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Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs to join 2024

Are you searching for lucrative ways to earn through affiliate marketing? Email marketing stands out as a prime choice in this realm. It’s not just speculation; data reveals that the average digital marketing website, including those focusing on email marketing, can earn around $7,217 monthly. Our experience over the years has taught us the value of recommending top-notch email marketing tools.

These recommendations have not only evolved with the market but have also been major contributors to our substantial commission earnings. With our deep understanding of promoting email service providers, we’re uniquely positioned to guide you toward the most rewarding affiliate programs in email marketing. Dive into our carefully curated list of top picks to kickstart your journey in this profitable niche.

Top 10 High-Paying Email Marketing Affiliate Programs In 2024

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is more than just an email marketing tool; it’s a complete solution offering marketing automation and CRM features essential for exceptional customer experiences. This platform caters to a diverse audience, from small businesses to large enterprises, with plans starting at an affordable $9 per month. As an affiliate, you benefit significantly:

  • Earn a Minimum of 20% Commission: You’ll receive at least a 20% commission monthly, continuing as long as your referrals use ActiveCampaign.
  • Potential to Increase Earnings: Your commission can increase up to 30% based on sales volume and customer retention.
  • High Average Earnings: On average, affiliates earn $1,350 per sale over an account’s lifetime.
  • Program Details:
    • URL: ActiveCampaign affiliate program
    • Commission Rate: Up to 30% recurring lifetime commissions
    • Cookie Duration: 90 days

ActiveCampaign’s affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity with its generous commission structure and broad market appeal.

2. GetResponse

Looking for a reliable email marketing tool that also offers a great affiliate opportunity? GetResponse is your answer. Known for sending nearly 765 million emails weekly, this platform goes beyond basic email marketing. It provides a comprehensive marketing automation platform and a tool for creating impressive landing pages. What’s more? The GetResponse affiliate program is quite enticing, offering two ways to earn:

  • Bounty Payment: Earn $100 for each sale.
  • Recurring Commission: Get a 33% lifetime commission for every confirmed sale. With plans up to $580 a month, this can mean significant earnings.
  • Payment Schedule: Commissions are paid around the 20th of each month.
  • Affiliate Details:
  • Commission Rate: 33% recurring lifetime commissions.
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days.

Check out the GetResponse affiliate program to start earning with a trusted name in email marketing.

3. ConvertKit

Looking for a top-quality affiliate program? ConvertKit is a standout choice. Known for its robust email marketing features and landing page builder, it’s a favorite among big affiliates like Pat Flynn. What makes ConvertKit really shine is its affiliate terms – offering a 30% lifetime commission on every sale. Plus, affiliates get a wealth of resources like graphics, videos, and webinars to boost their marketing efforts.

  • Affiliate Program URL: ConvertKit Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30% recurring lifetime commissions
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Key Features: Comprehensive email marketing tools, landing page builder
  • Additional Resources: Marketing assets, helpful guides, and tutorials including content from Pat Flynn
  • Notable Affiliates: Includes well-known affiliates like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

4. MailerLite

Looking for an easy way to earn through affiliate marketing? MailerLite offers a straightforward and lucrative opportunity. This platform isn’t just about sending emails; it’s a complete marketing solution with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for creating effective campaigns. Joining their affiliate program is simple, and you get a 30% lifetime commission for each customer who signs up through your link within 30 days. Plus, you’ll receive free promotional materials to boost your marketing efforts.

  • Affiliate Program: MailerLite Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30% recurring lifetime commissions
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Features: Easy-to-use, impactful email marketing tools
  • Support: Access to free promotional materials and professional branding assets
  • Potential: Significant passive income through customer referrals

5. Moosend

Looking for a simple yet effective email marketing solution? Moosend offers an intuitive platform for businesses of all sizes to create engaging emails. Its features include an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and customizable email templates. Moosend also provides unique personalization options, like weather-based recommendations, and tools to build landing pages that convert recipients into potential customers.

Here’s a quick look at Moosend’s affiliate program details:

  • Commission Rate: Earn a 30% recurring lifetime commission for each referral.
  • Cookie Duration: Benefit from a 90-day cookie window, ensuring credit for conversions within this period.
  • Affiliate Dashboard: Access real-time stats on your referral link’s performance, including views, clicks, and sign-ups.
  • URL: Moosend Affiliate Program

Join Moosend’s affiliate program to start maximizing your marketing efforts today!

6. Constant Contact

Looking for a versatile affiliate program? Constant Contact is your answer. It’s not just about email marketing; they offer a range of digital marketing tools. Whether it’s crafting engaging emails, building a standout website, or boosting sales through Google Ads, Constant Contact has it all. What makes it a great affiliate choice? It’s a dual-earning opportunity – earn a flat $105 for each paid account sign-up and $5 for every free trial. Plus, they offer exceptional partner support to help you maximize your success.

Key Affiliate Program Details:

  • Commission Rate: Earn $5 for each free trial sign-up and $105 for every paid account purchase.
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days, giving you ample time for conversions.
  • Additional Support: Benefit from dedicated partner support, including personalized advice and insights from an experienced management team.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a broad audience, thanks to a wide range of digital marketing tools.
  • Program URL: Constant Contact Affiliate Program

7. AWeber

AWeber is a versatile email marketing platform that offers more than just email services. It helps users create engaging landing pages and even has some features for online selling. What sets AWeber apart is its free service tier, offering more than just a trial. For affiliate marketers, promoting AWeber’s Pro plan, which starts at $16.15 monthly, can be quite profitable. The affiliate program is generous, offering a 30% commission on initial sales and the same rate for ongoing monthly payments. Plus, with a 365-day cookie duration, it stands out from other email marketing programs.

  • Platform: AWeber
  • Service Offering: Email marketing, landing pages, eCommerce tools
  • Free Tier Available: Beyond just a trial
  • Affiliate Focus: Promoting the Pro plan
  • Pro Plan Cost: Starting from $16.15/month
  • Commission Rate: 30% on initial sale and recurring payments
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days
  • Affiliate Program URL: AWeber Affiliate Program

8. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Looking for a simple way to earn money? Try Brevo’s affiliate program. Brevo is used by over 175,000 businesses for email marketing. It’s not just for emails; it also helps with customer relations and creating great web pages. When you refer someone, and they sign up, you get €5. If they buy a subscription, you get €100 more. But, you need to refer at least one paying customer to start earning.

  • Bravo Affiliate Program: Earn money by referring people.
  • Commission: €5 for a free account, €100 if they buy a subscription.
  • Requirement: Earn commissions after your first paid referral.
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days.

9. Omnisend

Omnisend is a user-friendly tool that combines marketing automation, SMS, and email marketing. It’s so simple that new users can start their first marketing automation in just 30 minutes. Over 70,000 eCommerce businesses worldwide trust Omnisend, and it works well with more than 50 popular eCommerce apps. This is great for online businesses looking for compatible tools.

Key Points about Omnisend’s Affiliate Program:

  • Commission Rate: Earn a one-time commission of 300% on the customer’s first month’s revenue, up to $1,200.
  • Payout Schedule: Commissions are paid over the customer’s first three months of subscription.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days.
  • Note: Full commission is not earned if the customer cancels within the first three months.
  • URL: Omnisend Affiliate Program

10. Ontraport

Looking for a comprehensive tool to boost your online business? Ontraport is your go-to solution. More than just an email marketing platform, it offers a range of features for modern online businesses. From creating and managing online courses for membership sites to designing landing pages and subscription forms, Ontraport does it all. Its versatility is key for any 21st-century business venture.

  • Ontraport Affiliate Program: Earn a generous 25% lifetime recurring commission.
  • Wide Range of Prices: Subscription plans range from $79 to $497 per month.
  • Weekly Payouts: Get your commission paid weekly for the entire duration of the customer account.
  • Diverse Features: Ideal for email campaigns, online courses, landing pages, and more.
  • Cookie Duration: Benefit from a 30-day cookie duration.
  • URL: Join through the Ontraport affiliate program link.

Conclusion: Are Email Marketing Affiliate Programs Worth in 2024?

Email marketing affiliate programs in 2024 present a promising opportunity, especially with the potential for significant recurring commissions and robust monthly subscriptions. However, it’s important to recognize the effort required to succeed. Establishing a reputable authority site is a critical first step, followed by extensive keyword research and the creation of engaging, high-quality content.

Additionally, developing an effective sales funnel is essential, which often includes managing your email marketing strategies. Considering options like paid traffic through platforms like Facebook ads or Google Adwords is also vital. Remember, the journey involves multiple facets, but with the right guidance and our free training, mastering these steps can be straightforward. We offer easy-to-follow guidance to build a high-performing authority site, making the process accessible and achievable for anyone in 2024.

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