It’s the first day of the year! Did you note down your new year resolutions as a blogger? We all feel motivated and hopeful for a blissful year ahead.

To get ready for the challenges of the upcoming year, we must make some feasible plans. And, a new year resolution is the best way to do that.

So, what is your New Year Resolution as a blogger?

I took my first resolution for New Year 2019 is to publish my first expert roundup post on this website. And I am happy to share that I am on my plan. Yes, my first blog roundup post is going live on 1st January 2019. It feels awesome to target something and achieve as per the plan.

So, what is your New Year’s resolution as a blogger? Every blogger should have a solid plan to take their blogs to next high. In this article, I am able to get the responses of 54 awesome bloggers and their blogging plans for 2019. I am sure this is a goldmine for you to plan your blogging business strategies in 2019.

By the way, before starting these powerful New Year Resolutions of 54 Bloggers, let me start with my blogging plans and targets.

  • Fitness is on my top priority for 2019. I have started my running journey already and ran a few 5k till date. But my target is to run a couple of 10K runs (marathon events) comfortably by the end of the year 2019.
  • My target to publish the first expert round-up post on my website is achieved now. My next target is to organize a couple of such roundup posts to connect with more like-minded bloggers.
  • Work exclusively to improve my website’s content, building the authority of the website as well proving my skills (blogging, WordPress) by helping others. Hopefully, I will be able to build a profitable blog by the end of the year 2019.
  • I will put enough effort with the help of my bloggers’ friends to grow my Facebook Group (The Blogger’s Team) without distracting from the motto of helping others.


What My Blogger Buddies Are Planning? [New Year Resolutions for Bloggers in 2020]

Disclaimer: I have sequenced the bloggers as per their responses to my Expert Roundup Post entry. So, don’t go hard by the numbers mentioned against them, they’re not indicating any kind of ratings or rankings. All are my good friends.

1. Ryan K Biddulph [Website | Twitter]

Ryan K Biddulph

I do a New Moment Resolution every day of the year. My intent is to create and connect every single day, helping people through my content and connecting with people through genuine blog commenting and by promoting other bloggers. Keeping things simple built my blog and will continue to expand my blog over the next year.

2. Ali Raza [Website | Twitter]

Ali Raza

I have plans to work more on Case Studies and In-depth advanced research-based content for my blog. Over the years, I have worked for beginners and intermediate visitors however for 2019 my goal is to target and build an advanced based audience. I also have a plan to introduce my premium course on my blog.

3. Gaurav Kumar [Website | Twitter]

Gaurav Kumar

New Year resolution is like pressing the reset button. People have mixed feelings about this. Still, more than 41% of Americans make new year resolutions.

For bloggers, New Year resolution is essential. Making some creative and productive resolutions is necessary. As a blogger, my job is to provide the best solutions to my readers.

I have made some serious New Year resolutions such as;

Write less promote more: From years I am writing and creating content to help readers find the best solution. It is the time to work on promotion. Find more ways to promote content for maximum exposure. The promotion will help me grab not only more traffic, but also boost more conversion. The development will also help to gain authority, build influencer relationships, raise email list, and generate more leads and revenue.

Follow Eagle Eye Concept: Eagle eye concept talks about following 40/20/40 rule where you spend more time on research and promotion and less time on creating content. I am not saying that I will not write content but writing content without research is like creating a painting without colors. I will focus on research like eagle’s eye. Use all the available tools not only for keyword research or competition research but also to grab essential data. This original data always helps me to write link-worthy content.

Content Scoring: Content scoring is also part of my new year’s resolution. Most of the people still do not understand the value of content scoring. Content scoring is about testing the value and performance of my content. It is the way how my content is performing not only in search results but also in the minds of my readers. Content scoring is the real way to check the performance of my content, and it will help me to make my new and old posts more influential.

These 3 are the most critical points of my new year’s resolutions. I have already explained about them on If you are a regular reader of eAskme, then you may already know what and how I am planning a new year for my blogs and websites.

4. Vishwajeet Kumar [Website | Twitter]

Vishwajeet Kumar

Blogging has really changed my life. In 2019, My main focus will be creating more and more helpful and relevant content for my readers. I always give priority to my readers and that’s why My main focus is to help my readers with more relevant content.

However, I am also bit focus to increasing my email lists as I am doing affiliate marketing and you probably know that the money is in your list. I am also using many blogging tools to grow my blog and in 2019 I am willing to buy ahrefs as it sounds more promising when it comes to keywords and other SEO analysis of your blog.

5. Rahul Bhichher [Website | Twitter]

Rahul Bhichher

I started my website in November 2018 and making good efforts every day. I have written good content & achieved Alexa Rank under 3 lakh in India. My DA & PA is 19 and 24 respectively.

In 2019 I will start making more user engagement on social media to create an excellent fan base. It’s just starting & hope I will be able to learn the best of SEO in the first 3 months of 2019 by the help of

6. Swadhin Agrawal [Website | Twitter]

Swadhin Agrawal

Santanu, here are my blogging resolutions for 2019:

  1. Dedicate more time to writing articles on my website. I’ve since a year or two taken the help of my awesome team members to post content on my blog and they do a great job. But, I personally miss writing for my blogs so I think I’ll have to take some time because writing is my passion.
  2. I am also launching my new blog called ProfitableInbox around email marketing and lead generation so that would also be my major focus in 2019.

7. Jagdish Kashyap [Website | Twitter]

Jagdish Kashyap

Well, I personally don’t like the word ‘resolution’ instead I would like to use ‘goals’ and my goals are getting started with Amazon affiliate.

I don’t majorly work on my personal blog, instead, I build niche sites and I will build few Amazon affiliate sites in 2019 to expand my income source.

8. Ahfaz Ahmed [Website | Twitter]

Ahfaz Ahmed

As I’m skewing more towards design, my focus would be more towards creating content about designing in a way that my existing audience also finds it relevant.

Another important goal for me is to create content more consistently without sacrificing the quality I always provide in my content.

9. Himanshu Gupta [Website | Twitter]

Himanshu Gupta

My New Year resolution for 2020 would be to post consistently. Lately, I am not able to take out time for writing articles. I’ll love to post more quality content. Also, this new year, I want to focus on building connections.

10. Manish Sharma [Website | Twitter]

Manish Sharma

I will focus mainly on content and making quality backlinks. Also, a focus would be on detailed content with as much information I can provide.

11. Navin Rao [Website | Twitter]

Navin Rao

Hey Santanu, Yeah I do have few resolutions for the next year. Let me list those.

1. To provide the blog more professional look and make the better user-experience on which I have already started working on.

2. Make the existing content more thorough and valuable with better keyword research, which would certainly take some time but will be fruitful in all aspects like traffic, money and most importantly fame. Thinking of winding up this task in early 2019 itself.

3. Being more active on Social Networks and make new blogging buddies. And those who have similar thoughts, let’s get connected through blog newsletter, twitter and grow together as it opens up a lot of doors.

12. Harshit Raikwar [Website | Twitter]

Harshit Raikwar

My New Year Resolutions for 2019

Work Quickly: I figured out myself in the last months, I am making the mistake of not updating my blog frequently. However, many of my friends are doing very well in terms of updating a blog. So I have decided that I am going to work faster in 2019.

Networking Is The Key: As we already know that nobody can succeed without helping in any industry.

More help = More success

So, I am going to make new and genuine connections with the top influencers and bloggers in this year. Building relations is one of the best ways to get comments, likes and sharing content with the help of your online friends.

Quality Work: We know everyone does work but what do you think about Quality work? I’m going to focus on the phrase “stand out from the crowd” and in-depth research, data, resources, and comprehensive guides. Because long-form of content is the key in today’s SEO industry.

13. Abishiekh Jain [Website | Twitter]

Abishiekh Jain

I don’t believe in resolutions, but I want to be frequent in posting content on my site. Sadly am able to post only one article in a month, but am proud, it’s well researched and lengthy one and written in an easier language for anyone to understand.

I will try to be more frequent in posting articles, and that’s how I will take it to the next level because the content is all that matters to me.

14. Mansoor Ali j [Website | Twitter]

Mansoor ali j

I am a total newbie to this field and working hard to find ways to grow. I need to put more effort into good content and keyword research.

15. Sathish Arumugam [Website | Twitter]

Sathish Arumugam

Few things I have decided to take it as my blogging resolution for 2019.

The first thing is building email list. So far, I have no such email subscribers and I haven’t created any track records via email marketing. Still, I am aware of the significance of email marketing in any business to succeed. Hence, I am working on the ideas to build my email list.

Secondly, researching and working on some unique promotional strategies to stick to blogging success. I am more interested to follow different strategies on different blogs to experiment the output. Analogous to that, I will have to employ more ranking strategies and trying it to learn things. And, I strongly believe that any blogger needs some regular learning practice irrespective to their experience, achievements and blogging success.

Further, I am planning to kick off with some new niche blogs. I am already on action towards these goals to achieve.

And, I wish Good Luck to other bloggers too.

16. Jerry Low [Website | Twitter]

Jerry Low

One of my key resolutions in 2019 – a more efficient Team WHSR. 2018 was the year of expansion for my blogs and company.

We hired new full-time staffs and freelancers to the team. 2019 will be the year I focus on creating a better work environment (for the team) and optimizing our internal work process.

17. Venkatesh Kumar [Website | Twitter]

venkatesh kumar

I have to spend some more time doing a guest post and email outreach. I started some few blogs as well last year.

So I have to scale those blogs using content writers. My main blog, I have to create value for my readers and I have a long time taught of doing free Blogging course sequence email. That I need to do this year.

18. Ronald Segura [Website | Twitter]

Ronald Segura

2018 has definitely been a good year for my blog, but I’ve also identified areas of opportunity where I want to improve. My new year resolution for blogging, is to publish content more often.

In 2018 I’ve been really focused on working with my clients and making sure they get the expected results, but at the same time, I’ve also neglected my blog and my audience, which I know is a mistake I shouldn’t make.

For that reason, I’ve evaluated my entire business strategy and come up with some conclusions which helped me make decisions to continue to take my blogging business in the right direction.

19. Umer Idrisi [Website | Twitter]

Umer Idrisi

Well, I am yet to establish my new year resolution for blogging is to take my blog to the next level, as I think that my other projects need more attention. So that I will keep on improving the quality of content on my blog and make it a free platform for newbies to learn how they can do better in the online world.

For newbie bloggers and who are looking for expert advice, I would love to share my tips with them, and they are:

  • Always try to find something unsolved and research on that matter.
  • Then provide your expert opinion and don’t forget to share that post in relative forums (blogs, web-forums, communities, and groups)
  • Use free blogging platforms to generate backlinks and traffic (Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr and more)
  • Don’t follow your competitors. Spy on your competitors and see if they are not covering all the matters in the niche if they have missed something then write on those topics (don’t write on what they have mastered)
  • Always try to introduce something new and it can be a tip, product or whatever you can consistently work on.
  • Don’t rely on keyword research tools, as they are giving you old and limited data.
  • You should listen to the trends and do your best to write on the trending topics, which can be found in almost every niche.

If you need more tips, you can ask me 🙂

20. Lorraine Reguly [Website | Twitter]

Lorraine Reguly

I have two goals for my blog in 2019:

1. To earn more passive income.
2. To rank for being a freelance editor for hire.

I currently have 9+ income streams, but most of my income comes from editing, so I want people to be able to find me easily!

My current income streams are listed in the article The Essence of Blogging (+ How to Earn Money Online), which you can find here.

In 2019, I want to create and sell e-books and courses related to writing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and freelancing, as well as attaining success and happiness.

21. Rahul Jain [Website | Twitter]

Rahul Jain

Our goal shouldn’t be to build a website.

Anyone can do it.

The goal should be to build your business.

22. Akshay Hallur [Website | Twitter]

Akshay Hallur

Next year, I will be working on building my brand around BloggingX. I want to make it the best blog for bloggers. I have committed myself to publish 80% of my blog posts to be 3500+ words, insightful, full of actionable tips, and graphics.

I aim for BloggingX posts to be 10x better than what I published on GoBloggingTips. Down the lane, I will merge BloggingX with GoBloggingTips. By the end of 2019, with BloggingX I need to be earning 10x the money I’m earning now from GoBloggingTips, and that’s the resolution I have.

And along with it, I need to grow my BloggingX Facebook community to 25,000 people by the end of next year.

23. Ravi Singh [Website | Twitter]

Ravi Singh

I will focus on my content and make it more detailed. I will improve SEO of my blog and try to get more backlinks. Email marketing is also important so I will try to organize ebooks, webinar etc to get more email subscribers.

24. Manidipa Bhaumik [Website | Twitter]

Manidipa Bhaumik

In 2018, I have found a new way of living through running. It has helped a lot with my physical and emotional wellbeing. I am preparing for my first half marathon in early 2019 and hope to continue doing more.

At the same time, I hope to be more focused with my career in digital marketing. I have written very little content in my primary blog in 2018. I plan to write more in the coming days and improve my writing and editing skills.

Also, there are many articles that have not gotten the needed exposure. I plan to repurpose those old content with more useful information.

25. Mohan Raj [Website | Twitter]

Mohan Raj

I work on multiple sites across multiple niches, I’m facing time issues to manage them all since I don’t work on JV basis and go SOLO. So, my resolution is to reduce the number of sites and going to focus on sites that fetch good income.

26. Sasidhar Kareti [Website | Twitter]

Sasidhar Kareti

The AI in search engine algorithms made it to picking of not just the quality content but also that is optimal to voice search in 2018-19. I am planning to make it that way with I want it to be available for voice search as well.

27. Harsh Agrawal [Website | Twitter]

Harsh Agrawal

I plan to make 2019 the best year of my blogging journey. My resolution is to become more data-driven. Segmentation and the optimizing funnel is going to be my priority for the first half.

2nd half of the year will be focused on community-driven approaches such as relaunching the forum and organizing events for Shouters.

On the personal front, I wish to attend 5 international action driven conferences as an attendee and speak at least 5 as a speaker to share my learning as a blogger.

28. Sumit Sao [Website | Twitter]

Sumit Sao

2018 was a remarkable year for me. Why? 

Because I did achieve what I set for myself like:

  • I made lots of blogger friends by helping them through Facebook Groups
  • Got opportunity to interview pro bloggers like Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion, Akshay Hallur from GoBloggingTips
  • 14K+ Members in my Facebook Group “Blogging Lift VIP Group”
  • I Got testimonials for my blog homepage
  • Successfully Started FREE “Blogging Tips” Series in my Facebook Group.

I am all set for rocking the 2019 blogging scenario.

My resolution for Blogging in 2019 are:

#1. Provide More Quality Content: I am planning to provide more in-depth and quality content for blog readers. So that they feel like they are reading a professional blog.

#2. 1-Hour to help Bloggers: My another next resolution is to spent at least 1 hour per day on Facebook Groups to help other newbie bloggers.

#3. Make More Connection: I’m currently working on it and made lots of blogger friends in 2018. I want to make more connections with bloggers by helping them on social media.

#4. Grow My Facebook Group: I am running a Facebook Group “Blogging Lift VIP Group” in which I have more than 14K members. So, I’ll try to take it up to 20K+ members by end of 2019.

#5. Conduct More Interviews with Pro Bloggers: In 2018, I got an opportunity to interview Anil Aggarwal (from BloggersPassion) and Akshay Hallur (From GoBloggingTips). They have shared lots of blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing tips with my blog readers. That’s why I am planning to conduct more interviews with pro bloggers to help my blog readers.

Best wishes for the new year.

29. Zac Johnson [Website | Twitter]

Zac Jhonson

In 2019, I want to focus more on fewer projects and making them into something much bigger. On the internet, it easy to start new projects and get sidetracked.

By the end of 2019, I hope to only have a handful of huge projects on my hands, while weeding out the others. This would be through selling them or just closing them out.

30. Srish Agrawal [Website | Twitter]

Srish Agrawal

2019 is going to be all about the optimization and lead generation processes for our site properties. We’ve already established ground and have a lot of content in place.

Now it’s time to start focusing on turning that content in real advertising and lead generation funnels. This is something we’ve been planning on for a while now, but with 2019 here, it’s the perfect time to put everything into action.

31. Hassaan Khan [Website | Twitter]

Hassaan Khan

I have had a fantastic couple of years in freelance writing. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without my blog. Now, I want to focus on my new blog.

I’m going to shift a little bit of my attention towards my blog, which I have been ignoring for a while now. Building a successful brand has always been my priority.

32. Pradeep Kumar [Website | Twitter]

Pradeep Kumar

Although “New Year” is the same every year, we should still make them special because it’s like a reset in our lives. 2018 is pretty impressive for us; we have been experimenting with forums and apps. We made a bunch of screencasting videos as well, so we’ll upload them on YouTube and see how it goes.

I always wanted to conduct a casual meetup for our brands offline, so I need to consider that too. All these are still there, but the most important thing will be, next year we wanted to reach more people, predict their problems and be ready with the solutions when they Google or ask on Social Media. As simple as that. 🙂

33. Siddharth Pal [Website | Facebook]

Siddharth Pal

I am already spying on my competitors and will definitely make the better from their mistakes. The main part of my strategy is I will take the benefit of their work by doing smart work 😉

34. Venkat Randa [Website | Twitter]

Venkat Randa

I want to focus primarily on my blog. till now focused on multiple things. as Neil said we have to focus on one thing until it gets success and then has to move to next. I want to leverage the social media especially YouTube. From two years I am on YouTube and Produced Education and Technology related Videos in Regional Language Telugu.

Now I want to share my experience with this channel and Blog. Planning to Produce quality content. as per Brian Dean Said quality matters than quantity. I have to build a relationship with the experts in the blogging industry.

35. Anil Agarwal [Website | Twitter]

Anil Agarwal

One NEW year resolution for 2019 I’d be glad to pursue in 2019 would be to read more and learn more. The best way to succeed in any field is to read as much as you can. If you’re not a reader, you can also consume videos, podcasts to learn more from experts. The key here is to constantly learn something from others so you can enhance your lifestyle.

When it comes to building a profitable blog, you must learn how to sell online. Here’s where learning helps. You can read business, marketing, psychology-related books to see if you can apply a few strategies on your website.

36. Rahul Kuntala [Website | Twitter]

Rahul Kuntala

I had abandoned my primary blog “Learn Blog Tips” for over 5 years now due to clients projects. 2019 is the year when I’m going to fully indulge myself in taking my blog to the next level.

Thanks to the connections I already have online, so I’m currently laying out a solid content marketing strategy to drive more sales and traffic.

So my only new year resolution for 2019 is to start small, GO BIG!

37. Robin Khokhar [Website | Twitter]

Robin Khokhar

My new year blog resolution to double the traffic of mine and I have started another project From which I want to earn in the year 2019.

I will be focusing more on writing Details content.

38. Enstine Muki [Website | Twitter]

enstine muki

2018 has been a good year. But in 2019, I’m resolving to focus on 2 traffic channels: Pinterest and SEO.

I know Pinterest to be Social Media and some SEO but growing and getting more traffic from both Pinterest and Google would be a game changer in my online business.

39. Ravi Chahar [Website | Twitter]

Ravi Chahar

I have always been in favor of consistency. In 2018, I couldn’t get much time to write and share my WordPress knowledge.

I always consider consistency as one of the most influential aspects of my life. People might argue on publishing once a week, twice a week, or something else. I say, if you have enough time to promote your content, you should publish every day.

Some people might call you crazy, others might ignore, but the search engine keeps track of your hard work. And everyone knows that organic traffic plays a vital role. So what’re you waiting for?

40. Atish Ranjan [Website | Twitter]

Atish Ranjan

Every year we make new resolutions, and some resolutions we are able to work on, and some are left pending.

I have been working solely on the tech-based blog(s), and my blog is one of the examples of it.

Though I am working on it in all possible things already, I am planning to post contents more frequently, and most content will be pure tech and after thorough keyword research as well as competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis is very important in this age of blogging because there is fierce competition in the blogosphere, and to make your way, it is very important not just work hard but work smartly.

So, in short, I am going to publish more of well-researched blog posts along with making sure that those posts become solutions to my readers.

Apart from this, I am working on some niche sites, and planning to work more in this area as this is quite profitable.

41. Sanu Siddharth [Website | Twitter]

Sanu Siddharth

Hey, I am all set for 2k19! At the end of every year, I plan to rock the next year with some new projects and plannings.

2018 was a remarkable year regarding finance and business growth for me. I achieved what I set for myself and in fact, learned a few new things. So, this year I am expanding my blogging portfolio, and in addition to having niche blogs, I am launching a couple of new micro niche blogs.

BTW one important thing utilizing my time well and becoming more producing is my primary goal for 2019.

42. Mihir Gadhvi [Website | Twitter]

Mihir gadhvi

We will optimize our blog for voice search and also we will start Covering news article to increase fan based.we are planning to create a video for every text content published in 2019.

We are also working on security and backup. In terms of traffic, we are planning to get 6x by the end of March 2019.

43. Istiak Rayhan [Website | Twitter]

Istiak Rayhan

Here are my top 3 New Year Resolutions for blogging is to take my blogs to the next level.

Taking Blogging As A BusinessI’ve been blogging seriously for last 4 years. But I have a feeling that I was not taking it as a business. If I were, I would invest more money in it. But I have spent a very few percentages of my income on my blogs.

So next year, I will be investing more in my blogs. And another thing I will do is, creating a solid business plan. In a nutshell, I’ll be taking blogging as a business.
Exploring Different Traffic Generation WaysFor years, I’ve been solely depending on Google for traffic. And it makes sense because organic traffic converts better than any other traffic.

But from next year, I will be exploring other sources like Social Media Traffic, Quora, Medium, Guest Posting, etc.
Read One Book Per MonthThis is something that I’ve been struggling for years. I always wanted to read more books. But somehow I failed on this every year.

This year, I will read at least one book every month. I have already a handful number of books on my bookshelf.

44. Jane Sheeba [Website | Twitter]

Jane Sheeba

I’m going to keep everything simple and stop stressing out. Having a 2 yr old baby whom I take care of full time, I really will be focusing on giving my full attention and care to my baby, at the same time, focusing only on the very crucial aspects of my business.

I won’t be starting any new projects, or do major experiments in my business as of 2019. Rather, I’d focus on what’s already going well and stick to it sincerely. Hence no stress!

45. Erika Mohssen-Beyk [Website | Twitter]

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Thank you for inviting me to your first Roundup, Santanu. The last year was not very blogging intensive for me. Instead, it was more about traveling and connecting to blogger friends.

But about your question, I do not make resolutions 🙂 Resolutions is said that 91% do not work out anyways. My experience is going with the flow is better. It is right to have a vision and goal, but only going after the goal as we are taught in the past, makes inflexible. It is better to be in flow with life and be aware of possibilities and look for opportunities to make it more pleasant to reach a goal.

Only wanting the goal without enjoying the journey can lead to struggle and depression. There may be something better to find on the way?

Anyways I want to continue blogging and make people think 🙂 There have been many changes which I have to catch up and learn. I wish all my blogger Friends a successful year 2019.

46. Saurabh Tiwari [Website | Twitter]


I am looking forward to Focusing more on learning rather than earning. With time, I have improved my SEO, PPC, and Blogging skills, so I will more focus on blogging and freelance works.

There are many things I am going to focus on this year blog-wise.
• Increase my blog traffic
• To consistently quality post 2-3 times per week
• Will attend a more blogging event to grow my blogging network

47. Shamsudeen Adeshokan [Website | Twitter]

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

In 2018, I didn’t blog that much due to several circumstances beyond my control. From family issues, the death of my father, to my health conditions etc. And that has a negative effect on the blog progress.

Well, thanks to God, all that is now in the past and I have since move over them. So, come 2019, my blogging resolution is to produce as much content as I can and step up my marketing budget extensively.

Content marketing is one area I will concentrate 90% of my time, money and energy come 2019. As I have seen that great content isn’t useful unless it finds it’s way into the hands of the one that needs it.

48. Nirmala Santhakumar [Website | Twitter]


My blogging resolution 2019 – I would like to improve the authority of my blogs by publishing the in-depth, high-quality content and get the backlinks from high DR sites.

As I have already got the professional theme (GeneratePress) and high-speed hosting (Cloudways) for my blogs, I just want to enhance its brand name through the helpful guides and how-to tutorials. Besides, I’m trying my best to network with the like-minded bloggers and industry experts to establish my web presence.

49. Gurunath Nakka [Website | Twitter]

Gurunath Nakka

There is no such thing as a New Year Resolution for 2019 in my life so far as I always fail to achieve what I see as a resolution for a New Year.

It is practically proven for me in all my life that “Pre Planned” things whether it may be Journeys, business plans, strategies etc., won’t work out.

Coming to 2018, I have done reasonably well in the Digital Marketing/PR thing but failed miserably in my blogging and YouTube Channel growth.

In 2019 I have few plans to improve my main blog BestofGuru alongside my YouTube Channel (Vlogging) if things go as intended, I hope to see some bounce back definitely in the New Year 2019.

In my opinion, if you can do better than what you did in a previous year and if you are minimizing the mistakes, that can be your best resolution possible 🙂

Finally, I am so thankful to Santanu for providing this excellent opportunity to find myself alongside many great blogging friends and also wish him a successful year 0f 2019.

50. Donna Merrill [Website | Twitter]

Donna Merrill

I’m determined to spend more time outreaching into social media communities in 2019.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your own little blogging bubble. You know, write your articles, reply to comments from your regular visitors, send them emails, leave comments on other blogs in your niche.

The circle goes round and round but doesn’t actually expand.

I am going to consider my Core Message… the thing I really am all about, meaning essentially… the problems I focus on solving.

Then I’m going to get involved with people outside my existing audience and work toward increasing the size an engagement of my inner circle.

So that means that in 2019 I’ll be taking my Core Message on the road… and expand my blogging audience through social media communities.

51. Sue-Ann Bubacz [Website | Twitter]


My big blog challenge to improve and grow is committing to a planned and consistent publishing schedule for both my blog and podcast. I’m not used to working on a set schedule so the fear is real.

Also, I am so excited to complete, and then offer my first online learning journey, a paid transformational e-course (in the works for nearly 2 years!) called, “How to Bling Your Blog.”

And for the cherry on top, I’m now finishing what I hope will be my first successful eBook for sale. I love helping people by sharing everything I know about business and crafting quality, original, content to connect with people.

Of course, look out for NEW creative digital content assets, informational mixed media, and more awesome learning and experiences I can’t wait to share with you along the way.

52. Faizan Ali [Website | Twitter]

Faizan Ali

I’ve achieved a lot of in 2017-18 and without even having a tech background I have started 3 blogs including one E-commerce website.

And this all has happened by investing a lot of time in reading, learning and experimenting new things always.

I have a number of goals for my blogging business to achieve in 2019.

My 2019 resolutions are:

1. Building Relationship– I’ll focus more on building relationships, increasing network and helping other bloggers to grow their blog. (Helping others is the foundation of establishing yourself as an authority and it is a doorway for traffic).

2. Increasing traffic and email list– I have prepared a solid social media promotional strategies and SEO strategies to increase my traffic. That I know it will never fail.

3. A steady flow of side income– since I mostly write about Blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing and SEO for my clients. So I will have to pick more clients for my writing business to have a steady flow of side income.

53. Vishal Darsheel [Website | Twitter]

Vishal Darsheel

70-80% New Year’s resolutions fail by February. I came across many bloggers who aren’t able to achieve what they planned 3-4 years back.

To stick with your resolution we haven’t to make its long list. Take one or two aims that can impact a lot on your life.

Coming to my resolution, It’s very simple, easy to follow and very impactful that makes a to-do list every day & reducing time on social media.

Making a to-do list/daily routine can encourage me to use time effectively and also help me to figure out my progress.

By making such a resolution we can change our entrepreneurial life a lot.

54. Minuca Elena [Website | Facebook]

Minuca Elena

In 2019 my goal is to increase my income by constantly improving my services and my reach. When you have an online business it matters less if you have an exceptional product or service because it’s more important how well-known you are.

Your content can be very good but if you are the only one reading it then it’s no good. You should focus on increasing the traffic to your website.

Pay for a social media campaign using Facebook ads. Get media features by being featured in roundups, interviews, podcasts or any other article. This way you will build backlinks for your site that will help with your SEO and you will reach new audiences.

Happy New Year to All My Friends!

I am really thankful to all these awesome bloggers who took their precious time to respond to my first expert roundup post. I know it is not easy to manage time in blogging.

But after putting all the effort and hard work, finally, this article is ready to go live. I am sure all of us will learn something after reading each other’s New year resolution and blogging plans for 2019.

If you like this article useful, then make sure you share this article on social media. This way we can connect with more bloggers and help them by sharing our New Year’s Resolution for 2019.

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  1. Awesome, Santanu
    It is beautiful to see all this Bloggers who are ready to share experiences and help each other.
    This was my vision, right from the begin when I started. Competing with each other in a good way helps, not against against each other. There is enough for everone .5000 years ago it was written in the Upanishads :
    “From Abundance we scooped abundance and still abundance remained.”
    All the best for 2019.

  2. Hi, Santanu

    I came to this expert round-up post via the Facebook group. I found it really helpful. You are really putting great efforts here on bloggingjoy.

    I also made resolutions to grow my long-term blogs in 2019. Along with it, I will also focus on fitness and improving health.

    Would love to read more awesome articles here.

    Aakash patel

  3. Hello Santanu,
    This is such a great round up and I’m very thankful and glad to be featured on your blog.
    I’ve seen everyone has there own resolutions for 2019 and working hard on it.
    I have also discovered some more bloggers through this round up post.

    Thank you Santanu

  4. Hi santanu sir!

    Really it helped me lot by this post i got know what other people resolutions and their plans. So that, I can also adopt those plans into my blogging journey to take my blog into success path.

    Thanks a lot
    Mansoor Ali

  5. Hi Santanu,

    Thanks for the opportunity to be here today sharing my little online marketing experience with the rest of the world.

    Going through the list, and what others have to share with us, I have learned some valuables lessons which might be useful in my digital marketing journey stepping into 2019.

    Thanks once again.

  6. Hi Santanu,

    This article was definitely an awesome idea.

    It’s very nice how different bloggers approach their new year resolution in a different way based on what each one thinks is their main focus.

    It’s also great to have a resource like this because sometimes we overlook important things, but other people’s approach can help bring that to mind.

    Thanks a lot for inviting me, it’s been an honor.

  7. Hello Santanu,
    This is such a great round up for all bloggers and for those who are trying to become a blogger.

    This post can certainly help others with certain strategies famous bloggers do every year and people can learn from it.
    I’m very thankful and glad to be featured on your blog.

    Best wishes for your blog

  8. Hi. Santanu
    I recently found your blog post of expert Roundup on Facebook group.
    This is really amazing post because I Learn lots of tips & tricks from experience blogger..
    Keep doing more round-up like this.

  9. Hello Santanu,

    Thanks for organizing this wonderful roundup post. I am happy to be a part of this roundup post. Many experts and pro bloggers have shared some great tips and new year resolutions here. Thanks again for this awesome roundup post.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  10. Hey Santanu, great roundup man. It’s refreshing to see so many bloggers on their way to successes. It makes you feel like you’re not alone and you also feel encouraged to push on.
    At least that’s how I feel…
    Nikola Roza

  11. Hi Santanu,
    First let me thank you for being part of this round up. I just love reading what people have to say on this list. It makes me feel like I’m part of a wonderful community.
    The new year always brings new opportunities. We all need to focus on just one and perfect it, then can go on to the next. I like to be able to sketch out some goals but more importantly, break it down into steps. When each step is completed, then I cross it off my list. Oh what a great feeling that is! When the goal is reached, I go on to another.
    Thank you once again!

  12. Every year a professional has to make new decisions. Blog resolution is the must do thing for a blogger to set goals and expectations.

  13. Hello Santanu, bro

    It was a really comprehensive and in-depth roundup post I liked much.

    I’m extremely happy to see myself here.

    Many blogging & SEO experts I’ve seen in the post but never knew them before.

    I’ve learned a lot from their 2019 new resolutions and 2018 achieved goals.

    Majority of people talked about their strategies in 2019 like:

    Content Creation

    They told about that they will work harder to make their content super amazing.

    Including well-researched content, In-depth and thorough guides, with screenshots, add resources and case studies.

    They won’t publish every day but publish high-quality content in a few weeks or months.

    Building Bonds With Influencers & Bloggers/Editors

    Someone said absolutely right; networking is the KEY.

    Many bloggers have made new blogging friends online in 2018 & making now including me.

    Few Of Them Focussing On Getting More Organic Traffic

    Few Of Them Wants More Money

    Few Of Them Wants Quality Links For Their Blogs

    Few Of Them Taking Blogging As A Business (which you should)

    Some Of Them Achieved Many Things In 2018 And Few Of The Are Struggling To Achieving Them

    They Are All Saying That Set Your Goals For 2019

    They Are Saying That Always Think About Your READERS & READERSHIP First

    They Are Saying That Write Down Your Goals In Paper & Work Hard For Achieving It

    Few Of Them Saying That Think Big But Start Small

    Some Of Them Saying That Focus On Email Marketing & Promotion

    Some Of Them Saying That Read Books, Good Blogs & Learn From Videos, Podcasts etc

    Most Of Them Saying That Focus On Only One Thing First Instead More Than Two

    Most Of Them Saying That Write More

    So It’s a brilliant article and will definitely rank well in search engines and bring HUGE traffic.

    All the best
    Harshit Raikwar

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