If you are into content writing or content marketing, you might already know the importance of having quality backlinks.

Search engines like Google find websites with a higher number of quality backlinks to be more relevant and creditworthy. In other words, the total number of backlinks a website has determines its importance and popularity among search engines.

In any effective SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy, building high-quality backlinks is one of the most important tasks. But in most cases, this is a job easier said than done.

You will mostly be required to spend a lot of time and even money on the process. Alternatively, you can hire an SEO agency for the same which again would require significant investment.

If you too are struggling with backlinks, Link-able might be your solution.

Established in 2018, Link-able is a unique platform aimed to help content marketers build high-quality backlinks and at the same time, help content authors generate more revenue from their writing.

What Is Link-able?

Link-able is a powerful platform for content marketers as well as content authors. For content marketers, it helps them build quality backlinks.

It does so by connecting them to relevant high-quality authors who are already working for high-authority websites. In return, the content author gets to earn better revenue for their writing.

With the help of Link-able, content marketers are not required to spend a lot of time building backlinks or spend a lot of money for the same. If you are planning to hire an SEO agency to help you with building backlinks, it eliminates the need to do so.

You can easily get connected with the authors working with high-authority websites. With your content linked to such high-quality posts on reputed websites, rest assured that your website’s search engine ranking is sure to receive a boost.

For content authors, it is often very difficult to get rightly paid for their work. By connecting them to content marketers looking to build backlinks to their content, Link-able helps the authors earn more for their quality work.

With complete freedom for content marketers as well as content authors to choose whom they’d like to work with, Link-able ensures quality with enhanced convenience and complete control.

How It Works?

If we were to define Link-able in simple words, we’d say that it is a platform which connects content marketers to content authors and benefits both the parties in the process.

It works like this – if you are a content marketer with some great content on your website and looking to build quality backlinks for the same, Link-able allows you to get discovered by talented content authors.

With Link-able, you are not required to search for reputed authors but actually, the authors will come to you. You will be required to submit a project proposal with details about the page for which you’d like to create backlinks.

Your post will describe the task in detail and the same will be presented to content authors available at the platform when they are searching for something similar. If a content author related to your domain finds your project interesting, he/she will send you an application for the same.

Their application will have a short description of how they plan to build the link for the said project, their fee, etc. You have the right to accept or reject an author’s application and go with only the one that best suits your requirements.

Once you accept an application, the author will then start working on your backlink. That is it. You will now have a backlink to a high-authority website that can help you get better search engine ranking and more organic traffic.

How Link-able Can Benefit Content Authors?

Out of the entire digital marketing universe, if there is someone who is highly underpaid, it’s definitely the authors. While there is no denying that there are some elite authors who earn impressive revenue on a consistent basis, the majority of them do not really receive the true worth of all of their hard work and efforts.

Link-able gives them an opportunity to earn better revenue for their writing. As mentioned above, it does so by connecting them to relevant content marketers looking to build backlinks in the related domain. The platform allows content authors to fix their own service charge, enabling them to get rightly paid for their hard work.

But it is also important to note that the content authors approved by Link-able are required to go through a stringent vetting process. This ensures that the content marketers always get connected to reputed and experienced authors on the platform.

How It Can Benefit Content Marketers?

For most small websites, it is very challenging to compete with websites of large companies or the ones that have been around for a long time.

Backlinks are one of the best ways for such websites to improve their rankings. But connecting to such websites for getting a backlink or looking for quality authors working for such authority websites can be very time-consuming.

Link-able eliminates this inconvenience for the content marketers and works in a way which makes content authors get in touch with content marketers. Moreover, Link-able has also mentioned on their website that they are more focused on smaller bloggers and websites to provide them an opportunity to compete with bigger brands and online portals.

So, even if you have a small or new website but it has high-quality content, building backlinks is something that can be conveniently done with Link-able.

Just like the authors, there are guidelines for content marketers too. You can only apply for membership if you have a high-quality blog or website with content which is 10x worthy of receiving backlinks. Moreover, adult websites, gaming websites, and other websites that are too promotional or spammy are prohibited to join Link-able.

Link-able Review: Final Verdict

No matter if you are a content marketer or content author, Link-able can surely help you in a number of ways irrespective of what your digital objective is.

For marketers, it can help them build high-quality backlinks and for authors, they can earn better revenue in the safest and most reliable manner.

You can visit the official Link-able website to know more about the platform and apply for membership.

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