You might have read about Top Indian Bloggers who are making millions from their blogs. But how many of them are easily reachable or actually helping others to get into blogging? In this article, I will be sharing the list of Top Bloggers in India, who are actually helping others to learn blogging through their blogs or Facebook Groups or Forums and you can connect with them easily to get your questions answered.

Blogging has become very popular these days. Many Indian Bloggers are making very good income from blogging besides their regular work. In fact many Indian bloggers are working full-time. I am into blogging from 2007 and I have followed many bloggers. If you search for Top Indian Bloggers, you will be able to find out many of them who are really successful. 

top bloggers of india

Criteria Behind This List Of Top Indian Bloggers To Follow 2020

While preparing such a list of Top Indian Bloggers, I kept only one thing in mind. Whether that blogger is easily accessible by a common person who wants to start a blog or wanted to know how exactly blogging works. Besides that, how much helpful their website content for a beginner to learn blogging from scratch.

As a blogger, personally I have seen many of them grown from zero to a successful blogger now. The list of Pro-Bloggers in India is huge right now. But I have created this list with those bloggers who are actually helping others to get into blogging, who are helping newbie bloggers in everyday blogging and easily accessible to chat or connect.

I am sure many will agree with me, but many may not. But my intention with this article is to list out such amazing bloggers from India. You can comment below and let me know about more such bloggers who are doing amazing work for this blogging community by helping new bloggers. This list will be always open for a new entry,

Top Bloggers In India To Follow In 2020 (Successful Professional Bloggers)

Harsh Agrawal

1. Harsh Agarwal 

Harsh Agarwal is the founder of He is one of the most popular Indian blogger from Delhi. Follow Harsh on Twitter and easily connect with him.

Harsh Agarwal is an engineer who gave up his job and started blogging. In 2009 he started his own blog known as ShoutMeLoud. Presently it is one of the most popular blogs of India, which is evident from the fact that it has 1 million subscribers and easily gets over 1.5 million views per month.

Harsh Agarwal’s blog mainly focuses on blogging, making money online, social media, SEO, and Business blogging. ShoutMeLoud also includes WordPress and everything related to Internet Marketing. Moreover, Mr. Agarwal’s blog also contains digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & businesses.

One of the most unique features of Harsh Agarwal is that he always shares information regarding his monthly income with his fellow bloggers, although he has stopped publishing about his income for the last few months. However, as per the previous income reports, Mr. Agarwal earns $20000 to $40000 per month.

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Pradeep Kumar

2. Pradeep Kumar 

Pradeep Kumar is a Chennai based blogger from India. He runs a very successful blog & forum, You can also join his Facebook Group to connect with him.

Pradeep started HellBoundBloggers when he was only 17 years old. Initially, he started HellBoundBloggers as a personal blog, but later on, after a few years of struggle and learning, he turned HellBoundBloggers into a professional one.

He makes a huge amount of money every month with the help of this blog, which is often more than 2 lakhs rupees. During his initial years of struggle, he realized that blogging is far more than writing something and publishing. It is basically a medium to share quality information.

In his blog, he covers several topics, including social media marketing, blogging tools, WordPress, SEO, online business tips, and e-commerce, etc. HellBoundBlogger receives monthly average traffic of 500, 000, which proves that Mr. Pradeep’s blog is indeed extremely popular among the users.

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Anil Agarwal

3. Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is another very successful blogger in India from Gurgaon. He runs a very popular Indian Blog Join his Facebook Group.

Anil Agarwal started BloggersPassion in the year 2010 after getting inspired by some of the leading money-making niche blogs. Through his blog, Anil always wants to help his fellow bloggers to make a huge amount of money.

Initially, he started BloggerPassion as one of his favorite hobbies, but later, he decided to make blogging his full-time career. He always tries to keep his blog information so that more and more people can benefit from it. His blog is extremely popular and hence receives average monthly traffic of 100,000.

In Mr. Anil’s blog, users will find several topics like blogging tips, WordPress, ways to make money online, SEO, Facebook & twitter marketing, and affiliate marketing. Moreover, BloggerPassion also contains various information related to the best web hosting and domain name.

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Kulwant Nagi

4. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is the Top Indian Affiliate Marketer & Blogger from Haryana. He runs a very successful blog and also run an active Facebook Group.

Presently Kulwant is a very famous full-time blogger who initially started his career as an Affiliate Marketer. In 2011 he entered the blogging market with the help of his blog BloggingCage, which mainly covers topics related to SEO tips, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, and online earning, etc.

For the initial few months, his blog did not receive much recognition, but after that initial period, it became so much popular that since then, he never had to look back. Mr. Kulwant easily makes more than $10,000 a month with the help of BloggingCage. The monthly average traffic that his blog receives is 60,000.

Ankit Singla

5. Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla runs a very popular blog He is from Delhi and also run a very active Facebook Group.

Presently Mr. Ankit is only 25 years old but has already made a huge mark in the blogging market with the help of his top-class blog named as He was born and brought up in New Delhi and is very passionate about blogging and internet marketing.

He usually tries to fill his blog with quality content and tutorials in order to guide the newcomer bloggers on how to improve their blogs. Mr. Ankit’s blog mainly focuses on topics related to general blogging tips, SEO, social media optimization, and traffic building tips, etc.

Mr. Ankit makes a huge amount of money every month with the help of his blog. is extremely popular and hence receives monthly average traffic of over 200,000. From this blog, Mr. Ankit mainly makes money with the help of Brand Partnership and Affiliate Marketing.

Akshay Hallur

6. Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur is the Bengaluru based blogger in India. He runs an amazing blog and help people to learn blogging through his Facebook Group.

Akshay Hallur is a young blogger who has come to the limelight mainly because of his high-quality blog popularly known as BloggingX. Through his blog, he wants to share SEO tips with his fellow bloggers and newcomers.

His blog also contains information related to topics such as blogging ideas, online marketing, and branding tips. Within this blog, users will also find several posts on online branding and SEO.

Earlier, BloggingX was named Go Blogging Tips, which was later on upgraded to the recent BloggingX blog. His blog is relatively new since it was stated in the year 2018.

Swadhin Agrawal

7. Swadhin Agarwal

Swadhin Agarwal is another Top Indian Blogger from Odisha. He is a very modest guy and help people to learn blogging through his blog and Facebook Group.

Swadhin Agarwal started DigitalGYD, which is an award-winning blog in the year 2013. The main motto of this blog is to help all users to make money online. Mr. Swadhin’s blog covers various topics, including SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, and social media, etc.

Within his blogs, apart from the topics mentioned above, users will also find case studies that Mr. Swadhin writes regarding his own projects. From newbie-friendly guides to advanced blogging strategies, Mr. Swadhin’s blog is perfect for those people who want to grow their blogs exponentially.

Mr. Swadhin initially started his career as a freelance writer and content strategist, but after becoming famous and gaining valuable experience, he always tries to help newbies start their own blogs and grow them into profitable online businesses.  

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Pardeep Goyal

8. Pardeep Goyal

Pardeep Goyal is one of the Top Personal Finance Blogger from Chandigarh, India. He help people to learn blogging through various courses & his Blog

In the early stage of his career, Pradeep tried to set up two startups, but unfortunately, he failed in both instances. Then after those failures, he entered the blogging sector with the help of his top-class blog Cashoverflow in the year 2015.

The main aim of his blog is to focus on ways to save money and eventually earn a passive income by starting an online business. Within this blog, users will mainly find topics that are related to finance, online earning, investment, and saving money.

Cashoverflow is extremely popular among the users, so its monthly average traffic is 200,000. Every month Mr. Pradeep earns more than 300,000 rupees from his blog.

Pradeep is one of a different kind of blogger among all. His journey is very motivational as he left his high salary IT job and get into blogging. You can connect with him through his Facebook group or direct social profiles as well.

iftikhar Ahmed

9. Iftekhar Ahmed

Iftekhar Ahmed is another popular Indian blogger from Bhopal. He teach advanced SEO techniques through his blog and his private Facebook Group.

Iftekhar Ahmed is a young computer science graduate who started the iftiseo blog in the year 2013. His blog is well-known for practical tips and different types of tactics in blogging, SEO, and online earnings.

Apart from the above-mentioned niche, users will also find several speeches and sessions related to blogging events.

Mr. Iftekhar mainly works as an SEO Analyst and has worked on various other blogs apart from his own blog, iftiseo. He generates revenue from his blog with the help of affiliate marketing and brand partnership.   

Users will generally find a limited number of articles, but each and every article which he publishes on his blog is very informative and are of high-quality. Mr. Iftekhar, on an average, publishes around 20 articles per year.

Pritam Nagrale

10. Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is one of the Top Indian Blogger from Mumbai who made million from blogging. He shares amazing blogging tips & practical knowledge through his blog & YouTube channel.

Mr. Nagrale was born and brought up in Kota (Rajasthan) and completed his engineering from one of the most prestigious college LIT Nagpur.     

Initially, he failed to succeed in the blogging department. However, after three years of hard work, he started his first success blog MoneyConnexion in the year 2012, although he was already generating online income since 2004. In 2004 he used to do affiliate marketing for eBay and other companies through CJ. 

At the moment, MoneyConnexion is immensely popular, which is evident from the fact that Mr. Nagrale’s blog presently receives over 1 million page views per month. Moreover, Pritam’s present income from blogging is over $1 Million.

Apart from MoneyConnexion, he has another popular blog named as, which is even more popular than MoneyConnexion. was also started in the year 2012, which presently receives more than 1.5 million page views.

umer qureshi

11. Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi is the successful young Indian Blogger, who is making 6 figure income at the age of 15 only. He always help people to learn blogging through hi blog and his Facebook Group.

Umer is one of the successful blogger from India who become a Pro-Blogger at the age of 15 only. Yes, in his age when almost every kid is bust playing games, Umer found some purpose in life and get into blogging.

Not only that, in this competition Umer has positioned him as one of the unique blogger at this early age. Recently he has been featured in many leading newspapers in India which is a great achievement.

He also run a Facebook Group which is growing very fast. In fact one of the Top Facebook Groups for Bloggers in India. His interest towards blogging, affiliate marketing & SEO in such a young age is really admirable. He is going to become the Top Blogger in India very soon.

Special Mention

Besides all these amazing Pro-Bloggers from India, I would like to include a couple of names on this list. It feels a bit odd though, however, I want to mention myself and my good friend Sumit Sao here. We both are also trying our level best to help people through blogging. Our Facebook Groups are very popular and many Indian bloggers connect with us regularly.

santanu debnath

Santanu Debnath

I run this blog where I share all the needed information to help people to get into blogging and be a better blogger. Besides that, my Facebook group, The Blogger’s Team has grown to 14K+ members within 1 year. I also run a YouTube channel where I started to upload useful videos related to blogging.

Sumit Sao

Sumit Sao

Sumit is a very popular blogger from Chhattisgarh. His blog is full of amazing content related to blogging. He has great design skills and always helps people by sharing valuable Blogging Tips through his Facebook Group. His Group has 21k+ members so far.

Conclusion: Best Indian Bloggers To Follow In 2020

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have discussed the top 11 pro-bloggers of India who always help beginners to start a blog. All the bloggers mentioned above are incredibly famous, so a true blog enthusiast will undoubtedly be familiar with these bloggers and their blogs.

All the newcomers should definitely make use of the above list of top Indian bloggers, read their blogs regularly, and learn how to become a motivational blogger in the near future. Join their Facebook Groups and ask question in case you find any problem. They are the best mentors in blogging in India. Feel free to write a comment below and share your feedback about this list of Top Bloggers Of India in 2020.

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  1. This Article is very Motivational for any newbie blogger for sure but why Pritam Nagrale is on the 10th number in the list, we know his blog money connexion succeeded in 2012 but he was in the blogging industry from 2008 as well as he was already making online income since 2004.
    As per his experience, I think he doesn’t deserve 10th place on the list.

    1. Don’t go by the numbers, it’s not ranking. No one can rank them as they are experts by their own and equally successful. I just numbered them so that while referring them we can do that easily.

  2. This a great list you’ve created, Santanu.

    I have carefully followed most of these top bloggers, i must say they are doing well and easy to reach when in need

    Akshay Hallur helped me to understand the basics of affiliate marketing

    Iftekhar Ahmed made available for us, premium tools that i can’t afford with my money

    While we are in doubt with Adsense earnings, Harsh Agarwal gave us hope

    Sumit Sao Facebook community i can’t do without, so resourceful.

    It’s nice getting to meet with you all.

  3. Awesome list of Blogging gurus brother.
    I especially like Anil Aggarwal sir’s blog, he is my inspiration from the last couple of days.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list 😃

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    very Motivational for any beginners
    This is quite an amazing blog you have here, Real beautiful Article, Thanks for sharing

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