Struggling to get conversions on your Amazon affiliate blog? If yes, then this post is for you, where I will tell you the 8 best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

These plugins would help you increase your Amazon affiliate website conversions and take it to the next level. So without any further delay, let’s jump to it:

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon affiliate program is an affiliate program by Amazon where you get a commission for each sale you make for them.

In recent times, many bloggers and SEO experts have started saying that Amazon affiliate websites are dead.

Yes, it is true to some extent, as Amazon has made its affiliate policies stricter and also reduced the commission rates.

However, it is not true that you can’t make money with it. Just you have to do it strategically so that you can make out profits from it. You can see this video if you haven’t made an Amazon affiliate account yet.

What are Amazon Affiliate plugins?

Amazon affiliate plugins are WordPress plugins that are made specifically for Amazon affiliate websites.

They are made to increase your affiliate conversions, improve your website UI, and do other awesome things.

And by doing all these things, you can take the sales and earning of your Amazon affiliate website to new heights.

Why do you need Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins?

Amazon affiliate plugins give you some additional features which are necessary to drive sales and are not present in a native WordPress website.

Some major benefits of Amazon affiliate plugins are:

  1. It helps you increase your website conversions
  2. Protects you from Amazon policies
  3. Helps in international targeting for more sales
  4. Helps in automatization of your Amazon affiliate links
  5. You can add tables, product boxes, CTAs to get more sales

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8 Hand-picked list of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Here are my 8 favorite Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins that you can use on your Amazon affiliate website:

1. AAWP (Premium)

AAWP is an Amazon affiliate plugin that helps you display beautiful text links, product boxes, and widgets to your blog post, pages, and sidebar.

It helps you increase your website’s conversion rate, which eventually leads to an increase in your income as well.

This plugin is the most favorite Amazon affiliate plugin among the Amazon affiliate bloggers. I use it on almost all my niche and micro niche Amazon affiliate blogs.

Features of AAWP plugin

  • Automatically changes the price, discounts, etc so you won’t have to worry about it
  • A lot of different designs and templates that you can use
  • No programming knowledge is needed
  • International targetting is available with this plugin
  • Google AMP support is there
  • Lightweight, so it won’t affect your website speed.


AAWP is a premium plugin and it starts from 49 euros per year for 1 website.

However, there are other plans available which you can see in this image down below.

2. Woozone (Free + Premium)

Woozone is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps you make an e-commerce store with Amazon affiliate marketing.

It helps you import Amazon products to your website or even make a full-fledged e-commerce site with it.

The best part?

You don’t need an API (Application Programming Interface) key to use this plugin on your website.

However, you still need it if you are using the free version. Along with that, in the free version, you can import only a handful of products to your website.

But if you want to make an e-commerce website using Amazon affiliate marketing, then you have to invest in the premium version.

 Features of Woozone

  • Speed optimized plugin, so it won’t slow down your website.
  • Import reviews and ratings of the product directly from Amazon.
  • Frequently bought together feature to get some extra commission
  • Easily add products to your post to get sales organically
  • Automatic product synchronization so you won’t have to manually add and change the affiliate link
  • Add to cart feature helps you increase your affiliate cookie period
  • One-click import feature to easily add products to your website


Free, but the premium version comes at $49 per plugin.

3. Easy Azon (Free now!)

Easy Azon is an Amazon affiliate plugin that is mainly used to make conversion-optimized affiliate links and international targeting of affiliate links.

This plugin is a free one, so you can use it for free on your Amazon affiliate website

So, I would definitely recommend you to try this plugin on your Amazon affiliate website.

Features of Easy Azon

  • Internationally targets your affiliate links to get more commission
  • This plugin generates a pop-up if the user hovers a product, which helps you increase sales
  • Comes with add to cart feature so that you can get more cookie duration.
  • Comes with a lot of blocks such as product blocks, buttons, and a lot more which can drastically increase your sales. 


Free of cost. Enjoy!

4. Amalink Pro (Premium)

Amalinks Pro is the competitor of the AAWP plugin because it comes with the same features as AAWP.

With this plugin, you can make beautiful conversion-optimized product boxes, CTAs, and furthermore.

But the biggest advantage of using this plugin over AAWP is that you can use this plugin with both API key and without an API key.

Features of Amalinks Pro

  • Automatically pulls the product features price etc to your website and also automatically updates it.
  • Add a prime batch to products if you are promoting a prime product
  • Add API disclaimer to product to provide transparency to users.
  • You can create beautiful and conversion-optimized tables, CTAs, products, and with this plugin
  • Its major feature is that you can use it both with and without an API key.


Starts at $67 yearly for 1 WordPress website.

However, there are other plans to choose from. 

Which you can see in this picture given down below.

5. Thirsty Affiliates (Free + Premium)

Thirsty Affiliates plugin is a link cloaking plugin to cloak your website’s affiliate link.

It helps you properly cloak your affiliate link and make it conversion-friendly. It is a freemium plugin, so you can use it on your website for free.

But if you want advanced features then you have to invest in the premium version.

Features of Thirsty Affiliates

  • Cloaks your affiliate link and makes it click-friendly.
  • Properly redirects the affiliate link to 301, 302, and many more redirects
  • Comes with extensive analytics to properly track your affiliate links
  • Automatic keyword linking helps you add affiliate links to the keyword in your blog posts
  • The geo-targeting feature helps you get a commission from international sales as well.
  • Automatically analyze 404 affiliate links on your website so that you can remove it


Thirsty affiliates premium plugin starts at $49 for single-site users.

Here are all the plans which the thirsty affiliate plugin provides:

6. Auto Amazon Links (Free + Premium)

This plugin helps you add beautiful product boxes in your blog and on the sidebar as well.

But, the best part?

The majority of its features are free.

However, if you still want more features then you can opt for its premium version.

I would recommend you to first try it for free and eventually if you find it useful then you can go for the premium version.

Features of Auto Amazon Links

  • Comes with the geo-targeting feature, so you can internationally target your blog as well.
  • Works without JavaScript, so it won’t hamper your website speed.
  • Comes with beautiful widgets which you can add to blog posts and sidebar
  • Conversion optimized CTA buttons to drive you more conversions


Free to use, but pro version comes $47 for single-site use

7. AApro (Premium)

This plugin is similar to the WooZone plugin, which helps you make your E-commerce website with an Amazon affiliate.

But the best part of this plugin is that it gives you their premium theme free, which is specially designed for E-commerce websites.

It would save your cost of buying a premium theme for your website.

However, you should also know that this plugin is a premium one.

So, you have to pay for it to use it on your website.

Features of AApro

  • Easy to configure the plugin so non-techies like me can easily configure it.
  • You can easily import multiple Amazon products to your website
  • Many customization options are available to make the product look more beautiful.
  • It comes with a responsive design, so users can see your website on any device
  • A lot of conversion-optimized widgets which can supercharge your product’s sales
  • Build-in analytics to properly track the sales


$29 for the regular license which makes you eligible for all the future updates and 6 months of support wpkraft.

8. List Post Blocks (Premium)

This plugin is similar to AAWP and Amalinks Pro, which helps you add affiliate links to your blogs effectively.

With this plugin, you can add conversion-optimized tables, product boxes, and CTAs to your blog posts.

If you use this plugin on your website, then no one can stop your website from skyrocketing.

Features of List Post Blocks

  • You can easily make attractive tables, CTAs, etc with this plugin.
  • Comes with a lot of features which would help you increase your income
  • It is super easy to configure it
  • Super compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Can automatically change the 404 or not available affiliate links
  • Responsive and SEO friendly


This Amazon Affiliate plugin comes with a single plan which costs you $69 dollar for 1 year premium license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress

All the plugins that I have mentioned are top-notch and can help you increase your website’s sales. But I would pick AAWP for normal blog Amazon affiliate website and Woozone for E-commerce type website.

That’s it

Amazon affiliate plugins are an integral part of your Amazon affiliate website. It gives you some extra features which help in scaling your website.

Tell me which of the above plugins you would try first on your website? In the comments down below. Also, do share this post on social media so that it can reach a wider audience.

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Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Review

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