The world is not like earlier anymore. Yes, due to COVID-19 Pandemic the entire world is facing long lockdowns, maintaining social distancing and taking a lot of measures. In such a scenario, many people are losing their jobs, looking for 9 to 5 job alternatives or some additional ways to earn money online. In this article, I will share some genuine ways to make money online during this situation.

As the entire world is locked at home now, people are massively using the internet to utilize their time. If you are searching for “How To Make Money Online” kind of articles, then I am sure many such awesome methods will not work at the current time. The reason is simple, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic many industries have shut down overnight, many types of business make no sense as we are talking about social distancing. E.g. the travel segment has crashed completely.

But that doesn’t mean that the world is going to end. There are opportunities coming during this tough time as well. Yes, you have to think smartly and focus on those areas which are highly relevant in this time of Pandemic or in the coming days.

7 Ways To Earn Money Online During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the entire world is struggling to keep their economy alive, there is no doubt that today or tomorrow somehow your JOB or profession will get hit by this situation. So, it is always good to start preparing for your future by looking for an alternative career option that will be valid in this new world, after the CODIV-19 Pandemic.

1. Start A Blog

Yes, I am sure Blogging is going to attract more attention among people now. Although the way of blogging may change, there is no doubt that many people will start their journey as a blogger during this Pandemic situation. Definitely, if you had a plan to start a blog on Travel related category, there will be less scope. Neil Patel has shared an amazing piece of content on this topic “What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For Marketers” with a picture attached below. Just find out which industries lost traffic and which are getting more in this Pandemic situation.

coronavirus traffic

But there are areas where people will spend more time & money now onward. E.g. health & fitness segment, how to create a website, online training, consulting, etc. Just find out what exactly people are doing from their home, where they are spending their money and accordingly choose the blogging niche to start your career.

I have shared a couple of detailed guides on How To Start A Blog on WordPress from scratch.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

Well, YouTube income has been dropped significantly for obvious reasons. As companies are not spending on Digital marketing & Advertising in this situation, YouTube owners will lose their earnings. But that doesn’t mean, the future of YouTube is dark. As many people are spending time at home, they are preferring watching more content on YouTube. Just read the below article and you will understand YouTube traffic has increased significantly and it is impacting the Internet bandwidth.

And this is the opportunity for you to start a YouTube channel to educate people in the area you are an expert. I am sure the situation will improve in the next few months and by the time if you can build a reader base, you will be able to create an extra income source or even a new career option through YouTube.

I have 2 YouTube channels where I try to teach people about Blogging & WordPress.

3. Create Online Courses Or eBooks

This is another amazing way to make money online during this lockdown scenario. As people are spending more time at home, it is good to read something and up-skill to new technology. In that case, the demand for online courses has increased like anything. Just read this article and you will realize the current scenario.

So, it is clear that the world is going through a huge shift and many people will lose their jobs in the coming days. So, it is the best time to utilize and learn something new so that you can utilize your skills for tomorrow. And that’s why the demand for online courses are very high. Now if you can create some course or launch a new eBook, then this is the high time to do that.

4. Become An Online Tutor

Yes, if you agree with my previous point then this is the time when the demand for online tutors will go high. Just check around, all the schools, colleges, educational institutes, training centers are closed. But the demand for education is there and in fact, it will go high as people started realizing that the world is heading towards something new. So, this is the best time to sell your teaching skills.

There are many platforms where you can join as an Online Tutor or you can just declare within your society Whats-app Group or any other way. This way you can start providing education through various video sharing apps like Zoom, Skype etc. This can be a good idea to earn money in India by Students.

5. Create Podcast

Podcast is another way through which people love to consume content. Yes, listening to Podcast has become very popular in the last few years and I believe this will continue to grow even in this Pandemic situation too. If you are good at any skill, then this is the time you can start creating podcasts and spread about your thoughts among others.

E.g. as a blogger you can convert your text content into a Podcast and target those audiences who love to listen to podcasts. Later on, you can offer them free eBooks or your Paid courses. I am sure you know that there are various ways you can sell your own products to your audience. There are various ways to make money from Podcast, just Google it and you can explore many ways.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online to date. But during this CODIV-19 Pandemic, the delivery of physical goods has stopped. Yes, big companies like Amazon stopped selling anything other than essentials. This has hit very bad to all the Amazon Affiliate Marketers. Just read this below article and you’ll understand how bad the current situation is.

That doesn’t mean Affiliate Marketing is dead. It might be dead now for a few industries, but for some, it’s still working. If you are helping people to start a blog then you can promote related products like Web hosting, Themes, Plugins, etc. You can also promote Online Course creation tools, Video sharing Softwares and many more similar products & earn money. So, think and revamp your affiliate marketing strategy if things are not working for you due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

You can read my detailed Black Friday Case Study, where I made more than $4500 by promoting SiteGround Black Friday Deal.

7. Online Stock Trading

Trading in a share market is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Yes, there are people who are making some serious amount of money by taking part in daily trading. But this is not an easy task to do. You have to give enough time to learn these skills and then get the benefits. Just read this below article.

During this lockdown or Pandemic time, the entire global market is facing a huge challenge. Almost every country’s stock market has gone down and they are observing huge ups & downs, which is an ideal scenario for trading. If you are interested to explore more on share market investment then you can watch this amazing interview of Pranjal Kamra on Satish K Videos.

Disclaimer: I am not an investment adviser or a stock expert. Please ask an expert about investing in the share market before reaching any decision. But I believe, if you invest in learning stock trading at this time, this will definitely help you to make money through trading in the future as well.

Conclusion: Get Used To Work From Home Environment

This is not the time to panic and go mad. I know that we can’t control our minds all the time from what is happening outside. But this is the fact that one day things will be fine (maybe with different terms) and we need to cope up with that new world to get our life back. So, we have to prepare ourselves for that world so that we can fight with the worst scenario.

The more we will be able to get comfortable with the “Work From Home” environment, the more we will be able to adapt easily with the future. Utilize this time to learn more, acquire new skills that will be in demand, watch more videos to motivate yourself and explore new avenues to tackle the upcoming surprises (job loss or such).

As per the above article, people are struggling and which is obvious. But I am sure this data will change gradually and more people will adapt and be able to work better. So, if you are a person who spends most of the time on the internet, then you must think about this and find out some suitable ways to make money online, as per your skills and interest. You never know how the world will act with you in the coming days, so better to prepare yourself to fight with this Pandemic situation in whatever way possible!

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  1. I’m about to write on this topic on my side hustle blog Growthfunda, but what a perfect time Santanu. You nailed it very well.

    These all are very good Work from home opportunities. Now due to current Covid-19 situation, more folks are looking for such work from ideas and this guide will definitely help them to kick start online journey.


  2. Hello Santanu,

    Indeed we are in a grave situation where people suffering from this uncertain pandemic. People who are stuck in their homes can leverage this time to start their online ventures like blogging, Youtube channels, affiliate marketing, etc. to make some cash from home. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hi, Santanu
    You are right COVID-19 effected many industries but still there have some industries doing well, from people can make money online.
    I’m a bloggers so I highly suggest people’s to start a blog.
    If someone has been thinking to start a blog from long time, then This is the best time to setup a blog.
    Thank you for sharing, this is the much needed topic during this period.

  4. Hi Santanu

    Yes, the whole world is suffering from the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown.

    But like you said this is not the end.

    In fact, social media is full of motivational posts like yours.

    You have shared an amazing post and one should start focussing on these income sources as well.

    Amit Garg

  5. Hello Santanu,

    I hope you are doing just well 🙂

    Yes, the pandemic has taken away the happiness of most people out there. But as you said, we will be fine soon if we control the negative thoughts during the time.

    I must say, your article will give new hope to many lives encouraging them to get started with online income streams. Personally, I’ve been doing the blogging thing and stock trading to keep myself busy. After all, creating work from the home environment is a way important to acquire new skills and grow.

    Good job.

    1. It is a very difficult time and there is no doubt about that. But we need to be prepared enough to face the tough days ahead. This is the time when we must find out some side hustle as many people are working from home.

  6. Hi Bhai,

    Great tips to make money online from home who wants to skip a 9-5 job. Many people are jumping into blogging and online marketing. They think that it’s easy money that anyone can make with publishing few articles.

    But the thing they don’t know is story behind the curtains. They don’t know is countless hours of hard work to make a successful blog.

    I am interested to learn stock marketing, I think it’s pretty cool to know at least 2-3 skills that help you survive in bad situation, like we are living now.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  7. Hey Santanu bro!
    I appreciate your efforts,because people never been encountered ever before this kind of situations, so they was unaware of with such things of,
    Now figuring out that they needed a substitute of money generating way out and that’s where you hits their demands, earning money by using various way into the internet.

    Thank you.

  8. I am agree with you . People are struggling and a lot of unnecessary stress and rumours happening all around the world. But we can utilize this time for our betterment. Loved the points you mentioned here .

  9. Hello Santanu,
    long time on your blog. Again a great article.

    by analyzing the first chart of traffic growth, it is showing a clear signal that media is growing even in this pandemic situation.
    I’m pretty sure that a great portion of media includes online marketing.

    What else do we need to prove that going online is compulsory not an optional thing?

    1. Thanks buddy. Right now the majority of the people are following News media for news & updated information and this is the reason for huge traffic. As people stopped spending money, many sectors are observing the traffic drop. I hope things will be back on track in the next few months.

  10. Hi Santanu,

    Loving these tips bro. All seem to work quite well. We have a precious opportunity now to use isolation for massive blogging growth. Here in New Jersey, we do not have a full lockdown but are under a quarantine, meaning we can only leave home for shopping for food and walking around the neighborhood. May as well use the time to help folks and profit.


  11. Thank you so much for your great advice! really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read. I’ve learned a lot of valuable information from your article. Especially for a new topic (Online Tutor) but you also forget Frelenching in your post. Otherwise, You have the best ideas.
    I’m also trying to share some Make Money Online related reviews into our blog.

    Thank you for being there for me.

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