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Is Buying a Website a Good Investment

Should I buy a blog, rather then starting a blog from scratch. When expired domains are selling like hot cakes, is it worth buying a blog in 2021? Let’s try to find out the answer of this question.

Recently I have noticed my blogging friend Sumit Sao of BloggingLift.com purchased a blog, ExactBlogging.com. In fact the owner of that blog Piyush is also one of my blogging friend. After that transaction, I thought about this topic and after doing some research thought to share this article.

I will try to keep different aspects of buying a blog and also few steps in case you really want to buy a blog. So let’s start this article.

Why Buying a Blog is an Amazing Investment

In 2021, creating a blog will hardly take 5-10 minutes on WordPress. Even though I wrote a detailed 10,000 words article on how to start a blog on WordPress, it ill hardly take few minutes when you will be comfortable with that process.

But that’s just the beginning. To make a blog successful you have to put a lot of efforts like writing quality content, creating quality backlinks, promoting on various platforms and most importantly your valuable time. Yes, it may take 1 – 2 year time to make a blog successful depending up on your niche & efforts you are putting.

In that case, if you have enough money to buy a blog then why not buying an established blog and then start working on that? Here are 3 reasons I found that buying a blog in 2021 is a very good investment.

A blog is better than typical investment

When we talk about investment, we always think that either we have to invest in share market or buy some fixed deposit schemes etc. Have ever analyzed how much actually you will get on your investment on those financial products?

E.g. if you have 1 lakh to spend, then in general you can expect 8-10% maximum return every year. This is just an assumption. But if you plan to buy a blog spending 1 lakh, then you can get an established website with some traffic which can help you to earn very good amount of money.

Again, you must do the analyze before buying that how exactly you will utilize that blog to make money online. Affiliate marketing can seriously help you to make serious money and on that context I believe if you buy a good blog in a profitable niche then it will give you huge return on your 1 lakh investment.

Just check the below income report. If you know how to do affiliate marketing, then you can do miracle also.

You can grow the blog further and sell as well

Yes, many people are investing in blogs these days and websites like Flippa is very popular. Now a days many marketers are buying blogs from newbie bloggers as they know the potential of good niches. After buying such blogs they can easily grow those websites massively with good content & by creating quality backlinks.

This way they can make that blog even 10-2- times more worthy and sell such blogs to other people. I am sure this is a very good business model and if you have that knowledge or interest then you can make serious money by buying & selling blogs.

Your blog is your Asset

I am not going to give you personal finance lectures here. But I am sure you know what is asset means, right. E.g. your home or property is your asset. Similarly if you have a blog in a good category with decent traffic then it is actually your asset.

With years, your blogs domain authority will increase and the value of your domain will also increase. On top of that of you are able to run that blog successfully with regular updates then you can’t imagine what will be the value of your blog will create.

That’s why I always say that your blogs are your asset. Don’t scrap the domain if you have a good domain. Just renew every year and keep that website live if possible. When expired domains are selling like hot cake, just imagine how much value will be your brandable domain with a live running website.

But, Be Careful Before Buying A Blog

I think it’s enough of the positive sides. Now let me share few things that may go against your plans when you plan to buy a blog. In that case, I have to say that you should be experienced enough to analyze that website’s various factors before buying. Otherwise you will end up in various problems.

  • As Google is rolling out many updates these days, many high traffic websites are loosing their places. They might have followed many mal practices to get their which is getting caught in Google updates. Now, in this situation if a webmaster plan to sell their website as they may realized that it is going down in coming days then you can be trapped in such a deal. So learn to understand the history of that website, analyze properly and then only buy a website. Use whois tools like Domain History to look at the ownership history and whether there have been any strange changes in the past. 
  • There are various places from where you can buy a website like Flippa.com. There you will find various details, analysis & screenshots of proofs etc. At the same time, you have to pay little high to buy a good website. But many people simply avoid such genuine places and then try to deal with someone in different social platforms. I am not saying this is wrong, but make sure you know how to find out how good the domain is, whether the domain is penalized or not and many other factors.
  • Don’t just rely on traffic. One can bring tons of traffic to a new website by targeting trending topics & SEO. If your plan matches with that website then only go for the same. Otherwise don’t spend money to buy such websites. Remember, you are paying money for good domain authority, good backlink profile and for top quality content. Even though you can change the blog niche, but the domain should be strong enough so that you can target your preferred keywords to rank them fast.

Make sure to use tools like the Wayback Machine can let you see snapshots from a website’s past. Just give enough time to do all background check of that website before buying.

How To Buy A Blog in 2021 To Boost Your Blogging Business

So, I tried to express everything about buying a blog so that you can understand how exactly the entire process works. Now the next question is how to buy a blog which will actually help you to grow in blogging. Let me put my thoughts here.

If you are a beginner and never created a blog, then you can buy a blog on the niche you want to grow your blog. In that case I would say better to look for various Facebook groups, follow the similar niche new blogs. Because in blogging, a big number of bloggers quit in 1st year. So either domain will get expired or they will sell their websites. In that case, you will get a very good deal on such websites and buy at a very cheaper price. In such case, I would say buy those blogs with 1-2 years age and then start working on such blogs. And don’t forget to read my Blogging Tips For New Bloggers article to be a better blogger.

If you are an expert blogger or already worked on multiple blogs, then you can consider this buying practice as a true investment. These days many people are working on micro niche Amazon affiliate websites. This kind of websites are real gems and if can you buy such a website and after that do some SEO, you will get a very good return. Many people are doing this already and making very good income.

If you want to buy a website to boost your existing website’s SEO that will also work great. In that case you can research other blogs in your similar niche and then you can acquire few websites and later on redirect them to your main website or keep them with you and use them to provide backlink to your main website. That’s up to you.

Where do I buy a website / blog?

Now the question is from where to buy a website? So that we can avoid scams.

  1. As I have mentioned earlier, only buy blog from websites like Flippa. Because this platform is designed such a way that you will get genuine buyers only. They have to share various proofs, screenshots, income details so that they can get genuine buyers. When someone list a website they have to share those statistics.
  2. The website will also provide your a private communication medium so that you can keep the transaction secure & private.

There are many other websites where you can buy sell websites online. I will create a list of such websites so that you can find it useful.

Conclusion: Should You Buy or sell your website today?

Is Buying a Website a Good Investment
Is Buying a Website a Good Investment in 2023

Although I mostly stressed the buying a blog part in this article, but the entire process of Buy or Sell a blog is profitable if you know how to do proper background check of that website. These days many people are creating PBNs and selling them as good blog. So, there are many stories behind every website and you must disclose everything before buying that website. And lastly, have a budget and buy a blog as per your budget only.

So, what do you think about this topic? Have your bought any website or blog? How was your experience? Feel free to write a comment below and share your thoughts. Thanks for reading & sharing this article.

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