We all know that line “Come out of your comfort zone to go to the next level“.

That’s what I did first on December 9th, 2018 when I started my Facebook group. Till that day, I was a blogger from last 10 years who was simply writing content and publishing on different blogs. But didn’t have a single friend online.

the bloggers team

In other words, I have never helped someone neither got anything from anyone in blogging. But that day I have overcome that fear and came out of my comfort zone to explore the wonderful world of blogging, through my FB group. My Facebook group has 3300+ members now.

In these 6 months, I have made so many friends online whom I have never met personally. Eventually, I was feeling the need for a personal meet. And that’s how I came to this idea of organizing a Bloggers Meet in Hyderabad.

After a couple of discussion in the FB group, we have planned for this Hyderabad Bloggers Meet on 1st June 2019. It was an awesome experience with a lot of learnings. I did some mistakes as well and this article will tell you the complete journey & experience.

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People Who Attended This Bloggers Meet

I have created an event and also promoted this event within my Facebook Group audience only. But still got a very good response and was expecting around 10 people to get on that day. Finally we 7 people met, although we missed a few people due to a miss communication (it was my mistake).

Gurunath Nakka

Gurunath NakkaGurunath is an MBA marketing graduate by profession and blogger by passion.

He has got 15 years of experience in different designations in different companies/organizations.

He has been blogging since August 2015 and is the founder of Blogging Dock.

Naveen Goud

naveen goud Naveen is a marketer who worked for Vodafone and Motorola in sales and marketing as a team lead.

Later jumped into the business and learned new things and got little success.

And then started doing blogs and SEO.

Manidipa BhaumikManidipa Bhaumik

Manidipa is an avid blogger who mostly writes about Blogging, WordPress and SEO in her blog WPBlogging360.com.

She also runs a few other blogs and is the editor and on-page SEO person for all our blogs (including BloggingJOY).

Along with her online engagements, running & road trips are her other fascinations.

Teja Pagidimarri

tejaTeja is a Google News expert and tech blogger primarily covering FAANG – Facebook, Apple, Android, Netflix, and Google.

He is also interested in the future of cryptocurrencies as it relates to the convergence of technology and fiscal policy.

Manoj Kumar

manoj kumarManoj is an SEO Freelancer who works on clients websites.




Rahul Jain

Rahul JainRahul started startwebsiteonline.com to educate business owners, startups the importance of website and step by step guide they needed to launch a successful website.

He has also started a private Facebook group and a YouTube channel.

How I Prepared For The Hyderabad Bloggers Meet?

Well, I have never attended a single meet up earlier and that’s why didn’t have much idea about organizing an event. I have decided to meet the people of my group who are from Hyderabad and took the step.

My first bloggers meet happened on 1st June 2019 at Lamakaan, Banjara Hills. A very good place suggested by my blogging friend Gurunath. I just had 1 week time to inform people and that’s why I have created a Facebook event as well.

I was really excited to find that more than 10 people showed interest to attend the meet. At the same time, getting nervous as well, as I didn’t have any agenda. It was just a casual meet and I wanted to meet them personally and get comfortable among us.

What Happened on The Day of Bloggers Meet (Hyderabad)

On the day, I & Manidipa started from home around 5:10 PM. Due to traffic in Mehdipatnam, we lost some time. By the time Rahul & Gurunath reached the place.

Anyway, in the next 20 minutes, we also reached that place and met Guru & Rahul for the first time. That place was really awesome, giving a true feeling of our college days. Everywhere young people were in groups discussing something.

We started looking for someplace but were not able to get any. By the time, Manoj & Naveen also joined us. Somehow we got a place to sit and started our discussions. During that time, Teja also joined us.

We requested someone to take a picture of us at Lamakaan. 

Hyderabad Blogger Meet

But unfortunately, we have to vacate this place immediately as there were some bookings from the theater people and they wanted everyone to leave the place. We have moved from that place and started walking towards a nearby park (JalagamVengalRao Park).

This is a nice click took by Teja. We didn’t find anyone near Jalagam VengalRao Park.

Hyderabad Blogger Meet

We took a couple of cool pictures, set together for a roundup discussion and discussed a lot of topics. Finally, Teja took a selfie, so that we all 7 could come together in one frame. 🙂

Hyderabad Blogger Meet

E.g. how everyone works, daily blogging schedule, about SEO, how things work in 2019, what are the challenges, etc. It was really an awesome discussion among us as we were able to get to know each other and were very comfortable.

Guru clicked this picture when we were discussing some awesome stuff about Blogging & SEO.

blogger meet hyderabad

Manidipa took this one, a 100% boys party here 🙂

Hyderabad Blogger Meet

At last, we finished the meet with an awesome chilled fresh lime drink. Special thanks to Manoj & Teja for arranging that. At around 8:30 PM we left the place and started for home.

Few Mistakes Of This Blogger Meet Up (Indeed My Learnings)

Well, as this was my first attempt, I did a couple of mistakes that I have realized later.

1) We have not booked any slot or place for that, that’s why we missed a few more bloggers who came later in that place. They didn’t find anything to connect with me or others.

2) My purpose was to connect with the people of my group in Hyderabad. But as I have created a Facebook event, that has reached to other people who are not part of my group. I didn’t realize that the count may be more and accordingly I needed to organize the event.

3) There was no such agenda, as the purpose was just to meet & make friends. And, due to that also many people didn’t show any interest to visit the place.

But, after making these mistakes only I am able to learn how much organized and focused I have to be for the next time. I will definitely rectify my mistakes and apply all the learnings from the first meet up to make the next Blogger Meet Up in Hyderabad successful.

What is Next?

Frankly speaking, I will be too excited to meet such awesome people again on the next Bloggers Meet. It was such an engaging discussion and we become so much comfortable with each other. We will definitely try to make such meetups more frequent so that we can make good friends and stay motivated.

This is the best picture of our first Bloggers Meet of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Blogger Meet

I am planning to meet more such awesome bloggers in Hyderabad in the coming days and want to organize a proper meet up where we can share some awesome experiences & success stories with other bloggers.

The purpose is to build a community of bloggers whom we can meet personally and build a good network of blogging buddies who can support each other.

Undoubtedly blogging is amazing and very profitable also, but we need an ecosystem where we bloggers will support each other, help each other and encourage each other. That’s what I am thinking right now. Hope, together we will be able to do something that will always help us to stay motivated and focused.

If you are in Hyderabad and feel a similar thought process then I want to meet with you and be your friend. Follow my Facebook group for further updates on our next Bloggers Meet at Hyderabad. Thanks a lot for all your love & support.

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  1. How cool Santanu! What a fun experience. Good to see a few of my friends among this meet up crew. I actually met blogging buddies in Chennai and Muhamma when I visited India in 2013. What a thrill.

  2. This is something new I have seen and experienced for the first time.

    Many meetups actually either go on a serious note or some pale eat and dine things.

    I have worked as a Sales Manager, Branch Manager in different MNCs in Marketing and attended many meets and training but didn’t go this cool and fun-filled way.

    I thought to meet many bloggers and meets in Hyderabad but somehow missed them due to unavoidable works offline.

    Felt happy when you took this step and thought not to miss the opportunity at least for this time.

    Somehow we met at last and there are no words for those thrilling moments.

    Hope we will arrange more such meets in the future and meet many others who missed on that day and other new guys who showed interest.

    Thanks again for this wonderful post??

    1. Thanks a lot, Guru for your honest feedback. It was our first meet, but I never felt we met for the first time. I just loved the way everything happened there and how quickly time passed. Although we missed a few more friends due to bad planning, I am sure we will plan a 2nd meet very soon in Hyderabad. We must make this a habit to build a solid network of like-minded people.

  3. I really have gone through your blog and it really helped me lot regarding the earning by blogging and inspired me to work more and by seeing your meetups and all i can dream my self to be there

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