Well, in the age of WhiteHatJunior, this is a very crucial topic that I want to discuss on my blog: Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube. Initially, I thought to talk about Blogging Vs YouTube, which is quite obvious to me as I am a blogger and a YouTuber too.

Besides that, I am a programmer by profession as well and due to the pandemic, I have noticed a different side of coding. I never thought that my kid will come and express his interest: I want to learn coding and want to create my own app.’ I really have no clue, why he wants to develop an app in this age and how exactly it will help him in his career as he is just 10!

I have to agree that, this is the effect of the amazing marketing skills of our digital marketing industry, as my kid is not old enough to realize such things. It’s from the peer pressure created by all online learning platforms that are teaching coding from childhood to make the kids’ future bright. I really surprised after watching all the TV commercials promoting this like crazy.

Gone are the days, when we all were 100% sure that we need to complete our initial education up to class 12 before we think about our career. But with time, things have changed and nowadays parents and kids have started thinking about a career option from a very early age. Although we all know that, we need to complete our typical education process, but thanks to the marketing efforts that have forced us to think about career options from very early days of school.

So, due to the Pandemic when everyone is stuck at home, schools and colleges are also closed what could be the best career option? This has forced people to think and many people know that they can make a decent income just sitting in front of their laptop from home in various ways. After all, the purpose of our traditional education is to get a job. I am sure you will agree with me.

Now there are various types of career options you can choose from and if I consider the current situation, parents are spending a lot of money to teach coding to their kids. There are even kids and parents, who can see the potential of YouTube and started working on YouTube channels as well. Also, many people who are not getting a job or struggling in their typical career or education, finding blogging as a lifesaver for them.

So, what is the best career option in India: Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube? Let’s find out.

I am a Programmer & Blogger (My Story First)

So, let me start with my own story about how I got into coding and became a programmer with 15+ years of experience. I have finished my graduation in 2006 in Chemical Engineering. That means I had no coding background till that time. But by GOD’s grace, I got placed in an MNC and started my journey as a programmer (I just read one book Let Us C by Yashavant Nanetkar).

Note: That means, as there was a demand for programmers, the industry was ready to take people from different backgrounds and educate them to learn programming. In that context, I can say that anyone with an interest in programming and computer can learn coding. But to get a job you need a solid base like a good degree, education, professional training, etc.

So, does that mean a 10-year old kid with a good coding skill can crack a job in any IT company?

I don’t think so and I am sure you will agree with me on this point. In fact, getting some freelance assignments for that kid will not be an easy path. And on top of that, will that really understand the need of earning money through coding or anything at that age?

During that phase in my free time, I started looking for various online money making options and finally got into blogging. Like everyone, I tried blogging for a few years just to make money and I failed miserably. But in that process, I really got interested in blogging and gradually learned the art of blogging. And only after that, I started making money from my blogs and in the last 3-4 years, I can say I am able to create a passive income source through blogging.

So, does that means a 10-year-old kid also can create a blog and make good money from a blog. YES, this is perfectly possible and we have plenty of examples of such bloggers. Although 10 year is too early, but we have seen kids with 13-14 years of age are doing awesome in blogging. Let me share the amazing journey of Umer Qureshi.

This has forced me to think about this topic and share my understanding, as many people got confused to decide about a good career option. Blogging is something that needs a lot of knowledge and skills, but you can do that parallelly as well.

But again, if you are a good programmer and can meet the demand of the industry, then you can make good amount of money with a full-time job or freelancing projects as well.

Can We Really Compare Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube in 2021?

There may not be any direct comparison possible as these 3 are completely different. I would say the way our society accepts these 3 skills is also very different. Let me tell you in detail.

  • Programmer: We all give good respect to a programmer as it is directly linked with getting a high salary job in our country. Do you know someone who is a good programmer but earning through freelance projects? This is very rare in our country till now compared to jobs, but things are changing. But one thing is sure that we mostly learn coding to get a good job in the IT industry or you can become a good online trainer as well.
  • Blogger: A blogger is someone who create websites, do affiliate marketing, display advertisements etc to earn money. But our society doesn’t accept this as a profession when you compare with a tradition JOB and this is still considered as a side income. This means, if you have time and not getting a job then you are doing blogging which is fine. Many top bloggers shared their personal stories where they struggled to convince their parents even if they made more money compared to a job. Obviously, security and social respect are missing in blogging. But again, I would say things are changing.
  • YouTuber: This is a little different compared to both. Well, whether you make money or not, if you have a YouTube channel and can face the camera then people will give respect to you. These days many people are starting their channels and growing as a YouTuber. Creating a career on YouTube to make a decent income is very difficult compared to blogging. But one things is sure that YouTube can bring a lot of popularity and fame which is not same for blogging.

So, if you want to create a good professional career, want to fetch high salary income and want to travel the world from different companies, you can learn coding and improve your analytical skills. But if you want to do something your own then Blogging or Vlogging can be an option, but for that you need genuine interest and huge patience.

Which is the Best Among Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube?

coding vs blogging vs youtube
coding vs blogging vs youtube

Now let’s take an example of a person who is confused with the same question and not able to decide which one to pick as a career option. He/She is very enthusiastic and after deciding the correct path he/she will invest properly to learn and grow. So, in that case,

Is Coding A Good Career Option? – Pros and Cons

You can learn coding at any age but think properly about how exactly you will make money from that. If you are learning for interest, then remember that in the next 4-5 years this language will be obsolete and you need to learn something new. If you are a student then you have to finish your typical education first followed by college and I am sure you can’t avoid that.

So, even if you learn coding at an early age, this will help you to clear your basics which may help in higher classes to learn a different language. And if you are seriously good at coding, then definitely after finishing college you can crack a high salary job in coding. Again, to make money through coding via freelancing, you need enough work experience with background education.

  • Pros: A good programmer can crack high salary jobs, make very good money through freelancing.
  • Cons: You need to learn new programs that are in demand and get ready to keep updating your knowledge as technology is changing. And for that, you have to spend money on such courses and training to learn new languages.

Is Blogging A Good Career Option? – Pros and Cons

Whatever age you are at, you can start blogging in your free time and if you find your interest you can seriously turn things. Affiliate marketing is booming everywhere and it need only true knowledge and age is not a bar and you don’t need any kind of educational degree. So, anybody can get into blogging at any age if he/she is ready to learn things properly with patience.

  • Pros: Anyone can start a blog for free or in WordPress with a small investment. You can promote affiliate products, show Google Adsense Ads, and earn money from your blog. You can do blogging besides your job or business or as a student also. If you have good experience in Blogging and SEO, you can get good jobs in the field of Digital Marketing as well.
  • Cons: To create a professionally looking blog you need to invest in basic things like web hosting, domain name, theme, plugins, etc. As blogging is one of the most popular passive income sources for many people, the competition has increased a lot. So, you need to try something different and have the patience to make your first income from a blog.

Is YouTube A Good Career Option (Pros and Cons)?

Similar to Blogging, anyone can start a YouTube channel and start uploading videos. You really don’t need anything to create a YouTube channel. Your smartphone is enough and creating a YouTube channel is free. But again, to grow a YouTube channel, you need to do basic research about the niche and what kind of videos you need to create. But compared to blogging and coding, you need no investment and other technical staff to bring traffic. Just upload good videos, apply basic SEO things and your channel can kick off.

  • Pros: People love to watch videos these days and YouTube is the most popular platform. So, with a YouTube channel, if you have decent subscribers also, you will get very good fame. Yes, it is very easy to become famous or popular with YouTube. To start a YouTube channel, you just need your smartphone and courage to face the camera. That’s it.
  • Cons: As you can be very famous with YouTube, you will face criticism as well. When your channel will grow you will face many hateful comments which may demotivate you as well. Other than that, monetizing YouTube channels has become difficult these days and you need to work really hard to create good videos so that people watch for a long time. At the same time, competition is very high on YouTube nowadays.

Conclusion: That’s All From My Side

So, this is all I want to share in this article and want to explain which is the best career option for you or your kid if you consider Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube in 2021.

If you want to do something as per our education system or typical education path then coding can be good for you. But make sure you can pursue Computer Science Degree or similar in your college, as this will support your future plans better. Then you will definitely get a high salary job.

Other than that, if you want to do something on your own both Blogging & YouTube is almost similar. Whatever is your skillset, based on that you can choose either blogging or YouTube. You can make money using AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored post, and many such ways through both Blogging & YouTube. But you need genuine interest to learn things and share knowledge, as here no one is going to pay SALARY. It’s like a normal business only.

So, Coding Vs Blogging Vs YouTube – which according to you is a better career option? I would love to listen to your feedback as well in this topic. Feel free to write a comment below.

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  1. Hlw Santanu,

    I love to do coding as well as blogging. Nowdays coding is playing such an important role to learn technical things and in

    future get a high salary job in IT sector.

    In lockdown study plan is changed and many good things will added that will very good for developing our country. Nowadays kids were learning coding and making

    their own app , can’t believe on these thing that kids will grow fast as much.

    Your article is right you tuber is also a good way to earn money and fame, but in blogging there is no fame face but you can make money.This article is very helpful

    for parents and kids also to choose their carrier for future.


  2. Hi Santanu,
    This is the common doubt or question get by newbies when they want to start blogging or vlogging. you additionally added coding. yes developers are also coming to the blogging or vlogging.

    You picked very helpful topic and you nailed it very well.

    I liked the way of your presentation of this article.

    giving pros and cons in each section is amazing, which is most appreciated from my side.

    Thank you Santanu for this amazing post.

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