When I say “control panel”, I primarily mean the panel you get to control your WordPress websites. SeekaHost.app doesn’t use cPanel, the default and traditional control panel you get with most other hosts.

Is that a good or a bad thing? That’s what this entire SeekaHost.app review is about.
Do note that in addition to the “control panel” side of things, I’ll also discuss the other features and aspects that SeekaHost.app brings with itself.

So, if you need to create a WordPress blog, for any purpose, this piece may be worth your time.

SeekaHost.app Review: Is it the best WordPress hosting control panel?

As mentioned above, the primary focus on this piece is the control panel you get with SeekaHost.app, instead of cPanel.

So, this is the control panel that you first see when you login to your SeekaHost.app dashboard:

SeekaHost.app Review

Do note that this isn’t your “WordPress hosting control panel”. This is your entire SeekaHost.app dashboard. This shows everything, the domains, private blogs and everything else you own.
I’ll obviously discuss the WP panel later. But let’s start at the top, eh?

If you look at the screenshot above, you’d see the displayed data is extremely easy to understand. Isn’t it?

The tabs at the top directly take you to your PBN blogs, WordPress sites, sites you’re tracking and your domains.

You get to select the exact service you need from the left-sidebar. In fact, it has very clearly categorized the services so a new user isn’t confused about which server type he/she should choose!

SeekaHost.app Review

In the screenshot above, you can see how you get PBN hosting, WordPress hosting, A-class IP and other services?

So, even if you didn’t know how to build a PBN and which package to choose, SeekaHost.app literally tells you!

I doubt any of this is confusing, or hard to understand, is it?

The “WordPress hosting control panel”

Now let’s talk exclusively of the WordPress hosting control panel, should we?

Before you get the control panel, you need to install WordPress. Now, that’s extremely simple with SeekaHost.app as well.

You only need to fill out like 2 basic fields. Your domain, and a blog name! Done. It takes like 2 seconds and your WordPress gets installed in a snap.

SeekaHost.app Review

Once you do that, you get to access your WordPress control panel.

This control panel should let you manage your WordPress site. Now, the traditional cPanel is great. But, is it as simple as this?

SeekaHost.app Review

So, the dashboard shows:

  • Domain attached to your WordPress site.
  • The date the server was added
  • Nameservers
  • E-mail accounts attached to the server
  • The website’s login URL.

Don’t you agree this is simpler than what cPanel or most other control panels offers?

On the right, you see all the important “settings” you’ll need for your WordPress blog.

SeekaHost.app Review

Again, this is easy to understand and you don’t need a “guide” to know which button does what, do you?

Let’s discuss them in detail?

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Disk space interface

Let’s say you wish to see how much of your disk space is utilized, and how much remains free

You simply click on the “Disk space” button on your SeekaHost.app WordPress control panel.

SeekaHost.app Review

The information is displayed both in a graphical, as well as text form.

No extra information to mess with your brain. You get what you asked for, as simple as that.

SeekaHost.app offers tons of freebies

With SeekaHost.app, you get tons of freebies. Let’s discuss the in interface you get with these freebies? Two of the primary freebies are:

  • Backup
  • And SSL.

So, from the WordPress control panel, you simply select “Backup”.

SeekaHost gives you this extremely easy to use panel which lets you download your backup, for free. You get a backup of both your database, as well as your site content.

SeekaHost.app Review

There’s literally one single button, and it says “download backup”. Could this be any simpler or easier?

Also, not many hosting companies I know offer 100% free backups, do you?

Similarly, if I go to the “SSL” button, I get my free SSL. No complex uploads/downloads or third-party signing up required.

A single button, a single click and my SSL is activated!

SeekaHost.app Review

Again, if this isn’t “an easy control panel”, I don’t know what is.

If you pay attention, you see the warning on the page which says you shouldn’t turn the SSL on/off frequently. Now, this isn’t a massive detail. However, I don’t find such information displayed with most other control panels I’ve been with.

As a result, new users often do things they shouldn’t do and mess their sites up.

You can find such information and tips displays all across SeekaHost.app’s WordPress control panel.

This shows how beginner-friendly it is. It makes sure even with zero experience, a person isn’t lost or confused.

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Free migration & DDoS protection

Some other freebies you get with SeekaHost.app include a 100% free migration, and DDoS protection.

Now, there aren’t “options” to do this. However, you can just raise a support ticket and the team helps you out.

The DDoS protection is enabled by default and doesn’t even need you to do something manually.

Very detailed knowledgebase

So far, the control panel already seems easy to use and understand, doesn’t it?

However, you may still be confused and that’s okay. SeekaHost.app has this very detailed “knowledgebase” to help you out.

The Knowledgebase has detailed text and video guides which show you how to get things done.

SeekaHost.app Review

You can find a guide for almost everything you need. Again, this further simplifies using the panel, doesn’t it?

The domain control panel

While this isn’t the “WordPress control panel”, it still is something you’ll definitively be using on SeekaHost.app. Yes, there’s an in-built SeekaHost.app domain availability checker.

Here’s the interface you get:

SeekaHost.app Review

At the top, you can see options such as:

  • Overview (Shows you all the basic information about your domain such as registration/expiry/nameservers etc.).
  • Contact info: So you can manage your WHOIS information.
  • Nameservers: Lets you easily manage/change your nameservers.
  • DNS Management: An extremely easy UI lets you add/change DNS records.
  • And “Transfer out”: This lets you move your domain out of SeekaHost.app onto some other domain registrar.

Tell me which of those options seems confusing or not clear to you, eh?

SeekaHost.app 7-day free trial on ALL plans.

I’m saying SeekaHost.app offers one of the easiest WordPress control panels. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.

The company offers a 100% free, no strings-attached free trial. This is for all plans, yes, even the A-class IP servers!

Under any plan, you see a “7-day free trial” link. Clicking on it lets you get that plan without paying a single penny.

SeekaHost.app Review

You can sign up right away and verify everything I’ve mentioned so far on this SeekaHost.app review.

Cancelling the free trial only requires a single click!

SeekaHost.app pricing plans

If you do wish to continue with SeekaHost.app after your 7-day free trial, the plans are on the cheaper side.

  • PBN sites start as low as $1.35/month.
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting is priced at a low $1.49/month.
  • And A-class IPs start at $4.00/month.

If I compare this to standard industry prices, I’d say these are massively discounted. I mean not many companies offer servers starting lower than $1.50/month whatsoever.

You can pay for your services using both Credit Cards, as well as PayPal accounts.

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Final words- SeekaHost.app Review: Is it the best WordPress hosting control panel?

If you ask me, yes. I’d say it’s the best WordPress hosting control panel.

There are three primary reasons why I say this. First, the control panel is extremely easy to use and work with. Second, it has tips and warnings everywhere to make sure you don’t click somewhere you shouldn’t. And third? The plans are cheap.

If we talk about SeekaHost.app as a hosting or domain provider, here’s what you’re getting.

You get 3 different types of hosting servers to choose from, you get one of the easiest WordPress/domain registrations and you get these for less than what you spend on coffee in a DAY!

Moreover, you get a 100% free 7-day free trial. You can check each of the hosting plans individually, for free before having to make a decision.

So, in a nutshell, I’d say yes the SeekaHost.app WordPress control panel is extremely easy. But, I’d urge you to go sign up for their free trial and see if this SeekaHost.app review holds true for you?

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