Today I am going to share an amazing blogging journey of one of my good blogging buddies Rahul Bhichher. Whatever I am today and this Facebook Group is, he has a big role in that. In many of my interviews, I have shared that I was not that active or supportive as a blogger earlier.

Rahul Bhichher
Rahul Bhichher Interview

Highlights of This interview: Rahul has started a Shayari blog in November 2018 and then grew that blog traffic up to 2 lakh page views. He faced many negative SEO attacks as well and able to overcome them with time. He has also collaborated with another awesome writer and started a blog BloggingPal to provide various services.

But when I have decided to get into the real ground to help people, Rahul was the first person who asked me something and then we even talked for around 30-40 minutes. I wasn’t sure what to talk to someone whom I don’t even know and that too about Blogging & SEO.

Inspired by his success on this Shayari & quotes niche, I thought to experiment on this niche and started a blog MeaningfulQuotes. It’s quite new and I will work to grow that blog in the coming days. You can join my Facebook Group, where I share everything about the progress of that blog including my strategies & tactics.

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But that one discussion has opened up the door for me. Rahul helped me to realize that I can help many people like him as they are facing a lot of issues and need someone to answer them. I was very happy and from that day have never looked back.

In today’s Blogger Interview Series let’s explore how Rahul has struggled to build a career in blogging and grew that with time & knowledge.


Rahul Bhichher Interview (

1) Tell us about yourself and your blog.

Thank you, Santanu for giving me a chance to speak with your Audience.

Hi friends, my name is Rahul Bhichher founder of ShayariBlast and co-founder of BloggingPal. Santosh Gairola is the another awesome person behind this blog. I am an extremely passionate person who loves discovering new dimensions through my work. I love creating new stuff for the internet, Travel, Food and obviously my Girlfriend.

2) Which city are you from? Please let us know something awesome about your city.

I belong from Hisar, Haryana India. My city is located 162 Km far from the capital of New Delhi.

Life is good here.

You must visit my state for the lush green fields and fabulous street food. You can easily find out traditional Akhadas and sportsperson around here.

3) Would you like to share your education journey & how easy or difficult it was for you to get an opportunity after that?

I went to New Sun Rise Sr. Sec. School, Bhuna Fatehabad. After that, Studied English Honors Education at Dayanand College, Hisar.

I’m also preparing for Banking Exams. It was never easy for me to discover myself. Fortunately, I discovered my passion for growing my writing abilities. I tried to improve my vocabulary and started reading a lot of books.

Books helped me to improve my elemental skill sets. Reading these books helped me with self-improvement.

4) What exactly the internet meant to you before getting engaged in blogging?

It was all about Googling last year’s question papers and downloading projects and notes.

Life was fun; everything was going great. Suddenly, I started focusing on career option and everything changed.

Those were the days which gave me a strong foundation and reason to start searching useful stuff related to my career.

5) How did you come to know about blogging?

I was a share market investor, Actually, a Day Trader who buys and sells shares after researching everything about a company.

The stocks we purchase remains in our account for a couple of mins and then you have to get out of that trade no matters you lost money or got profit. So after working as a day trader, I wanted to help others so decided to learn about Digital Marketing.

I came to know about people creating web content and wondered why people write stuff for the internet. Who pays them?

Then, I came to know about Google’s free platform Blogger. I started reading more about Blogger and stuck with the term Blogging. This created spark in me and I realized the potential in Blogging.

Later I discovered WordPress and started taking online courses on Blogging from various sources like YouTube Videos, Audios, and Blogs.

6) Are you staying with your parent or alone? How much time are you putting for blogging?

Currently, I’m enjoying living alone. With Blogging, I’m focused on my education.

On average, daily I spend 7-8 hours on Blogging with my partner Santosh Bhai, although I am working on many other projects as well. So, I have divided my work time-wise.

We have a tight schedule, and we strictly follow it. Sunday is the day; we don’t work at all. It is the day when we spend quality time with our family and loved ones.

7) Most people start a blog to make money, is it different in your case?

I wanted to help Share Market investors so I invested nearly 50k INR in online courses to LEARN Digital Marketing.

I was discovering myself and sought liberation from instability. I never thought to start Blogging for making money. I started working on shayariblast to just test the skills that I learned.

When my blog started getting traffic from Google; I decided to monetize it with Adsense. Those who don’t know about Adsense; it is the advertising program for Bloggers from the search engine giant, Google.

8) Out of so many niches, why did you start with Shayari niche? You could have started a blog on Stock market investment tips.

I chose this niche because I wanted to test my skills on which I spent a lot of money without telling my parents.

During my hostel life; I used to miss my family and dear ones a lot. I realized that there are many people like me who want to get connected with their family and loved ones.

No matter how busy we are in Life, at the end of the day we all are emotional creatures. Therefore, the only niche that came to my mind is a Website on Shayari niche. Within a short interval of period, I started getting great results from my Shayari site.

Pro Tip: If you are a beginner and want to start a website for experiment purposes, you can try this niche. Shayari niche or poetry niche is very popular and has a lot of search volumes. E.g. love Shayari (1 million+), Sad Shayari (6 lakh+), etc. You can easily build a website and share quality content (copy & paste will not work) to get a good amount of traffic. But the earning potential is not that much as low CPC due to India. But not a bad idea to learn the basics of blogging & SEO.

9) To build a blog one needs some investment. Do you believe that and how did you manage to invest money for your blog?

After spending almost all of my money on many online courses I managed to save some for a domain and hosting. But I believe that you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection to get started. There are many free Blogging platforms available to create Blogs. After getting the initial traffic; you can monetize your Blog.

Apart from that, if you want to seek a career in the blogging industry, you need to work professionally. For that, you will require a Domain name and a reliable hosting provider. After that, you can invest in your Blog according to your requirements.

There are chances that you will require a good light-weight theme, plugins, and tools. Therefore it depends on your budget and how you would like to invest it. I have a PayPal Account and SBI Netbanking which help me to make payments.

10) Please tell us about your journey of growing this blog up to 2 lakh page views a month.

Wow, I started ShayariBlast in Nov 2018 without any expectations. I am very good at competitor analysis so I focused on creating useful content for the users and made my website better in all aspects compared to my competitors.

I realized that people started loving the content and slowly Shayaris of my blog became viral. People were sending the emotional messages of my blog to their families and friend.

I started analyzing the competition in my niche and found vulnerabilities in their SEO Strategies. I started working on On-Page SEO and created fresh content for my Blog.

People noticed the change and became my royal visitors. Within a few months, we crossed 50 K monthly viewers. Finally, I decided to monetize the Blog with Adsense.

Fortunately, I ranked a few keywords in Google. These keywords had high search volumes, which started giving me massive traffic.

In the coming few months we crossed 80 K monthly viewers. After that my website ranked for the keyword “SHAYARI” I got huge traffic and crossed 200k monthly visitors but as I was experimenting on shayariblast after a few weeks my website ranking dropped from that keyword and again traffic come to 80k(approx).

11) You are using AdSense in your blog. How easy or difficult is it to get AdSense approval?

I failed to get Adsense approval for the shayari website many times but after making some major changes to the website it got approved in just 2 hours by Google Adsense. If anyone reading this portion of the article and wanted to approve Adsense should message me.

Yes, Adsense is the primary source of my earning. The money I earn from Adsense helps me to pay my expenses like rent and food.

I followed all the guidance provided by Adsense and got my account verified within a few days but today Adsense is strict with the verification process.

12) What are the mistakes you made during that period that made you strong now?

I realized that never depend on the single stream of income as Google Adsense is getting strict with its policies. Therefore now I have expanded my work in all directions.

13) How did you get into SEO? Please share your key learnings, which actually worked for you?

After seeing growth in my traffic, I decided to learn SEO at the deepest level. Mastery in a competitor analysis is the key to win the war.

Updating previous content and using semantic keywords on your post is the best way to improve SERP rankings. Have a strategy before creating your content and don’t depend on a single traffic stream.

However, shayariblast’s link is blocked by Facebook so I am not able to get any referral traffic from it. but I use Pinterest and Quora wisely. You can also use image optimization and slide creation to get max traffic from distinct sources.

14) I personally know you from the last few months and from the very beginning I came to know about your helping nature, without asking anything in return. How exactly are you dealing with people every day? Are you getting the expected return from people? Please share some incidents.

Yes, when we start giving to others without expecting anything in return the law of Karma works for your favor. Keep your life simple and share a smile with others. Blogging is all about making good connections with fellow bloggers and creating amazing content.

15) What are your next blogging plans?

My next plans are to work jointly with Santosh Bro and take Blogging to those people who want to learn about the Blogging universe.

If everything works as expected; we will start a new office for Blogging pal and start hiring freshers.

It’s still in the womb of the future, can’t say too much until it is done. I’m also working on a video course on SEO.

16) It is very difficult at your age to decide whether to choose Blogging as a full-time career option or go for a typical Job. How do you deal with this situation?

Blogging is a way to make passive income, it means you can make money while sleeping. I tried to figure out one more point and found that Blogging is an excellent way to come out of overcoming rat race and achieve financial stability.

These points helped me to become a full-time blogger.

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  1. Hi Deb,
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    Hey, Rahul thanks for sharing your wonderful online experience. It’s really an amazing journey.
    All the best to your future endeavours.
    Keep going.
    Best Regards.
    ~ Philip

  2. Great and very helpful interview for newbies who wants to be in field of blogging..
    Learned some very useful things from this interview..
    Best wishes for future

  3. Wow amazing to know about your success 🙂 May god give you tons of happiness and keep working hard.
    1) I have a couple of questions I have checked your website do you create your shayaris? as you wrote copy and paste would not work.

    2) one more thing I have seen you post around 20-30 images per post. so what gets you the most traffic google web or google images?


    You have written really a great and informative article.

    Actually, I love reading the interviews articles… Well, I also love podcasts.

    Thanks for sharing your blogging journey with us.

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