I thought to ask few of my friends, pro-bloggers and my gurus what they think about my work & my blog. And I am completely amazed to see the responses and kind words they have shared. If you are a blogger, I am sure you know these people and understand the importance of their feedback. I am feeling blessed to receive such awesome feedback & testimonials.

Ryan K Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph


Santanu is a generous creator and connector. He publishes timely, helpful content and builds bonds in genuine fashion. Follow him.

Sumit Sao

Sumit Sao


Santanu is consistently generating high-quality content and he knows how to optimize his content both for the readers and Google. If you are serious about taking your blog to the next level then must follow his blog.


Saurabh Tiwari


Santanu is one of India’s ‘top-performing blogger’ and his blogging Guide, and other WordPress resource posts are relevant, actionable, and compelling.

anik acharjee

Anik Acharjee


In my blogging career, very few bloggers helped me to clear the path step by step. Santanu is one of them. I followed his youtube channel but I did not know him that time. When I reached out his blog, things became clear to me and it encouraged me to grow myself as a blogger. He has a helpful mind to help others through his blog and youtube channel. So, for actionable, valuable blogging tips, one should follow him, no doubt. 


Atanu Das


Santanu provides premium content free of costs through his blog. I am a regular visitor of BloggingJoy and this practice helped me a lot to enhance my blogging skills. If you want to take your blog to the next level then you should follow him.

nikola raza

Nikola Roza


Santanu is a generous blogger who just gives and gives.

I remember a few years back when I was just starting out, his blog was my main resource for learning SEO and affiliate marketing. It’s because Santanu writes as he talks and his content is easily understandable even if you’re a total noob.

If you’re just starting out on your blogging journey, my advice is to bookmark his blog and visit it regularly.

The knowledge you’ll gain there will be a rare shortcut for success for you.


Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal


Santanu is one of the emerging bloggers who is consistently publishing incredible content at BloggingJOY. He is also a go-giver, networks a lot and spends a lot of time to build relationships with other bloggers. If you’re someone who’s looking for actionable blogging tips, you should definitely read his blog.

Navin Rao

Navin Rao


“Santanu is a skilled blogger with strong networking skills. He always comes out with revolutionary blog posts which could astonish you. His blog BloggingJOY is a must follow blog for everyone who wants to improve their blogging skills altogether.”

Rahul Bhichher

Rahul Bhichher


There are only limited number of people on the planet who are a blend of natural writing talent and attractiveness, Santanu Debnath is one of them. I came in contact with him through BloggingJOY.com, and I felt an instant connection with Santanu bro after reading his articles that he published in his blog. After getting connected with him; I realized his immense Goodness and excellent writing abilities that he possesses. I love reading his articles in the evening and getting inspired by them. Santanu never hesitates in promoting and helping others which is the most beautiful part of his characteristic.

Pravakar Singh

Pravakar Singh


BloggingJoy is one of my favorite blogs where you can learn about Blogging, SEO & affiliate marketing. Truly, I love reading articles of this awesome blog. If you want to learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing then this is one of the best blog for you to get knowledge about it in practical ways.

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma


Hello Santanu Sir, Thank you for your services because I am your regular visitor since April 2020. I started my online career with my blog post “What is Blogging”, then I started my blog the same month. I want to thank you very much for the answers to all the problems while creating your blog on your blog. I got a checklist of build backlinks on your blog, and after following this checklist I am able to create over 150+ backlinks a month, and this is a huge number for new bloggers.

I really like your services and blogging tips that work perfectly for me and I hope you help others by your services.

If you also find this website content amazing, my work helpful and want to contribute a testimonial on this page, then feel free to connect with me.