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SEMrush Black Friday 2022 Sale Details

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The current SEO landscape is more complex and nothing close to what things used to be a decade ago. Right from keyword research, checking backlinks, tracking keyword ranking, to checking competitor rank and doing website SEO audits, there are many different things that webmasters and digital marketers now need to take care of in order to optimize their website for search engines and improve their rankings.

Fortunately, there are now powerful tools to help make this possible. SEMrush is one such tool. As a matter of fact, the tool has been around for a very long time and continues to be one of the most popular digital marketing tools with several million users. The popularity and effectiveness of the tool can also be understood from the fact that it has received the award for ‘Best SEO Suite’ by MENA Search Awards 2018, US Search Awards 2018, and SEMY Awards 2018.

HP, Philips, eBay, Quora, BNP Paribas, and are some of its top clients. Right from SEO, social media, competitive research, content, advertising, to reporting and management, SEMrush is a one-stop solution for digital marketers. And during the current SEMrush Black Friday sale, you can purchase this tool at heavily discounted prices.

SEMrush Review 2022: Top Features Explained

Is SEMrush the right choice for your website? Let us a look at its top features and plans to help you decide.    

1. Powerful Keyword Research

An effective keyword strategy works as the foundation of any sound content marketing strategy. SEMrush makes the whole process of finding target keywords for your website highly convenient and effective. The SEO intelligence that this tool offers is sure to help you build a powerful content and keyword optimization strategy.

It allows you to discover several keyword variations based on your target root word and you can also check the average searches per month for those keywords in order to make informed decisions. You can also check keyword competition, average PPC ad price, total number of Google pages targeting the keyword, and top-ranked websites for those keywords.

2. Detailed Overview of Your Website

Log in to the online portal of SEMrush and you can find a detailed overview of your website. You will get to see where your visitors are coming from, how they reached your website, and whether the traffic is organic or paid. You can also check whether the traffic is increasing and where your website stands in search engine rankings in real-time.

You also receive a monthly PDF SEO report from SEMrush which tracks your progress in the last 12 to 24 months. This makes it easier for marketers and webmasters to find the next course of their action to improve the ranking of their website and aspects they should focus upon.

3. Competitor Research

One of the biggest reasons for the widespread popularity of SEMrush is the way in which it lets you analyze your competitors. Come to think of it, you are competing with millions of websites on the internet. So, a deeper understanding of what your competitors are doing could help you get an edge over them.

With SEMrush, you can easily find out what keywords they are targeting and what is bringing them the most amount of traffic. You too can target those keywords in order to get more traffic to your website. With SEMrush, you can build powerful content marketing strategies and competitor analysis forms a major part of this endeavor.

4. Look for Advertising Opportunities

If you are planning to be an affiliate marketer, you first need to have great content on your website. Related industries might then want to place their advertisements on your website. SEMrush can help you find better advertising opportunities to help you earn more from your website. Based on the keyword you are targeting, it will provide a list of businesses offering the highest PPC prices.

A detailed chart is generated to help you easily find out the most promising keywords and related businesses that would be interested in advertising. You can then get in touch with these businesses to discuss the same.    

SEMrush Pricing Plans

There are currently 4 different plans offered by SEMrush. To help you begin, there is also a completely free 7-days trial available. The paid plans are as follows-


If you are new to digital marketing or a freelance marketer, the Pro plan can be an affordable choice. It costs $99.95/month if you go with the monthly plan or $83.28/month if paid annually. The plan lets you run your PPC, SEM, and SMM projects and provides access to more than 25 powerful tools.

It can be used for tracking the traffic of your competitors, their traffic sources, social media results, rankings, and more. The plan lets you generate 3,000 reports per day with 10,000 results per report. Moreover, you can track as many as 500 keywords, 100,000 monthly pages, up to 50 social media profiles, and get 500 SEO Ideas Units or keyword analysis with this plan.


The Guru plan is for growing marketing agencies and SMBs. It costs $199.95/month with monthly plan and $166.62/month if you pay for the plan annually. The plan comes with all the features of the Pro plan plus a content marketing platform, historical data, branded reports, and extended limits.

With the Guru plan, you can generate up to 5,000 reports in a day and get 30,000 results in each report. It can track up to 1,500 keywords with daily updates and supports up to 300,000 page crawls in a month. The plan comes with up to 800 SEO Ideas Units and allows you to track up to 100 social media profiles.


The SEO and SEM requirements of large businesses would be met with the Business plan of SEMrush. The plan costs 399.95/month with the monthly plan and $333.28 if paid annually. The plan comes with all the Guru features along with white label reports, API access, Google Data Studio integration, and extended limits and sharing options.

The plan allows you to generate up to 10,000 reports per day and get up to 50,000 results per report. You can track up to 5,000 keywords with daily updates with this plan and crawl up to 1,000,000 pages per month. The Business plan comes with 2,000 SEO Ideas Units and allows you to monitor up to 300 social profiles.


If you are a large business or marketing agency with multiple large clients, you can go with the Enterprise plan of SEMrush. It is a custom plan with custom keyword databases, on-site training, custom limits, unlimited webpage crawling, and a host of add-on features.

You will have to get in touch with SEMrush to discuss your requirements. The price and other details are only available upon request.     

SEMrush FAQs

Here are a few important questions you should know about SEMrush to find out why you shouldn’t miss this SEMrush Black Friday deal.

Concluding SEMrush Black Friday 2022 Sale

For effective SEO and SEM strategies, you now need a lot of complex data which is generally generated from many different sources. While there are tools that excel at particular aspects of SEO, SEM, and SMM, SEMrush eliminates the need for you to invest in multiple tools. It also helps in eliminating a lot of headaches involved in using and monitoring multiple tools.

SEMrush is a multifunctional tool that has already proved its effectiveness over the years. No matter if you are new to digital marketing or an experienced marketing expert, SEMrush has all the features and tools to help you create powerful content, advertising, and optimization strategies. Moreover, it allows you to manage all of it from a single dashboard for enhanced convenience.

The availability of multiple plans further enhances the ease for people to pick a plan that best suits their budget and requirements. Also, during the current SEMrush Black Friday sale, all of their plans, add-ons, and other services are available at discounts of up to 60%. Rest assured that SEMrush is one tool that actually has the potential to help you generate more revenue and grow.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-year opportunity to boost your SEO and SEM strategies and take your business to the next level.  Visit SEMrush now!

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