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How to promote a blog post after publishing? Well, if you are not aware, let me tell you that people are not going to read your blog post if you don’t promote your blog post. but as a beginner, it is very difficult to promote a blog post. In this article, I will sharing some strategies to promote your blog post as a beginner.

As a beginner, people always struggle to get traffic to their blog even after publishing high-quality in-depth articles. But just ask the common question, how come the audience will know that your article is awesome?

There are only 3 ways to get tons of traffic to your blog.

  • If your blog post get #1 position in Google search engine for that keyword.
  • If you have a very big audience in the form of email list or Facebook Group etc (E.g. you can create an eBook and offer for free).
  • If you promote your blog post through paid advertising. E.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc.

But for all 3 of them, you need huge time or money to reach to a big audience. As a beginner, it is difficult for people to spend money on advertisement and that’s why you have to depend up on the typical organic way to increase your blog traffic. There are plenty of ways, you can actually promote your blog for free. Let’s find out some of the amazing ways in thsi article.

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Top 7 Blogging Benefits You Should Know Before Promoting Your Blog Post.

There are multiple benefits of blogging. If you are thinking to start a blog in 2020, then don’t think much. Just read few of the amazing benefits and execute your plans.

  1. You can share your ideas & experiences through your blog and help others.
  2. You can improve your writing skills and it can open multiple opportunities in coming days.
  3. If you are into blogging, you have to connect with people and communicate with them to grow further. That means blogging will help you to be open and speak freely.
  4. Create your personal brand around blog and become the expert in the topic you have authority.
  5. If you are good at some skills, blogging is the best way to spread about your skills with many more audience and become an expert.
  6. There are various skills required to become a good blogger. That means, you will learn a lot of skills and always be in demand. In case you want to grow in your job, blogging can help as well
  7. Lastly, blogging has the potential to make money online. Yes, there are various ways you can earn money from your blog. Just read this case study to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Prepare Your Blog Before Starting Blog Promotion?

I hope after reading till this point, you have realized the potential of blogging. Blogging still works if you use proper strategy. Yes, all your blog promotion techniques will work if you prepare your blog well in front of your audience. Otherwise, your audience will immediately ignore your website and never come back again.

Let’s see some of the strategies that you can follow to transform your blog before starting blog promotion.

  • Hosting: Make sure your blog is well optimized and loads very fast. Website speed matters a lot in 2020. If your website will load slow, then users will abandon your website and never come back. That’s why you must host your blog on a quality hosting plan. Check this list of best WordPress hosting providers who offers affordable plans with good speed. E.g. this website is hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan and loads very fast because of it’s amazing fast servers and in-built cache system. 
  • Speed Optimization:If you have a good hosting, then next you must take care of additional website speed optimization. Make sure to install a cache plugin (E.g. WP Rocket) and a fast loading WordPress theme like GeneratePress or Astra Pro theme.
  • Beautiful Design: Your website user interface play a big role in 2020. If your website look is very boring, typical then readers may not find it interesting as now a days almost every website is using dynamic designs to attract readers and provide a very good reading experience. In that case, you can use any WordPress Theme Builder or a page-builder plugin like Thrive Architect. This website is designed with the help of Thrive Theme Builder + Thrive Architect.
  • Security: make sure your website is highly secure. If you have opted for a quality WordPress hosting like SiteGround, you can sleep peacefully. Besides that install a security plugin in your website. Remove unnecessary plugins, high-CPU usage plugins and plugins which has not updated from long time.
  • Fix Technical Errors: Audit your website and fix all technical errors like broken links, 404 page not found issues any redirection issues etc. This kind of things can annoy your readers and they may get frustrated with your website design and overall experience, which is not at all good for your website’s reputation.
  • Write Awesome Content: Next you have to focus on writing amazing content that actually solve readers problem and they find some worth to read your article and then share. Do thorough research, pick the right topics and write content around a similar niche to engage reader with multiple topics around a single niche. This way your reader will find many information at one place. And in return they will share your content.
  • Optimize Your Content: Add a lot of call to action items on your content so that your users get engaged with the content and spend more time on your website. Cover all long tail keywords around the main keyword, add FAQ question to add more value. Check this video to find how to add FAQ schema.
  • Install A Social Share Plugin: Now this is the last thing and a must have thing your blog should have. Install a quality social media plugin like Social Snap plugin. This plugin is amazing with 30+ ways to share your blog post in different social platforms. Just check this website’s social sharing option, it’s Social Snap plugin. Use 30% OFF Social Snap Coupon to save on this plugin.

So, you are ready to share your blog in different platforms so that traffic can come to your website. let’s find out the few amazing blog promotion strategies for 2020.

10 Strategies To Promote Your Blog Post After Publishing in 2020

1.Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best place to find everyone at one place. So, if you are a new blogger and want to drive traffic to your new blog, then the best way is by sharing your blog post on different social platforms. Make sure to claim all the social media accounts with your brand name. And then gradually share your blog posts. Besides that you can also join different Facebook Groups and participate in Blog Promotion thread where many blogger will share your content for free and you will get a good amount of traffic.

Facebook Groups Promotion

2.Collaborate with other bloggers 

Collaboration with other bloggers will help you if you have just begun your blogging venture. For the initial few months, you will face a lot of blogging challenges. Only a master can support you throughout this state.  Don’t delay or shy to approach other bloggers. Connect with them. Share your visions.

Let them know what kind of benefits you can give them if they collaborate with you. Before you begin to work with other bloggers, you have to learn one element. That a proper collaboration can help you reach your goal faster.

Try to collaborate with someone relevant to your brand. You can create a manual list of potential bloggers. Review their blogs. Follow them on social media. Try to build a real relationship. Ask for advice.

3.Join Reciprocal sharing sites

There are many websites where you can mutually share content. That means you will share others content and in return they will also share your content. This way as a beginner also you will actually get many shares in your blog posts. One of such popular website is Viral Content Bee. This is an amazing website where you can promote your content on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

4.Promote Aggressively other bloggers content

Please keep in mind that you have just started your blogging journey. Moreover, this is the time when you should read more and more other blog posts. To learn what is working for other bloggers and what kind of things you should do now.

Do not stop to share the content of the different bloggers. It will help you to connect better with them. At the same time, this will motivate your blogging pals. You have to understand that it’s not simple to the blog alone. It would be best if you have your blogging friends.

Help each other and grow together. Get opinions and motivations from them. Give them what you want to accomplish from your blog. Promoting other’s posts will also show that you are not blogging for yourself.

5.Start doing co-writing and round up post

Another traditional yet efficient technique to promote your blog post. It’s a true collaboration. You and your blogging buddy are exchanging thoughts, strategies and numerous items. Essential checklist for a round-up post

  1. Pick the perfect topic.
  2. Choose your blogging friend wisely for round up.
  3. Approach them professionally
  4. Do not ask too much
  5. Let them know the benefits of round-ups

Please note: Make sure that your approach is professional enough. Please review their work before asking them for roundups. Use personalized messages. Just be direct and precise and share your thoughts. Here are a few examples of round-up posts published on this blog already.

6.Write guest posts

As a new blogger, you should write more and more guest posts. Trust me, guest posts are more valuable. Its advantages are not restricted to backlinks. The primary purpose of guest posting is that you are contributing your post to another site.

It also strengthens the relationship between two bloggers. Please make sure that you are putting your best efforts into writing a guest post. Now the concern is how to find websites that are allowing guest posts. You can use the search with search strings like this:

Key Points to check before opt-in for a guest post:

  • Check the websites that are working on your niche
  • Check their contents.
  • Do Proper Research.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explain every detail on your guest post.
  • Don’t just push your link. Make sure the link you are sharing, should add values to the readers.

7. Use Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking websites are another great place to get tons of traffic to your blog, if used properly. As a beginner, you can join such websites like RedditFlipboard, Mix etc and share your content on specific category. Make sure to share others on your profiles as well and this way people will also share your content on their platforms. This way with the help of cross promotion, you can get a good amount of traffic. Here are a few examples to choose from:

8.Use Content Curation Sites

There are many websites which will allow you to share your content on their platform. Those websites are getting tons of traffic as people find various types of content at one place. Content curation sites are very popular and if you can use these websites properly, you can actually drive huge traffic to your website. Here are a few sites where you can curate your content:

9.Content Re-purposing

Content repurposing is a great way to utilize the same content on multiple platforms and get 10X benefit form that. Yes, many of us simply write the blog post and share that on different social platforms. But do you know that there are many websites where you can actually submit the same content and get amazing benefits. Just read this detailed guide to understand how content re-purposing works. Here are few ways you can use the same content on multiple platforms and get good amount of traffic.

  • Create a presentation & submit on Slideshare.net
  • Build an info graphic & submit on Info-graphic Sharing Sites
  • Create an eBook and share everywhere
  • Use the content to answer Questions on Quora
  • Convert that content in a Podcast

10.Be Creative (Write Case Studies)

Have you ever thought that what others think of your blog? Have you ever tried to read your blog? Did you find it annoying? It’s because you are doing the same thing as others. It’s time to level up.

Try to get a content idea with every single situation in life. Create a case study content. Follow the 80/20 rule. Read How practo principal techniques can help you with your blog and improve user experience.

Case studies convert very well. If you can share a case study then you don’t have to worry about blog promotion. As many people will read that and if that content is superb with a lot of research and result, then you will get a very good number of share.

11.Start Creating your Brand Perception

Nurture your blog like its a baby. Be passionate about your blog. Ask yourself that what is you want to accomplish from the blog? Create a good tagline, which is similar to your vision. Start telling your friends about the blog.

Remember, transparency is very much crucial to growing any brand. Share brand stories on social media. It’s difficult for a business to sustain without relationships. Promise what you deliver. Be humble and courteous to others. Few must need things to increase your brand value

  1. Reply on Social Media posts
  2. Ask Feedback from the experts
  3. Get testimonials
  4. Focus more on creating a community
  5. Always give more

12.Interview an influential blogger

Reputation is the most important in blogging. Giving an interview on someone’s blog or publishing a conversation on your blog will help you take your blog to the next level. So do not hesitate while you get an interview opportunity. I have published a few interviews on my blog. Check interviews and blogs

So, as a beginner you must look for influencers in your niche and ask them for text interviews in your blog. This way you will get a very good exposure of your blog as your interview will be shared on the social platform of that blogger. Check out this Featured page where all the interview of Santanu Debnath is listed and also shared in his Facebook Group with 15,000+ members.

13. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another best way to get a good exposure of your blog. Definitely blog commenting looks more about link building technique, but if you write quality comment that without any doubt many readers will love to check your website and your website will get some referral traffic. But make sure to comment on blog that are related to your blog niche.

FAQs Related To Promoting Blog Post

How can I promote my blog for free?

There are various social media platforms, content curation websites, social bookmarking sites and many more platforms where you can submit your blog post for free. But don’t spam.

How do I promote my blog post on Facebook?

You can create a dedicated Facebook page or Facebook Group around your blog and then grow them with more audiences. If you have an active audience then you can share your blog post with them and get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

How often should I post in my blog?

There is no such rule. But whatever is your blog niche, accordingly make sure to create a blog posting schedule (daily or weekly or whatever way you find it easy) and stick to that. Remember, consistency is the key.

How can I attract traffic to my blog?

If your blog content is amazing, if your blog design is beautiful then readers will automatically visit your website and ready your content. So put enough efforts to create amazing content with lots of research and data.

Conclusion: How To Promote Your Blog Post

So, these are few of the strategies to promote your blog post as a beginner. Make sure to do it gradually and slowly. Your content should be top priority and then your promotional techniques. Otherwise, people will not like your content and your entire promotional effort will go in vain. I hope you like these blog promotional tactics and let us know your favorite way to promote blog post after publishing by writing a comment below.

Note: This is a guest post by Chayan, further edited and extended by Santanu debnath

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  1. Hey Santanu,
    This is absolutely the best article I found about getting traffic for free to our blogs. If we’ve gone through 10 articles on this subject, almost all talking about how to optimize social media to get traffic.
    So, thank you very much for showing that there are so many other valuable and risk-free methods to promote our blogs.

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  4. Nice blog post as a beginner it is very difficult to get traffic to your blog you need to keep in mind all factors like on page seo, off page seo, website loading speed, keywords etc.
    Thanks for sharing a good quality blog post it will help all.

  5. Hi Santanu,

    Great blog post. Bloggers spend a lot creating high quality content for their blog, However they do not spend enough time and effort on promoting their blog. They think that great content will promote itself. Which is not true. Promoting the blog post is the key to the building a successful blog.

    You have listed some of the best strategies for promoting blogs, which will be very useful for both new and also experienced bloggers.

    Thanks a lot for sharing these useful strategies.

    Niharika Sharma

  6. Hi,
    you have mentioned some valuable ways to promote a blog post. I like guest posting which is the best way to promote your blog and posts. there so many benefits as well of guest posting, get quality backlinks from authority websites.

    1. Yes, a guest post is the best way to build backlinks as well as reaching to a new audience.

  7. I was going through with this post as a part of my research, and I have noticed that I haven’t commented yet. So I took some time to say. I hope I will be able to add value to it.

    First of all, Thank you so much, Santanu, for providing me the opportunity to write on your blog, and thanks again for all the tips, which helped me to build my strategies.
    Blogging gets confusing if you are not able to do multitasking, but at the same time, you will also have to determine who to listen as we see several opinions over the internet.
    This is why I feel connected to Santanu, as he explains everything in a simpler way and help with actionable steps. So, if you are a beginner, then follow what Santanu is saying, and you will see the positive impacts eventually.

    1. Thanks, brother for sharing this amazing article. I always love to share experiences and knowledge on my blog, so that a beginner can find every single information at one place only. I will update this article from time to time to add more blog promotion techniques at one place.

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