Is blogging Dead? What’s the future of blogging, specially in the world of COVID 19? I have asked this question to few pro-bloggers who has shared their views in this article. If you are a beginner and planning to get into blogging in 2021 then I am sure this article will help you understand this topic.

If you ask me, I found blogging a great way to create a passive income source besides my full-time job. And I am actually making a decent side income from my various blogs. But as internet is penetrating heavily in every part of the world and people are forcing to find a good income option online, blogging has come out as one of the best work from home options for many.

This has also created a huge competitive environment and that means, you have to work seriously and hard to find something worth from blogging. Anyway, let’s discover what other bloggers think on this topic: Future of blogging in 2021.

future of blogging

1. Adam Connell (

Adam Connell

What does the future of blogging look like?

There are some that believe blogging is dead. But this is far from true. The blogging space is simply growing up.

How we perceive blogs, bloggers and their role in the world is constantly changing. And so is the way in which we blog. We are no-longer simply bloggers. We’re content creators. We may create blog content one day, podcasts the next, and videos the day after that.

We’ve got to remain open to the possibilities and allow ourselves to grow beyond written content, while continuing to leverage the benefits of written content. Sure, building a successful blog is not as easy as it was in the past. But it can be done – it just requires that we work smarter.

How will COVID-19 impact blogging?

The impact of COVID-19 has been significant. Whether that impact is positive or negative, depends on the type of blog you run and the monetization strategies used.

Initially, when travel bans started to be implemented, that hit those who blog about travel & events extremely hard. Then Amazon put FBA products on hold while focusing on essential items – this hit those running Amazon FBA businesses and the affiliates promoting those products. 

This was followed by Amazon slashing commissions massively. Ouch. But it hasn’t all been negative. Some bloggers are seeing traffic growth, others are seeing an increase in revenue. Now, it may all seem like doom and gloom but it’s important that we remain calm and remember that opportunities are everywhere.

For example, more people are at home than ever and using this time to read blog posts, follow online courses, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, etc. 

If your revenue has taken a hit, it’s important to focus on possible solutions instead of focusing on the problem. If we take a solution-driven mindset and actively seek new opportunities, we’ll get through these difficult times a lot easier.

How can a newbie plan a career in blogging?

This all depends on you. Your goals. Your aspirations. And what you’re willing to invest, particularly in terms of your time. The niche you choose and the medium of content you leverage is personal to you.

The best best niche to choose sits somewhere between what you know, what you love, and what can sustain you financially. All of these factors help you stay motivated. In terms of content, don’t restrict yourself to written content. If you excel at writing, leverage that skill. If you find video easier, make that your central content medium.

The key is that while there are countless platforms to leverage (and build an audience on) – you need a ‘home base’ – something that is yours which can’t be taken away.

This is why it’s important to have a website and an email list. You can configure these in the best way possible for your brand and these assets are yours. No Google or Facebook algorithm change can take them away.

Even email marketing software will change over time but you can simply export your list and import it into a new tool. Your audience goes with you. You just need to keep them engaged.
And, remember that a career is more than working part time on a side project for a year. The biggest reason people don’t succeed is because they quit before they’ve given something enough time to work.

While there’s a lot that goes into making a blog successful, the bare minimum is to keep blogging and creating content. This is the number one thing all successful blogs have in common. Well, that and a solid content strategy + revenue generation strategy in place to support their growth & build an audience. Just don’t forget to enjoy the journey – that’s a big part of what blogging is about.

2. Akshay Hallur (

Akshay Hallur

Blogging is booming as the number of online users is increasing drastically. As this is the lockdown period, my traffic on BloggingX and also my other sites have surged 170% on average. COVID19 is definitely boosting my blog traffic. 

However, to be brutally honest, as this will continue and will cause a recession and also depression, bloggers can expect to make a good earnings hit unless they are in a good niche. Because in a depression people will be spending less and saving money. But for me, as I’m in the digital marketing space, and businesses will be forced to move online, I’ll get a direct benefit from this digital movement.

It’s very important for newbies to choose a niche that’s a perfect balance between their passion and profit. And also, as the world order is changing, it’s very essential to avoid niches that have uncertain futures and aim for niches that bloom during the recessions. I recommend newbies to focus on one site initially and aim for fulfilling the searcher intent in their blog posts – rather than the word count and hundreds of backlinks.

3. Sumit Bansal (

Sumit Bansal

Scope of blogging in the coming days

As more and more people are getting access to the internet and getting used to it, the need for useful content (written or videos) is only going to increase. Blogging will continue to grow as there will be more people looking for answers to their queries.

While blogging (written content) is still popular and useful, a lot many people these days prefer videos. So, if you’re creating content for your blog, also consider creating videos and see how your audience reacts to it.

You can still make a lot of money just by written content, but if you’re looking to build a stable online business, also consider creating videos.

How the current situation (COVID 19 pandemic) will impact blogging

With the current COVID situation, a lot of people are getting more comfortable with technology. People are spending more time doing video conferences and consuming written and video content.

While this Covid situation will ease (hopefully soon) and things will get back to normal, this change in behavior is a good thing for bloggers and content creators.

How a newbie can plan a career in blogging

Blogging is all about being useful and making money doing it. Starting a profitable blog would take a lot of effort and learning. And there is an extremely low barrier to entry. You can start today with a self-hosted blog in less than $60 (or even for free with platforms such as 

So, if you want to be someone who makes money online by creating niche sites, I suggest you start now and try and make your first dollar. Learn what’s working and what it takes to be a full-time blogger. Once you see your blog making money, jump into it full-time and the sky is the limit.

Being a blogger is not like getting a job. There is no fixed salary and success is not guaranteed. So keep that in mind and keep hustling.

4. Anil Agrawal (

Anil Agarwal

Scope of blogging in the coming days

Blogging is evolving every year. I started my first blog in 2005 (around 15 years ago). At that time, you can stuff the keywords and create 400-word blog posts to get first page rankings on Google. It was so much simple back then. 

Does it work now? No. Now, you need to create 2000+ word articles, use LSI keywords, optimize for voice search, build links, increase social engagement to get top rankings on Google.

It’s a lot of work now (mainly due to heavy competition). So my best suggestion for anyone is to find a niche or create a product where the competition is not much. Or stay ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, you can’t survive!

How the current situation (COVID 19 pandemic) will impact blogging

It’s unfortunate to go through a pandemic like COVID 19. But here’s good news: both digital marketing and blogging are going to explode. Maybe we’ll see more competition. People are losing their jobs or looking for additional ways to make income (mostly from online). 

So more people will start new blogs, YouTube channels etc and create more content. So if you’re already an established blogger, you can rank for terms like “starting a blog”, provide guidance and make money through affiliate marketing. It’s just one example. 

There are also people who are looking to build affiliate marketing niche sites, podcasts, digital agencies and what not? So be prepared for more competition and find proper ways to monetize your efforts.

How a newbie can plan a career in blogging

Blogging is NOT easy. It includes a ton of things ranging from content creation, topic research, SEO, social media, email list building, monetization, networking, and a ton of other things. 

As a new blogger, you should be willing to work extra hours if you want to succeed. Think for long term, set high goals, start now, be consistent and help others 🙂 That’s how you can win the game.

5. Vashishtha Kapoor (

Vashishtha Kapoor

1. Scope of blogging in the coming days: The recent year has taught us how to live and manage in a crisis. Most of the well-employed professionals lost their jobs and started blogging recently, I am sure you would know of some of such professionals too. Since a lot of professionals have joined blogging, I feel that it will bring much more professionalism and expertise in the content available online, especially YouTube. 

2. Current Situation: The current situation is mixed up with downfalls and uplifts. Right after the recent Google algorithm update, many have faced a huge downfall in their website traffic. 

3. Plan for a newbie: For a newbie, it is like a golden time to start or scale up his blogging career. It takes a lot of courage to consider blogging as a career. But in a time of uncertainty, It is a very lucrative thing to do. For a newbie, the best approach would be to start with a video-based blogging platform like youtube and then build a self-hosted blog to own the audience and sell to them.

6. Swadhin Agrawal (

Swadhin Agrawal

Blogging has a very good scope in the coming future. In fact, the current scenario has enabled a lot of people to rely on information online to educate, entertain and find ways to solve their problems. 

If you have expertise in something or are passionate about a topic, you can get started with a blog and form a community of readers with the right efforts.

Not to mention the current scenario when work from home has gotten more attention than ever, making money online with blogs has an unparalleled scope. People are looking for alternate ways to add to their income and blogging helps you do just that, right from your couch.

Does that mean you can start a blog right now and profit instantly?


To get started I’d suggest you to find your USP. If you want to succeed you need to make a difference with what you offer. For example, you can create better content that the ones that are already ranking, add your own personality to your blog, use your story to make the readers relate to you.

Strategically, I would also suggest taking your blog to the next level if you want to succeed. That can be with the power of alternative content formats. Why just write text articles when you can convert them into a YouTube video (if you’re not comfortable with talking head videos) or record a podcast on the same topic.

You can also create a digital product (or even a service like blog management service or social media management service or simply paid consulting) to further help your audience and outrun your competitors who just reply on blog posts.

These strategies will help to differentiate yourself from others and help you establish a mark for yourself. 

The key to success in blogging (or anything in life for that matter) is not to pursue it but how good you are at differentiating yourself from the rest.

7. Mangesh Bhardwaj (

Mangesh Bhardwaj

This question comes into every newbie’s mind when they are about to start their blogging journey because the majority of people are now consuming video and audio-based content more as compared to text content.

That doesn’t mean blogging is dead and you won’t get success in blogging. The future of blogging is absolutely bright. I can’t guarantee you for the next 10 to 20 days.

But for the next 5 to 7 years the scope is very bright, and if an individual is seriously interested in it then definitely he will get good results by putting their 100%.

So no doubt the future is absolutely bright. Still, there is a large population who are more interested in written content because they find authentic information there.

for more detail about it, I have created a video on this. If you want to can check it for more clarifications.

When it comes to the impact of covid in blogging, according to me because of covid blogging is more popular during this pandemic.

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and they are looking for some opportunities to earn money by sitting at home. And we all know that blogging is best for that.

so blogging is more popular now because of covid. No doubt about that, and it will reach new heights of popularity in the near future.

For starting a career in blogging. Newbies should make a full-proof roadmap then only he will get success because with the popularity the competition is also increasing day by day.

So you can’t start blogging randomly without research and knowledge.

One line that I always say; blogging is no more a hobby these days, take it as a real business. Like every other business, you have to invest your time, money, efforts, patience in it. Don’t expect overnight money and fame in it.

8. Amit Mishra (

Amit Mishra

Yes, blogging is growing at a phenomenal pace, if we google its trend, dear, it’s growing and many people are talking about the same. This is the high time to own a blog, You guys have also experienced internet is flooded with high-quality content, you just Google or run a speech query in Google Voice search you will get n number of results fulfilling your query.

With my experience in blogging and digital marketing, I can say blogging is always profitable if you are wondering how? then once visit flippa, hop on to the just sold section you will notice blogs with 30-70 articles with 8 months to 1-year age blogs getting sold in 4 to 5 figures.

If you fail to generate affiliate sales or AdSense revenue then also you are profitable. Don’t hesitate to have your online assets it will be profitable if you work smart and enjoy your online journey, best wishes.

9. Harpreet Munjal (

Harpreet Munjal

Blogging has a great future without any doubt. But the way could be change over time. People love reading content and will remain in the future too. But I would say that It is the right time to start your blog if you want to make your career in blogging. Blogging still has huge scope and potential. 

After Covid-19: I believe that during and after the Crisis, many people will come online to make money from the internet. More people will start their blogs as well. So, if you are a blogger then you can help these new bloggers and grow your audience. But If you want to start a blog, then you should start now before others.

My biggest advice for newbies is that you need to keep patience if you want to be a successful blogger. Many people fail in Blogging because of the lack of patience and quit while they are close to getting results. You need to be genuine and honest with your audience. One more thing, Don’t follow too many bloggers to learn or who are impressing you with their income reports. Blindly following others could be harmful to you. 

10. Sathish Satz (

Sathish Satz

The blogging industry is actually evolving than ever before. We can see more new bloggers entering the blogosphere during 2020. This year is very crucial for bloggers and business people due to the unpredictable Covid-19 disaster. Most of the countries initiated complex curfew and corporates implied the Work From Home model effectively.

The situation paved the way for experimenting with interesting blogging strategies. Balancing personal life and blogging activities was well done during the pandemic crisis. Most of the teenagers started their career online by choosing blogging as a long-term commitment. We could expect more competition in the nearer future for sure.

Great informative blog posts and guides are published by expert bloggers frequently online. Newbie bloggers should make use of those content and focus on serious blogging activities to stay at the top of their game. Here’s a suggestion for the entry-level blogging enthusiasts – If Not Now, Then Never!

11. Manidipa Bhaumik (

Manidipa Bhaumik

Future of blogging

The future of blogging is bright and there are reasons to justify that. With the increase in consumption of video content, many may think that blogging is going to die an unnatural death soon. However, it is far from true. People like to consume content in various formats. Every format has its audience. As digital reading cannot take over physical reading, so can’t video replace blogs.

Bloggers make money by creating useful content and taking it in front of those who need it. With more people getting access to the internet, the need for such content will only increase.

How will the current situation (COVID 19 pandemic) impact blogging?

COVID 19 Pandemic has changed the world a lot. It has impacted various niches in various ways. For bloggers and content creators, it has, in a better way. Many people are working from home and are consuming more amount of digital content (written & video) in their free time. Needless to say, the need for good content (in a wide array of topics) have increased too.

At the same time, the competition has increased too. Many people are now looking for an alternate career option or a passive income source through blogging and digital marketing. High authority established websites may continue to rank well, however, individual bloggers need to put more and consistent efforts to be on the game.  

How can a newbie plan a career in blogging?

However competitive blogging might become, there is always scope for the newbies to start and build a career in it. Starting a blog is just a 15-minute job, however, to make it successful one needs to be serious.

In blogging, you cannot expect to have a fixed income and fixed work hours. It is more like a real-time business where your returns mostly depend upon investing the right amount of time and effort at the right place. So, if you understand this mindset and are ready to invest the time and efforts it takes, no one can stop you from touching the sky!

12. Nirmala Santha Kumar (


Scope of blogging in the coming days: I would say the scope of blogging is “Bright” in the upcoming days because most people have internet access and want to make money at home. As it is possible to make a passive income without leaving home, Blogging will become a trending career like software engineer, financial manager, and chartered accountant. Blogging is still alive and never going to be dead.

How the current situation (COVID 19 pandemic) will impact blogging

I have heard that several bloggers’ monthly income has been increased during this pandemic and even for me as well. However, the travel bloggers are badly affected by Covid 19 as they can’t explore any place during this universal health issue. Moreover, people have lost interest in visiting the tourist spots due to the spreading of communicable Coronavirus. However, other niche bloggers are continuing to earn consistent income at home. In simple words, except travel bloggers, other niche bloggers are making decent revenue with their blogs. I would say that Covid 19 has improved the bloggers’ status, and they will gain more authority in the upcoming years.

How a newbie can plan a career in blogging: As I stated above, the travel niche bloggers struggle a lot during this pandemic. Hence, the newbie can plan a career in blogging by choosing a proper niche, and it would be good if they are ready to learn the basics and art of making money blogging. Patience, dedication, and smart work are the keys to get success in blogging.

13. Sumit Sao (

Sumit Sao

The future of blogging is very bright because people will always need blogs. 

Why? Because it’s human behaviour that they want the solution to their problem asap that’s why they always search their problems or anything else on Google to get an instant solution by visiting a blog.

And we all know that content consumption is increasing day by day. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it. The future of blogging is 100% safe. 

According to recent blogging stats, 35% of bloggers saw a revenue increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, there is not any doubt that Blogging is a wonderful business model.

But 10-12 Years back, video content was not very popular but now people are spending most of their time watching video content, listening to podcasts, etc.

That’s why It’s very important for bloggers to repurpose their content in the form of YouTube videos and podcasts so that they can bring traffic from these platforms to their blog.

My suggestion for newbie bloggers are:

  • Spend at least 1 hour daily on your learning.
  • Invest money on your blog. 
  • Build an email list from day-1.
  • Connect with like-minded people via Facebook groups. It’ll help you a lot.

14. Istiak Rayhan (

Istiak Rayhan

The way people used to consume content has changed drastically during the last 3 – 4 years. We have seen a massive rise in video content. But people still love to read. That’s why the future of blogging is safe and bright. 

If you are wondering if videos will replace text-based content, I’d say NO. In many cases, it’s easier to find a solution in the text contents rather than watching a 5 minutes video. So people will prefer blog posts on those cases. But it would be best if you didn’t ignore the power of video and audio-based content. 

Now, after COVID, things have changed dramatically. More and more people are now going online. And guess what, it has increased the demand for blogging as people need more content now. 

And talking about blogging as a career, I think it’s still a safe career. We will see big companies and startups will focus more on content marketing. And they will also depend on bloggers for promotion. So blogging will stay for years to come. 

15. Ryan Biddulph (

Ryan K Biddulph

1: Blogging continues to be more fun, more freeing and yes, more challenging. Think not about competition but be prepared to dig deeper to find your genuine blogging voice because one stands out by writing in one’s voice. Do that, however uncomfortable, and blogging will offer increased returns to you as working online and building online businesses become more popular.

2: The current situation impacts blogging by literally keeping more folks indoors to make money online. Part time or full time workers quarantined seem to be noticing blogging as a viable way to generate a steady income if you put in the time and energy. COVID simply nudges people toward blogging solely because few ways of prospering from home trump blogging, in terms of branding and monetizing potential.

3: Newbies can follow pro blogger advice to follow their fun, to create and to connect. Focus on these 3 blogging fundamentals to lay a solid foundation for your blogging campaign. Follow your fun to detach some from outcomes. Create helpful content to gain credibility. Connect with bloggers by helping them out to build powerful bonds accelerating your reach. Follow these basics to become a successful blogger.

That’s It

So, do you like this post? What do you think about the future of blogging? Feel free to write a comment below and share your experience, feedback or any question have related to blogging. Thanks for reading and sharing this article.

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