Not sure about YouTube in 2021? Then check out these 21 YouTube Stats first and then you will understand clearly what is the potential of YouTube & how exactly you can leverage YouTube for your online business. During the 21st century, YouTube statistics seem to be spoiler alert. YouTube is still larger than all other social media platforms. 

Suppose you are new to YouTube as a creator, then if you are looking to develop your YouTube subscribers’ number. Or do you wish to become an experienced video marketer looking to improve your brand’s YouTube video views? 

YouTube makes it so simple for content makers to share their content with a massive audience. And as an ultimate fact, there’s a broader range of content to pick out from options if it’s endless beauty tutorials, gaming channels, product reviews, or hours of unboxing videos. You have got millions of YouTube channels out there; you need to be assured to identify at least some that reach you as fascinating. Let us talk out with the top 21 unique stats you need to understand in 2021 to stay ahead of your competition. 

youtube stats for marketers
YouTube stats for marketers in 2021

21+ YouTube Stats and Analytics: The 2021 Edition

1. Demographics of Minority Users:

YouTube audience research reveals that white users are smaller on the platform. YouTube users consist of 71% of white people are from the U.S., 78% of Hispanic origins, and 76% of black people who are African-Americans from America. 

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2. YouTube got the fastest-growing Demographics:

Today, YouTube users with the age groups of 35+ and 55+ with the fastest-growing YouTube audience. It has more than 60 million users between the ages of 35 and 54 on YouTube, and nearly 40 million users are 55 years old. 

3. 96% of U.S. Teens Stay Internet:

In 2020, 96 percent of teenagers from the U.S. were using YouTube. The total estimation revealed a 9% improvement from 2014. 

Also, the same survey reports had a task to check the purpose of social media networks among teens, where it found that Facebook uses 76% of U.S. teens, which is less than 2% than in 2014. 

Newer platform networks, like Snapchat, had extensively more considerable, more productive three-year periods, obtaining a raise in the teens following by 28%.

4. Females Watch Beauty Videos:

YouTube statistics and their details reveal that females are also driving gender stereotypes. It has got 89 percent of the subscribers following the make-up and cosmetics categories, making it the most prominent type among the audience. Skin and nail care videos followed with 85 percent of females group subscribing to the videos in a particular location. Then they also come across weight loss, pop music, East Asian music, and pets. 

5. 18 to 24 Aged Users Are 96%:

From the beginning of 2018, 96% of the U.S. internet users aged 18 to 24 years old, after entering YouTube at least once within a month, passed them for an active user rank. The primary modern data reveals a 2% reduction in the user base. It is entirely known as YouTube stats!

In January, 95% of users aged between 25 and 34 were on YouTube, while U.S. internet users ten years older were already 5 percent lesser numbers. 

6. Males Preferably Watch Soccer:

 On YouTube, 94% of the following soccer uses, meanwhile only as a fragment, and little users have methods games as their preferred videos. The next top five YouTube categories for men are basketball, shooter games, Xbox, massive multiplayer games, and virtual games. 

7. 86% of Millennials Dads Checks YouTube:

Millennials’ parents, particularly fathers, seem to use YouTube as a purposeful guide to parenting. 86% of them have picked to put the piece of their child’s instruction from the hands of YouTubers wanting to share inside tricks about parenting. 

Basic YouTube Facts & Stats:

8. Google Purchased YouTube for $1.65B:

The facts panel couldn’t begin without describing Google’s purchase of the company. On 9th October 2006, Google published its takeover of YouTube for $1.65 million, which was declared to retain an independent company and not harm its community and brand. 

9. Sequoia Capital Spent $11.5M:

YouTube stats, including the data from the previous year’s list several essential investors, the many noteworthy of Sequoia Capital. Moreover, Sequoia Capital is a prominent name in the tech world. The company has got its more massive investments such as Apple, Cisco, Airbnb, Tumblr, Atari, Reddit, and hundreds of others. The company also put $11.5 million into YouTube less than a year after the video network was announced. 

10. YouTube Channels Earns 6 Figures Within Year:

The Total number of YouTube channels earns about six figures within a year; it has got 50% year after year. 

Every year, the total number of channels that earn more than $100K increases by 50%. Reaching this milestone is considered by YouTubers as the point. In which they can turn video making into full-time jobs. 

11. Google’s Annual Income Comes From YouTube:

Google takes a turn around of $15 billion of total income from YouTube every year. This count has gradually started to increase after Google obtained the video streaming platform. 

12. YouTube’s Youngest Star:

In 2017, YouTube’s youngest star used eight years old Ryan, where ToyReview has received $11M. Also, it got renamed Ryan’s World. 

Are you eager what differentiates him from the rest of the kids? Everyone has channels on the platform because he has managed the rest of the kids with the YouTube platform’s channels. The significant criteria that he has managed to turn out to be the youngest and upcoming YouTube star. 

Also, he gained 27.9 million subscribers till 2020 and got an $11 million income in 2017. 

Types of YouTube Video Stats:

Begin crafting your videos using fascinating methods, where every audience will be attracted  in watching your videos on YouTube channel. Video statistics and their techniques help you improve the video content. 

Some of the other important video-making strategies that attract viewers’ to spend more on your videos by increasing watch time for YouTube are discussed below. Also, watch hours for YouTube inflates your video with higher monetized value for your YouTube channel. 

  • Make sure you post at the right time.
  • Using an organized playlist. 
  • YouTube cards and end slates, 
  • Craft an effective teaser,
  • Create eagerness for YouTube Premiere.
  • Compel with the Community tab.

Below are the explained YouTube stats for the videos:

13. 500 hours of YouTube Videos:

Within every single minute, about 500 hours of YouTube video posted on YouTube. The same time frame also checks Google searches of 3.8 million with 150K emails and 450K Tweets. 

14. Average Viewing Session:

YouTube users spend at least forty minutes for every viewing session on YouTube videos. The network platforms consist of the topmost number in their user engagement and total time spent on the website by obtaining a 50% rise in full viewing time from the previous year. 

15. YouTube Spaces Generates 10K Videos:

YouTube established offices all over the globe that can comprise thousands of YouTubers. Moreover, each and everyone is encouraged to come to the YouTube Spaces and operate from there. 

While working out of YouTube, spaces generated 10K videos with more than 70 million watch time and higher than one billion total views, YouTube video stats estimated. 

Based on March 2015, YouTube video creators in Spaces have generated over 10K videos that have produced more than 1B views for the videos and got 70M of watch time. 

16. 720p HD support: 

Earlier, YouTube users were only provided the chance to look at low definition videos on the YouTube platform for the initial three years of the starting stages. It supported limiting the amount of server storage required to hold the videos as SD videos that take little space than HD ones. 

Anyhow in 2008, YouTube planned to work out the 720p HD option or recently updated options. 

17. YouTube has got 1080p and 4K format videos:

After two years later bringing out the 720p quality, YouTube said that even higher definitions are coming to the platform. The proclamation of full-HD or 1080p videos and the 4K types was received with enjoyment and acceptance by the users. 

Advertisers Stats on YouTube:

18. 68% of YouTuber Users Helps For Purchasing Decision:

YouTube has turned into an invaluable tool in supporting us to make shopping decisions. The platform has activated us to check the first-hand experiences with products we are considering to buy and decide if they are suitable for us. Moreover, it’s astonishing YouTube facts. 

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For this reason, 68 percent of YouTube users find the network to search for the services and products they wish to buy. 

19. Earn To 0.05$ for every view:

YouTube stats record that based on the users’ age limit and their view rate, YouTube gains up to 0.05 dollars for every video view. 

Users aged between 18 and 24 years have a view rate of 27%, and they bring out 0.042 dollars to YouTube for every view. 

20. The U.S. Known As Largest YouTube Market:

About 16.6% of YouTube checks come from the U.S., where it is the largest country for the platform. The second-largest market in India, with 8.1% of views, started from the Asian country. Another Asian country like Japan takes the third space on the list with its participation of 4.7%. Russian ranks with 4.3%, meanwhile China consists of fifth place with 3.7% views for the YouTube videos. 

21. 70% of Users spend Based on AI algorithms:

YouTube has got algorithms employed that recommend the new videos from the channels that the users are not required to subscribe to based on the user’s choices and watch history. 

YouTube trends indicate that the users identify the platform’s video suggestion algorithm effectiveness as 70% of the time average users spend on YouTube. By watching the videos in its suggested category. 


Today, in this article, we have unpacked 21 YouTube stats and their types that dominate the supreme. To get the best-known results, I strongly suggest these stats for the massive developments and then gaining engagement rate. 

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