Do you have a Logo for your blog? Are you finding it too costly to create an awesome Logo for your blog? Well, in that case, this article will help you to understand the importance of a LOGO for your blogging business and how you can design a LOGO for FREE.

Now a day most of the people spend their time to set up a business plan and a perfect brandable company name, but with all these essential factors you should also focus on designing and marketing your brand logo.

Now you might be thinking that “what a logo can do?” as your company profit depends upon your business plan. You are right but “Do You Know?” Your company logo is a visual identity which represents your brand and appears in your paper, advertisement and many places where it helps your customers or visitors to identify your company.

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How Important Is a Logo To Your Brand?

A logo is such an important thing that it creates a very first impression of your company in front of your customers. Yes, it’s true it may be a small part but plays a significant role.

A logo is a symbol with text and images that helps your brand to identify and sends a message that what your company is all about, and helps your visitors understand what your company does and what your value is.

In today’s tight competitive market, the logo will help you to stand out of that competition among the rest, and it will give your brand uniqueness.

While creating a logo, you should be very very much serious as it is the thing which will leave a visual impact on your customers that exists. Your logo should not be too big or too small or complicated in recognizing as it should be very much perfect.

Let me give you some of the best examples. We all have seen the logo of Mcdonald, Dominos, or Starbucks these logos are found everywhere so that it can be recognized easily only by its logo.

Well, if you are not aware of why you need a Logo, then these reasons will help you understand the importance.

Sends A Message To Your Customers

You should create your logo by proper planning and deciding what actually your company is all about and also it should pass a message to your customers. Just keep your logo simple but it should be targeted and done your message will be clear.


In the above point, I have told you that your logo should be simple and easy that it should be committed in memory and easy to recognize so anyone can explain about your company or your products with the help of logo.

Creates A Brand Of Your Product

If you are running a company or business and still not using your logo, then you are compromising in your branding. No one has time to remember your name with simple text (people love visual designs).

Stand Out Of The Competition

I have seen many websites and companies that still are not using their brand logo. So its the perfect timing to create yourself the best and unique logo and stand out of the competition and outrank them easily.

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Best Websites To Create A Logo For Free [FREE Logo Makers Online]

Below I have mentioned some of the best and free websites from where you can design your brand logo for free without spending a single $ on any designer.

1. Canva

canva logoMake awesome photos with Canva even if you are not a professional graphic designer. Canva is an all-rounder designing tool which helps you to design facebook, Instagram, twitter post, flyer, brochure, create a banner for your blog post. You can also design celebration post and much more in free of cost.

You can start from scratch with the help of 60,000 templates. Add and edit quality images, also it has 500+ fonts which will help your design look awesome.

You can now edit your designs like a professional designer with the help of already made stuff. The best part is, you can share your design in social media easily with their sharing option. “So don’t wait, Start designing.”

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark logoAdobe spark is also one of the best, cool and free platform to create your own creative and professional design without paying any $$. You can easily create a stunning design by just selecting your unique photos, adding text and vectors in it, add some designing filters.

The best part is that its “Adobe” creators of the most well known and most used software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. You can create youtube thumbnail, blog banner or header, profile cover, business graphics, invitations, poster & flyers and much much more.

3. Logaster

Logaster logoNow create an awesome and creative logo in free of cost in just a few minutes. The best thing about Logaster is that you don’t need any graphic designing skills, anyone can create a logo with the help of this website.

You just have to enter your company/blog name and hit the create button and done Logaster will show you tons of logo designs. All the logos are moderated and designed in such a way so that users could get unique and high-quality designs.

You can also redesign the logo like changing text, color combination, logo layout, vector icons, and much more. As like any other software you can save your logo in PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG.

4. Design Hill Free Logo Maker

Design Hill Free Logo MakerDesign hill has made the work easier for all the designers and newbies as they have made it so simple that anyone can use it and because of their awesome service they have got many positive reviews.

There are no such complicated steps to create your design, you just have to complete three steps and that’s it. The best part is, design hill tool gives you as much as information as possible. You just have to enter correct details of what you are searching for and they also organize a designing contest for designers.

5. Design Evo Free Logo Maker

Design Evo logoWith the help of design evo, anyone can become a logo designer. As they provide 6000+ awesome, unique and professionally designed logo. Anyone who is new to this tool can easily use this as because of its simple and straight interface.

Not only designed logos but also they provide designed icons, 80+ stylish fonts, and many other kinds of stuff. All the designs in design Evo are totally unique and attractive and you can save your designs in high-quality formats like png and jpeg without losing the quality.

The best thing about both websites that they are free of cost and the best part that I love the most is that they have their apps in google play store which makes our work simple. So we can create our design from our smartphone from anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

So let me know in the comments which website you liked the most.” ‘By the way, I love Canva 🙂 .

Step By Step Guide To Create A Logo Using Canva

So now here I will show you the step by step process about “how you can create a basic logo”. So with this, you will get an idea. It is very easy to design a logo from scratch or using any existing templates on Canva.

Let’s follow the steps here.

Step #1: The very first step is to visit and sign up for a free account. A FREE Canva account is enough to create thumbnails, Logo, custom header or any templates.

Note: Canva has acquired Pixabay & Pexels recently. That means you will get all of their FREE & paid images within Canva dashboard only.

Step #2: As soon as you logging to your Canva account, on the home page you will find different templates. You can scroll easily and find out the template for LOGO. In case you want to create a Logo from scratch, choose the custom design and put dimensions as per your preferences.

create a logo canva

Step #3: From the existing designs or as per your preferred dimension, when you finally rich to the design editor you will see a screen like below. In the left side, you will find many options like templates, pictures, elements, texts, etc to add to your Logo.

design a logo canva

As I have made my logo about “Mountain Climbers” so here I have selected the graphic of a mountain which I have added from the “elements”. Elements → Search → Your logo object → Select and Add it in your design.

add images to canva

Step #4: Then to add text I have selected that “Text” option from the left panel and added, “Add a Heading” and added my logo name any modified it with changing its size, font, color, and alignment with the help of the text properties. You can easily format the TEXT added with a different font, colors, alignments, etc using the top bar options like below image.

change text formatting in canva

Note: If you are using a free version of Canva, then I would suggest you use the same background color of your website header where you will be uploading the logo or anywhere you upload check the background color and select accordingly. Because only the paid version has a background removal option. “No One Sells All Of  Their Hard Work For Free” But thanks to Canva.

Step #5: In case you want to upload a custom image or icon from your desktop or laptop, you can use the Upload option in Canva and then use the same in your Logo design editor.

upload images to Canva

So this is how I have designed this logo in just a few simple steps. You can download it with the help of “Download” option which will be available on the top right corner, You can save it in “JPEG” and “PNG” I would suggest you keep in “PNG.” “HURRAY We Have Completed Our Logo.”

mountain climber logo

Conclusion: Take Away Words

I have seen most of the people especially the newbies don’t focus on creating the logo they make the logo designing concept tough and ignore it.

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You have to do proper planning before designing your logo because it’s not your phone wallpaper which can be changed at any time. It should be evergreens like Nike and Adidas.

So I hope this article will help you to create a memorable and unique logo without paying to any $$ to a graphic designer in free of cost. You have to think out of the box.

If you loved this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends, family and also to those people who are struggling to design a logo. Hope this will help 🙂

Author: Ankush Saha is a professional graphics & web designer and also a blogger from Mumbai. He uses his blog ( to guide people about graphics & web designing with complete details.

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    Great list of logo making tools you have shared here. Canva is one of my favorite tool to create a logo for free. DesignEvo is also a great tool to create professional looking logo.

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