How do you correct grammar mistakes when writing? Whether you accept or not, it is not possible to write 100% grammatically correct sentences as a beginner. In that case, it is good to take help from the free online grammar checker or best punctuation checker tools online.

Once you’ve created a website, the next step is to add content to it. The website content should be free from grammatical and punctuation errors in order to be able to keep the readers engaged.

Do Spelling and Grammar Matter Search Ranking?

Let’s check out what Matt Cutts said a few times back. He was asked this question around 7 years back and the answer was as follows.

Top 7 Free Punctuation Checker And Grammar Checker Tools Online 2019

But writing content in English doesn’t come very easily to people who do not have English as their first language. While they might be able to read, write and understand the language, writing error-free content in English is just at another level altogether.

And not just website content, even if you are creating a presentation for office, school or college project, or writing a letter, you don’t ever want grammar and punctuation errors to create a bad impression or embarrass you.

How can I check my grammar online for free?

Fortunately, there are now grammar and punctuation checkers available on the internet to help you eliminate the errors. And to help you save time and efforts, we have already selected some of the best ones for you.

What is the best free grammar checker tools for WordPress? Let us begin-

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is currently the most popular tool to eliminate grammatical and punctuation errors. The tool was introduced in 2009 and has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

With high accuracy, great support, and impressive correction speed, you are sure to experience utmost convenience with Grammarly. Without any doubt, this is the #1 free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tool.

best grammar punctuation checker online

You can either download the Grammarly tool or use it online. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can also add it as a ribbon on your writing processor like Microsoft Word. Use this tool online & correct the sentence with answers on the fly.

The tool is completely free to use and download but the free version of the tool will not help you eliminate the advanced grammatical issues of your content for which you need to be a premium user.

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2. WhiteSmoke

If you are searching for an advanced grammar checker, WhiteSmoke is one of the best options. The tool uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to combine advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence and help users easily detect and eliminate phrasing and wording errors.

Rest assured that with the help of WhiteSmoke, all your writing will be free from spelling, punctuation, grammar and styling errors. This is our #2 best free punctuation checker tool online.

WhiteSmoke can also be downloaded as software or used online or even integrated with your browser. The tool is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. However, WhiteSmoke is not free. To use it, you’ll have to choose from their Essential, Premium and Business plans. You can either go for monthly or annual payments.

3. Reverso

If you work or write in multiple languages, the Reverso application is sure to help you. The tool supports more than 10 languages and offers grammar and punctuation correction in all of these languages. For using Reverso online, you can either copy and paste the content, type it, or just say what you’d like to correct or translate.

While the tool comes with a host of advanced features and technologies, you don’t really have to be a pro to use it. Even if this is the first time that you are using the tool, rest assured that you’ll be able to do it with utmost ease.

The basic version of the tool is completely free and should be adequate for most of your writing and translating needs. However, if you are looking for advanced features, you can purchase the premium version.

4. Ginger

If you want your grammar checker to look exactly like Microsoft Word, Ginger is the one for you. The software and online tool are one of the most popular grammar and punctuation checkers mostly due to its accuracy, speed, and the extensive features it offers.

Ginger is able to extract the correct context of the sentences you type, making it a great tool for anyone who is trying to improve their English. This is another reliable free punctuation checker and corrector online tool.

Apart from helping you eliminate grammatical errors, the software can also translate your content in more than 40 different languages. Moreover, you can also find the definition of words in this software. You can try Ginger for free with all the basic features. But if you want to unlock all the features of the software, you’ll have to go with one of the premium plans.

5. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is not just a basic grammar or punctuation checker; it is a full-fledged writing tool which lays great emphasis on the structural problems of the content. This makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to improve their English.

But this does not mean that it cannot help you find the grammatical and punctuation errors of your content. It is one of the most accurate and fastest ways to iron out the errors in your writing. You must check this free online grammar checker tool also.

However, the tool is not able to correct the errors in online text boxes like most of the tools mentioned in this post. The tool can be used for free but advanced features are only available with the premium plans. However, even the premium plans are highly affordable, especially the lifetime access plan.

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6. Hemingway

If you are already good with English and are looking for an advanced online tool to help you find out the advanced grammatical errors, Hemingway is one of the top recommendations. This tool works best as a sentence quality checker.

It is available in the form of an online text editor so you cannot use it inside the post editor on WordPress or integrate with your browser. However, visiting the Hemingway website and using the tool is still pretty easy and convenient.

The free tool helps you check the content for grammar, readability and spelling errors. Apart from this, the tool is also one of the best ways to improve the structure or flow of your content. It shows a readability score of the content and provides editing suggestions to make it easier for you to improve the quality of your content.

You can also go for the premium version of the tool which can be downloaded to your computer or laptop. But for most users, the online free tool is mostly adequate.

7. PaperRater

PaperRater is another very popular grammar and punctuation checker tool. The tool is equipped with data science technologies and artificial intelligence to help you find the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors of your post within seconds. Apart from this, it also has a built-in plagiarism checker which makes it a great choice for website owners.

The tool offers great feedback for all the errors to make sure that you understand the error and can try to avoid them in the future. Be it the style of the content, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, or word choices, PaperRater is one of the easiest ways to write error-free content in English. You can use the free version of the tool or go with a premium plan for advanced features and unlimited plagiarism and grammar checks.

How Can I improve my blog writing skill using this Grammar & Punctuation checker tool?

If you want to improve the quality of your English content, these are some of the top options that we recommend. Try using them today to start writing better and offer great quality content to your website visitors. As most of the tools have a free version, prefer trying them first before purchasing a premium plan.

You can also use Grammarly Chrome extension and easily correct your writing directly on WordPress dashboard, Facebook, Quora and wherever you want. Although the free version has limitations, it is enough to get used to with these awesome best punctuation checker online tool.

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