Where to add keywords for SEO in your content so that you can optimize your blog post? Well, we all know that keywords play the crucial role in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But in 2021, simply putting keywords to rank higher will not work.

Specially when Google updates like BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) has changed the entire search mechanism, you can’t follow the old rules to rank your articles in search engines. Yes, you need to put a lot of stress on search intent and based on that only you have to choose all the related keywords to optimize your blog post.

When repeating the exact match keyword may look like foolish in 2021, you can use long tail versions of that main keyword, similar meaning terms etc in your article so that your content can be well optimized for the particular search intent.

But the question here is, where to add keywords in the content so that one can easily SEO optimized for the main keyword? Well, that’s what I am going to share in this article. So that you can optimize your blog post for SEO in 2021 and rank them higher in Google search.

Where To Add Keywords For SEO in 2021 To Optimize Your Content

So, as a beginner when you start writing a content make sure you decide on the main keyword and then collect all the points that you need to cover in that content to make the articles 100% search intent compliant. Remember, in 2021 you just don’t need to dump your content with extra words to just make it lengthy. If your topic demands certain areas then feel free to add them to explain the topic relevant context. Or else you can skip that part and create a separate article.

Now when I am talking about placing the keyword in right places, that doesn’t mean repeating the same term again and again on different places. I would rather prefer different versions, their synonyms with the exact match term so that you can make a balance of all keywords naturally. Make sure to mash the keywords naturally in all places which works best for SEO in 2021.

where to add keywords for seo
where to add keywords for seo in 2021

So, let’s find out the 10 important places of your blog post where you must add keywords for SEO in 2021.

1. Blog Post Title

Title is the most highlighted place where the placement of keyword matters most. One should make sure that the main keyword is there in the title. In most SEO optimized themes your blog title is your H1 tag. So, you must add your main keyword in your H1 tag as it’s very important. And make sure 1 page should have only 1 H1 tag. I generally prefer to add the main keyword on H1 tag with more long tail terms or descriptive terms to explain the topic. Title length is not a matter in this case.

2. SEO Title or Meta Title

Now SEO Title or Meta Title is different than your H1 Title or blog post title. SEO title is mostly for search engines. Generally, the length of the SEO title is 60-65 characters. So try to put your keyword in first 65 char only. If possible put the keyword in the beginning, but only if it looks natural.

👉 Make sure to keep both SEO Title and Blog Post title different. Although they will have the same keyword, but make sure to keep them separate. You can check both the titles of this post to understand this easily.

3. Keyword in Permalink

Permalink is another important place where keyword placement plays a big role for better ranking. Permalink is nothing but the URL of any article and this should be short, crisp with only having the meaningful text. You can check out the permalink of this article. I kept the main keyword as permalink and kept the same in different versions in H1 title as well as SEO Title.

If you are into WordPress, then you will get couple of options to choose a good SEO optimized permalink structure. But in case you are using Blogger, then you will not get much. But in both cases, make sure to use keyword optimize permalinks only.

Below is the example of permalink structure that I am using for this blog. This is the best permalink settings in WordPress and you must choose this one only.

permalink settings

4. Keyword in Meta Description

Well, META description is another important place where you need to add the keywords to optimize for search engines. This is the place where you can add maximum 150-160 characters and in that short area you have to provide a quick summary of your content to search engines. Again, adding keywords for SEO doesn’t mean stuffing all the related topics at one go. You can create a small paragraph covering the keyword and provide a short intro about the topic.

👉 Here make sure to put all the terms that you are going to cover in the article (as much possible) as per the search intent. E.g. if someone is searching for a product review then they must want to know the price, service, support, customer reviews etc.

5. Keyword in first paragraph

So, we are now into our content. And while writing a blog post, your first paragraph is always very important. You will notice in many blog post people start their first paragraph with a single line and without any keyword. In fact many of such posts are ranking high as well. In that case, I would request you to check the authority of that website or the content writer.

But as a beginner, if you are learning how to write a SEO optimized content, the first lesson would to add your keyword in the first paragraph. I still follow the same and I know the benefit of this SEO practice. According to me, it’s a very crucial thing we must follow. Even every WordPress SEO Plugin also suggests the same when you optimize the content using any of the plugins.

6. Optimize Images For SEO

Images plays a very big role to rank your content. Besides SEO benefits, a content with relevant and information rich images will always attract readers and increase the engagement of that page. Do you know that you can place keywords with images which will significantly increase the on-page SEO score of your content for that main keyword. Just follow these practice while uploading any image to WordPress or blogger.

  • Alt tag – This is the text that search engines read to understand what is this image is all about. Make sure to add your keywords if the 100% suitable for the image. Don’t just stuff keywords, rather provide actually description to describe the image. This way you can add all related terms with suitable images.
  • File name – Whenever you upload an image on your website, make sure to change the file name with your keywords. This will also increase the SEO factors of your image as well as the content.
  • Image Title – This is also similar to Alt Tag but make sure you provide a relevant title but a different one.

7. Keyword in H2 or H3

We have already mentioned about the H1 tag or the title tag. Besides that, in a blog post, you can use various other header tags like H2, H3, H4 H5, H6 etc. Generally I use up to H4 only. You can use max till H6 as per your preferences. These tags are very useful to structure a content and provide a great value to readers as well as search engines to understand the entire content.

Now you can utilize these Tags and use keywords to cover various sub-section of that main topic. Not necessarily you have to add the same main keyword in all these tags. Rather you can use different versions of main keywords, long tail keywords, synonyms etc. These tags really helps to optimize the blog post for SEO keywords.

8. Bold, Italic , Underline important Keywords

You may say that I am a fool as I still believe these practices. Honestly, I really don’t know whether they work or not in terms of SEO (obviously NOT) but I don’t mind using keywords in bold, italic and underline. But one thing I know that, this way you can make your content more noticeable. E.g. if a content is 2000+ words long, reader may get bored of reading the entire content. In that case, we can easily highlight few words, areas using text formatting which will definitely help to increase the content engagement. In directly it will actually help your websites dwell time and overall SEO.

9. Internal links to related articles

Internal linking is always a very good practice to increase the SEO factors of any content for a particular keyword. In fact with internal linking, you can actually create backlinks for your own articles from different pages with different authorities of your own website. So, make sure to link your article from different articles with keywords as anchor text. But don’t over optimized. Personally, I prefer to link with long tail keywords more compared short term keywords.

internal linking benefits
How To Do Internal Linking For SEO

10. While replying comments

This is another practice which also help to optimize your content for keywords further. Generally the more number of quality comments you will get on your article, it will add more content as well as it will give a good signal of interaction to search engines. At the same time, when you reply to those comments, you can smartly add keywords on your reply which will optimize the entire blog post further. Again, don’t just overdo it and do it only if it fits naturally.

FAQs: Related To Keyword Placement for SEO

How many keywords should I use for SEO?

If you use any WordPress SEO Plugin, they will always suggest a number of keywords to optimize any article around a focus keyword. But that is not always recommended as sometime we simply put keywords without any context and that’s where we do things wrong. Do it as much as you can naturally with all variations.

Do keywords still matter for SEO?

Of course keywords matters in SEO. Whatever people are searching online are keywords only. And search engines are showing results as per your search. But keywords doesn’t always mean the exact term, there are various other factors which I have shared in this article including long tail, search intent, synonyms etc.

Does Google use keywords for SEO?

There is no exact answer to this question. According to me, Google not only analyze the exact search term, but also the intent behind the user’s search query and for that various other relevant information Google will search in that content.

How do I increase my keyword ranking?

There are more than 200+ factors to rank on top of Google search. Overall, we need to improve all of them to increase our ranking. From content optimization view, regular updating of content with fresh updates also increase the ranking of your blog post.

That’s It – Your Turn Now

So, do you still optimize your content with keywords for SEO? Or you simply write content from your heart without doing any SEO? Is your content still ranks #1 in Google? As an affiliate marketer, I know the importance of SEO. And that’s why from my experience, I always depend up on SEO to rank my articles for various keywords. And for that I have to add keywords to all these necessary pages so that they can rank well in search engine for various search terms.

Bottom-line is, whatever content you write you must understand the search intent first. Means, why you are writing the topic and then accordingly you need to target all relevant information to satisfy users search interest. Then all your SEO practices will start giving you 100% accurate result. So, feel free to write your feedback or comments about this topic of How To Add Keywords For SEO in 2021.

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  1. Hey Santanu,
    I have learned a new thing from this content. I had no idea about the “replying comments” section can help in SEO. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Thanks for reading buddy. This is an old technique, that I follow occasionally. But as you know, in 2021 you can’t predict SEO. So these are certain practices you can follow carefully. 🙂

  2. Hey Santanu bro,

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    Many newbie bloggers don’t know where to use the keywords in their articles. So, your article will definitely help them.

    I always try to add LSI and relevant long-tail keywords while replying to comments. it’s a great way to optimize our article for more keywords. Many bloggers don’t know this trick. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

    TWEETED this amazing guide. 🙂

    Sumit Sao

  3. This guide will help many Beginers. Keyword density is important, but it’s also necessary to understand where to use the focus Keywords to optimize the posts.i think you have covered everything. The way you explain the importance of putting Keywords in heading tags is awesome. Keep Inspiring

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  5. Hell Santanu Sir,

    This was amazing and informative article about how to use focus keywords in blog post.

    Writing a blog is not enough but we have to Optimise it according to keywords on which we wanted to rank. Many new blogger forgot to do it.

    Placing the right keywords at the right place always help to rank faster and drive quality traffic to blog post.

    Thanks for sharing 😊 such a informative content with us


  6. Hi Santhanu,

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