILA$1188/month$99 (Lifetime Access)
Holacon$588/month$49 (Lifetime Access)
Marketing Master IO$900/month$57 (Lifetime Access)
Sendapp Professional$90/month$49 (Lifetime Access)
SellerMetrics$599/month$99 (Lifetime Access)
Affiliate Corner$149/month$69 (Lifetime Access)
ethos$3500/month$49 (Lifetime Access)
Linke$2999/month$49 (Lifetime Access)
Foxly$499/month$39 (Lifetime Access)
My Digital CMO$290/month$48 (Lifetime Access)

In today’s competitive digital landscape, effective marketing management software is crucial for businesses to streamline their marketing efforts, increase efficiency, and drive better results.

Luckily, AppSumo has curated a collection of exceptional marketing management software with lifetime deals that offer exceptional value for businesses of all sizes.

Why You Need Marketing Management Software?

Marketing management software plays a vital role in today’s business landscape, offering numerous benefits and advantages for organizations of all sizes. From streamlining marketing operations to enhancing customer engagement, this software has become an essential tool for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age. Here are several reasons why you need marketing management software:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Marketing management software automates repetitive tasks, allowing marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives. It enables streamlined workflows, eliminating manual processes and reducing the chances of errors. By automating tasks such as email campaigns, social media scheduling, and lead generation, the software frees up valuable time for marketers to concentrate on creative and high-value activities.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Marketing management software fosters collaboration among team members, regardless of their geographical locations. With features like shared calendars, project management tools, and real-time communication channels, the software promotes seamless teamwork and information sharing. It enables marketers to work together on campaigns, share feedback, and monitor progress, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Marketing management software provides valuable insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, and ROI. It gathers and analyzes data from various sources, such as website analytics, social media metrics, and email marketing statistics. By visualizing this data through intuitive dashboards and reports, marketers can make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources effectively, resulting in improved marketing strategies and higher returns on investment.
  4. Personalized Customer Engagement: Customers today expect personalized experiences and targeted messaging. Marketing management software enables businesses to segment their audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior. This segmentation allows marketers to create tailored content, deliver personalized campaigns, and engage customers on a more individual level. By delivering relevant and timely messages, businesses can build stronger relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty.
  5. Multi-Channel Marketing: Marketing management software supports multi-channel marketing efforts by providing integrated solutions for various platforms and channels. Whether it’s email marketing, social media management, content creation, or search engine optimization, the software offers tools and features to streamline and optimize campaigns across multiple channels. This comprehensive approach helps businesses reach their target audience through their preferred channels, increasing brand visibility and generating more leads.
  6. ROI Tracking and Measurement: One of the significant advantages of marketing management software is the ability to track and measure the return on investment (ROI) of marketing activities. The software allows businesses to attribute revenue to specific campaigns, channels, or touchpoints, providing valuable insights into what strategies are working and which ones need improvement. This data-driven approach to ROI tracking empowers marketers to optimize their efforts, allocate resources effectively, and demonstrate the value of marketing initiatives to stakeholders.

Marketing management software is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital era. Its ability to improve efficiency, foster collaboration, enable data-driven decision making, personalize customer engagement, support multi-channel marketing, and track ROI makes it a valuable asset for any organization.

By leveraging the power of marketing management software, businesses can stay competitive, drive growth, and achieve their marketing objectives with ease.

15+ Best Lifetime Deals on Marketing Management Softwares 2023

Best Marketing Management Software lifetime deals
Best Marketing Management Software lifetime deals

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best marketing management software lifetime deals available on AppSumo, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Easily Boost Your Marketing Efforts with AppSumo’s Exclusive Offerings.

1. TruConversion Lifetime Deal

TruConversion is an all-in-one marketing analytics and customer conversion platform that helps businesses optimize their website, boost conversions, and enhance the overall user experience. With TruConversion, marketers can track visitor behavior, conduct A/B testing, create heatmaps, and generate detailed reports to gain valuable insights and improve their marketing strategies.

  • Click map, move map, scroll map, and detail map
  • Share heatmap, download heatmap, and compare heatmap
  • Date range, Source of visitor, Operating system and browser
  • 1 user(s)
  • 3 domains
  • 110,000 monthly page views

2. Adsbot Lifetime Deal

Adsbot is a powerful Facebook ad management tool designed to simplify the process of creating, managing, and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns. With its intuitive interface and advanced targeting options, Adsbot enables marketers to maximize their ad spend, improve ad performance, and drive higher conversions.

  • Performance and KPI dashboard
  • AI powered digital marketing optimization.
  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Google Ads insights and optimization
  • Paid and organic analysis
  • Zero cost campaign checker and zero impression keywords
  • 1 number of accounts
  • Up to 100 total URL’s checked

3. HeyReach Lifetime Deal

HeyReach is a versatile outreach and email marketing automation tool that empowers marketers to build and manage successful email marketing campaigns. With features like email personalization, automated follow-ups, and detailed analytics, HeyReach helps businesses effectively nurture leads, improve engagement, and drive more conversions.

  • All features above included
  • 1 seats
  • Unlimited messages and outreach
  • 100 searches per month per seat
  • 500 results per search
  • 50 lists per search

4. Pin Generator – Automated Pinterest Marketing

Pin Generator is a unique marketing management software that automates Pinterest marketing tasks, allowing businesses to harness the power of Pinterest to grow their brand and drive traffic to their website. With Pin Generator, marketers can schedule pins, discover trending content, and analyze their Pinterest performance to optimize their strategy.

  • 600 pin credits per month
  • Unlimited linked Pinterest profiles
  • AI rewriter
  • Amazon integration
  • Shopify integration
  • Etsy integration
  • WordPress integration
  • Stack 2 codes:
  • 2000 pin credits per month
  • Stack 3 codes:
  • 3000 pin credits per month – Lifetime access

5. RTILA: Web Automation – Plus exclusive

RTILA is a comprehensive web automation tool that enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks, such as data extraction, form filling, and content posting. With RTILA’s intuitive interface and powerful automation capabilities, marketers can save time, increase productivity, and focus on high-value marketing activities.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited automations
  • Unlimited extracted records
  • 2 machines

6. Holacon Lifetime Deal

Holacon is a customer communication and engagement platform that helps businesses improve customer support, lead generation, and sales conversion rates. With its live chat, chatbot, and CRM integration features, Holacon enables marketers to provide personalized customer experiences and build strong customer relationships.

  • 1 team member(s)
  • 100 free registrants per month
  • 480 livestream minutes per month
  • 6 speakers per room
  • Social hub

7. Marketing Master IO – Plus exclusive

Marketing Master IO is a powerful marketing automation platform that combines email marketing, CRM, lead generation, and workflow automation in one tool. With its advanced segmentation, email personalization, and lead scoring capabilities, Marketing Master IO empowers marketers to create highly targeted campaigns and drive conversions.

  • Unlimited Google Messages, Instagram and Messenger subscribers
  • 10,000 email contacts & 100,000 email sends per month
  • 1 Facebook page, 1 Instagram acct, 1 WhatsApp biz acct, 5 FB Groups
  • 1 Google My Business Messages Agents
  • 1 Ecommerce store (with custom domain feature)
  • 4 Livestream campaigns per month (Max of 60 min. each and up to 1000 MB)

8. Sendapp Professional Lifetime Deal

Sendapp Professional is a feature-rich messaging and communication tool that allows businesses to connect with their audience across various messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. With Sendapp Professional, marketers can automate messaging campaigns, manage contacts, and analyze campaign performance to optimize their messaging strategy.

  • Lifetime access to Sendapp Professional
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • Please note: this deal is not stackable

9. SellerMetrics Lifetime Deal

SellerMetrics is an Amazon seller analytics and optimization tool that provides valuable insights into sales performance, profitability, and keyword rankings. With SellerMetrics, marketers can monitor their Amazon business, track competitor data, and make data-driven decisions to increase sales and maximize profitability.

  • 25K in lifetime ad spend
  • Set your ACoS% Target for Daily Automatic Bid Adjustments for hands off Amazon PPC Optimization
  • Easily Make Manual Bid Adjustment with our Bid Optimization interface
  • Support up to 10 Amazon Accounts for each user
  • Support all Amazon Marketplaces (US/IN/CA/AU/UK/DE/JP/ES/FR/UAE)
  • Consolidated marketplace account management, control all your Amazon accounts

10. Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deal

Affiliate Corner is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that simplifies the process of managing and tracking affiliate campaigns. With its comprehensive set of features, including affiliate tracking, commission management, and performance analytics, Affiliate Corner helps businesses effectively manage their affiliate programs and drive affiliate-driven revenue.

  • Access thousands of affiliate programs and hundreds of niches
  • Search the best affiliate programs across 20+ filters
  • Unlock creative promotion ideas for every affiliate niche
  • Download niche specific low-competition keywords for SEO traffic
  • Spy affiliates within the niche and replicate their affiliate strategies
  • Save affiliate programs you like for later
  • Lifetime access to Niche Finder (ever-growing)
  • Access our Facebook community to discuss niche sites and affiliate marketing

11. ethos Lifetime Deal

ethos is a social proof and conversion optimization platform that leverages the power of customer testimonials, reviews, and social proof to boost trust and credibility. By displaying real-time customer activity notifications and reviews on their website, marketers can significantly increase conversions and drive more sales.

  • Unlimited brand guidelines
  • Unlimited team user accounts
  • Unlimited GB storage
  • Access to all brand templates
  • Remove “Powered by ethos” badge
  • Download, copy and paste official brand content
  • Control brand guideline sharing
  • Upload images, documents and other file formats

12. Linke Lifetime Deal

Linke is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows businesses to automate their LinkedIn lead generation and outreach efforts. With Linke, marketers can automatically send personalized connection requests, follow-ups, and messages, helping them expand their network, nurture leads, and drive business growth on LinkedIn.

  • Create unlimited short links
  • Create unlimited bio pages.
  • Unlimited alerts for Link Buzzing.
  • Unlimited Down Link alerts.
  • Customize sharing preview on social networks.
  • Add unlimited custom domains.
  • Unlimited pixels retargeting.
  • Give secret link to edit a bio page for your customers
  • Traffic blocking filters (country, referrals, passwords)
  • Analytics (clicks, referrals, countries, os, browsers).

13. Foxly Lifetime Deal

Foxly is a URL shortener and link management tool that helps marketers create branded, shortened URLs for their marketing campaigns. With its advanced analytics and retargeting options, Foxly allows marketers to track and optimize link performance, retarget audiences, and enhance their overall marketing efforts.

  • Unlimited Links
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Additional domains by added Foxly
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Data export
  • Advanced stats
  • Unlimited Custom Links
  • Unlimited Links with Password access
  • Unlimited Links with Expiration
  • Reseller coupons – 10
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Bulk URLs Generator
  • UTM Builder

14. My Digital CMO (Business Smart Plan)

My Digital CMO is a comprehensive marketing management platform that provides businesses with a suite of tools to plan, execute, and analyze their marketing campaigns. With features like project management, campaign tracking, and analytics, My Digital CMO empowers marketers to streamline their marketing activities, optimize performance, and achieve their business goals.

  • Full Lifetime Access to My Digital CMO for a single user license (incl. future product updates)
  • Define your Brand Identity
  • Define Product/Service Features and Benefits
  • Create Customer Personas
  • Plan Marketing Channels and Tactics
  • Manage Tactics via Marketing Calendar and ToDo List
  • Customer Journey management via Marketing Mix Dashboard
  • Basic website analytics with Google Analytics Integration
  • Marketing Assistant search tool
  • Strategy Health tool with marketing

Conclusion: Are these AppSumo Lifetime Deals Worth?

AppSumo’s collection of marketing management software lifetime deals offers an incredible opportunity for businesses to access top-tier marketing tools at affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking to optimize website conversions, automate marketing tasks, or enhance customer communication, these software options provide a wide range of features to meet your marketing needs.

By leveraging these powerful tools, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, boost efficiency, and drive better results in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers to elevate your marketing game and stay ahead of the curve.

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