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Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

Where can I get new blog topics every day? It is a very common challenge every blogger face. That’s why I have created this list of 35+ different types of blog posts you can write on your blog. If you understand these topics, then you will learn the art of creating plenty of content on your blog around a single topic.

If you take the example of this website, Bloggingjoy.com where I am writing on various topics around blogging & WordPress. But if you focus carefully, you will notice that I have created couple of articles around a single topic. E.g. I promote Bluehost as best web hosting for new bloggers.

Now if you notice, I have created articles covering different topics of Bluehost like below.

Now these all are articles related to Bluehost. But I have covered different types of blog topics like FAQs, Black Friday Deals, Pricing, Review, Alternatives etc. Similar to that, I can create content around another web hosting company under all these categories.

35+ AWESOME Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today
Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

1. Interview of Influencers

If you are new in blogging, then I would say the best way to grow your blog is by inviting influencers in your blog for a text interview. These kinds of blog posts are very much effective and they attract a lot of social share and people’s attention.

2. Create Roundup Posts

If you don’t find any topics to write, then the next thing you can do is invite a few experts in your niche and then create a roundup post. The best part here is that you just have to pick up the topic and then invite the experts, in return they will provide the awesome content as their answer. Again this kind of post is very good to give your new blog noticed by others.

3. Write Problem Solving Tutorials

Whatever niche you are blogging, there will be problems for sure. So, without bothering much about keyword research and search volume, you can write those problem-solving experiences. Creating how-to guides & tutorials are the best way to actually help newbie bloggers who are planning to start a blog in your niche. E.g. I always create video tutorial or how-to guides on my blog based on almost every problem I face.

4. What’s happening Around You

Keep a track of your niche, read all news so that you don’t miss any important news. E.g. when Social Warfare plugin got hacked, the demand for a better alternative was high and at that time I have published an article on Best Social Warfare Alternative and it got ranked immediately and also get a lot of attention. So, do something in your niche and pick those topics for your next blog post.

5. Search Quora For New Blog Topics

Quora is one of the most popular question-answer platforms right now. This website is receiving millions of traffic as people are posting & searching for answers to their problems. Just find out the questions related to your niche and you will find a lot of new blog post ideas.

6. Write Articles on Questions

People are searching a lot of questions these days. So, what you can do, you can find out the popular questions people are searching for a particular topic and you can create detailed answers to help them. Use the website Answerthepublic.com and find out many such questions, which can be easily targeted and rank higher.

7. List-Based Articles (Top 10)

What exactly do you type on Google search when you are trying to buy something? I am sure it will start with the Top 10 “Product name”. People love to research products, read product reviews in a list-based format. So that they can easily compare those and choose the best one. So, you should try to write such list-based articles to help your readers.

8. Write product reviews

If you are promoting any product through your blog, then you can create detailed review articles around the product. E.g. I have created a couple of review posts around SiteGround hosting. I have created StartUp Review, GrowBig review, GoGeek review, and also a detailed review of SiteGround WordPress hosting. You can also target the products that you are promoting on your blog.

9. Write Product Comparison

When people are buying any product, they love to compare 2-3 popular products of that category. You can also create such product comparison articles and increase the chance of more affiliate sales. I have shared a couple of comparison articles on my blog like SiteGround Vs Bluehost, SiteGround Vs A2 hosting, etc.

10. Create an Infographic blog post

When reading long content can be boring for many readers, you can attract them by sharing an attractive infographic. Creating infographics is very easy these days as you can use tools like Canva and use their free infographic templates. Of course, you have to spend money in case you want to create something unique. Info-graphics are the best content marketing strategy to make your blog post viral and bring huge referral traffic from Pinterest, as well as organic traffic. From a reader’s point of view, it is really amazing to read a huge article in the shorter format with a much better presentation.

11. Educational Articles

You can target many topics with the term “What is” in your niche. This kind of article is very helpful for beginners to understand any topic. You can share such useful informational & educational posts around your blog niche and create a lot of blog posts easily.

12. Create Link Roundups

Link roundups are another amazing type of blog post ideas that anyone can create. E.g. I have created an article on best SEO Case Studies where I have included 15 different types of SEO case studies already shared by SEO Experts. This kind of article is very much useful for readers as they can read some amazing articles in one place. You can do similar research on any topic and write a blog post easily.

13. Competitor Keyword Analysis

This is the best way to find a lot of blog post ideas. You have to find out your competitor website or a list of websites and then you can analyze those websites with any SEO tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs and then find out many profitable blog post ideas. In fact, this is the best way to find out the keywords for which your competitor is getting traffic to their website.

14. Use BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an awesome website where you will find a lot of popular articles that are getting plenty of shares. This way you will easily find out what kind of content or topics are trending on social platforms and accordingly, you can create blog posts on your website.

15. Create a Contest Or Giveaway

If you are into affiliate marketing or regularly collaborating with many brands in your niche, then you can easily organize a giveaway or content. This kind of blog post is getting a lot of attention and provide your blog a very good exposure.

16. Write Case Studies

As a blogger, we always do a lot of experiments out of which many go successful and many may fail. So, you can write in-depth articles around successful cases. E.g I have shared a detailed case study about Black Friday Income which got very popular. This kind of article shares a lot of practical experiences that are priceless for readers.

17. Share Quotes

Reading motivational & inspirational quotes are very popular these days. We all read some type of quotes and share them occasionally. As a blogger, you can also share quotes as per your niche. E.g. I have shared a list of motivational quotes for bloggers so that we all find some inspiration to keep the interest in blogging.

18. Arrange Blogger Meet

Yes, blogger meetups are very much successful and effective. This way you can meet with all the fellow bloggers in your city and connect with them. So far I met a couple of awesome bloggers in Hyderabad & Bengaluru. I have also shared that on my blog. Similarly, you can also track all the upcoming events related to your niche and write about them.

19. Ask Your Readers

If you have a big email list or a Facebook Group or a Telegram Group with a good number of people, then you can ask your audience about what kind of topic they want you to write. This is the best way to find amazing blog post ideas as you are actually blogging for your readers only.

20. Create a Quiz

Quizzes are very popular these days and this kind of post increases the audience engagement as well. You can use any professional plugin like Thrive Quiz Builder and create amazing quizzes. I have created a blog post around WordPress Quiz which has 20 questions. If you are into WordPress blogging then you must try this Quiz.

21. List of Books & Movies

Whatever blogging niche you are working on, I am sure there are many books & movies related to that niche. Now you can connect your blog readers to explore those books or movies so that they can get some motivation. These kinds of blog posts are getting a lot of shares on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

22. Invite People To Guest Post

If you are running out of new blog post ideas, just allow people to contribute articles on your blog. Guest posting is a very good way to get high-quality articles without doing much effort. But that is not that simple. You have to make sure that your guest posting approval rules are strict enough, your blog should have good authority so that people find it interesting to write a quality blog post.

23. Share Top Bloggers List

Networking is a very good practice in blogging. And to do it perfectly, you can list out the different bloggers based on categories on your blog. E.g. I have shared a list of Top Indian Bloggers who are helping others to learn to blog. Similar to that you can create a list of bloggers in your niche and connect them to build relationships.

24. Share Blog Traffic & Income Reports

Another interesting way to create a new blog post is by sharing blog traffic and income reports. I am a big fan of this kind of blog post and always read those blogs and their blogging report. This way you will create a niche audience who will always wait for your content and follow you from the heart. This kind of article motivates others to continue blogging if you can produce some positive results months after months.

25. Share Your Favorite Tools

To run a successful blog there are plenty of tools or plugins we use daily. You can create a list of such plugins or tools and write new blog posts. There are many such amazing tools & products available which most of us are not aware of. You can find such tools and create list-based articles targeting different categories of need.

26. Write About Product Alternatives

These days almost everyone is searching for a better alternative when they buy something online. Or if they want to switch to a different product under the same category. This term is very effective in the case of affiliate marketing. So create some best product alternatives articles and help your audience to explore all good products of a particular category.

27. Share Tips & Tricks

If you are into blogging for some time, then I am sure you have learned something that others are not aware of. Or you might have learned something different which others are not looking the way you are observing. In that case, you can share those specific tips 7 tricks by writing a detailed guide on your blog. People love to read such articles even if they read similar articles many times with 1 expectation, which is to learn something extra.

28. Share Your Opinion On Any Existing Incident

Controversies are one of the most popular topics that people love to read. What you can do is pick any such controversy or any similar news in your niche and then you can share your opinion about that discussion. E.f. recently the CaryMinati’s video on TikTok Vs YouTube has created a huge buzz. And I have noticed many people are creating videos or writing articles around that video sharing their opinion. Now, people are always curious and this kind of content will be watched or consumed by people as they want to know what others are thinking about that. It’s a very good blog post idea.

29. Share Inspirational Stories

As I have mentioned that you can invite the influential people on your blog for text interviews, similarly you can also share inspirational stories successful people on your blog. For that, you don’t have to invite them as they are very busy and may not respond. But you will find a lot of information about their journey on different websites. You have to do the research and then present the entire story in a different way so that people find it interesting.

30. Create A Series Of Posts

This is a very good strategy to create many blog posts around one topic. E.g. just pick a topic like how to start a blog and create all essential articles around that topic one after another. This way you can create a series of articles, your readers will read that one after another, and your blog’s bounce rate will also improve. People love to read sequential topics.

31. Convert A Video In to Blog post

There are many expert people in your niche who may not create text-based content as they don’t have a website. They might prefer to create videos. In that case, you can follow their videos and convert any interesting video into a blog post on your website. But make sure to give the due credit to the video and if possible add the video on your blog post. You can also share the story behind creating this blog post after watching that video. People always respect them who share honest information and never hesitate to give due credit to the original content creator.

32. Predict The Trend

This is another interesting way you can think and find out many blog post ideas. E.g. if I have to think about SEO in 2021, then I can definitely write a few of the expected changes after observing a lot of changes in Google algorithms, SEO trends, etc. This is just an example I gave, as per your blogging niche you can easily figure many such topics related to your niche where you can actually predict the future trends. People will love to read such content and share them most on social media.

33. Collection Of Memes

Funny memes are very popular on social media. In fact whatever is your blogging niche, these days memes are widely used as marketing material as well. You can create a list of popular Memes related to your niche so that your readers can easily connect with them and enjoy the post. These kinds of posts can get viral on social media beyond your imagination.

34. Website Examples

I have noticed many websites are simply sharing different types of websites that exist on the internet. If you can create a website like that then it would be awesome. But again, whatever is your niche I am sure you are also using a lot of different websites for different purposes. You can create a list of similar websites and share it with your audience. E.g. I have shared a list of websites where you can learn SEO from scratch.

35. Listen to Podcasts & Create Post

Similar to videos, podcasts are also very popular these days. You can listen to podcasts or popular marketers or bloggers in your niche and easily find many blog post ideas or topics from these discussions or episodes. Just explain those topics in detail and again don’t forget to give proper credit to the source owner. I always prefer to explain that story, how you actually discover the idea to write this blog post and at that time you can easily mention the source for due credit.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

As a blogger, exploring different types of blog posts allows you to diversify your content and cater to various reader preferences. From how-to guides and listicles to opinion pieces and personal stories, each format offers a unique way to engage and inspire your audience.

Remember to use active voice, maintain a positive tone, and create plagiarism-free content to maintain the authenticity and credibility of your blog. So, go ahead, experiment with different types of blog posts, and unleash your creativity to captivate your readers. Happy blogging!

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