Do you have a Facebook Group, but not enough audience? Do you know how I grew my Facebook Group audience to 3000+ members in just 5 months of its launch? Then you are at the right place as I will share the exact tips I tried and grew my Facebook group.

I have started a Facebook group named The Blogger’s Team on 9th December 2018. Today, this is one of the popular & growing Facebook groups for bloggers. In this article, I will share all the strategies & tips that worked best for me to grow Facebook group to 3000+ members.

the bloggers team

Why Have I Started A Facebook Group?

One fine day when I was reading some articles on how to bring traffic to your blog, I came across a strange sentence. What will you do if Google shuts down“? I thought, how is that possible?

But when I read further and thought about this topic, I have realized the importance of looking for some Google alternatives, so that you can depend upon traffic from multiple sources. Social media is the best place to get active and bring targetted traffic to your blog.

Check out the growth of members on my Facebook groups in last 6 month.

facebook group members

I came to know about few awesome Facebook groups like Sumit Sao & Anil Agarwal in December 2018. And, within a week, I became very active in those groups and started receiving some good feedbacks about my helping nature.

When I dig deeper on this topic, I have realized the importance of creating my own audience for my blog or my thought process. Of course, building an email list is the best thing to do, but I don’t think interaction through email is that much effective like we do on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Then the idea of creating a Facebook Group came into my mind. Although I was part of many Facebook groups & regularly helping people by responding to their questions & problems. But never realized the actual power of a Facebook Group till that day.

Why Do You Need A Facebook Group?

Now I can easily say that there are multiple benefits of having a Facebook group. Or you can say, having your own audience or followers. Let me tell you in detail.

  • Through a Facebook group, you can share your thoughts and ideas and connect with like-minded people. They are the people, who love to read your posts, interact with you and support you to grow further.
  • With time by sharing useful stuff with your audience, you can grow as an authority.
  • As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to depend upon organic traffic from Google all the time, as you can share your articles in your group with the loyal readers. The social media traffic is very crucial and if done right, you will get regular readers.
  • You can share your ideas or plans with your Facebook group audience and get their valuable suggestions & inputs.

Right now, I found a motive to continue blogging due to this Facebook group. I have a liability & responsibility to deliver something useful and helpful every day. And I think this is enough to stay focused on my blogging journey.

7 Tips To Grow Facebook Group (From My Own Experience)

So, starting a Facebook Group may take just a few minutes. But to grow a Facebook group with potential members is not at all an easy task.

Even though you grow Facebook group with a lot of members, engagement is always a big issue. In the last 6 months, I found very good engagement on my Facebook Group and that is the reason the number of members crossed even 3000+ in just 6 months.

Here are some crucial strategies or tips I have applied, which helped me to grow my Facebook Group.

1. A clear motive with a spam free policy

This is the very first thing I want to mention here, that a clear interest of the group plays a vital role in the success of a Facebook group. You will find many groups with 1 lakh members, but the engagement level is very low. That’s why the first thing I did is kept a clear message on top of the group (announcement section).

facebook text editor formatting

Besides that, I closely moderate the posts from people and only allow which are useful for people. Any kind of personal promotion is strictly prohibited. But we do share valuable content or blog post time to time which is worth reading.

2. Be Active & Interact with everyone

There are thousands of Facebook groups on similar niches. Then why someone will join my group? That’s why I always try to be active on the group, try to respond to people’s queries as early as possible.

One thing I noticed is that, generally, people tend to post the same question in 3-4 groups at the same time. In that case, as an Admin, I try to respond to the query as fast as possible and also before others so that I can help that person personally.

The engagement level is growing due to active participation.

facebook group engagement

Although it is not possible all the time, I always try to do that. Besides that, in case I don’t have the answer to that question, I never hesitate to TAG the person with the correct knowledge.

3. Be honest & humble

Personally, I am a humble guy and always give 100% value to people’s thoughts. That’s why I always share my life with the group and try to discuss their personal life as well.

facebook group interactions

I also ask people to share their feedback on any of my upcoming plans or actions. E.g. recently I have started a YouTube channel and from the very 1st video, I have started asking people’s feedback. As my purpose is to provide value to the readers, I always go to my group members to know about their feedback & suggestions to come to a conclusion.

You can’t fake yourself in front of your audience. They can catch it immediately, that’s why it is always better to be genuine and keep things simple. I always believe in learning through discussions and that’s what I am trying to do through my Facebook group.

4. Regular activities to encourage readers to engage

There have to be some weekly or regular activities to engage readers. And I am trying to experiment with different activities from the beginning. Out of which few of them are successful and few got flopped. And I am bringing some more in the coming weeks.

  • Wednesday: Pinterest Share Thread [Not active now]
  • Saturday: Blog promotion day [Very successful]
  • Sunday: WordPress help day [Not active now]
  • Upcoming: Regular Blogging Tips with HashTag #BJTips

Besides that, I also create interesting discussions where I ask the views of my group members. This works really great as my group engagement increased very high due to such engaging discussions.

The weekly Blog Promotion thread is a huge popular one. Check out the engagements below.

facebook group top posts

5. Connect with the readers personally

Another point I found in almost every Facebook group is that they are too much topic focused. People only discuss technical things, problems etc. But no emotional connection or personal relationship building.

I am not saying that is wrong, but we are not robots. That’s why I prefer to ask off-topic questions related to personal life or interest so that people find it interesting.

I occasionally share motivational quotes and wish friends on their Birthdays, share their success stories on the Facebook group and many other such activities. I have a clear motive here – to make them comfortable to get in touch with me.

I love to make friends, talk to them and get to know about their journey, success, failure, and struggles. In fact, recently I have organized a Blogger Meet in Hyderabad, where I got to know a few awesome bloggers personally.

facebook group blogger meet

6. Promote the Group through every network

I am clearly promoting or encouraging my blog audience to join my Facebook group. As a person also, I love to help people by answering their problems or finding a suitable solution. You will find my Facebook group on my every single profile or channel.

E.g. in my blog home page, I gave a clear call to action button to join my Facebook Group. Besides that, I have also shared the same on my YouTube channel, my Quora profile & Twitter profile.

You will find a call-to-action button on my blog home page. [This page designed by Thrive Architect]

bloggingjoy home page

The intention is very clear: I want to get connected with all my readers in one place. From where I can communicate & interact with them regularly.

Tip: You can also promote your Facebook group through Facebook Ads. I have not yet tried that path though, but it is a good idea to grow a Facebook group quickly. But you have to slow this a little bit, as this may end up joining many inactive members.

7) Build an army of reliable friends

Although I have started this Facebook group, that doesn’t mean the benefit should only come to me. This is a group of bloggers (The Blogger’s Team) where we all are trying to help people to get solutions.

In the last few months, I made some good friends on Facebook, who all are very active in this Facebook group. They are the key pillars for the success of my Facebook group.

facebook group admin moderator

I want to say big thanks to a few people who helped me to grow this community from day 1. Right now a few of them are helping me as a moderator role as well.

I am sorry to name only a few of them here, as I know the list is uncountable. But if I don’t mention these people, it will not be fair. These people are with me from the beginning and have helped me to kick start my journey.

Conclusion: Is Creating A Facebook Group Beneficial?

Well, it will completely depend upon your purpose & expectation from the Facebook group. Many people find social media distracting & unproductive. And that is 100% true also.

But for me, I found my motive for blogging after starting this Facebook Group. And, I am getting what I was expecting from this Facebook Group while starting.

So far I have been featured on 12+ different blogs and those opportunities came through this Facebook group only.

If you are also planning to start a Facebook group to bring traffic to your blog or grow yourself as an expert blogger or influencer in your niche, just remember one thing: it is not at all easy! You should have a clear focus & need to regular effort to grow your Facebook group.

So, to grow Facebook group, you have to invest your quality time to help others, interact with others, value other’s thought process, respect their work. I hope this guide will help you to grow your Facebook Group. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions, if any.

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  1. Great sir, Am big fan of your humbleness and honest answers. I personally feel this humbleness and not hurt policy making you grow higher.

    Yours engagement with group people is priceless sir.

    Thanks for the Mention sir.

    It’s like encouraging me to do more group activities.


  2. Hello Santanu Bro,

    I loved the way you explained each and every point in a crisp and clear way. I felt like you are explaining it to me personally. Your writing is so good that it can create a picture on our mind while reading it.

    And about the Facebook group, all I can say is it is one of the most active group on blogging and each and every day the posts and questions from fellow bloggers help me to learn some or the other thing. So thank you so much for creating the group and maintaining it 100% spam free 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Guru for your kind words. Specially, you like my writing style and this is a big compliment for me. Besides that, this group is growing because of awesome people like you who are giving their precious time to help others.

  3. Great Santanu brother.
    This group is very helpful to the beginners also. It helps them to have a quick solution of their problem.
    Thanks for the group.

    1. Thank you buddy for finding this Group useful. I am happy to say that you are one of the active member of this group and thank you so much for giving your precious time.

  4. Hi Santanu,

    Simply Wow! Stories are always awesome. And if it’s a success story, it takes you somewhere else.

    I have seen it live, how your fantastic group started as a normal one, and how it take off to an another level.

    This is purely, because of all your dedication to achieve something bigger.

    On the other hand, I am truly glad that I got the priviledge to moderate your group. Thanks for the kind mention and praises.

    Though, I would again say, it’s purely because of your dedication. Being a small group owner, I understand, what it takes to manage a community and when it is huge and growing something like yours. 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot, brother for your kind words and support from the beginning. The best part of this initiative is that we become good friends due through this Group only.

  5. I totally agree with you on creating an army of bloggers in your niche. It helps you get started with various projects easily.
    I hope even i am included in your army soon ?

  6. Hello Santanu,

    Great Post bro. I am happy to see that you are connected with some helpful blogging buddies who support you. Managing a Facebook group is definitely a hefty job as it can distract you from your other blogging duties. Making Moderators can save time and efforts. Blogging is all about helping others with your knowledge. Keep up the great work.


  7. Outstanding hacks! I read your post which is very helpful. Back in 2013, I started a group on facebook but I had not much knowledge about how to grow it and how to keep it active. Now I understand why facebook groups are useful. They help in getting leads for a business and via social sharing people get to know about services and work you proffer. Looking for more posts about facebook advertising and marketing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for finding this useful. Facebook Group is the best way to build your audience and regularly engage with them. You will get traffic to your website and a loyal audience who will follow your blog regularly.

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