Don’t know how to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021 quickly and become famous? Then you are at the right place as in this article I am going to share some real & proven ways to gain more Instagram followers in 2021.

Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users and the power to market, sell, network and build audience makes it a strong marketing tool. What adds to the charm of Instagram is the young age profile of visitors. 

For every brand social presence is mandatory. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other tools are obviously popular. But here is a surprise for you. 

According to the reports by Emarketer and AdepressoUS marketers are spending about 69% of their Influencer marketing budgets on Instagram followed by YouTube that is just 11%.

Increase Instagram Followers in 2021
Increase Instagram Followers in 2021

89% of marketers recognizes Instagram as the most important social media platform as far as influencer marketing is concerned.

For every brand, Instagram is a go to tool to get maximum social interactions. Be it a survey, new product launch, announcement of a festive offer, Instagram can help you reach your goal, far better than other platforms.

But, to achieve your marketing goals, you either need to hire a social media Influencer or can apply some best practices to increase your own Instagram followers. 

Today I will talk about the influence Instagram yields in marketing and the ways to increase the number of followers.

Role of Instagram in Marketing

Many businesses are now exploring the Instagram route for marketing their products and services as it offers many ways in which you can generate leads and sales.

92% of Instagram users say they’ve followed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase after seeing a product/service on the platform

In other words, almost every single person on Instagram is interested in checking out new brands that appeal to them.

Meanwhile, 84% of Instagram users say they’re open to discovering small/local brands, or new brands and products (based on Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 report)

I have captured below a few reasons that make Instagram an indispensable tool for marketing:

  • Purchasing power: According to LYFE marketing (2019) research, approximately 33% of Instagram users have used the platform to make an online purchase, needless to say, these numbers hold a lot of significance considering a large number of Instagram users.
  • Tracking capabilities: Sales you make and leads one generates can be tracked using Instagram ads – bringing in transparency and helping you understand the actual ROI. Businesses can also split the viewer data gathered by age, gender and region, thus helping them create a more targeted and actionable marketing plan.
  • More focused engagement: Relevant posts can generate a lot of engagement without having to pay for it. By starting a meaningful conversation, a business can tap into a vast and ever-growing user base at little additional cost

What else? It has just launched Instagram Reels which is going to play a significant role for marketers in coming days. This is one of the best ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021.

Platforms like Tiktok, YouTube were already growing as digital marketing tool. Instagram with its Reels program, will definitely capitalize on it user base. 

Now, for marketers, Instagram has become even a better tool.

Instagram Reels, how it can help you increasing your Instagram Followers?

Instagram is pushing its Reels feature, and is placed in the front screen. I find it even better than Tiktok. Every user can have access to videos of even those account which he is not following as of now. 

So, if a video is creative, it has great chance to go viral. 

Just launched in 2020, Instagram Reels is really picking up with viewers and creators both. But still, I find the competition low as compared to other platforms like YouTube.

Every new product in digital media must be explored and specially when it is free and can get you 10x visibility.

Try Instagram Reels today and aim at creating a video that has potential to go Viral. 

Remember, just one such video can get you thousands of followers.

11 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Okay, enough talk. Now let’s know the 11 ways to increase your Instagram followers the right way.

how to increase instagram followers

1. Create a Perfect Instagram Bio

A vast majority of visitors to Instagram business profiles are from non-followers – making them a potential business target. However, this turnaround rate is dependent on the efficacy of your bio and profile. An incomplete and unclear profile can be a major turn off.

Apart from the name and username, your profile should include a clickable website link. To create an attractive Name field, analyse things such as your focus industry, target audience, and your brand value. Additionally, for an effective business profile, one needs to include the following information:

  • A bio that effectively communicates what your brand stands for
  • A compelling reason for visitors to follow you
  • Details such as contact information, type of business and location

One can also use the clickable link in your Insta bio to bring traffic to your most popular content. Hence it is a crucial parameter to consider if you are really serious in increasing your follower base on Instagram. Don’t underestimate this method as this is a very effective ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021.

2 Pro Tips to create an Outstanding Instagram Bio for yourself

I will now share some tips that will surely help you create a unique Instagram bio for yourself. 

#1 – Define Yourself in One Line

Depending upon the profession or business requirements, you must focus on Key Skills, Achievements, USP. All these points should be 100% relevant to your profile as well as users. 

For example a Bio like, “Digital Marketer + 1 Million App Downloads + CEO of XYZ Corp”

You can also include your area of interests, hobbies and eating habits if you want to give it a bit of informal look.

#2 – Try adding Humour while keeping it a Quick Read

So, as I said, the entire purpose of Bio is create your visibility which finally helps you to add Instagram followers.

How about this Bio by “baddiewinkle”?

“Stealing ur man since 1928”, is something which compels the viewers to explore more about this profile.

It is humorous and catchy. With only 308 posts, this profile has approx 3.8 million followers.

Increase Instagram Followers in 2021

Try exploring something which sounds funny. Having said that, you must not use anything which is not easy to read or understand.

Making it humorous will only help you if it easy to read and understand.

We will explore some of the ideas below in this post which you can incorporate in your bio.

A Few Ideas of Catchy Instagram Bio Ideas for 2021 – 

We discovered the importance of Bio above along with few tips that can help you grow as an “Instagrammer”. However, it is not always easy to create one for yourself. 

We have some catchy Instagram Bio Ideas that can inspire you for sure –

For Business – 

  • Explore our Best Sellers, now at 90% discount
  • Shipping is free for you
  • Share your views at – [Business Email]
  • Brand Tag Line

Short Yet Funny – 

  • A Chemistry student who cracks “reaction less” Jokes
  • Who wants to be perfect? I am already Unique
  • I love my home, It has Free Wifi
  • Call me, but only for coffee

Inspirational or Motivational Bio – 

  • I make a mistake everyday, I learn everyday
  • I can only impress myself
  • Dream Big, Learn New Things, Touch New Heights
  • Real Kings fix each other’s crown

So these are a few catchy bio examples that can help you grow your Instagram followers.

2. Create a Content Calendar and Schedule Posts

Offering engaging content not only in terms of visuals but the quality is imperative to Instagram success. The idea is that whenever a new user visits your account, he/she should be glued to it and look forward to similar posts and hence, follow you. Attractive content encourages existing followers to like, share and comment.

If you wish to learn content writing, you should consider buying an online course, says experts from

Creating a well thought out content calendar and scheduling posts will help you create a consistent storyline and design attractive captions that capture audience attention.

This will also give your followers an extra something and make them visit again. A management tool like Hootsuite can help businesses to schedule and publish on to Instagram account directly. 

3. Focus on Hashtags

Increase Instagram Followers in 2021

Incorporating relevant hashtags will allow viewers to find you using a search option. As Instagram permits users to follow hashtags too, it is a great way for people to find you without necessarily being your followers – your hashtagged content can be visible to people who do not follow you in their feeds. 

One can include upto 30 hashtags in a post; however, my advice is that you focus on the quality rather than the number of tags. Having hashtags that are precise and directly talk about your product, photo or business is your best bet.

One can also make a hashtag dedicated to each of the marketing campaigns as they look more business-oriented. 

You can also follow the below given best practices to make your hashtag a successs:

  • Incorporating industry-specific hashtags will help you attract the relevant crowd, the more targeted your tags are, the more interested and long-term followers you will get. Targeted hashtags will also help you cut down the clutter of competitors and reach your target audience faster
  • Including hashtags related to industry events – they could include references to industry happenings such as seminars and workshops. These events may not necessarily be related to country-or global-level, they can be also related to your local community
  • General hashtags such as #love and #nofilter will help you gain the attention of masses and create exposure, engagement. A combination of general and specific hashtags is important to succeed on Instagram as one allows you to create the desired noise and alertness, the other allows you to gain a committed audience

4. Contribute to Conversations

You should participate in discussions revolving around issues of current interest or relevance and also participate in trending and popular hashtags. Social listening can be an amazing idea to identify relevant conversation topics.  Sharing posts on the latest events will keep your account on followers’ top of the mind and also create an ‘aware’ and responsible image for your brand.

5. Tag Influencers in Your Posts

Instagram is a key platform for social media influencers.

Approximately one-third of all content posted on Insta by influencers appears in Stories (based on 2019 survey by eMarketer) making them a key marketing medium. Engage with influencers identified by you in your industry space and collaborate with them. 

69% of a brand’s influencer budget goes to Instagram creators, on average. In comparison, YouTube creators are at #2, snagging 11% of brands’ influencer budgets.

This lines up with the fact that Instagram posts, Stories and videos are 3 of the top 4 most effective formats for influencer marketing, according to a poll of marketers in the U.S. (based on Mediakix, ‘Influencer Marketing 2019’ study). This is also a very useful techniques to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021.

6. Partnering with Other Brands on Instagram

You can also reach out to other complementary brands or businesses in your space and leverage each other’s social media presence to create joint events/discounts/promotions.  

Your co-promotion campaigns do not have to be complex or expensive, the critical thing to keep in mind is who your partner is and whether you share similar audiences and brand ethos.

7. Create Quality Image and use IGTV

As discussed earlier, using good quality high-resolution images that communicate/ correspond to your brand image should be used. 

(Based on LYFE Marketing survey, 2019)

Additionally, the biggest trend for 2021 is IGTV series – Ignore this trend at your own risk 😊.

IGTV (video application for Android and iOS smartphone) became all the more popular during COVID-19 pandemic when people started exploring Instagram for entertainment. IGTV allows users to share longer videos as compared with stories.

The longer video format is a more engaging method to reach out to existing followers and reach a wider new audience. Additionally, as different studied have proven, video format tends to bring in more eyeballs. 

8. Cross-promote on Other Platforms

Cross promoting your Insta content on other platforms such as Pinterest could be a great idea to expand your audience. Claiming the Instagram account on Pinterest and pinning your Instagram posts will drive greater traffic and engagement to your Insta account. One can also use other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, website and email to cross-promote. 

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. Additionally, Instagram users “like” 3.5 billion times per day. (Based on LYFE Marketing, 2019)

9. Run Contests and Giveaways

Now, this is the audience favourite – user-generated content will be an excellent idea to start with.

You can gain more followers if your contest is such that it encourages people to follow you and comment on your photo while tagging a friend. The tagged friend get to see your post and they may follow you as well.

10. Inclusive and Diverse Account

In today’s world, your account must be inclusive and accessible. An inclusive and accessible account with a diverse audience base will strengthen your follower base and strengthen the community.

Provide subtitles in all your videos and also leverage the newly launched automatic captions Instagram functionality in 16 languages. Consumers nowadays expect their favoured brands to take a stand regarding the current issues and be seen as responsible.

11. Improve Call to Action

A CTA typically asks people to take your desired action. An engagement CTA typically invites the audience by incorporating a question or encouraging a discussion.  Below are some examples of these:

  • Did you ever try this?
  • Have you ever done this?
  • Who is your favourite – A or B?

A perfect call to action should inform consumers what you expect them to do with the posts shared by you.


Instagram is a conversation platform, where businesses can connect with their target audience on a personal level, Hence, it is important that your account has a voice of its own and the content is diverse and inclusive. 

As per, as you embark on the journey to increase your followers keep in mind the following things:

  • Create an exciting bio by keeping the description short and entertaining
  • Use a combination of specific and general hashtags as both of them come with their own advantages
  • Partner with likeminded brands
  • Cross promote on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok
  • Run contests and giveaways to generate interest and reward your existing followers
  • Keep track and leverage new Instagram features such as Reels and IGTV to your advantage

So, if you find this 11 ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021 useful then feel free to write a comment below. Also feel free to share some additional Instagram tricks which is not mentioned in this article. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing this article.

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