This year during Black Friday sale 2019, we made a decent income from blogging. Yes, from the title itself you got that we earned $7,200 (approx) by promoting web hosting, plugins & themes. You might be thinking why I am stressing on us. Because this is a team effort by me and my better half, Manidipa.

Before starting this 6200+ long case study, just let me share the champion product that helped us to earn this much money in just 4 days. Here is the screenshot of SiteGround income from the SiteGround affiliate dashboard. This income includes sales before & after the Black Friday event too. I hope this will motivate you to read this complete guide.

siteground affiliate income report
SiteGround Affiliate Income Report During Black Friday Cyber Monday

Note: The figures mentioned in the screenshots are the commissions we earned during that period. Generally, it takes 30-60 days time for review, before we actually get the money. And during that period, some sales may get declined due to different reasons. So, we made $7,200 doesn’t mean that we actually get that amount in our bank account. But, in the next 30-60 days, we will get them as per the process. And this is a common process in affiliate marketing.

It’s very easy to promote SiteGround hosting as they are very popular. And that’s one of the reasons I wanted to host my blog on SiteGround. So that I can try their hosting and recommend people to get the best one. You can read my SiteGround articles to get a better understanding.

Don’t Miss 2020 Best Black Friday Deals For Bloggers

What Is Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is one of the biggest events of the year especially for countries like the USA, Canada, and more. Although with time, Black Friday Sales have become very popular in India also. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.

I have been reading many case studies on event blogging from the last few years. But this year, 2019 Black Friday finally we decided to put some serious efforts & the result is amazing! I will try to share every single thing about our learnings & realizations. So, you can expect below things from this post:

  • What is event blogging and how one can make money targetting a specific event?
  • Is normal blogging different from event blogging?
  • Is it really possible to make money through affiliate marketing?
  • How exactly we have ranked our articles on top, beating the competition.
  • How many backlinks have we built & what SEO strategies did we follow.
  • Can a beginner make money through affiliate marketing?

So, these are a few of the broad topics that I am going to cover in this Black Friday Affiliate Income Case Study. I am going to add many images and proofs to help you understand the process. Make sure to read the question-answer segment at the bottom of this article as well and also write your questions on the comment section, so that I can add more value to this Black Friday Case Study.

Our Black Friday Event Blogging Journey So Far [2015-2019]

We came to know about the Black Friday event in 2015. Let me share a year by year update of our efforts and success story. It might be motivational & encouraging for you. And you will understand that there is a clear 1:1 ratio between the number of efforts you give and the return you can expect.

2015 Black Friday Experience: Our First Attempt

We tried our first Black Friday event. That time Manidipa was quite active in blogging with her new startup, after leaving her full-time job. We made around $1500 (approx) and that was a huge boost at that time as beginners. We also discovered the power of affiliate marketing. The majority of the earnings were from Shareasale, Viglink, Avangate, etc and we mostly promoted WordPress plugins, themes & web hosting.

2016 Black Friday Report: Lazy Planning

We did nothing special and tried to work with our old posts on That time, I started (which is redirected to in 2018) and that is the year when I published more than 10,000 words content on Black Friday. But nothing worked and I don’t think we made anything significant that year. But, I learned some good lessons after putting this huge effort on content writing.

2017 Black Friday Case Study: Got Google Penalty

This is the year I got a very big lesson. Due to my job, I had to change the city and Manidipa was occupied with life & other responsibilities. That year, I decided to try an EMD (Exact Match Domain) for Black Friday. I did that and again put a lot of content on that domain within a short period of time. SEO was quite easy at that time and with some average content also you could make things work. And I have seen some marketers were doing that and getting good rankings. I also thought to try the same.

Surprisingly, I was able to rank for many competitive keywords. The reason could be due to low competition keywords as I was targeting for BRAND Name Black Friday deals.

But the quality of the content was not up to the mark and may be due to that my domain got Google penalty at the last moment, just before 4-5 days of Black Friday. You can’t imagine the frustration I was going through that time. But that’s how things work here.

It was a big lesson for me, as I tried to apply many SEO tricks or strategies and failed miserably. But, I was not that unhappy as I understood how SEO works in real-time and what the myths are!

2018 Black Friday: Surprise for me

Again due to the change of the city and new setup, I didn’t have much time to do anything new. That is the year when I started casually. I was working on the old Black Friday content published in 2016 and tried to optimize them for better ranking. But had no plans to build backlinks.

Things changed by 2018 and ranking was not that easy. SEO is not about only building backlinks. It’s now about creating valuable content, user engagement, website speed, and more.

I bought a few more EMDs and tried to put some content for a quick rank. But as I said, SEO was changed and it’s almost impossible to rank something in just a few weeks. If you are an SEO expert and aware of Advanced link building, that’s an exception.

That year, something different happened when I used a platform called I found that people were simply posting their blog post links there without writing much content. So, I thought to try something different. In fact, I have discovered the power of Web 2.0 websites that year.

I wrote 300-400 words on every post and provided Affiliate Links and my blog post links there, instead of just a few lines. And the magic happened. Few of my Black Friday posts of got ranked #1 and I got lots of sales for that. It was more than $2500 and this helped me to get back to my Blogging journey with 100% dedication after Black Friday 2018.

I bought SiteGround Hosting, Started my Facebook Group and didn’t look back from there!

2019 Black Friday: We Rocked Together

This year I was quite clear about what to do from the beginning. As I was working hard to create amazing content on and trying to grow my Facebook community, I got noticed by many people. So, I was aware that this year I can do something better in this field of affiliate marketing.

I discussed the same with Manidipa, around 5-6 months before Black Friday. But as she was working for some other projects, I knew that I can’t expect much from her. But still, I started executing the plan casually by booking a sub-domain. I will share why I opted for a sub-domain later.

After that, I gradually started moving all the contents of the EMD websites to this sub-domain. And left those EMDs as usual. I redirected them to this new website around 2 months before the event. But whenever I got time, I made sure to collect all the old contents from different other blogs and publish them to this Black Friday site. It was going casually only until Manidipa joined with her full dedication.

October is the month when Manidipa was done with her projects and decided to focus on our Black Friday plan. Then we decided to split our responsibilities and work seriously. Most of the on-page SEO, content structure, optimization everything was taken care of by her only. We didn’t target many products, but all major & popular brands in Blogging & WordPress niche.

Parallelly I was working on building backlinks, updating the old content of BloggingJOY and interlink with the Black Friday website. Altogether, in the last 2 months, we worked seriously hard and things started to change by November 1st week.

We got stunned to find that many of our keywords started ranking on competitive terms on the top 5 positions of Google. We got a huge motivation and kept doing the same activities every day and finally rocked from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (just 4 days) with a whopping $7,200 (Rs 5 lakhs approx).

Let’s explore more about this Black Friday case study.

Black Friday 2019 Traffic & Income Reports [Affiliate Income Stats & Proofs]

Unlike other event blogging niches, WordPress niche is very profitable and with very low traffic also you can make a huge amount of money. But at the same time, it’s very competitive as you are competing with all the SEO Experts & Internet marketers here. If you want to make this much amount from Google AdSense, you might have to bring lakhs of traffic to your website. But, we made $7,200 with very low traffic.

Here is the traffic report from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

black friday traffic report
Traffic Report of Black Friday Sub Domain

This is the traffic of our sub-domain. You can also find the screenshots taken using Ubersuggest. To validate further, you can use SEMrush & Ahrefs tools as well.

black friday traffic report ubersuggest
UberSuggest Traffic Report Of Black Friday Sub-Domain

We got some traffic to our Black Friday articles of my main domain These articles don’t have much search volume and also they didn’t get the top rankings. But still got some good traffic and referral traffic to my Black Friday sub-domain.

bloggingjoy black friday traffic report
Google Analytics Report of Bloggingjoy during Black Friday Sale 2019

Here are the 4 articles which I published on this website and made sure to interlink all the sub-domain articles there.

Besides that, I got some referral traffic from my Quora profile as well. During Black Friday, I have answered many questions related to Black Friday, Web Hosting, and such. This helped me to get some referral traffic and also build some authority for my sub-domain, as I have mentioned those links in my answers.

Black Friday Earning Analysis

The majority of the sales came from the SiteGround web hosting. After that WP Rocket, HostGator, Bluehost, StudioPress, OptinMonster and a few more WordPress products.

We were able to rank #1 for many competitive terms and here are a few of them.

wp rocket article ranked with FAQ schema
FAQ Schema helped us to ranked #1 in Google search result

For SiteGround, we got featured snippets and #1 ranking for the exact term, SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2019. This helped us to get a good amount of sales on Black Friday, 29th November.

siteground black friday ranking top
Ranked #1 For SiteGround Black Friday Deal 2019 with Featured Snippet

Here are the top traffic articles from our Black Friday sub-domain. I know these data is not accurate or maybe not at all correct. But these are the products where we got a good amount of sales, except, Long Tail Pro.

top seo pages black friday

Here is the number of sales we got for SiteGround. SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting companies with lots of social proofs. They are the best WordPress hosting providers and I have shared many tutorials & articles about teir web hosting plans. My website is hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan (recently upgraded from GrowBig To GoGeek).

siteground sales report
SiteGround Affiliate income report

We got a few sales from A2 Hosting, Bluehost, FastComet also. Here is the snapshot from A2 Hosting income. FastComet was really disappointing as we got #1 ranking and got hundreds of clicks. But hardly made 4 sales and out of which 1 got declined.

a2 hosting income report
a2 hosting Affiliate income report

We got a similar high ranking for WP Rocket as well. This is one of the good products out of many from Shareasale. We got many sales for WP Rocket, but many people buy their basic plan with a 35% discount which gives a very low commission. Here are the top products of Shareasale that we promoted and made around $2000+ commissions.

Shareasale Income Reports during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2019

Impact Radius is another good affiliate network where you will get some good products to promote. Right now, I found HostGator & AppSumo products to promote and got some good sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale.

impact radious sales report
impact radius income report during black Friday 2019

Besides that, I also tried Facebook Ads. Due to the time crunch, I didn’t get enough time to spend on social media promotion. After Black Friday, I tried to run a few Cyber Monday Facebook Ads and I think only 1 ad worked. It’s SiteGround Cyber Monday Sale and other Ads didn’t work at all. I spent around 6k on Facebook Ads, which is not that high.

facebook ads report
Black Friday Facebook Ads Report

Well, this is all about our earnings from different products. Majority of the earning is from web hosting companies only. And out of them, SiteGround is the best. Actually, it’s quite easy to promote SiteGround as I am using them for my website and also they are very popular among bloggers. So, people are happy to invest in good hosting like SiteGround. You can check the complete comparison between SiteGround Vs 22 Top WordPress Hosting providers.

But things could have been far better. As I said, we didn’t get enough time to focus on other things beyond working for ranking on Google search.

  • We could have focused on running more Facebook Ads for specific products and generate more revenues.
  • We could have focused on Pinterest marketing and get huge traffic from the USA & similar countries. Pinterest works best for them.
  • We could have worked hard to post more products and build high-quality backlinks to rank more articles to #1 to generate more revenue.

But the bottom line is, we did as per our potential, available time and capability and whatever we got from that effort is the best result for us. At the same time, I know where we could have put more effort and made more money. I am sure, if you have good planning and bandwidth, you can apply all those strategies and make way more.

How To Start An Event Blog in 2020 & Make Money( Event Blogging Blueprint)

Event blogging needs a lot of planning, execution, and knowledge. And that’s what we did and got some good results. From my learning & experience after this year’s Black Friday blogging, here is what I can share with you to follow. There are a couple of amazing Event Blogging Case Studies already shared by pro-bloggers that you can refer too.

Step 1: Pick the Right Event

The very first step in event blogging is to pick the right event. Well, this post is basically for the Black Friday event which is one of the biggest events of this world. Even though I have targetted Black Friday, I only targetted specific niche products. Means I have promoted only WordPress & Blogging related products. If you want, you can target other categories like electronics, apparel, etc. Not only that, but you can also target holidays or special days like Valentine’s Day 2020 Images, Wishes, etc and monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Step 2: Choose the Right Domain Name

The next step is to choose the right domain name. Generally, EMD (Exact match domain) or exact match domains work best for event blogging. You can buy a domain name keeping the main event name on that domain.

But this time I went for a sub-domain. Although both new & subdomain are treated like new websites only, sub-domain has it’s an advantage as it will get the authority of the main domain if the niche is highly relevant. I decided to go for

Step 3: Pick The Right Hosting

Now, it’s very crucial. Event blogging will only work for you if you get the expected traffic on your website. Now, based on events and it’s popularity you should know how much traffic you can expect.

  • E.g. just imagine you have ranked for the keyword “Happy New Year Wishes 2020”. It will drive millions of traffic to your website as it’s a global event.
  • If you rank for “Happy Diwali Images”, then it will also drive millions of traffic but definitely less compared to “Happy New Year”.
  • Similarly, if you target “Black Friday Deals On Web Hosting”, it will be very very low traffic compared to the top 2 keywords.

So, what I want to mean here is that you must know the traffic potential of the event you are targetting. In case, you are expecting millions of traffic and you want to create a blog on WordPress, then you have to go for Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting only. Otherwise, if you are OK with the platform, then you can create a blog on Blogger also as you can enjoy Google Hosting for FREE with bloggers. But I am sure you know blogger has its own limitations compared to WordPress.

In my case, as I knew that the traffic will not be that much massive, but I don’t want to take any risks. So, I made sure that I have enough bandwidth before landing on the event day. I have hosted my blogs on SiteGround GoGeek plan which has 30GB space, 1 lakh/mo visitors limit and many more features that make sure my website will not face any issue with increasing traffic. So, choose hosting accordingly.

My Recommended Hosting Companies for Event Blogging

Step 4: Pick The Right Theme For Event Blogging

I am a big fan of StudioPress themes and I am using them from last more than 6+ years for different blogs. I trust Genesis Framework powered themes because of their in-built SEO settings, optimized coding, high secure and worldwide acceptance. I have shared a detailed list of WordPress themes for different purposes of blogging. I am sure these 2 articles will help you for sure.

For my Black Friday website, I have used the Genesis Framework ($59 Only for Unlimited sites) + their Simple Child theme combination. I loved that combo as it gives to be the best & elegant looks, SEO friendly website with very good readability. Just have a look at how clean my website looks like here.

Step 5: Create High-Quality Content

The key part of any blog is its content. For this Black Friday site, we have created very high-quality content. And that means we make sure contents are in-depth on that topic covering every single detail about that product. Mostly we published deal pages on “Product Name Black Friday Deal” information. We made sure every content follows a good structure with all necessary terms/keywords in H2 or H3 tags.

Step 6: Proper On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the key to get good results on Google search. To make On-Page SEO simple, we have followed a couple of things.

  • We have targetted the main keyword through H1 tag, SEO Title, first paragraph, last paragraph, within H2/H3 tags, etc. We have also covered the different variations of the main keyword. E.g. SiteGround Black Friday Sale, SiteGround Black Friday Offer, SiteGround Hosting Discount, SiteGround Cyber Monday Sale, etc.
  • We have provided good information through structuring. For every article, we have followed a similar structure where we have shared about the product, pricing options, which plan is best, how to avail the discount, key features to check, etc.
  • We have interlinked every deal page with each other. Not only that we have linked our deal pages from our main domain articles also and shared them on social platforms regularly.
  • We use TOC or Table of the Content plugin. This helps us to get good ranking and improve the user readability factor with the link jump feature in SERP.
  • We used FAQ schema using the Yoast SEO plugin. And that’s what worked best for us. The majority of our posts got very good ranking on SERP and that helped us to get good Click Through Rate as well.
  • We used the WPCOUPONSANDDEALS plugin to create a very beautiful coupon on top of every deal page. This helped us to provide a very useful call to action for the user. During the LIVE deals, we set up the timer with the expiry option which worked great.
  • We have added a lot of images on every post and targeted them for different keywords. We have also used the Captions option to target the keywords for which we were able to get many featured snippets or zero ranking position for exact search queries.

This is the crucial part, Link Building. You might have read about spammy link building to get success in event blogging. In fact, I read many event blogging case studies where people suggested to create thousands of spammy backlinks with optimized anchor texts to get better results. But I didn’t follow the same and proved that with limited backlink also you can rank your articles in event blogging.

  • First of all, due to the sub-domain factor, I believe I got an edge compared to a naked domain. But as every expert says that sub-domain & new domains are the same, let’s consider that only. So, keeping that in mind I went for profile link building first. Yes, the majority of the backlinks I have built for this subdomain are through profile creation sites, forum comments, social bookmarking, blog commenting, etc.
  • I went for some quality guest posts as well. But the number of such guest posts are not excessive. I have targetted a few deal pages for guest posts. I think it was from 10-15 guest posts for the entire domain.
  • The best thing that worked well is the continuous linking from my main domain, Yes, I have created a menu on my main blog from where I linked almost all major deal pages of my Black Friday sub-domain. Besides that, I was updating my main domain content frequently and making sure to interlink my deal pages naturally with different anchor texts.
  • I also took the help of 301 redirects. As I have mentioned that during 2018 Black Friday, I bought some EMDs to target Black Friday & Cyber Monday. This year, we moved all the content of those websites to sub-domain and redirected those domains to our Black Friday sub-domain.

Step 8: Keep Updating The Content + Promotion

This is a very crucial part of event blogging. You have to make sure that you are done with all the previous steps at least 1 month before the event. There is no such formula, but I did the same. This way we got enough time to focus on other things.

  • In the last 1 month, we updated the deal pages continuously with some new information or content block or something. So that we can give a good freshness signal to Google.
  • We added relevant images like social proofs, Black Friday Sale images, etc on every page.
  • We have created pinnable images and shared them on Pinterest. This year, we were not able to give a good effort in social media and we know that we could have made even better. But as I said, it’s not possible for us to work with the same flow & intensity. But we tried as much as we can.
  • We created a big table to cover many Black Friday deals in one place and tried to update the table with all updates.
  • In the last week before Black Friday, we were looking for the real deal updates and continuously updated our deal pages with correct information. This is a crucial step as you are providing the correct discounts to the user. This also helped us to get trust.
  • Shared the deal pages on twitter with proper hashtags during the event period and even before to get social exposure. There were multiple opportunities, but we were not able to exploit that part this year as per expectations.

So, this is the complete process we followed to make the event blog rank on the day of Black Friday 2019. Please feel free to ask more questions, if you have by writing a comment below.

How We Got Top Rankings & Made $7,200 in Just 4 Days [Affiliate Marketing Case Study]

So, whatever we did for this sub-domain I have explained everything in the previous section. The entire thing helped us to create a good quality blog that only talks about Black Friday deals for Bloggers on web hosting, themes, Plugins, etc. That actually helped us to get better ranking & trust.

The other thing I noticed is that, as competitors were continuously tracking for the money keywords like SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2019 and clicking on our articles, Google got a good signal that our pages are delivering some value.

So, all these together helped us to get a very good search engine ranking position by 29th November 2019, which is Black Friday. And this is the best part of event blogging, that all your hard work is paid off during that event day or period.

Black Friday is a 4 days event, which means starting from Black Friday, followed by Saturday, Sunday and ending on Cyber Monday. So, here is what we did on those 4 days to keep our rankings and generate more revenue.

  • Frankly speaking, there is hardly anything to do as we did whatever we can till we reach the Day. From November 29th we started getting sales for SiteGround. We were looking eagerly for SiteGround only as we were able to rank #1 for that. Although we started getting sales even before 3-4 days back for other products.
  • We did nothing much but kept sharing our articles on social media, our Facebook group, etc. We created Pinnable images and shared them across different boards. But not sure how much benefit we got from that as those were last-minute activities.
  • We didn’t get enough time to run Facebook Ads as well. But I have noticed many people were targetting Facebook Ads (as I was getting them on my FB feed), created Google Ads, etc. I ran a few Facebook Ads on Cyber Monday followed by Cyber Weekend. But honestly, I think nothing worked. On Cyber Monday also we got many SiteGround Sales, which may be due to the Facebook Ads as the conversion rate shows very high compared to clicks. other than that, none of the Facebook Ads after Cyber Monday worked for us. That might be because people stopped buying after that period or could be other reasons. I am not that good in FB Ads and need to put a good effort to learn them in the future.
  • After the end of Cyber Monday, when we calculated our total income through different products we found it was $7,000+ during those 4 days. Although it was not accurate as during November month we made even more. But just in those 4 days window, we made $7,000. The majority of them are from SiteGround and after that different products through Shareasale ($2200+).

So, this is all about our first successful Black Friday, where we made $7,000+ in just 4 days. I don’t know what it means to you, it may be more or less. But we are very happy and satisfied with the effort we gave and the return we received.

$7,000 = Rs 5,00,000 (5 Lakh approx) which is quite good. And that too we did working for a few hours daily. If you are working as a full-time blogger and have a big team then you can make even more by following these strategies. There are different other niches or events that you can target.

FAQs: Things You Must Know

Event blogging is all about blogging around a particular event. E.g. this article is all about creating a blog on Black Friday Deals For Bloggers. You can target any event like Happy New Year 2020, Valentine’s Day 2020 for Greetings card, wishes or some deals on products.

Yes, in the majority of the event blogging cases you will find people are making huge money using Google AdSense program only. E.g. on New Year 2020, people will search for Happy New Year Images 2020 and if you are able to rank your website for that search term then you will get millions of views in 1 day. Now calculate how much money you can generate applying Google AdSense on such a website.

There is no such concept. It will completely depend upon what exactly you want. E.g. I am blogging to educate people to be a better blogger and trying event blogging at the same time. Both have their own benefits and expectations.

The future of event blogging is definitely bright as people will search more during event days for many reasons. But at the same time, the competition will also increase as event blogging is very popular and many bloggers are trying to rank their websites for different popular events to make quick money.

Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced one, you have to do the planning in advance. If you want to create a dedicated website for Black Friday deals, then you have to work hard to grow the website authority. If you want to share Black Friday Deals on your existing blog, then make sure you share deals as per your blog audience. You can follow the complete Event Blogging Blueprint that I have mentioned above.

There are multiple ways you can generate income from a blog. But most people make money using Google AdSense and affiliate marketing when we talk about event blogging specifically. It can be different also, based on the event you are targetting.

The content creation part is very simple whether it’s an event blog or a normal blog. I have shared my experience of creating low-quality content and getting penalized by Google. So, never ever compromise with your content and create only high-quality content that will answer the user intent properly.

SEO is an integral part of blogging. I have shared almost everything on the above part about the SEO activities you can perform to rank your event blog. Now based on the competition, you have to maximize your efforts.

It is better to start the blog at least 6-7 months before the event. Generally, it takes time to build some reputation and you must give that. I always believe building websites for long term value. So, I never suggest someone create a website to target the event for once and then dump the website. So, start with enough time in hand so that you can put all the effort naturally.

Yes, why not. If you have done all the link building activities and content for the long term (by skipping the spammy practices) then you can optimize these articles for next year’s event day as well.

You can search for any events on the internet. In can be from any country and apply the same keyword research techniques to find out whether you can target that event easily or it has high competition.

There are many amazing affiliate networks that work best for WordPress bloggers. E.g. Shareasale, Avangate, Impact Radius, Viglink and more. You can also join individual affiliate programs shared by each product.

In 2020, the number of backlinks doesn’t matter. It’s all about the relevancy and the authority of the blog from where you are getting that backlink. In the short term, you can definitely play around building many backlinks and get quick ranking. But get ready for a quick penalty too. You can analyze my domain and understand how many backlinks I have built to rank the black Friday sub-domain.

Again, it may work to rank your website on that event day. There are many event blogging case studies available, where they shared that they created 1000+ backlinks in a short time to rank a website for that event. And they got success too. But I never got such success and always believe in building backlinks at a slow pace & fewer numbers as well. I want to target the event with the same website next year as well, so it’s better to play safe.

Again, the count doesn’t matter. But make sure to do it in a natural way at a regular interval. If your content structure is powerful then your article will definitely get top ranking, depending upon the competition.

From my experience, I have realized that it is good to give at least 2-3 months’ time to get your website indexed in Google naturally. Make sure to post some amazing content so that Google finds your website useful. And then you can start building backlinks gradually in all different types. That’s the procedure I followed.

In my case, the answer is yes. I don’t have time to build a new website from scratch. So, I tried sub-domain and my content is highly relevant with my main domain and that’s why I was able to interlink very easily. I believe this is the biggest reason to get such good ranking in a short period of time.

It will depend upon the event you are targetting. Form the above screenshots you got the idea that how much traffic I got during Black Friday Sale. I was very happy with my hosting company, SiteGround as they are very popular and also have very good hosting plans. That’s the reason I was able to make some decent sales during Black Friday promotion.

Yes, why not. In fact, Google blogger is good to host unlimited traffic without paying a single penny. But again, it will depend upon the event you are targetting. If you are targetting Happy New Year Images, then it’s okay to start a blog on Google Blogger. But if you are promoting Black Friday Web Hosting Deals, then I would not recommend you Google Blogger platform. I hope you got what I want to say here.

This year, I have used a sitewide backlink from my main domain. I am sure it helped me to get a better ranking. I have also read many places about the effectiveness of sitewide backlinks. But I will say, don’t overdo it and maintain the relevancy factor.

This year for the Black Friday website, I have redirected 2 websites I have created in 2018. They were on Black Friday topics only. 301 redirection is a very advanced link building technique and I read a couple of good case studies on that. If you can do it properly, it will definitely help you to rank your website very fast. Here is a very useful article on this topic.

I think this is again a generic question only. Personally, I mostly build backlinks through profile creation sites, forum commenting, Web 2.0 websites, Social bookmarking, guest posting, dofollow blog commenting, etc.

I have no idea about PBN backlinks. I am not the right person to guide you with PBN backlinks.

Conclusion: Is Event Blogging Worth The Effort?

So, that’s all about this Black Friday Case Study or Affiliate Marketing Case Study. You can also say that our 1st successful event blogging case study. I tried to cover almost everything that we did for this event in this article. I have also shared some common questions in the FAQ section. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

On top of that, I would like to request you to share your experience as well, if you have experienced such success with Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing by writing a comment below. This will make this entire piece of content very useful for a beginner to find everything in one place.

Thanks a lot for all your love, support and reading this article. Make sure to share this Black Friday Income Case Study on your social platforms, so that more people can come across the potential of blogging in 2020 & affiliate marketing.

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    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback brother. You are right, in 4 days it is quite good as I know what it means for me. It’s not about the value of the money, but also the strategies and the hard work we put in the last few months. I believe the main outcome of this is the knowledge and the experience that I learned after this activity. And I am happy that I am able to share everything in one place so that a beginner can easily find things easy before they start blogging in 2020.

  2. Hello Santanu

    Thanks brother for this detailed guide.. and congratulations for the amount you generated in black Friday sale.

    Special thanks brother for mentioning your black Friday journey from 2015 to 2019.. learned many things from that..

    About how to start and what mistakes to avoid… That section was great..

    And thanks bhai for this detailed case study… Everything you mentioned from ranking the blog post and your link building strategies.

    Learned many things and will definitely implement these things..

    Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

    1. I am really happy to get such a huge comments & feedback from a blogger like you. This is the real appreciation for my brother and I can now say that I have shared something which is helpful for others. Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement brother. Affiliate marketing has lot of power & potential to earn money online, and I am sure this article will help beginners to understand how to plan a blog in 2020 to target affiliate products.

  3. Another well constructed article. I can feel the efforts that you have put in. I used to have a different prospectives about bloghing when I get into this field. Yes, I have seen money in blogging. And there are plenty of ways to make money online. However, the fact I like about the blogging is that it changed me as a person and now I look forward to different things in life rather than just earn money and pay my bills. Which is why I am gteatful to blogging..
    About the article, it’s a massive guide for anyone. I don’t think you have missed any points. Even a noob like me can follow the steps mentioned here. Keep inspiring.

  4. Congratulations Santanu for your Black Friday sales success. These are really awesome results:)
    I have a question about those redirected EMD’s. I’m curious to learn more, have you written a post about it?

      1. Hi Santanu,
        one quick question about EMd’s you redirected.
        How long does it take to see an impact? Does your traffic grow immediately after you redirect? Or does it happen gradually over some time period?

        1. Honestly, those domains didn’t have much traffic. As I had to utilize them I redirected them to this domain. I believe, it helped me to get better ranking cumulatively. 301 redirection is a very advanced link building technique and as per my knowledge, one have to use a lot of such domains smartly.

  5. hey santanu, you made good amount with little traffic. it includes lot of efforts and sacrifies to acheive this. you both santanu and mandipa made great work.

    you didnt stopped with making this money. you are trying to say the people to make money. you are inspiring others to make money. you are proving blogging makes money.

    this case study really helpful. it includes lot of value from planning to execution.

    thank you santanu for this amazing case study.

  6. I am really happy that you find it useful. Yea, it took me some time to finish this article as lot of things happened in my personal life in December. But finally, I am able to make it live as I have promised. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  7. There is no such timeline or formula. If you want to work for Black Friday Deals 2020, then consider this as regular blogging and create a website to post articles related to 2020 Black Friday Deals regularly.

  8. Hey Santanu, thanks for taking the time and posting this immense amount of value above.

    Please elaborate further on why you chose using a sub domain with 0 DR instead of using the DR of your main domain accumulated over the years? Did you expect the EMD factor + interlinking from the main domain to outweigh the fresh domain disadvantage?

    Again, thanks you so much for your effort, much appreciated. Congrats on the great BFCM campaign!

    1. Yes, you are right. I wanted to keep Black Friday Deals on a different domain. And at the same time I want to leverage the Dr of my main domain. That’s why I picked a subdomain.

  9. This is basically the best article I’ve found on the internet today. You’ve opened my eyes on lots of things and I guess I’m not doing something right when it comes to my blogs.
    I’ve really learnt my lessons. I need to start doing things right from now onwards.

  10. Hey Santanu Debnath,

    First of all congratulations for the amount you get in black friday sale . As you get good amount with little traffic then you have also included lot of efforts and scarifies.

    You are a shared a very helpful and eye opener post for me and other readers which inspire others to make money from blogging. You have suggested easy steps to start an event blog which is very helpful to follow.

    thank you,

  11. Hey Santanu Sir,

    Great post about Black Friday sale. I am going to try my luck this year during this sale.

    Wish me luck

    Also, one question is it necessary to do event blogging on a EMD. Why can’t I do it on my main domain.

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