Which is the best hosting among Bluehost Vs iPage in 2023? In this detailed head-to-head comparison between iPage Vs Bluehost, we will go through all the essential features, performance, uptime, security, pricing, customer support, ease of use, and pros and cons so that you can easily make a decision between these 2 popular web hosting services.

Bluehost Vs iPage Hosting (Quick Comparison)

Before heading toward the in-depth comparison of Bluehost Vs iPage, let me share a summarized review of these 2 hosting providers. Undoubtedly, Bluehost is very popular, cost-effective, and comes with many features, whereas iPage offers domain registration and cheap web hosting plans for beginners.

bluehost web hosting rating

Bluehost Review 2023

  • Overall Rating (4.75/5)
  • Types of Hosting (4/5)
  • Hosting Features (4.25/5)
  • Disk Space (5/5)
  • Uptime (4/5)
  • Help and Support (5/5)
  • Value For Money (5/5)

iPage Hosting Review 2023

  • Overall Rating (4.45/5)
  • Types of Hosting (4/5)
  • Hosting Features (4.25/5)
  • Disk Space (5/5)
  • Uptime (3.5/5)
  • Help and Support (5/5)
  • Value For Money (4/5)

Why is Bluehost better than iPage Hosting?

Bluehost has better customer support, ease of use & attractive pricing options than iPage. Bluehost is also one of the most trusted web hosting companies for a very long time. In fact, they have been the #1 recommended hosting provider for years. Bluehost has plenty of resources to help beginners start their web hosting journey.

bluehost best wordpress hosting

Two names – Bluehost and iPage – often rise to prominence during this competition. However, after careful comparison, it becomes apparent that Bluehost consistently outshines iPage in several key areas, making it the superior choice for many users.

  1. Performance and Uptime: Performance is crucial when choosing a web hosting service. Bluehost provides an uptime of 99.99%, meaning your website will rarely encounter downtime. iPage, while providing a decent uptime, does not match Bluehost’s reliability.
  2. Speed: Bluehost leverages state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide faster page load speeds than iPage. This difference is noteworthy in an era where speed can directly impact search engine ranking and user experience.
  3. Features: Bluehost is rich in features, offering free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, one-click WordPress installation, and more. Bluehost is one of the few officially recommended hosting providers by WordPress. iPage, while offering a suite of features, lags in quality and quantity compared to Bluehost.
  4. Customer Support: Bluehost’s customer support is available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone. They also provide a rich knowledge base filled with tutorials and guides. While iPage does offer 24/7 support, Bluehost’s team is more responsive and knowledgeable, leading to quicker issue resolution.
  5. Security: Bluehost offers superior security features like daily malware scans, spam protection, and more. iPage’s security measures, while adequate, do not provide the same level of protection.
  6. Pricing and Value for Money: While iPage may appear cheaper initially, Bluehost’s packages deliver more excellent value. Their plans provide more generous resource allocation and a more comprehensive range of advanced features.

In conclusion, while Bluehost and iPage are viable web hosting options, Bluehost consistently outranks iPage in performance, speed, features, customer support, security, and value for money. For users seeking a reliable, feature-packed web hosting solution, Bluehost stands as a clear choice.

Bluehost Vs iPage Comparison 2023

Bluehost scored higher than iPage in our rankings, making it the overall winner. If you’re convinced and don’t want to continue, you can easily pick the right hosting using the links below. We always recommend Bluehost as the best hosting, and you can refer to this article: why Bluehost is the best hosting for social proofs.

Bluehost Vs iPage comparison review
Bluehost Vs iPage comparison review

Bluehost Vs iPage: Uptime

The actual quality of a web hosting company depends on several factors/characteristics, out of which uptime is the most essential one. A web host with a good uptime percentage keeps a website active most of the time, and hence more visitors come to the website, eventually increasing its popularity.    

Bluehost Uptime Review

Luckily, BlueHost provides an excellent uptime guarantee, so websites with BlueHost as the web host face negligible downtime. For the last 12 months, BlueHost has delivered an uptime percentage of 99.99%, which easily surpasses the benchmark, which is 99.93%.

Web Hosting Uptime Monitor

Websites with BlueHost as web host face a total downtime of nearly two hours for the year. However, users may also encounter poor uptime months when the uptime percentage stays less than the average value.                                                                                       

iPage Hosting Review

iPage has several exciting features, but the uptime percentage is not a strong point since it delivers an uptime of 99.82%, which is way below the benchmark value. Due to the poor uptime percentage, websites that use iPage as the web host face more than 15 hours of downtime annually.

Winner: BlueHost 

BlueHost easily wins this round since it offers a better uptime guarantee than iPage.  

Bluehost Vs iPage: Features and Ease of Use

BlueHost Key Features

BlueHost offers several exceptional features like a free SSL certificate, free site migration, free domain name for the first year, an excellent uptime guarantee of 99.99%, a one-click WordPress installation feature, automatic updates, above-average security features, and a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.  

bluehost premium features

Furthermore, BlueHost also comes with a straightforward customized cPanel using which users can effortlessly manage their website even if they are using its interface for the first time. It also comes with a free site builder that allows users to create top-quality websites without writing a single line of code.

iPage Key Features

iPage, on the other hand, also offers exciting features like its competitors. Some popular features of iPage include free domain name, 1-click WordPress installation, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, unlimited domains, a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and a free shopping cart and online store.  

Moreover, iPage also comes with free site-building tools, which are extremely easy to handle, even for a new member. The overall interface of iPage is also highly user-friendly and beginner-friendly. After setting up the website, users will get frequent tips and guides which help them further.  

Winner: Draw

We cannot declare a winner in this category since BlueHost and iPage have several exciting features. Moreover, both companies offer a beginner-friendly interface that every user can handle without prior knowledge.

Bluehost Vs iPage: Traffic Limit

BlueHost Traffic Limit

BlueHost does not imply any traffic limitation on its hosting services. Due to this feature, websites with BlueHost as web hosts get massive daily visitors. However, BlueHost has specially designed VPS and Dedicated hosting services to handle high traffic. 

Per our reports, If users go for the Dedicated or VPS hosting services of BlueHost, they can expect a maximum of 100K visitors daily. Although, all users just starting a new blog can consider other BlueHost hosting services that are good enough to handle initial website traffic.

iPage Traffic Limit

Like some of its competitors, iPage has no traffic limitations on all its hosting services. Due to this, users get heavy traffic on their website, and as per our observations, a website with iPage as a web host can get 50,000 visitors per day.

Winner: BlueHost

BlueHost wins this round since its VPS and Dedicated Hosting services allow more daily visitors than iPage. However, both hosting companies do not come with any traffic limitations.

Bluehost Vs iPage: Performance & Speed

BlueHost Performance Review

The speed at which a website load significantly impacts its popularity. Nowadays, almost every user prefers to use a fast-loading website where the images and information load within a few seconds rather than a slow one since they don’t want to waste time waiting for the website to load completely.

bluehost performance features review

So, users should always go for a fast website hosting company to get a fast-loading website. Luckily, BlueHost has a fantastic speed, evident from the test websites loading entirely within a few seconds. Per our test, a website that uses BlueHost has an average loading time of 324ms.  

iPage Performance Review

Like Uptime, Speed is an opposing point of this famous hosting company. iPage is constantly trying to improve its loading speed. Still, over the last 12 months, the websites that use iPage have an average loading time of 1910 ms, almost three times slower than the other top-quality hosting companies.

Winner: BlueHost

BlueHost easily wins this round since it offers a much better loading speed than iPage.

Bluehost Vs iPage: Security

BlueHost Security Review

BlueHost comes with exceptional security features, making the user’s website more trustworthy among visitors. Despite being one of the cheapest hosting companies, BlueHost does not compromise on its security aspect and comes with several security features, of which most features are present by default.

bluehost security features review

BlueHost comes with a free SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate, an encryption protocol that secures all data users share on their website from hackers and other online threats. It also has a domain privacy feature that keeps users’ personal information away from public internet logs.

BlueHost also comes with a SiteLock feature using which this exceptional web hosting company scans users’ websites daily for viruses and malware and performs 24/7 network monitoring on company servers. It also integrates with Cloudflare CDN, which speeds up the website and protects it from DDoS attacks. 

Furthermore, BlueHost also offers the Codeguard feature, which, apart from protecting the website against external attacks, provides daily backups so that users can roll back to the previous website versions if it gets hacked. 

Last but not least, BlueHost also integrates flawlessly with Postini, a security tool from Google which provides spam protection for users’ emails so that no suspicious email can enter the user’s inbox. 

Users may encounter several other security features while using BlueHost, but we have only mentioned the most effective ones here.

iPage Security Review

iPage gives immense importance to its security infrastructure, and it is one of the main reasons for its worldwide popularity. Some of the popular security features of iPage include 24/7 monitoring for malware, nightly backups and restores, a firewall, and Cloudflare CDN.

iPage comes with SiteLock security features through which this web hosting company performs malware scans and eventually protects the website from online threats. iPage comes with free SSL certificates that secure every piece of information that users share on their websites from hackers and other online threats.

Winner: BlueHost

Again, BlueHost wins this round comfortably as it offers more security features than iPage.

Bluehost Vs iPage: Customer Support

BlueHost Customer Support Review

BlueHost has a 24/7 customer support facility through live chat, phone support, and a ticketing system. Whenever users face any issue, they can report it to the customer agents through the abovementioned processes. The support agents quickly solve the problems and eventually develop an appropriate answer.

bluehost customer review

Users can also take help from the extensive documentation section that contains helpful guides, video tutorials, FAQs, and how-to topics that discuss several issues users may face while using BlueHost. The documentation section is very beneficial, so users usually get answers to their queries. 

iPage Customer Support Review

iPage provides a 24/7 customer support facility, much like its competitors. Users can contact the support agents through live chat, telephone, or email whenever they encounter an issue. Users will not face any waiting time in the live chat service, calls are answered in less than 2 mins, and emails are answered within two hours.

Moreover, users can also go to iPage’s documentation section and seek help from helpful articles, video tutorials, how-to guides, troubleshooting guides, and informative FAQs. The documentation section contains helpful content, which usually solves users’ issues.

Winner: Draw

We cannot declare a winner in this category as both companies offer a 24/7 customer support facility through live chat, telephone, and email or a ticketing system. Moreover, both BlueHost and iPage come with an extensive documentation section.

Bluehost Vs iPage: Pricing and renewal

Bluehost Pricing Review

Bluehost includes four pricing plans: Basic Plan, Choice Plus Plan, Online Store Plan, Pro Plan.

  • Basic Plan: $2.95/month
  • Choice Plus Plan: $5.45/month
  • Online Store Plan: $9.95/month
  • Pro Plan: $13.95/month
bluehost pricing review

The Basic Plan and the Plus Plan are $2.95/month, and $5.45/month, respectively, while on the other hand, the Choice Plus Plan and the Pro Plan are available at $5.45/month, and $13.95/month, respectively.

For renewing the Basic Plan and the Plus Plan, users need to spend $9.95/month and $13.99/month, respectively, whereas, on the other hand, the Choice Plus Plan and the Pro Plan’s renewal cost is $18.99/month, $28.99/month, respectively.

iPage Pricing Review

Unlike several other competitors, iPage offers two hosting services: Shared hosting and WordPress Hosting. This section will highlight the pricing structure and the renewal price of all iPage’s hosting services. iPage’s WordPress Hosting service includes two pricing plans.

  • WP Starter Plan: Users can sign up for a three-year scheme, which costs $3.75/month or go for the two-year scheme, which costs $3.75/month, whereas, on the other hand, the one-year scheme also costs $3.75/month.
  • WP Essential Plan: Users can select the three-year pricing scheme that costs $6.95/month, or go for the two-year pricing scheme that costs $6.95/month, while, on the other hand, the one-year pricing scheme costs $6.95/month.

Winner: iPage

iPage wins this rouns since it offers cheaper pricing plans than BlueHost.  

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do BlueHost and iPage come with a money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, BlueHost and iPage come with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this reason, if users are not satisfied with the services of BlueHost or iPage, they can give up their services within 30 days of their first purchase to get back the entire invested amount. 

Is iPage good for setting up an online store?

Yes, iPage is an ideal web host for setting up an online store because it has a straightforward one-click installer, PayPal integration, and multiple cart options for users, including PrestaShop, AgoraCart, OpenCart, etc.  

Is it possible to transfer users’ existing websites to iPage? 

Yes, iPage offers detailed tutorials on moving an existing domain along with actual website files to their servers, but they also have experts who can help users with the website transfer process.

Does iPage use cPanel?

Unfortunately, iPage does not support the cPanel. Instead, customers are given the popular vDeck software for managing their accounts and other website services.

Conclusion:  Which Is Better Between Bluehost Vs iPage in 2023?

Finally, in the end, we will declare BlueHost as the overall winner since it has won in most of the categories mentioned above. We are using Bluehost hosting for many of our websites, and there is no doubt that Bluehost is the best web hosting to start your blogging journey.

bluehost reviews trustpilot

But the bottom line is you must understand your web hosting need before deciding which is better, Bluehost Vs iPage. If you are a beginner looking for affordable hosting with quality features like free domain & more, Bluehost is the perfect hosting. Although iPage will also fit into your scheme, its pricing structure is less attractive than Bluehost’s.

So, which is the best hosting among Bluehost Vs iPage for beginners in 2023? Feel free to write a comment below and share your thoughts.

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