Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the demand for good webinar software has gone high. Nowadays almost every business is organizing online meetings & webinars to run their every call, meetings, online classes, etc. But do you use the Best webinar software to host your meetings?

When people started using Zoom as the Best Free Webinar Platforms, very soon they discovered that there were many privacy flaws with Zoom and then people realized the risk of losing key data online. So, in that case, picking the right Webinar Software which is highly secure and have almost every feature to make your online meeting is a must.

This is not the end, you also need to make sure the webinar software you pick for your work should have good audio quality so that all your employees attending the meeting can listen to good quality sound, they can download the necessary recordings, easily join the meeting without any delay, etc. So, in the era of work from home, you must pick the best webinar platform to run all your everyday meetings. And that’s why I have done some research and listing out the 7 Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2020.

7 Best Webinar Software For 2020

best webinar software platforms
best webinar software platforms in 2021

In this list, I have included all the professional webinar software widely used by many big organizations so they can smoothly organize meetings, run online courses, onboard new joiners, organize online interviews, and many more.

Here are my picks for the best webinar software in 2020.

1. WebinarJam


Right now in the market, webinarjam is the best webinar software available. If you have a tight budget, then you can start with their $1 free trial period which is more than worth. With WebinarJam you can easily set up a webinar, invite a large audience and smoothly host webinars for your office work or business. WebinarJam has plenty of amazing features compared to others and that’s the reason they are the #1 webinar software in 2020.

Key Features

  • It allows your to stream directly to a YouTube page and with the help of a secure password you can host your meeting.
  • WebinarJam works with almost every single browser and they uses all latest technology, like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and Flash.
  • During the session if you want to let your audience know about some products or promotion about your course, you can show popups so that audience can act on that right away.
  • Their dashboard is very much user friendly, modern design with HD quality video. Every session will get recorded automatically and sent the audience as soon as the session is over. There are many such amazing features.
  • You can organize polls and surveys with this tool. And it’s also integrate with all popular social media platforms.
  • Their customer support is amazing.


As a beginner you will get a 14 day Free trial offer. But for that you have to pay at least $1. Besides that, here are the details of WebinarJam Pricing Packages.

  • Basic Plan: If you want to host up to 500 members, then you can get this plan @ $499/year ($41.58/month). Up to 3 presenters allowed max.
  • Professional Plan: If you want to host up to 1000 participants, then you can get this plan @ $699/year ($58.25/month). Up to 4 presenters allowed max.
  • Premium Plan: This plan is purely for business where you can host a webinar with max 5000 participants. This plan costs $999/year ($83.25/month). If you are into online marketing business and want to host a meeting where 6 hosts can address a large crowd this plan is the best.

Undoubtedly WebinarJam is the overall Best Webinar Platform in 2020. Don’t forget to avail the 14-day free trial by paying just $1.

2. WebinarNinja


If you are looking for a good WebinarJam alternative, then you can check this WebinarNinja. This is another powerful Webinar Software for training & coaching. This is the Webinar Platform used by AppSumo, Podia, Printful, and many more. So, there is no doubt about their product and popularity. Use plenty of interactive features and create a webinar in just a few seconds. Let’s explore the features of WebinarNinja. 

Key Features

  • You can create different types of Webinars like live-broadcast, on-demand run of recorded webinars, hybrid webinars where you can host both recorded & live sessions together.
  • This platform is very fast. That means during a meeting if multiple people started chatting, this platform can handle that easily.
  • You can create various polls, surveys at different time of the session. E.g. in the beginning or during the session or at the end of the session.
  • You can offer various deals & discounts during the session.
  • Create amazing registration landing pages which are conversion optimized.
  • Easily explore their analytics dashboard and export data whenever required.


Like WebinarJam, you will get a 14 day trial period to use WebinarNinja as well. They also offer various pricing options and they are based out of subscription model only.

  • Starter: This plan is best for a small group of 100 members. The cost will be $39/mo.
  • PRO: This plan allow you to add 200 more participants and the price is $79/mo.
  • PLUS: Host up to 500 attendees with this PLUS plan. The cost is around $129/mo.
  • POWER: The power plan will cost you $199/mo and you can host up to 1000 members.

Overall, this webinar software is also good. But from the number of attendees point of view and considering the cost, WebinarJam looks better. But still, if you want to explore the amazing advanced features of WebinarNinja don’t forget to start with their 14-day free trial.

3. Clickmeeting


If you are searching for the best webinar software to host online classes for students then you must check this Clickmeeting. This tools has many amazing features which are specific to education sector. This tool is best suited for small business, coaching centers, education institutes. Even during the lock-down also, you can connect your employees with students and run your teaching business happily with ClickMeeting Webinar Platform.

Key Features

  • Organize different polls, survey and also collect feedback through online forms integrated with every webinar.
  • With their live chat options, every session can become an interactive session.
  • Connect your Facebook account or YouTube to increase more engagement and share content through multiple platforms.
  • All the recorded session can be stored in cloud and later every student can access them as per the authorization provided.
  • This webinar software deliver HD quality video with very good sound.
  • Their customer support is amazing.


They offer 3 different types of Pricing option as per the number of participants you need. Here are the plans they offer.

  • MyWebinars: Pay only $25/mo (billed annually) for 25 attendees.
  • MyWebinars PRO: Pay only $35/mo (billed annually) for 50 members.
  • Enterprise: You have to connect with them and share how many members you want to host per meeting and accordingly they will suggest you a pricing plans.

You can start with their 30 Day trial to explore their features and understand how much worth is this webinar software compared to others. This is the best webinar software for education.

4. Demio


Demio is another popular video conferencing software for small & large businesses. You can host amazing video conferencing meeting with your team and enjoy HD quality video. This platform is directly integrated with Cloud. That means all your recordings will store on cloud and anyone can access the recordings from their as per the suitable time. Let’s explore some of the amazing features of Demio Webinar Software.

Key Features

  • You will get a cloud storage with a capacity to store 100 recordings.
  • Their Cloud integration is very effective as it will record the sessions automatically and provide access to participants to download later as per their preferred time.
  • A lot of customization options while creating meetings.
  • Like others, Demio also offer a very good analytic system integrated with the webinars so that can track various details to measure the performance and return.
  • Their customer support is amazing. and offer 24X7 support.


Demio also offer a 14 day free trial version. If you are happy during the trial, you can subscribe to any of their 3 pricing plans.

  • STARTER: Pay only $34/mo (billed annually) for 50 attendees.
  • GROWTH: Pay only $69/mo (billed annually) for 150 attendees.
  • BUSINESS: Pay only $163/mo (billed annually) for 500 attendees.

Remember, this pricing plan is valid if you buy their plans for at least 1 year. Anyway, you can try their platforms for 14 day and decide whether they are the best Webinar Software Platform for marketers or not.

5. GoToWebinar


If you are looking for the Best Webinar Software for a large organisation or Enterprise, then GoToWebinar is the right solution for you. This is a very advanced product and equipped with many advanced features which may not require for small business. Just set up the date of your next webinar and it will take care of everything. Let’s some of the amazing features of GoToWebinar.

Key Features

  • Use the existing templates to create a perfect business environment to host your meeting. This will create a very professional environment and help you to get the trust of your business.
  • You can create customized webinar invitations which is an amazing feature.
  • Integrate easily with GoToMeeting software.
  • All sessions can be recorded online and access later on on demand.
  • Promote your webinars & events and track the sources properly to understand which platform give the most registrations.
  • Their customer support is very much active and can support 24X7.


They provide 20% discount on their annual plans. But there is no free trial version like we have observed in previous webinar software. Here are the 3 GoToWebinar pricing plans.

  • STARTER: Pay only $89/mo (billed annually) for 100 attendees. This is a 20% discounted price on actual.
  • PRO: Pay only $199/mo (billed annually) for 500 attendees. This is a 20% discounted price on actual.
  • PLUS: Pay only $429/mo (billed annually) for 1000 attendees. This is a 20% discounted price on actual.

Seems like their plans are very much costly as per the allowed participants. But if you have a budget and happy with their advanced features, then you must grab their 20% Off discount.

6. Livestorm


Livestorm is another amazing best video conferencing software for webinar for non-profits organisation or small business. You can use this amazing tool on any device and organize meeting from anywhere. LiveStorm is mostly use to provide product demos to customers, provide training to new joiners, video podcast interviews etc. If we talk about security, this is a 100% GDPR compliant webinar software in 2020. Let’s explore the amazing features of this tool.

Key Features

  • Lots of interactive features like live chat, organize polls, question answer session, voting system and many more.
  • Easily play around their default webinar theme and customize them as per your need.
  • Provide amazing demos to customers and generate lead from those sales calls.
  • Record every single activity on of you webinars and later on analyse them to understand the return of your investment and anything to improve.
  • It comes with features like a one-click invitation, screen-sharing, the ability to embed registration forms, and more.
  • It enables you to use Zapier and integrates with more than 1,000 apps.
  • You can download data in CSV or XLS format and store for future refernce.
  • They provide very professional after sales service.


There is no free trial, but they do offer a free plan. Here are the 4 different pricing options.

  • Webinar & Meet Basic: This plan includes almost all features, but allowed up to 4 members per meeting. This is a free plan.
  • Webinar Premium: This plan will cost you $99/mo and it has a recording limitation of maximum 4 hours per webinar.
  • Meet Premium: This plan allows 8 members per webinar and the cost is around $31/mo.

Compared to other webinar platforms, this software offers different types of plans with a strange pricing structure. Although they have an Enterprise plan where you can ask for a custom pricing structure for more participants. 

7. EasyWebinar


Searching for a cheap webinar platforms online? Then you must check EasyWebinar Software which is very much user-friendly for small business and education sector. Many marketing businesses are using this amazing Best Webinar Software to run their everyday business. You can easily organize lice sessions, record them and provide your students to watch later on. Let’s explore few of the cool features of EasyWebinar.

Key Features

  • You can invite multiple presenter on a single webinar with this video conferencing software.
  • Seamlessly integrate with all popular email marketing software and send automated notifications before & after webinar.
  • During the session if you want to let your audience know about some products or promotion about your course, you can show popups so that audience can act on that right away.
  • Their basic plan comes with 100 participants which is one unique feature and it’s affordable.
  • Easy integration with WordPress, Mailchimp, YouTube and Analytics.
  • Their customer support is good.


They also offer 3 different pricing options. All the plans are based out of number of participants. Let’s know more about them.

  • Standard: Pay $59/mo for 100 members with annual billing. You can also sign up for monthly billing option with a higher price.
  • Pro: Pro plan comes with 500 member limitation and cost will be around $90/mo..
  • Enterprise: Host meetings with 200 members with this plan at a cost of $349/mo

So, if you find this webinar software suitable as per your need, then go for it.

What is webinar software?

To conduct a video conferencing meeting among many members, you need a powerful software. This kind of software are called webinar software with which you can provide lectures, record sessions, engage with participants and many more.

Is Zoom good for webinars?

Zoom is a very popular Free Webinar Software platforms in 2020. If you have a limited requirement or you are using it for personal use, Zoom can be fine. But for business purpose, it is better to go with a professional, high secure platform like WebinarJam.

Do I need to be on camera for a webinar?

It depends. If you are simply attending the session and interacting through chat facility, then you don’t need a camera. But in case it a face to face meeting, then you must need a camera.

What is the best webinar software?

After reviewing all these popular webinar software, I can conclude that Webinarjam is the most popular, feature-packed, and 14-day free trial is just worth it.

The Verdict: Best Webinar Software Platforms

The world is changing quickly and so as our way of working. Due to the current Covid-19 scenario, the entire world is struggling to do business and find a suitable alternative to run their business. In such a scenario investing after a good webinar tool (E.g. WebinarJam) will simply help your business to revive and you will find a new way to handle that.

You have to evolve with time and situation and find out a way to thrive in your business. So, I am sure you will find this list of Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2020 useful and pick the right one to run everyday meetings with maximum productivity. Feel free to write a comment below and share your feedback.

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