How to create Create Unique, Original Blog Content in 2021? This is what I am going to share in this article. If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you need to put a lot of efforts to write good quality content with unique style. Internet is full of content and it is difficult to find unique topics. So you have to write content in unique style so that readers find more useful.

Simply running a blog and running a successful brand is a lot different. Although they both have common functions, they both have different parameters like 

A Simple blog

  • A simple blog will prefer quantity over quality
  • They might choose shortcuts and somehow plagiarized content  
  • They will not spend hours and days creating unique content
  • Poor blog posts
  • Poor credibility
  • Lower traffic
  • Higher bounce rate and lower dwell time  

A successful online Brand

  • The key difference is that a successful online brand will prefer quality over quantity
  • They will avoid shortcuts and plagiarized content at all costs
  • They will spend hours and days creating amazing unique content
  • Deeply researched blog posts
  • Higher credibility
  • Higher traffic 
  • Lower bounce rate and higher dwell time.

Now you can choose to put work and time into creating quality content and build a prosperous brand or choose the easy way and write poor quality content.

In either scenario the content marketer’s path is quite clear, to boost their SEO rankings, get maximum exposure of the audience, and convert leads into customers.

To succeed in this way the most crucial factor is that you need to have unique and quality enriched content.  

From the above comparison at least you understood the idea of what are the benefits and drawbacks of running a simple blog or turning it into a successful brand.

Below are 9 Great tips for creating unique content for your website in 2021

Now which direction do you want to go is all up to you, but ideally, the best way is to do it right. In this article, we will be discussing the top tips on how to write unique content for your blog.

How To Create Unique Content For Blog

1. Create Unique Content

Creating unique content is the best way to get appreciation from Google and visitors in the long run. Plagiarizing other people’s content will lead you to get penalized and crush your bottom line.

In past, there have been some cases where content mills got heavily penalized by Google including the Ezine articles and Mahalo they used to produce frequent contents on daily basis.

But both of these Content mills were heavily penalized with the Google algorithm update, which consisted of preventing bad content from ranking high on SERPs.

But let’s take it a little further.

Unique also means plagiarism free or one can say original. Your idea or thought should be unique! It will lose its worth if the concepts are similar to your old posts or other author’s content.

Similarly, if your content is played-out around the web, no one will think to link it and this is where you lose the battle of writing content in the first place.

Therefore, to create unique content you need to deeply-research the topic, perceive the knowledge and convert them into your own words.

Or simply use online tools that can assist you in writing unique content. Thanks to the advanced technologies which have eased the way to write unique content.

Whether you are a content writer, a student, or webmaster occasionally you have to write down essays, especially students.

Now writing down an essay is a bit challenging task especially when writing a formal essay on an unfamiliar topic.

Hence, students or writers can use reword essay tools to shape their essay uniquely. These are free online tools that most people use while they are confused about writing unique content.

It’s an AI-driven technology, which is backed up with the latest algorithms to keep the concepts same of the entire content but changes the essential words with high vocabulary synonyms.

By doing so it makes the content unique, good to sound as it garnishes the content with high vocabulary, and removes plagiarism in it.

And the 2nd part

2. Create Engaging and Brain stimulating content

Choosing effective and persuasive words while writing down your story or the content matters a lot.

For an example, This is how a simple and boring text looks

A new branch of famous pizza has opened up in New York.

Now, how about this?

New York adds a sparkle to its cuisine with glitter pizza

Indeed, it sounds more cheesy and tempting towards the Pizza brand. 

This is why experts say every word counts in content as it engages the audience, and make their brain stimulation to give the response in any way.

Now to engage an audience you need to write down engaging and brain-stimulating content, and it all starts with you and what you write.

So, here are the tips to write engaging content.

Use Tempting words in your Introductions

Have you ever thought about how people judge a blog should they read or not? The simple answer is through the introductory lines, your first few lines tell the reader to either read the blog post or jump to the next post. 

This ultimately affects the website’s bounce rate and dwell time. Tempting words in your introductions will fascinate the reader to read the content and provoke them to respond or put action to your words.

Leave Readers with the Questions

Now, this doesn’t means leave your content incomplete, but rather insert questions in your content that provoke the reader to reflect on how they perceived knowledge and how they can practice the knowledge.

Stories are a great way to engage your audience

You can use the narrative of a life experience or a short story in your blog post. It happens most of the time, that authors write down their life experiences and readers owe it as their own experience or feel like being in the situation.

This leaves them with a learning experience or at least give a response back to the content. So whenever possible write stories in your blog posts, it will create an emotional bond between the reader and you.

3. Strong Headlines can grab the attention of any random browser   

A headline is the first impression of any blog posts, many leading experts recommend using strong headlines as it turns a browser into a reader.

If marked out of 100

  • Out of 100, only 80 people will read your headlines
  • While other 20 people will read the rest of your content.

Hence, headlines are as important as the rest of your content.

 In this picture, X represents the number of ways or you can say the number of tools, whatever goes according to your content.

Because no one wants to look dumb.

Although this is a podcast, the headline is strong enough to grab the attention of a random browser.

A great way to persuade or provoke the writing industry. So whenever you’re writing new content, take some time with your headlines.

Create a few of them and then decide the best one for your new blog post. Because as mentioned earlier, the headline is the influencing factor that compels a browser to either read or leave your content.      

4. Accurate Reporting & Sourcing of Information

You are the brand ambassador of the company while writing down blog post remember whatever you write it will reflect your company’s image.

Just imagine you write an article for your company’s blog, millions of people read it, while implementing on it, they come to know some of the information is inaccurate. 

Can you imagine how damaging it can be for your company’s image and your reputation?

If there is any issue with the blog, it impacts how people view your product. Therefore it’s very important to use verified information, it’s easy to check a source as many writers or bloggers like to link directly to the source.  

Accuracy matters a lot because it’s what builds trust with readers. So while you are tackling the issue with accuracy, below are few tips that can help you figure out accuracy issues.

Help the Search engines out

Linking to other sources will help search engines to understand what your content is all about and where it can be properly categorized.

Moreover, it helps to build trust between the webmaster and the search engine.

Verify the Source

Whenever you are about to link a source in your blog, first verify the source, are they trusted and authoritative source.

Linking to more content will help in Content Marketing goals

The more you link your content with authentic and high authority sites the more it will boost your trust, and make it easy to achieve content marketing goals.

5. Give Answers to the General Public in the Content

What is the end goal of the search engine? Most people might guess it correctly by saying “to answer the queries” and without any doubt, Google is great at this.

Whenever a user searches a query or asks a question, Google quickly comes up with relevant pictures, links, videos, etc.

In very simple words people use search engines to get their answers.

It’s the same case when people are reading out the blog, in actual terms, they are looking for answers so they can gain knowledge.

A bonus tip here is:

People don’t just want answers, they want quick answers. Therefore make your content user friendly, and easy to scan so people can get the juice, important key points out of it quickly.   

6. Images and videos make your content deliver the message effectively

We all know every person has a different style of learning. Some learn better by hearing while others learn better through seeing. Here, the thing is no one learns less by visuals.

It’s up to you whatever you choose pictures, info-graphics, videos, or diagrams they will certainly help you elaborate your message effectively.

If you can see for yourself in today’s world even the modern textbooks have thousands of pictures and what’s the purpose of it?

The purpose of it’s to strengthen the author’s message and this ultimately makes the student easily understand what the author is talking about.

So for god sake add some pictures.

No matter how good vocabulary you use or the pleasing tone no one wants to see lengthy paragraphs of simple texts.

However, use pictures that support your content and give value to the reader, not that stock photos which have no connection with the context.

7. Try to Put Some Action into your Content

Putting some action in your content will persuade the reader to practice the knowledge gained by your blog post. By doing so, it will help you in converting your leads or the potential readers into your customers.

This part of the content is a very crucial element especially for blog writers representing any company, product, or brand because for them the end goal is to convert the reader into a potential customer.

And until and unless there is no call to action into your content it will be incomplete work.

Besides, below is a great example of Noob guide’s to online marketing

One of the top qualities of great content is that it gives the user a sense of applying the knowledge, it doesn’t degrade the reader by telling them what to do.

Moreover, it gives respect to the user and assurance that they know the best how to use the material.

8. Write To the Point Content

Most bloggers focus on word count but that should not be the case every time. The main concern should be to remove the fluffy stuff and keep the content to the point.

Too lengthy or too short can make your content seem either too stuffy or lack research. You should always try to write the content brief enough to cover your topic and give value to the reader.

For further assistance, one can see this Hub Spot blog post.      

9. Frequently Update Content on your Website

Just like every other business requires dedication and commitment, running a blog is not an easy task, it too requires dedication and commitment.

Although you can write few posts now and a few next week, and then abandon your work for a while, well by doing so forget about getting loyal readers, or new customers.

It’s a universal truth, “You Reap What You Sow”

Similarly how you take a Blog is how you will get in return out of your blog.

Not just that, even the search engines prefer those websites which frequently update their content. 

Hence, it’s highly recommended by different successful bloggers to frequently update content.

A bonus tip here is 

Pick your Sweet Spot. Analyze what is the best time for you and your website and what time of the day you should upload the content. To see the effects of frequency in updating content, you can visit Marketing insider groups data.

To Wrap Up 

Don’t take your blog lightly. It’s quite difficult, and good ones take time to deeply research and write. Like:

  • Unique content
  • Creating engaging content
  • Using string headline
  • Accurate reporting 
  • Answering the queries
  • Inserting visual aids
  • Call to action
  • Writing to the point 
  • Regularly updating your site with fresh content

And finally, before posting your content figure out:

  • Is there anything I have bloated my content like any extra stuff?
  • Place yourself on the reader’s seat and see does it conveys the best information?
  • Is there anything that still needs to be added to it? 

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  1. Thank you for this info! I’m a newer blogger (5 months) and have just under 30 posts. I’m really loving all that is being said about SEO and Google being value-driven vs. the focus on keywords. It helps us write more naturally! Your insights are incredibly valuable as I’m working on creating my first cornerstone post (I even did a regular blog post about it!). It’s such a journey and I appreciate your article.

  2. Quality, original content is one of the biggest factors in blogging success. I love the way you provide information in this article and audience who will come to read or finding such information may also like it.

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