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Best Gardening Affiliate Programs to join 2024

Gardening may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about affiliate marketing, but it’s a surprisingly lucrative area. Despite some opinions suggesting otherwise, the gardening niche is thriving with a global market value of over $71.5 billion and growing. This growth is partly fueled by the ‘Grow It Yourself’ movement, showing increasing interest in gardening.

Many affiliates are finding great success in this area, with some earning up to seven figures annually. Even average affiliates in the home and garden niche are doing well, earning an average of $5,095 per month. This success contradicts the skepticism of some so-called experts. Gardening affiliate programs offer a variety of opportunities that you might not have considered before. Let’s explore the potential of this thriving market.

Top 10 High-Paying Gardening Affiliate Programs Of 2024

1. AeroGarden

AeroGarden makes indoor gardening easy and accessible for everyone, even if you don’t have an outdoor space. Their hydroponic kits use water, light, and nutrients to grow various vegetables right in your home. These kits fit nicely in modern homes and are a great way to teach kids about where food comes from. AeroGarden isn’t just a fun experiment; it’s a step towards self-sufficiency. Their products, while not cheap, offer a high earning potential for affiliates.

  • URL: AeroGarden Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Earn 7.5% on every sale
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $86.85, indicating high earning potential
  • Cookie Duration: 40 days, allowing for a good window to earn from referrals
  • Product Range: High-quality hydroponic systems, with some costing nearly $800
  • Potential Earnings: Around $60 per transaction based on top-tier products
  • Support: Access to a gardening blog for guidance and tips

2. Forestry Suppliers

Forestry Suppliers offers unique tools for big gardens that regular equipment can’t handle. They provide a range of products from heavy-duty ground mats to herbicides, along with standard gardening tools. This specialized program targets those with large gardens, presenting a great opportunity if promoted correctly. Their affiliate program is surprisingly rewarding, with a higher than expected Earnings Per Click (EPC). Even though it’s a niche market, the potential for earnings is significant, making it an attractive option for gardening niche affiliates.

  • Affiliate Program: Forestry Suppliers
  • Commission: 3%
  • EPC: $40.76 per 100 visitors
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Target Audience: People with large gardens
  • Product Range: Specialized gardening tools, ground protection mats, herbicides
  • Potential: High for targeted promotion in large garden niche

3. Succulents Box

Succulents Box offers a unique subscription service for everyone who loves succulents, also known as cacti. These small, low-maintenance plants are perfect for growing at home. Customers can either buy all they need from the store or get a monthly box of succulent goodies delivered to their door. As a gardening affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on sales referred through your promotion. Although each product costs only a few dollars, the volume of sales can add up, showing this program’s success.

Key details about the Succulents Box affiliate program:

  • Commission: 10% on each sale.
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $9.96, indicating the average earnings per click for affiliates.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days, giving you a month-long window after a click to earn from a sale.
  • Unique Offering: One of the most distinct gardening affiliate programs available.
  • Product Appeal: Focuses on easy-to-care-for succulents, appealing to a wide range of customers.

4. Power Planter Australia

Gardening is enjoyable, but preparing the soil can be tough work, often involving hard digging and even blisters. That’s where the Power Planter comes in, offering a simpler way to get your garden ready. This Australian invention is a drill attachment that effortlessly creates holes in the ground, perfect for planting anything from flowers to vegetables. It’s also handy for making watering holes for trees in hot weather. With its ease of use and practicality, the Power Planter is a great product to promote on your gardening blog.

  • Product: Power Planter, a drill attachment for easy gardening.
  • Commission: Earn 15%, approximately $24 per sale.
  • Average Order Value: $161 per customer.
  • Market Potential: A new, unique product with opportunities for early adopters.
  • Affiliate Program URL: Power Planter affiliate program.
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $121.62.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days.

5. Seeds Now

Seeds Now is a key player in the growing self-sufficiency trend, especially popular among those in the “Grow It Yourself” movement. They offer a vast selection of non-GMO, organic seeds, including heirloom varieties. Customers looking to cultivate their own gardens find Seeds Now an ideal source for high-quality seeds. This affiliate program stands out for its generous 25% commission and attractive Earnings Per Click (EPC). Despite some minor website issues, it’s a top choice for gardening affiliates.

  • Affiliate Program URL: SeedsNow affiliate program
  • Commission: 25%
  • EPC: $28
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Product Range: Wide variety of herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • Target Audience: Enthusiasts of the GIY (Grow It Yourself) movement
  • Key Selling Point: Large selection of non-GMO and organic seeds

6. Click & Grow

Click & Grow brings the future of gardening into your home with their innovative “smart” garden. This high-tech hydroponics system lets you easily grow a variety of vegetables and herbs. Just select from 45 options, insert the pods into your Smart Garden, and watch it thrive. It automatically manages light, water, and nutrients, making gardening effortless. Perfect for kitchen countertops, it doesn’t even require outdoor space. This system is the ultimate in hassle-free gardening.

  • Affiliate Program: Join and earn a 10% commission on sales.
  • Market Potential: Ideal for gardeners, GIY enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a new, eco-friendly hobby.
  • Commission Rate: 10% on every sale.
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $24.12, indicating strong earning potential.
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days, giving you a good window for earning from referrals.

7. Garden Tower

Gardening in small spaces is easy with the Garden Tower Project. This innovative product lets you grow up to 50 plants in just a small area, using a vertical stack of interlocking segments. It’s a simple, effective solution for those who want to garden but lack the space. Plus, for affiliates, this offers a great opportunity to earn. With each Garden Tower priced at $359, you can earn significant commissions on sales.

Here’s a quick look at the affiliate details:

  • Product: Garden Tower, a vertical gardening solution.
  • Commission Rate: Earn 16% on each sale.
  • Average Commission: Typically around $35.56 per sale, with the potential to make up to $57.
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $75.96, showing good earning potential.
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days, giving you a good window for potential sales.
  • Additional Benefits: Two-tier commission structure for added earning potential.
  • Target Audience: Broad, appealing to many gardeners interested in vertical gardening.
  • Affiliate URL: Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program

8. Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests has been a trusted name in the world of heirloom and organic seeds since 1995, offering unique seeds not found in regular stores. Their range includes over 600 varieties, from common garden vegetables to beautiful sunflowers. Each seed packet comes with easy-to-follow instructions, perfect for beginners. They also provide a gardening blog with helpful tips. What’s interesting is their commission structure: dedicated gardening bloggers earn 15% commission, while other affiliates receive 5%. This approach rewards those who contribute significantly to their community. Plus, a 5% rate is quite good, especially with their high 13.8% conversion rate.

Key Affiliate Information:

  • Commission: 15% for gardening bloggers, 5% for other affiliates
  • Exclusive Products: Over 600 varieties of heirloom and organic seeds
  • Special Features: Detailed planting instructions with each packet, valuable gardening blog
  • Conversion Rate: High at 13.8%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $34.33

9. Hoss Tools

Hoss Tools is dedicated to helping people grow their own food, whether on a small balcony or a larger urban farm area. They offer a wide range of high-quality gardening products, including tools, seeds, irrigation systems, fertilizers, and pest control items, all made in the USA with Amish-crafted wooden handles. Their website also features a gardening blog full of useful tips for vegetable gardening. The Hoss Tools affiliate program is a top performer on ShareASale, offering a 10% commission per sale, with an average order size of $101.

  • Affiliate Program URL: Hoss Tools Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Average Order Size: $101 (approx $10 per transaction)
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $47.95
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Notable: High-quality, USA-made products with a focus on sustainable food growth
  • Additional Features: Regularly updated gardening blog with extensive tips and guides

10. Urban Leaf

Urban Leaf brings a fresh twist to indoor gardening, encouraging people to grow their own food using an innovative hydroponics system based on empty bottles. This approach revives the tradition of window box gardening with a modern, sustainable edge. Urban Leaf stands behind its affordable grow kits with a ‘Green Thumb’ guarantee, offering replacements or refunds if plants don’t grow. Their affiliate program is particularly appealing due to its high conversion rate and generous commission.

  • URL: Urban Leaf affiliate program
  • Commission: 14% per sale
  • Average Earnings: About $4 per sale
  • Conversion Rate: Approximately 10% of traffic turns into sales
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): $40.27
  • Target Audience: Ideal for apartment dwellers and those interested in sustainable living
  • Unique Selling Point: ‘Green Thumb’ guarantee and the use of recycled bottles for hydroponics
  • Marketing Advantage: Affordable products, appealing to impulse buyers.

Conclusion: Are Gardening Affiliate Programs Worth Joining in 2024?

In conclusion, joining gardening affiliate programs in 2024 offers a promising opportunity, especially considering the expanding scope and popularity of this niche. The gardening industry is evolving with diverse sub-niches like hydroponics, vertical gardening, and indoor herb gardens, presenting various avenues for targeted marketing.

While the payouts from these programs may vary, strategically combining offers from different advertisers can create a balanced and potentially lucrative income stream. Skeptics might doubt the profitability of promoting gardening products, but successful affiliates like Kevin Espiritu exemplify the potential in this field. Moreover, for those eager to learn and excel in affiliate marketing, there are valuable resources available, including free training sessions.

These sessions are a great way to gain insights without any financial commitment, but it’s wise to have a notepad handy to jot down key points. Embracing these opportunities could lead to significant success in the thriving world of gardening affiliate marketing.

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