Want to earn money promoting SiteGround WordPress Hosting? Then you must join the SiteGround Affiliate Program and earn a huge amount of money. I am not bluffing here. You can check out the detailed affiliate marketing case study, where we made more than $4000 just promoting SiteGround WordPress hosting. I am writing this SiteGround Affiliate Program review after using them for more than 1 year.

Here is the screenshot of that SiteGround Affiliate Earning screenshots.

siteground affiliate income report
SiteGround Affiliate Income Report During Black Friday Cyber Monday

During SiteGround Black Friday, SiteGround offers a 75% discount on its web hosting plans. And that’s the time when many people buy their hosting plan using our affiliate links and we earned a good amount of commission from this. But don’t worry, after Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale also, they are offering a massive 70% discount on shared hosting plans.

SiteGround Affiliate Program Review 2020: Why You Must Join?

In this detailed SiteGround affiliate review guide, I will help you to Sign Up with the SiteGround Affiliate Program and promote SiteGround hosting to earn money using web hosting affiliate programs. There are many such profitable best web hosting affiliate programs that you can check out.

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Why Promote SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

SiteGround is not just the name of an ordinary Web hosting company. Over a period of time, they have earned a very good place in the heart of bloggers & reputation. There are many Facebook Polls where people voted SiteGround as #1 WordPress hosting multiple times. Here are a few of them.

siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
wp rocket facebook poll result
siteground facebook poll 3
siteground facebook poll 2
siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
siteground facebook new poll
bloggerspassion facebook group
siteground facebook poll 2016
siteground facebook poll 1

Besides that also, there are many discussions on Twitter and other social platforms where people always recommend SiteGround as the best web hosting for beginners. I have also attached some other proofs where people have shared positive reviews of SiteGround Hosting Plans.

siteground twitter4
siteground twitter3
siteground twitter2
siteground twitter1
Yoast on Twitter SiteGround
siteground review
siteground review

If you are not aware, Trustpilot is a website where people share their genuine reviews after using any website of their services. And when you visit their website and search for SiteGround, you will find something like this.

siteground trustpilot reviews

You can say that the majority of them are paid but do you really think that 2500+ reviews are fake? I don’t believe so. As if you promote something by spending money, it will work in the short term.

siteground review

But with time, genuine people will definitely come and counter those reviews by writing actual SiteGround reviews on Trustpilot. Let me help you to analyze the details of these reviews of SiteGround on Trustpilot.

You can clearly see that 94% of people have voted SiteGround as an excellent web hosting company. I am sure many of them here are genuine users who actually used SiteGround hosting to host their blogs and got benefited. I am one of them and right now enjoying SiteGround hosting for this blog and my main blog Bloggingjoy.com.

Siteground 75 off discount

Here is a screenshot of my SiteGround hosting purchase receipt during the 2018 SiteGround Black Friday sale. I grabbed their 75% OFF SiteGround discount and saved more than $500 for the next 3 years. That means I don’t have to worry about web hosting for these 2 websites up to 2021.

SiteGround Review

From all these screenshots, one thing is clear that promoting SiteGround hosting is quite easy compared to other web hosting plans. As there is a lot of positive feedbacks available, you can easily convince your readers to go with good hosting which always talks about transparency, SPEED, security & support.

Very Good Commission Structure ($125/Sale)

Yes, you can earn up to $125 for every sale you make for SiteGround. But that is not that easy as SiteGround Affiliate Commission structure has certain conditions. Let me share the SiteGround Affiliate Earning Commission rates.

siteground commission rates
SiteGround Affiliate Program Commission Structure

So, you can start with a very basic commission of $50 per sale, which looks very low when you compare with the A2 Hosting Affiliate program ($85/Sale) and Bluehost Affiliate Program ($65/Sale). But as you give more sales, you can earn more money. With more than 11+ sales, you can earn more than $100 per sale, which is maximum compared to others.

The best part of the SiteGround Affiliate Program is there amazing promotional materials & very good Affiliate Dashboard area. You can easily find out lots of banners, text links, and sale tracking reports.

siteground affiliate campaign create
siteground affiliate campaign dashboard

You can create custom affiliate links with different campaign IDs so that you can easily track from the website or which article you are getting more sales. Although there is a limitation of 10 such custom links, which is good enough if you are focusing on from 1 website only.

create new campaign
How To create new campaign on SiteGround Affiliate Program

Not only that, you can set up a real-time notification for which you will get emails immediately as soon as your affiliate links generate any sale. Although direct source tracking is not possible, you can track them by creating sub-affiliate ids.

siteground affiliate banners
siteground affiliate banners

Awesome Payment System

SiteGround Affiliate Program has a very good payment system. They will review your sales for a few days (60 days max) and accordingly release payments as per the upper limit set by you. You can provide your PayPal id to get the payment directly to your PayPal account without any fail. So far, we received all our payments without any delay or trouble.

siteground affiliate payout details
siteground affiliate payout details

Awesome Support From SiteGround’s Affiliate Team

The best part of the SiteGround affiliate program is their amazing support from their affiliate team too. Yes, like their web hosting support, they have a dedicated team and a manager for your account who will always help you with any kind of issues.

why siteground is best
SiteGround Affiliate Program Review 2020

E.g. we generally connect with them to discuss various promotional tactics, to review our posts and whether we are following their affiliate terms & conditions or not. You can drop an email to your SiteGround Affiliate manager and get a response easily.

In case your website is giving you a good number of SiteGround affiliate sales, then you can request a custom commission structure where you can even generate $125-$135/sale if they find your conversions worth rewarding.Visit SiteGround Website Now

How To Sign Up SiteGround Affiliate Program

So, if you are excited to create an additional income source with SiteGround Affiliate Program then here I will guide you to Sign up with their affiliate programs and few rules.

First of all, Click This Link to open the SiteGround Affiliate Sign Up form. Provide all the necessary details carefully as these details will be used to process your payments. You have to wait for their approval as they will review your website.

SiteGround Affiliate Signup

Tips To Promote SiteGround Affiliate program

Follow the below rules before & after applying to the SiteGround affiliate program.

  • Make sure your website is related to web hosting or blogging niche so that the majority of the readers have an interest in buying web hosting plans. Otherwise, SiteGround may find your website irrelevant and disapprove of your request.
  • While promoting SiteGround affiliate link, never promote using SiteGround Coupon as they don’t offer any coupon code and they will terminate your account in case of any violation.
  • Don’t promote SiteGround Affiliate through any Coupon related websites as it is against their terms. Always refer to SiteGround official pages for any kind of reference to share accurate & authentic information.
siteground affiliate program review
Sign Up SiteGround Affiliate Program Now

The best way to promote SiteGround hosting is by using their web hosting. I am using SiteGround for this website and created many useful tutorials to help readers. This way I can tell the actual review of SiteGround hosting so that they can get actual feedback. So, if you are looking for the best WP Hosting, then Sign Up With SiteGround Now with a 70% discount. Then only you can make good money promoting the SiteGround Affiliate Program.

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