In this informative article, we will reveal the net worth of Cheyenne Wheat, popularly known as Pickle Wheat. She is a young, talented, courageous American television personality and a professional alligator hunter.

Therefore, if you want to know about the net worth, essential facts, and early life of Pickle Wheat, review this article thoroughly. However, before moving into the primary section of this informative article, we will briefly introduce Pickle Wheat to the readers.

Who is Pickle Wheat?

As mentioned earlier, PIckle Wheat, or Cheyenne Wheat, is a young, courageous 27 years old girl who loves to hunt alligators. From a very young age, she started hunting alligators, and as time passed, she became more efficient.

Besides hunting alligators, Pickle supports her family business. She also participated in a television reality show called “Swamp People.” She started participating in season 12 and is still working on that reality show.

Currently, she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Chase Landry, who is also her co-star in the reality show “Swamp People.” Pickle is a slim girl and weighs almost 52 lbs. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Pickle Wheat – Facts

  • Picket Wheat is unmarried but in a relationship with the “Swamp People” reality show co-star Chase Landry.
  • She is a professional alligator hunter.
  • Pickle is active on Facebook and Instagram.
  • She has participated in the television reality show “Swamp People” from season 12 until now.
  • Pickle has excellent knowledge about several animals.
  • She is 27 years old.
  • Besides hunting alligators, she assists her father in the family business.
  • Pickle’s father and grandfather taught her how to hunt alligators.

Pickle Wheat – Biography

NameCheyenne Wheat
Famous As Pickle Wheat
Date of Birth21st September 1995
Place of BirthPierre Part, Louisiana, US
Main ProfessionAlligator Hunter & Television Personality
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend’s NameChase Landry
Social MediaActive on Instagram and Facebook.
Participated InTelevision Reality Show “Swamp People,” telecasted on History Channel
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourDark Brown

Pickle Wheat – Early Life and Education 

Pickle Wheat was born on 21st September 1995 in Pierre Part, Louisiana, US. Her mother’s name is Missie Wheat, while her father’s is Eddie Wheat. 

Pickle Wheat also has a brother whose name is James Wheat. Pickle’s brother James Wheat is an aspiring singer. In St. Bernard Parish, Pickle’s grandfather was a well-known alligator hunter. She grew up in Louisiana and eventually learned to hunt alligators from her father and grandfather. 

Pickle saw her parents running a Gator Wrangler business from a very young age. Due to this, she developed an interest in alligator hunting and eventually started hunting alligators at a very young age. Besides hunting alligators and participating in the television reality show, Pickle looks after her family business. 

Pickle Wheat – Career

Pickle Wheat, from a very young age, saw her parents hunt alligators which developed her interest, and she eventually became an alligator hunter. She also looks after her family business and occasionally hunts turkey and ducks, besides alligators. 

She is exceptionally fearless and effortlessly hunts alligators. She gained extreme popularity within a short period because of her professionalism. 

Pickle also became a television personality after participating in the reality show “Swamp People.” She appeared in the 12th season of the reality show and is still a part of the show. The show is telecasted on History Channel, presenting Alligator Hunter’s day-to-day activities in the Swamps Atchafalaya River Basin.  

Pickle Wheat – Achievements

  • Pickle Wheat’s main achievement was to get an opportunity to participate in the TV reality show “Swamp People,” where only famous people get a chance to participate. 
  • Another significant achievement of Pickle Wheat was learning alligator hunting at a very young age after getting inspired by her parents.

Pickle Wheat – Net Worth

In 2023, Pickle Wheat’s net worth is nearly $100,000. The primary sources of income through which Pickle makes her money include alligator hunting, profits from her family business, and earnings from the TV show “Swamp People.”

Pickle Wheat FAQs

What is Pickle Wheat’s mother’s and father’s name?

Pickle Wheat’s father’s name is Eddie Wheat, while, on the other hand, her mother’s name is Missie Wheat.

Initially, who taught Picket Wheat to hunt alligators?

At a young age, Pickle learned to hunt alligators from her father and grandfather, a renowned alligator hunter in St. Bernard Parish.

Pickle Wheat participated in which reality show? On which channel can you watch the reality show?

Pickle Wheat participated in the television reality show “Swamp People.” She debuted in the 12th season of the reality show and is still working. You can see the reality show “Swamp People” on History Channel.


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have discussed the net worth of Pickle Wheat, an outstanding alligator hunter and a TV reality show personality. So, thoroughly review the entire article and gather valuable information about Pickle Wheat, like her early life, achievements, career, and net worth.