Creating a domain-specific email account is a must for your online business. This gives a very good branding and authenticity to your online business. If you want to create your own domain email account, then you don’t have to buy any email hosting plans additionally. As with SiteGround hosting, you can create an email account for free & easily access webmail in just a few clicks.

In this SiteGround webmail access tutorial, I will take you through the step by step process to create an email account with your domain name and how to configure your email account.

Step By Step Guide To Create An Email Account With SiteGround

First of all, you have to visit the SiteGround Hosting Admin area. Log in with your user id & password. And you will find a screen like below. If you have more than 1 domain on your SiteGround Hosting, then you can see multiple websites.

siteground new website dashboard

Now to create an email address for a domain, you have to click on the Site Tools button of that website. In this case, I have only 1 domain and I am clicking on that button. it will open your dashboard where you can do a lot of things.

siteground site tools

From the left side menu, click on the email. You will find many options under the email that will open like below.

create email account siteground

Click on accounts. You will find the screen to create an email account for your domain.

create domain email account siteground

If you have multiple domains, then select the domain for which you want to create an email account. Now provide the email address E.g. contact, support, admin or whatever is your choice. Provide a password and click on the CREATE button.

create siteground email account

So, you can see an email account is created here. Now let’s proceed to access SiteGround webmail access to check your emails.

How To Access SiteGround Webmail

If you want to access the email account of your blog email address, then the best way to do that is by typing Yourdomain(.)com/webmail.

You can easily create an email address by logging into your SiteGround Admin area as I have shown above and accessing the email part. Just follow the screenshot below and click on the 3 dots beside your email address that you have created.

login to siteground email account

Next, click on Log In Webmail option and it will open the email account dashboard. Now you can easily send or receive an email using your domain email address.

siteground email inbox

How To Add Email Forwarder On SiteGround Email Account

From the main dashboard, under the email section, you will find the forwarder option.

create email account siteground

Click on that and you will find a screen like below.

siteground email forwarder

It’s simple. Now simply put the email address where you want to send a copy of an email you receive on this email address. It’s good to set up the email forwarders as you can manage multiple email accounts through 1 primary email address.

How To Set Up Email Autoresponders with SiteGround Email Account

Email autoresponders are good to let your customers send some basic details, as soon as they contact you. This will give them some information about your business and within how much time they can expect a reply. It gives a good impression as well.

Just from the SiteGround SiteTools Email Account area, click on Autoresponders option. A screen like below will open.

siteground email autoresponder

Spend some time and create a beautiful email so that people who contact you will get a good response from your end. You can set the time also after how much time they should get the autoresponder email.

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