Looking for Liquid Web Black Friday 2020 Deal? Then you are at the right place as we are going to disclose the best deals on Liquid Web hosting plans during Black Friday sale 2020.

  • What’s The Offer: 60% OFF on Hosting Plans
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What Is Liquid Web Black Friday 2020 Sale?

If you have a business website, you’d surely need robust and reliable web hosting services for maintaining your online presence. So, why not trust a hosting provider that is relied upon by many of the largest online brands? Visit Liquid Web to find services for all your hosting needs.

  • LiquidWeb is offering up to 60% off for 3 months on both managed VPS and dedicated hosting.
  • It is offering 50% off all monthly managed WordPress & managed WooCommerce hosting plans.
  • Get LIFETIME licenses to Astra Pro and, ConvertPro, and starter sites.
  • Get LIFETIME license to abandoned cart, and reporting by Glew.io.

What is Liquid Web Hosting?

Founded in 1997, Liquid Web is a reputed hosting service provider headquartered in Michigan, USA. The company hosts more than 30,000 websites from more than 150 countries, including some of the biggest names like United Way, ESPN, Red Bull, National Geographic, Home Depot, Porsche, and Motorola. The company has three high-end data centers in Michigan with additional centers at Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, and one in Amsterdam.

Liquid Web offers a number of hosting services, including managed cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting, and more. Apart from the high-quality fast hosting, Liquid Web is also very popular for its Heroic Support Team. Most users agree that Liquid Web has one of the fastest response times and the support team is highly knowledgeable.

The reason why Liquid Web is believed to mostly focus on business websites is that they do not offer shared hosting which is generally used by small websites. The hosting company focuses on catering to the needs of high-traffic websites looking for cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or VPS hosting.

As a result, the hosting plans offered by Liquid Web are more expensive than most of the other hosting providers. But if you’re concerned about Liquid Web being expensive, purchase a hosting plan during their Black Friday sale. During the sale that goes live on 23rd November, you can get discounts of up to 60% on their hosting plans.

Key Features of Liquid Web Hosting: is It Worth The Price?

What are the reasons that make Liquid Web one of the best premium hosting service providers? Let us have a look-

1. 100% Uptime Guarantee

One of the biggest advantages of Liquid Web is its 100% uptime guarantee. And this claim is not like the claims made by other hosting providers on their website. If at all Liquid Web fails to deliver this uptime, you’ll receive a credit of 10 times the amount of time your website was down. None of the other top hosting providers offer such a guarantee.

Moreover, for customers who use the dedicated servers of Liquid Web, there is a 30 minutes hardware replacement guarantee too. What this means that if at all there is any problem in the server hardware, the same would be replaced in 30 minutes once the problem is identified.

2. Privately-Owned Network Servers with Sonar Monitoring Team

The company has its own data centers in the US and one in Amsterdam. The multi-tiered, redundantly built network benefits from a host of advanced technologies to deliver the fastest website speed and enhanced security. Moreover, unlike most of the hosting providers, Liquid Web actually owns all of its hardware. This enables them to offer much better options to its customers as compared to hosting providers who lease their hardware.

Liquid Web also has something known as the Sonar Monitoring Team which proactively monitors and protects its servers. They regularly survey the status of their servers and identify and eliminate the problems even before they affect your website.

3. Heroic Support Team

The support team of Liquid Web, known as the Heroic Support Team, is available 24x7x365 to answer your queries and offer all the support and help you need. Most users agree that it only takes a few minutes to get in touch with one of the support members who’re all well-trained to answer your queries.

Many of the support members are also Red Hat certified and uphold the promise to be there for you any time of the day. Many of the people have also mentioned that in a lot of cases, the support team of Liquid Web never minds putting in extra efforts to ensure that the customers experience utmost convenience.

4. Host of Services to Choose From

No matter if you’re looking for a dedicated server, managed hosting service, VPS or cloud hosting; Liquid Web is your one-stop solution. Moreover, the company has also launched a host of its add-ons and products like Storm Firewall and Storm Cloud Platform.

All the VPS plans come with SSD and RAID protection to reduce the latency and increase security. Even if you want to scale up or down, there are options like easy scaling and daily billing to take care of your needs.

Liquid Web Pricing Plans

Liquid Web offers a number of different hosting services which are divided into several plans to suit your requirements and budget. Let us have a look at their popular offerings-

Managed Dedicated Servers

If you’re looking for highest level of security and performance, the Managed Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web can be a great option. The service is available across a host of Single Processor and Dual Processor plans. There are also a number of bundled plans to help customers save more. DDoS protection, Guardian backups, and hardware firewall are included in every plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re running a WordPress website, the Managed WordPress Hosting offered by Liquid Web is the way to go. This service is available in three different plans- Professional, Business and Agency. All the plans come with features like zero traffic limits, full server access, automatic daily backups, secure infrastructure, automatic SSL, developer tools, and round the clock support.

Cloud VPS Hosting

If speed is your main concern, the Cloud VPS Hosting from the company can be a great choice for you. The service is available with 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 8GB RAM, and 16GB RAM. All the VPS hosting plans include CloudFlare CDN, enhanced security, built-in backups, and DDoS attack protection. Moreover, you also get an integrated firewall, dedicated IP address, easy scalability, gigabit transfer, and unlimited sites.

Managed Private Cloud

With the help of Managed Private Cloud service, you can easily create a cloud environment of your own where you can move, create, resize, and destroy an unlimited number of virtual instances. This service too is available across many different plans to perfectly suit your requirements. All the plans include free standard DDoS protection, free gigabit uplink, SSD storage, dedicated IP address, CloudFlare CDN and ServeSecure Security.

Apart from the services and plans listed above, Liquid Web also offers a host of custom hosting solutions. Get in touch with their support department to discuss your custom requirements.

Is Liquid Web Black Friday 2020 Offer Worth?

Liquid Web is not just any cheap hosting provider. It offers premium hosting services which are expensive than most of the popular hosting service providers. But as the services are aimed at business websites with high traffic, the high pricing is not objectionable. Moreover, if you compare the quality of service and the additional features and support offered by the company, you’ll agree that the plans are not really as expensive as they might appear at first.

From the uptime, website speed, add-ons, support, monitoring team, to the wide range of services and plans, Liquid Web offers all of it and much more under a single roof. The quality of your hosting becomes very important when you’re running a business website. But with Liquid Web, rest assured that you’re in safe hands and your website visitors would definitely experience utmost convenience and nothing else.

If you’re interested in the hosting plans of Liquid Web, buy them during the Black Friday web hosting sale to save big. Discounts of up to 60%, bonus months, and additional features are very common during the Liquid Web Black Friday sale. So, take advantage of these amazing discounts and let the hosting professionals handle all of your hosting needs.

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