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best lifestyle blogs to follow

Exploring the world of Best lifestyle blogs is an exciting journey into varied interests, personal experiences, and unique perspectives. These blogs are not just online platforms; they are vibrant communities where ideas, tips, and inspirations for a better living are shared. Whether you’re looking for fashion advice, travel stories, home decor ideas, or wellness tips, lifestyle blogs offer a treasure trove of content.

Each lifestyle blog has its own flavor, reflecting the personality and passions of its creator. From the stylish and sophisticated to the quirky and creative, these blogs provide a glimpse into different lifestyles, encouraging readers to enhance their own lives in various ways. They are not only a source of entertainment but also a resource for practical tips and motivation.

What makes these blogs truly special is their relatable nature. Bloggers share their personal stories and experiences, making readers feel like they’re getting advice from a friend. This personal touch helps in building a community of like-minded individuals who engage, share, and grow together.

In today’s digital age, where everyone is looking for authenticity and personal connection, lifestyle blogs stand out as platforms that offer both. They are not just about the latest trends but about creating a meaningful life that resonates with one’s personal values and aspirations. Whether you’re a longtime follower of lifestyle blogs or just beginning to explore this exciting world, there’s always something new and inspiring to discover.

Top 25+ Best Lifestyle Blogs To Follow For Inspiration And Success

1. TheSkinnyConfidential.com

TheSkinnyConfidential.com is a vibrant and modern lifestyle blog that combines a mix of wellness tips, beauty secrets, and personal life anecdotes. Created by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, it offers a unique blend of health-focused content with a stylish twist.

  • Focus Areas: Health, beauty, wellness, and personal development.
  • Unique Features: Regular podcasts, a strong social media presence, and engaging, relatable content.
  • Community Engagement: Active interaction with readers through comments, social media, and personalized responses.

2. TheBlondeAbroad.com

TheBlondeAbroad.com is a celebrated travel and lifestyle blog by Kiersten Rich, focusing on solo female travel. It provides tips, destination guides, and personal insights into traveling the world as a woman.

  • Content Themes: Solo female travel, destination guides, travel tips, and photography.
  • Distinctive Element: Emphasizes empowering women through travel.
  • Awards and Recognition: Recognized in notable travel publications and media for its influence and quality.

3. CupofJo.com

CupofJo.com is a lifestyle blog by Joanna Goddard that covers a wide array of topics, from motherhood to travel, style, and food. It’s known for its personable and heartfelt content.

  • Main Topics: Family, style, travel, food, and relationships.
  • Community Aspect: Strong reader engagement and a sense of community.
  • Special Features: Series on motherhood, relationships, and personal stories.

4. PrimerMagazine.com

PrimerMagazine.com is geared towards young men, offering advice on affordable style, self-development, and how-to guides. The blog presents practical advice for men navigating early adulthood.

  • Target Audience: Young men and recent college graduates.
  • Content Variety: Style guides, personal growth, career advice, and lifestyle tips.
  • Unique Offering: Practical and budget-friendly style advice.

5. RachelParcell.com

RachelParcell.com is a personal blog by Rachel Parcell, a fashion designer who shares her insights into fashion, home decor, and lifestyle. The blog beautifully blends personal life stories with professional fashion advice.

  • Focus Areas: Fashion, home decor, and lifestyle.
  • Exclusive Insights: Behind-the-scenes looks at fashion design and entrepreneurship.
  • Personal Touch: Rachel’s personal experiences and family life are interwoven with professional content.

6. CamilleStyles.com

CamilleStyles.com, created by Camille Styles, is a lifestyle blog that emphasizes living a healthy and stylish life. It offers a fresh perspective on home, beauty, and entertaining.

  • Content Focus: Wellness, beauty, home decor, and party planning.
  • Engaging Features: DIY projects, recipes, and wellness tips.
  • Visual Appeal: High-quality photography and a visually appealing layout.

7. CupcakesAndCashmere.com

CupcakesAndCashmere.com by Emily Schuman blends fashion, food, and lifestyle content in a uniquely approachable manner. It’s known for its chic and relatable take on everyday living.

  • Major Themes: Fashion, beauty, home décor, and recipes.
  • Interactive Elements: Weekly series, lifestyle tips, and shopping guides.
  • Brand Expansion: Successful launch of a clothing line and a book.

8. ABeautifulMess.com

ABeautifulMess.com, founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, focuses on creating a beautiful life through DIY projects, recipes, and home decor ideas.

  • DIY and Creativity: A strong emphasis on do-it-yourself projects and crafts.
  • Diverse Content: Home renovation tips, photography tutorials, and recipe sharing.
  • Business Ventures: Developed their own photo editing app and craft supplies.

9. ThePioneerWoman.com

ThePioneerWoman.com by Ree Drummond offers a glimpse into country living with a focus on simple, delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, and heartwarming stories.

  • Rural Lifestyle: Insights into life on a ranch.
  • Culinary Focus: Easy-to-follow recipes and cooking tips.
  • Media Presence: A television show and a series of bestselling cookbooks.

10. Goop.com

Goop.com, founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, is a contemporary lifestyle brand offering advice on wellness, beauty, fashion, and travel. It’s known for its holistic and sometimes unconventional approach.

  • Wellness and Health: Focuses on physical and mental well-being.
  • Product Lines: Offers its own range of beauty and wellness products.
  • Controversial Topics: Sometimes features unconventional health and lifestyle advice.

11. VerveMagazine.In

VerveMagazine.In stands out as a premier Indian lifestyle magazine with a focus on fashion, arts, culture, and lifestyle. It offers a blend of contemporary and traditional Indian culture.

  • Cultural Fusion: Showcases both modern and traditional aspects of Indian life.
  • Diverse Coverage: Includes fashion, arts, travel, and social issues.
  • Visual Storytelling: Rich in photography and design elements.

12. TheStripe.com

TheStripe.com, created by Grace Atwood, is a lifestyle blog that melds together beauty, books, travel, and fashion. It’s celebrated for its relatable content and personal touch.

  • Varied Interests: Emphasis on personal growth, book reviews, and beauty tips.
  • Interactive Features: Book clubs and regular Q&A sessions with the audience.
  • Personal Stories: Grace’s personal experiences and lifestyle choices are integral to the content.

13. LaurenKaySims.com

LaurenKaySims.com is a fashion and lifestyle blog by Lauren Kay Sims. It focuses on fitness, fashion, beauty, and travel, presented in a down-to-earth and approachable style.

  • Fashion and Fitness: Offers a unique perspective on staying stylish while being fit.
  • Life Balance: Tips on balancing work, fitness, and personal life.
  • Authentic Voice: Lauren’s personal experiences and lifestyle tips offer a genuine touch.

14. Refinery29.com

Refinery29.com is a leading media and entertainment company focused on young women. It offers a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, and news content, often with a feminist slant.

  • Empowering Content: Focuses on issues relevant to young women.
  • Broad Spectrum: Covers everything from fashion to hard-hitting news.
  • Inclusivity: Known for its diverse voices and perspectives.

15. OnBetterLiving.com

OnBetterLiving.com is a blog dedicated to healthier living and personal growth. It offers practical tips on wellness, food, travel, and living a more balanced life.

  • Wellness Oriented: Focus on health, nutrition, and mental well-being.
  • Practical Tips: Offers actionable advice for a better lifestyle.
  • Explorative Travel: Includes content on discovering new cultures and experiences.

16. TheBlondeSalad.com

TheBlondeSalad.com is a fashion-forward blog that blends style with personal storytelling. Founded by Chiara Ferragni, it has evolved into a comprehensive platform covering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

  • Content Variety: Focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and people.
  • Fashion-Forward: Known for trendsetting in the fashion industry.
  • Influential Presence: Chiara Ferragni’s influence extends beyond the blog, marking her as a notable figure in fashion.

17. WitAndDelight.com

WitAndDelight.com is a lifestyle blog that explores the intersection of personal style, wellness, and interior design. It aims to inspire its readers to design a well-lived life.

  • Broad Range of Topics: Covers interiors & decor, fashion & style, health & wellness, relationships, and more.
  • Aesthetic and Practical: Blends beautiful design with useful life advice.
  • Personal and Relatable: Known for its approachable tone and personal touch.

18. TheFreshExchange.com

TheFreshExchange.com is a blog dedicated to home and garden enthusiasts, offering a rich mix of DIY guides, recipes, and insights into sustainable living.

  • DIY and Gardening: Focuses on gardening and home DIY projects.
  • Holistic Approach: Incorporates aspects of sustainable living and natural wellness.
  • Engaging Content: Offers practical advice and engaging stories related to home and garden.

19. JuliaBerolzheimer.com

JuliaBerolzheimer.com is a personal lifestyle blog by Julia Berolzheimer, focusing on fashion, home decor, and family life. It blends personal storytelling with lifestyle inspiration.

  • Lifestyle and Fashion: Highlights daily looks, home life, and style tips.
  • Personal and Authentic: Features personal stories and experiences.
  • Shopping Guides: Offers curated shopping guides and fashion recommendations.

20. LaurenKaySims.com

LaurenKaySims.com is a fashion and lifestyle blog by Lauren Kay Sims, focusing on a blend of fashion, fitness, health, and family life, delivered in an engaging and relatable style.

  • Diverse Lifestyle Topics: Covers fashion, fitness & health, beauty, faith & inspiration, and home & family.
  • Fashion and Fitness: Regular posts on fitness tips and fashion trends.
  • Personal and Inspirational: Lauren shares personal experiences, offering inspiration and lifestyle advice.

Based on the detailed descriptions provided, here are summaries for five more lifestyle blogs from the list:

21. Ape to Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman is an authoritative men’s lifestyle blog offering a comprehensive view of the modern man’s world. It’s a collaborative effort by expert journalists, each specializing in different aspects like grooming, automotive, and style.

  • Specialized Content: Each contributor focuses on a specific industry like grooming, cars, or fashion.
  • Men’s Lifestyle Focus: Covers fashion, style, men’s hair products, car reviews, beverages, timepieces, and food.
  • Content Quality: High-quality, informative articles reflecting the expertise of the contributing journalists.


HBFIT, by Hannah Bronfman, revolves around her passions for health, beauty, and fitness. It’s a digital window into her life, covering physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

  • Holistic Wellness: Discusses a wide range of wellness topics, including beauty tips and mental health.
  • Interactive Content: Features HBFIT TV with video tips and guest appearances.
  • Diverse Topics: Includes holiday gift ideas, spa reviews, and travel experiences.

23. Thirteen Thoughts

Thirteen Thoughts is a personal blog by Paula, covering lifestyle, photography, beauty, and wellness. It showcases her journey as a self-taught photographer and blogger.

  • Diverse Interests: Focuses on blogging, photography, beauty, and wellness.
  • Self-Taught Expertise: Paula shares her journey and experiences in photography and blogging.
  • Inspiration for Aspiring Bloggers: Offers a free blogging course, serving as an inspiration for newcomers.

24. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess, created by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, is a versatile blog featuring content on house décor, food, business, blogging, photography, wellness, DIY crafts, style, and makeup.

  • Creative and Business Blend: Elsie handles the creative content while Emma focuses on business aspects.
  • Rich Content Library: Covers a wide range of topics from interior decoration to crafts and recipes.
  • Multimedia Approach: Uses videos, books, and podcasts to engage with the audience.

25. Corporette

Corporette by Kat Griffin is a unique blog catering to professional women. It combines fashion advice with career insights, specifically tailored for overachieving women in the corporate world.

  • Professional Focus: Offers fashion advice for professional settings, including plus-sized wear and business casual.
  • Career Insights: Provides valuable career advice like burnout detection, goal setting, and interview tips.
  • Empowerment of Women: Aims to empower women in the corporate sector through style and substance.

These blogs offer a rich variety of content and perspectives, catering to different interests and lifestyles. Each blog stands out with its unique approach and specialized content, providing valuable resources and inspiration to its readers.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Reading These Best Lifestyle Blogs in 2024?

best lifestyle blogs to follow
best lifestyle blogs to follow

Lifestyle blogs offer a unique blend of inspiration, practical advice, and personal experiences that cater to a diverse range of interests and needs. They serve as an invaluable resource for those looking to enrich their lives in various aspects, from health and fitness to travel and personal development. The value of these blogs lies in their ability to:

  • Provide Diverse Perspectives: Lifestyle blogs are written by individuals from all walks of life, offering a wide array of viewpoints and experiences. This diversity enriches the reader’s understanding and appreciation of different lifestyles and cultures.
  • Offer Practical Tips and Advice: Many lifestyle blogs are focused on providing actionable advice. Whether it’s tips for healthier living, DIY home decor ideas, or strategies for personal growth, these blogs offer practical solutions that readers can apply in their daily lives.
  • Inspire and Motivate: Reading about others’ experiences and achievements can be incredibly motivating. Lifestyle blogs often share personal stories of overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and pursuing passions, which can inspire readers to do the same in their own lives.
  • Stay Updated with Trends and Innovations: Lifestyle bloggers often cover the latest trends in fashion, technology, and more. They provide insights into what’s new and upcoming, helping readers stay informed and ahead of the curve.
  • Build a Community: Many lifestyle blogs have a strong community of followers who interact through comments and social media. This sense of community can be very supportive, offering a platform for readers to share their experiences and learn from each other.

In summary, lifestyle blogs are not just a source of information but a gateway to a more informed, inspired, and interconnected life. They offer a mix of personal stories, expert advice, and community support that can significantly enhance one’s quality of life and personal growth.

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