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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to join 2024

Are you searching for a lucrative opportunity in the bustling online world? Look no further than web hosting affiliate programs! Since the debut of the first website in 1991, the internet has exploded to over 1.72 billion active sites, all relying on web hosting. This ever-growing industry is projected to reach a staggering $115.3 billion in the next few years.

And guess what? The chance for affiliate marketers to dive into this niche hasn’t slipped away; it’s just waiting for you to take the plunge. Countless individuals have already turned simple tools and effective content marketing into substantial monthly earnings. Your path to success is paved with the right effort and the perfect affiliate program.

We’ve done the heavy lifting to bring you the best options in web hosting affiliate marketing. Embark on this journey with us, and discover the potential for impressive earnings at your fingertips.

Top 10 High-Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Join 2024

But are people really making money by promoting them? In this article, I will be talking about the top web hosting affiliate programs for 2024, which are very popular and best sellers.

1. Bluehost

Dive into the lucrative world of web hosting with the BlueHost affiliate program! BlueHost, known for competitive pricing and diverse hosting options, offers a golden opportunity for affiliates. With a range of services from shared to dedicated hosting, they stand out with attractive prices and benefits. Discover how you can earn significant commissions by promoting BlueHost’s reliable and affordable services.

BlueHost Affiliate Program Details:

  • URL: BlueHost affiliate program
  • Commission: Earn $65 for each successful referral.
  • EPC: $35.09, showcasing profitable potential.
  • Cookie Duration: A generous 120 days, well above industry standards.
  • Highlight: BlueHost paid over $5 million in commissions last year, proving the program’s success and reliability.
  • Requirements: Promote BlueHost through unique and ethical means to maximize your earnings.
  • Services Offered: Shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated web hosting at competitive prices, with plans starting at just $3.58 per month.
  • Additional Benefits: Entry-level plans include a free domain name and SSL certificate for the first year.

2. Kinsta

Embark on a journey with Kinsta, a standout in the world of web hosting, renowned for its managed WordPress services and dedication to innovation. With Kinsta, you get more than just hosting; you experience a commitment to quality and performance that’s been embraced by experts. Now, let’s explore the Kinsta Affiliate Program, your gateway to potentially substantial earnings.

  • Kinsta Affiliate Program: Operated in-house for greater control and better rewards.
  • Commission: Earn up to $500 for each sale you refer, one of the highest rates in the industry.
  • Unique Value: Kinsta is not just another name in hosting; it’s a premium service with a focus on managed WordPress hosting, used and trusted by Authority Hacker.
  • Innovative Edge: They’re so invested in enhancing your experience that they’ve crafted their own plugins for optimal WordPress performance.
  • Pricing: Starting at $30/month, Kinsta is tailored for professional affiliate marketers seeking quality and reliability.
  • Low Churn Rate: Rarely do customers leave, meaning fewer refunds and more consistent income for you.
  • Cookie Duration: Enjoy a generous 60-day cookie window, giving your referrals plenty of time to convert.

3. A2 Hosting

Dive into the world of web hosting with A2 Hosting, a powerhouse known for its lightning-fast services. They claim to be 20 times quicker than competitors, ensuring customer sites load in just a second. From small projects to large enterprises, they offer a range of hosting solutions, each with robust support and impressive uptime. Here’s what you need to know about their affiliate program.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Details:

  • Speed Focus: Claims to be 20x faster with 1-second page load times.
  • Hosting Variety: Offers everything from shared to dedicated hosting.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $3.60/month up to $35/month for unlimited websites.
  • Perks: Free SSL certificate, 99.9% uptime commitment, and expert support.
  • Affiliate Earnings: Earn up to $125 per sale, with a minimum of $55 per referral.
  • URL: A2 Hosting affiliate program.
  • Commission: Up to $125 for every sale.
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days.

Join as an affiliate and potentially earn big by recommending a leader in speed and reliability!

4. Cloudways

Dive into the world of Cloudways, a unique cloud hosting provider that puts the power of choice in your hands. Unlike others, Cloudways lets you select from five leading cloud services, including Digital Ocean and Google Cloud, all boasting SSD-based technology and a CloudWays CDN for that extra speed. Plus, enjoy round-the-clock support and impressive affiliate perks. Here’s what you need to know about their affiliate program:

  • URL: Cloudways affiliate program
  • Commission: $50 per sale as a base rate, with a potential up to $125 for high referrals.
  • EPC: $57.49
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Choice of Cloud Provider: Select from Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud.
  • Added Speed: Every account is connected to the CloudWays CDN.
  • 24/7/365 Support: With premium support options offering response times as low as 30 minutes.
  • Sliding Scale Commission: Earn more as you refer more, with rates increasing for 6 – 20 and 21 – 45 referrals.
  • Personal Affiliate Manager: Direct support and guidance from your own manager.

5. WP Engine

Embark on a lucrative journey with the WP Engine affiliate program. Since 2010, WP Engine has powered over 500,000 WordPress sites across 120 countries, offering top-tier managed hosting alongside premium themes and tools. With generous commissions and exclusive benefits, this program is an excellent choice for those aiming to earn by promoting quality web hosting. Here are the details:

  • Affiliate Program: WP Engine
  • Commission: Up to 200%
  • Average Earnings: Approximately $140.53 per referral
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days
  • Extras: Bonuses for higher referral numbers, up to $1,500 for 60 customers monthly
  • Benefits: Access to StudioPress themes and Genesis Framework, dedicated affiliate manager
  • Pricing: Starts at $30/month, with discounts for advance payments
  • URL: WP Engine affiliate program

Dive into the world of affiliate marketing with WP Engine, where quality and earnings go hand in hand.

6. Liquid Web

Embark on a profitable journey with the Liquid Web affiliate program, an enterprise-class hosting service with over 45,000 customers. By joining, you can tap into a lucrative opportunity tailored for small and medium businesses. Here are the details you need to get started:

  • Affiliate Network: Join through Impact Radius.
  • Commission: Earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost per sale, with a minimum of $150. This means even a $29 package nets you $150!
  • Bonus: Enjoy a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans, potentially earning up to $7,000 from a single sale.
  • Cookie Duration: A generous 90-day window to secure your commission.
  • Payment Methods: Get paid via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal in your choice of currency. Web hosting credits are also available as a payment option.
  • URL: Liquid Web Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: $150+
  • EPC: $3.97
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Start your affiliate journey with Liquid Web and harness the potential for significant earnings!

7. SiteGround

Embarking on your affiliate marketing journey? Consider SiteGround, a top choice for ease and reliability. With a welcoming affiliate program, SiteGround provides an accessible gateway to success. Here are the key details:

  • SiteGround Affiliate Program: Manage your affiliate activities directly with SiteGround.
  • Commission: Earn up to $75 for each new customer via your link. Base rate starts at $40 per sale.
  • Performance Tiers: Increase your earnings with more referrals; up to $75 for 20+ monthly sign-ups.
  • Cookie Duration: A generous 60-day period to secure your commissions.
  • Hosting Benefits: Affordable WordPress hosting from $3.95/month with premium features like SSD storage, free SSL certificate, and superb support.
  • Added Perks: Enjoy 10GB storage, free WordPress installation, free CDN, and more with plans starting at $9.95/month.

Start your affiliate journey with SiteGround, where quality meets opportunity!

8. iPage

Are you on the hunt for a web hosting affiliate program that’s both reliable and rewarding? iPage stands out with its long-standing reputation and eco-friendly approach. Established in 1998, iPage not only offers affordable hosting but also boasts features that appeal to a wide audience. Here’s what you need to know about partnering with iPage:

  • iPage Overview: A veteran in the hosting world since 1998, known for its early adoption of affiliate programs.
  • Affordable Plans: Hosting services start at just $2.99/month for a 36-month commitment.
  • What’s Included: Customers enjoy a free domain name, SSL certificate, 24/7 support, site builder, and free domain transfer.
  • Eco-Friendly Hosting: iPage’s servers are wind-powered, offering a unique selling point with an environmentally friendly badge for websites.
  • Commission Structure: Affiliates earn $85 for each new WordPress and VPS hosting account. Up to $150 for dedicated hosting accounts (details may vary on Commission Junction).
  • URL: iPage affiliate program
  • Commission: $85 per sale
  • EPC: $68.11
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days

With iPage, you can offer your audience a sustainable hosting solution while enjoying a generous commission structure.

9. Scala Hosting

Dive into the thriving world of web hosting with Scala Hosting, a seasoned player since 2007. Offering a range of services from shared to managed cloud hosting, they boast some of the most affordable managed VPS plans, starting at just $12/month. With a customer base of over 50,000 and hosting more than 700,000 websites, Scala is perfect for those seeking advanced hosting solutions. Here’s what you need to know.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Platform: Sign up through Rakuten Linkshare.
  • Commission: Earn $35 per standard shared hosting referral and $120 per VPS hosting sale.
  • Unique Selling Point: Claims the cheapest managed VPS hosting worldwide.
  • Requirements: Ideal for affiliates with IT or review-focused content.
  • URL: Scala Hosting affiliate program.
  • Potential Earnings: Up to $200 per sale.
  • EPC: To be confirmed.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Embark on your affiliate journey with Scala Hosting, where technical prowess meets lucrative opportunities!

10. WPX

Looking for a web hosting affiliate program that’s as impressive as its hosting services? Meet WPX, known for its lightning-fast global speed. But let’s talk about their affiliate program. WPX takes an ethical approach, offering a sliding commission scale that’s truly appealing:

  • 1 – 25 sales = $70 per sale
  • 26 – 100 sales = $85 per sale
  • 101+ sales = $100 per sale

What’s even better? These commissions are for a lifetime, and there’s a generous 60-day cookie window. Whether it takes a week or a year to hit 100 sales, you’ll earn $100 for every subsequent sale. WPX values support, providing access to their affiliate manager via email and Skype. Plus, you’ll find promotional materials in the affiliate hub.

Get started with WPX and earn:

  • Commission: $70 – $100 per referral
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • [WPX Affiliate Program]

Conclusion: Are Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Worth in 2024?

In conclusion, the question of whether web hosting affiliate programs are worth it in 2024 can be answered positively. These programs offer an opportunity to earn money, even with seemingly low-priced hosting services. The key lies in customer retention strategies employed by these programs. They work diligently to keep clients satisfied, ensuring that people stick around unless the service becomes truly unsatisfactory.

While our focus was on profitability rather than the hosting companies themselves, we’ve found a good balance in the affiliate programs we’ve discussed. Achieving balance, whether in your income or life, is essential, especially when it feels elusive. So, considering the potential earnings, web hosting affiliate programs are indeed worth exploring in 2024.

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  1. Am promoting few affiliate programs on my niche blog but I make more sales from bluehost and my country hosting companies more.

    I don’t think I will be making such huge number of sales monthly if I did not apply some working tactics, I.e I offered free WordPress installation for all who use my affiliate link.

    This post is cool as I will explore other affiliate programs soon.

    Thanks boss

    1. Thank you Joseph for sharing your experience about making money from Bluehost affiliate.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I am sure they will really helpful!

    1. As an affiliate marketer, one should know about such highest paying affiliate products so that the effort they are putting for promoting the products should also give enough reward.

  3. Thanks a lots for this tips I also have a blog on reviews (affiliate marketing)
    HostGator Affiliate marketing programs

    HostGator Earn 50-60% affiliate commission from HostGator.

    HostGator is one of the best and highest paying affiliate marketing programs trending online.

    HostGator Affiliate program allow you earn $50 per a single sale. This is quite interesting, and don’t rush, you can actually earn even more than the $50 per single sale…..
    Details: Best affiliate marketing programs to monetize your site with in 2017

    1. You have a nice blog and the information you are sharing is really useful for bloggers. Keep up the good work.

  4. This is good to know. I have promoted Bluehost and another hosting company not on this list, but I have not promoted any of the others you mentioned. I will look into them. Thanks for the information.

  5. Hi Shantanu,
    Thanks for the list. i was looking for this. i wanted to start the affiliate marketing, but thinking about which hosting affiliate i should use.
    Now i am pretty clear.
    Thanks again.

    1. You can compare few of them as per performance and affordability and then easily choose best hosting among them. If you would ask me, then you can start with Bluehost shared hosting, which is cheap and you will also get Free .com domain name. Personally my website is also hosted on Bluehost plan only.

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