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how to start a successful blog in 2023

Wondering how to start a blog in 2024 on WordPress and make money blogging? I am sure you have seen many people earning money online by creating a new blog. Just check out these fantastic Top bloggers in India who are making decent income from blogging.

In this detailed guide, I will help you to create a WordPress blog from scratch and guide you to earn money from that. I have started my blogging journey as a hobby blogger, but gradually understand the potential of Blogging.

This is a massive article where I have covered each and every single point to create a WordPress blog from scratch. In case you don’t want to read the entire article then watch this video.

Who Am I to Teach You How to Start Blogging in 2024?

Hello Friends, I am Santanu Debnath. I am a passionate blogger, a software developer, YouTuber who loves to educate people about blogging, WordPress, Web Hosting, SEO, etc.

  • I have started my blogging journey back in 2009 and earned my first dollar back in 2010. Right now, my blog has been featured on many websites and I have featured in many interviews. You can read about that here.
  • I am running an active Facebook Group where more than 30,000+ bloggers are engaging with each other. I am actively helping people from my 10+ years’ experience in blogging.
  • I also run a YouTube channel where I upload useful How To Guides related to WordPress and effective blogging tips to help beginners.

In this how to make a blog in 2024 guide, I will help you to set up a blog on WordPress from scratch and also be a better blogger. Because WordPress is the best place to create a website & earn Money Online.

Why Should You Start a Blog In 2024?

Blogging is no more a fun or hobby. When I have started my first blog in 2009, my intention was to share recipes as a time pass activity. We (with my wife Manidpa) started a food blog at that time for fun.

By the way you can check out my wife’s blog WPBlogging360.com. She is one of the top female bloggers in India and an amazing content writer.

But in 2024, the meaning of blogging is totally different. You can actually get your desired life by pursuing a career in blogging.

There are multiple benefits of blogging and that is why I always recommend people to utilize your free time to create a blog. I am sure this detailed how to create a blog guide will help you to achieve your blogging goals for sure.

  • First of all, you can pursue your passion by sharing your knowledge & experience through a blog. Having such an amazing hobby actually is an awesome stress buster. And trust me, this is the 1st step towards building a successful blog.
  • You can become financially free, free from the typical life of a 9-5-day job, travel the world, quit your 9 to 5 job, get early retirement. In short, be your own boss. I am not bluffing here, many people actually living their dream life by starting a blog in 2020 already. Yes, blogging is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online.
  • If you are into the Digital Marketing industry, then a blog will help you to grow you as a subject matter expert. You can actually showcase your actual skills through your blog content. If you are into SEO, then just mention the keywords your website is ranking #1 in Google search engine. It will work as your resume or bio-data.
  • You can connect with many like-minded people who follow a similar passion. We all know the importance of networking and blogging is the best way to build a solid network. I have started my Facebook Group, The Bloggers Team in 2018. And in just 1 year I am able to connect with more than 30K+ bloggers. You can join the Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers and connect with like-minded people in your niche.

These are a few of the benefits of blogging I have shared here. I will write a detailed guide on this topic so that you can understand the potential of blogging and how exactly it can help you to find happiness in your life.

Without wasting further time, Let’s proceed further to explore the best ways to start a blog in 2020.

Can I Really Make Money from Blogging?

But how to make money from a blog or a website? Simply start your blog in 2024 following this guide and apply the monetizing techniques to earn money from your website.

But before starting this complete step by step guide, I want to show you some real proof of my income from different blogs through different monetizing techniques.

Check Here 9 Different Ways You Can Earn Money from Your Blog

This is the screenshot of my Shareasale income report last year. As I am promoting a couple of products from Shareasale, you can see that few months I made a very good amount of commission, and few months were just average.

shareasale income report

You can create an Amazon Affiliate website and easily generate income by recommending good products to people who are looking for product reviews. I have created an Amazon affiliates site based out of Indian traffic and make some money from that. Just check out the screenshot below.

amazon affiliate earning proof

Affiliate marketing is amazing and you can make huge income from your blog if you know how to do affiliate income. Here is the screenshot of one of the products that I am promoting through my blog.

affiliate income

If I can earn money from my blog, besides working full-time for my day job, then why can’t you? So, make sure to follow the exact steps of this How to start a blog in 2020 tutorial to begin your journey. Starting a new blog in 2020 can change your life completely.

Read This How I Made $7,200 in just 4 Days [Affiliate Marketing Case Study]

Should I Buy a Blogging Course?

Well, I am not against any blogging courses. As the intention behind the courses is very clear. As blogging is huge and as a beginner, you don’t know where to start & what to learn, then a course will definitely help you to explore everything in one place and in a sequential manner.

To help you out here, I wrote 15 articles step-step-guide which will definitely help you to understand the entire process of becoming a blogger in 2024. You can read those articles without paying a single penny on my website. Just check out my free blogging course for beginners.

Personally, I don’t prefer buying any courses. I always love to read case studies, popular blogs, successful stories of bloggers and how exactly they grow in life. If you follow a few popular blogs and followed their journey of starting a blog, then you will actually learn many practical tips.

As a beginner, if you need the initial kick then this How to Start A Blog in 2024 guide will definitely answer a lot of questions and provide a perfect path to start your blogging journey.

You don’t have to spend money on paid blogging courses to learn how to start a blog. As my website has every single information to help you to be a better blogger.

I have crafted this article with all necessary supporting topics so that you can enough information to create your first website on WordPress. In case you have any further doubts after that also, you can always connect me on my Facebook Group, The Bloggers’ Team.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a WordPress Blog in 2024

Well, this guide is all about setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog. There are lots of doubts or debate on whether to choose Blogger or WordPress. There are a couple more blogging platforms where you can create a blog easily.

To make it simple & clear, I always choose WordPress when my blogging plan is serious. For experimental purposes, I often create a free blog on Google Blogger also.

But this how to start a blog in 2024 guide is only for them, who are serious enough to create a successful blog that will generate income through different ways in the next 6-12 months duration. So, to explain this point, I would request you to watch the video where I have explained the different costs involved in blogging.

You might be thinking, how much I have spent to set up this blog? I believe in investing in blogging as without investment one can’t grow the business.

One can easily setup a blog by investing a very minimal amount. Let me share how much I spend money for this blog in 2024.

Besides that, I also purchased Bluehost Choice Plus Plan for Next 3 years to host WPBlogging360.com (running by Manidipa) and few more.

I always recommend products that I personally use to my readers, that I use. So that they can get the best from their investment as well.

How To Start a Blog In 7 Easy Steps (Beginner’s Guide to Blogging)

how to start a successful blog in 2023
How to start a successful blog

Right now, by following my 7-step guide you can set up your blog on WordPress in the next 10 minutes. I am going to share the exact techniques about how to start a blog today. Let’s have a quick look at my 7-step process to start a blog in 2024 from scratch.

  • Step #1: How do I choose a profitable blog niche?
  • Step #2: How do I name my domain name for my blog?
  • Step #3: Which Web Hosting is best for WordPress Blogs?
  • Step #4: How do I install WordPress on my website?
  • Step #5: How do I publish my WordPress site Live?
  • Step #6: How do I write my first blog post?
  • Step #7: How can I increase my blog traffic?

Before starting this huge guide on starting a blog from scratch, let me share a video tutorial that I have created where I have explained everything from beginning. If you don’t want to read this article further, then feel free to watch this video tutorial to set up your website completely on WordPress.

Anyway, if you want to read the text version then continue this article on how to start a blog from scratch in next 10 minutes.

Step 1. Choose A Profitable Blog Niche / Blog Topic

You should be ready with your pen & paper before starting this step. This is the most important step of this how to start a blog in 2020 guide. If you don’t want to do any mistake, better read this part carefully and then only go to the next step.

This is the first chapter of learning how to start a blog and keep in mind, the point here is to starting a profitable blog in 2024, not just any blog.

Few of the common questions I got from many newbie bloggers are

  • Which niche is best for a blog?
  • How do I find my blog niche?
  • How do I choose the right niche?

Yes, this should be your topmost priority. You should not jump into buying web hosting or theme design. Rather spend enough time to understand on which topic you can blog about.

If you want to blogs for money, you have to find the best blog topics that make the most money. Without a profitable niche, you can’t do make money blogging.

Many times people start a blog with excitement and start writing on every topic. Personally, I did the same thing and started writing on personal finance, blogging tips, latest news, smartphone reviews etc in one single website.

This has completely messed up my blogging plan and affected my blog traffic. Because, after some days I realized that I am not able to generate content for every single category.

Not only that, but building an audience around your website has also become very difficult in that way. So, the first tip I would like to disclose here in this guide about how to start a blog is to pick the right profitable niche.

What is an example of a profitable niche?

So, you have to be more focused on niche selection. E.g. I am writing about blogging & WordPress related topics on this website.

If you want to make it more specific, then you can write only on blogging tips or web hosting related topics. That is what called a niche selection process, which is a must before even buying a domain name.

E.g. If you visit Amazon website and look for their categories you can easily understand that there are plenty of topics to pick as a profitable blog niche. As people visit Amazon to buy something and if you write on any of those category related products, you will earn money in coming days through affiliate marketing.

If you want to start a WordPress blog in 2024 and make money, then you have to choose the most profitable blog niches 2024 or high demand blog topics. But What is the best niche to make money?

Let’s explore a few of them to start a blog.

  • How to Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Personal Development

In which topic do you think you can write better content? You can share regular experiences and help people by writing quality problem-solving content? That should be your blog niche & you’re are ready for learning how to start a blog in 2020 further.

Step 2. Pick A Domain Name for Your Blog

As soon as you are done with your blog niche, the next question will be how do I choose a catchy domain name?

What is A Domain name?

Your domain name will represent your business & brand. In simple terms, it is you’re the online address of your business. If you have to tell your customer about your business or services, you can provide them your domain name and they can easily find out all the information at one place.

How To Find a Good Domain Name?

Your domain name should represent your website topics. If you are starting a multi-niche blog (like a news website), then try to find out a generic or brandable domain name. Because you are going to write on different categories, not on a single topic.

Few examples of the multi-niche website:

  • https://lifehacker.com
  • https://www.huffingtonpost.in

But if your plan is to start a niche website or micro-niche affiliate site, then you have to find a suitable domain keeping that main keyword in the domain name.

Here are a few good examples of micro-niche affiliate websites.

  • KidsTabletsWithWiFi.com
  • FootballSnackHelmets.com

Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied with your niche selection and domain name.
  • Make sure to keep the domain short and crisp. If you target a single niche website, then keep the main keyword or targeted long-tail keywords. This is good for SEO.
  • Try to buy the .com extension, in case you don’t have any country-specific requirement.
  • Don’t add any trademark terms. E.g., if you are starting a website of Amazon offers or Flipkart sale, then never buy a website like Flipkartoffers.com. You will be in big trouble in the future.
  • Try to avoid numbers, hyphens etc. In case you are not able to get the targeted keyword-rich domain, then you can definitely add numbers.
  • If you are starting an affiliate website on a single niche, then try to put the buyer intent terms like Best Black Friday Deals 2024, Best Product Price Under, etc.

You can always take help of the Domain Name Generator Tools to find out awesome domain name on your niche, before registering them.

How Much Does Domain Name Cost?

Generally, a .COM domain name will cost you around $12-$15/year depending upon the discounts offered by different websites. You can buy domain name using any of these Domain Name Registrar websites.

If you buy any country specific domain like .in or .us or .uk your price will be different. There are different types of domain extensions available, and you have to pick the right one as per your need.

But I always recommend starting with a .COM domain extension as it’s very popular and globally excepted. As a beginner, you can get a domain name FREE for 1 year with any of the popular web hosting company. Let me share my favorite 2 hosting companies.

  • Hostinger + Free Domain @ $1.99/mo Only
  • Bluehost + Free Domain @ $2.95/mo only

The first-year cost of a domain registration, approx. $12-$15 will be waived off. From next year onwards you have to renew the domain again. That means you can save the money of 1st year domain registration which is awesome.

Don’t Miss the Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals, so that you can get the maximum discount.

Step 3. Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

If you are searching for how to start blogging free, then you must try Blogger.com. But I am here to help you to start a blog on a self-hosted WordPress platform, as we are serious about making money from blogging.

If you are 100% sure about your purpose of reading this guide on learning how to start a blog, you can easily pick the blogging platform among WordPress Vs. Blogspot. But not only me, in fact, the majority of people are also loving WordPress. Check this picture.

cms market share

You need a web hosting plan to create a website on WordPress. A web hosting is the disk space that you need to host your website files on internet so that everyone can access the website from any part of the world.

But which hosting is good for WordPress?

Picking the right hosting is a very crucial decision for your blogging career. If you choose the wrong provider, then you will face multiple problems (bad support, website down, slow website speed etc) in the future and later you need to transfer your website to a new hosting.

This will be a huge loss of money and effort. As a beginner, you must start with a shared hosting plan as they are cost-effective, comes with many easy-to-understand features and user-friendly interface.

I recommend Bluehost as the Best web hosting for beginners. You can enjoy some amazing features at an affordable price.

  • 99% server uptime
  • Free Domain for 1st year (Watch this video)
  • Free SSL Certificate High Speed & Secure
  • SSD Servers
  • User-friendly Interface to manage Hosting
  • Installing & Setting Up WordPress is very easy
  • #1 Recommended Hosting by WordPress.org
  • 50 GB Disk space, Undeterred Bandwidth, traffic)
  • Create a free email account for your domain (E.g., santanu@bloggingjoy.com)
  • 24X7 Live Chat Support
  • Renewal charges are very low

Also, Black Friday is a good time to get some great discounts. So, make sure to check out few of the best hosting deals during Black Friday to get the best discount.

Why Choose Bluehost for Starting a New Blog in 2024

Before I share how to start a blog with Bluehost, I would request you to read this detailed review of Bluehost first. I have shared a very detailed analysis of Bluehost shared hosting plan and why it is good for the beginners to start a blog on WordPress with Bluehost. But still, I want to highlight a few of the amazing facts about Bluehost here.

Bluehost has been the #1 WordPress recommended hosting company for a long time. Just visit this link and you can see that Bluehost as #1 Web Hosting providers in that list. The other 2 are DreamHost & SiteGround.

wordpress hosting

When you compare the Bluehost market share with other popular hosting companies, you will find that Bluehost is the most popular hosting company. The reason behind this is very clear, they offer cheap hosting with Free Domain and easy to set up the WordPress interface.

Not only that, if you check the below image you will understand that majority of the USA bloggers are using Bluehost plans only.

Do you know that the world’s top bloggers are recommending Bluehost as best for beginners? Here are a few screenshots of ShoutmeLoud, #1 WordPress blog in India.

Popular web hosting review website (hostingadvice.com), also found Bluehost as 2018’s Best Web Hosting considering overall reviews.

Another popular whoishostingthis.com, where you will find many actual customers shared their responses after using Bluehost as hosting providers. Here are a few of the positive responses from Bluehost users.

That doesn’t mean that everything is always positive about Bluehost. There are many complaints and negative reviews as well, and that is true for every product.

How To Setup a WordPress Blog on Bluehost 2024 [Step by Step Guide]

So, now that you know why to start a blog on Bluehost is the right decision, let us dive into how to start a blog with Bluehost in 2024. This is a complete end to end tutorial after which you will find your WordPress website live.

Before starting this process, you need to ready with a few of the things mentioned so that we don’t waste time.

  • A credit card so that you can pay your hosting charges
  • A domain name handy or you can buy a new one with Bluehost (free for the first year)
  • A good premium WordPress theme to enjoy a fast-loading website (E.g., GeneratePress, Genesis Framework (free) etc).

I think this is enough to start the process of setting up a self-hosted website in Bluehost. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step #1: Activate the Special Bluehost Pricing

To start a blog with Bluehost, first of all, click here to visit the Bluehost website. They offer a 50% discount on their web hosting plans. This is a default discount, but I found a special Bluehost coupon trick to get a 66% discount on Bluehost shared hosting plans.

bluehost home

Step #2: Select the Best Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan

Click on the GET STARTED NOW button and you will find 4 different plans there. Bluehost offers 4 shared hosting plans: BASIC, PLUS, CHOICE PLUS & PRO. I love the CHOICE PLUS plan as it is having everything I need as a starter. You can host unlimited websites and the price is also not that high compared to the BASIC plan.

  • Basic ($2.95/mo): In this plan, you can host 1 website along with 10 GB of SSD storage.
  • Plus ($5.45/mo): This plan will allow you to host unlimited websites with 20 GB SSD storage and spam expert.
  • Choice Plus ($5.45/mo): In this plan, you will get 40 GB SSD storage, Domain Privacy & Protection, and CodeGuard Basic Site Backup additionally.
  • Pro (13.95/mo): This plan comes with 100 GB SSD storage and is comprised of dedicated IP and spam experts.

Step #3: Get Your FREE Domain Name with Bluehost

Choose a plan as per your needs. And then click on SELECT. You will find a screen like below. Here you have to provide a domain name. In case you have a domain name already, then you have to change the DNS settings of your domain using GoDaddy or NameCheap login.

select domain name

Otherwise, if you don’t have a domain then this is the best way to save the first-year domain charges. As Bluehost offer a free domain name. Try to do the necessary research before finalizing the domain name. Anyway, provide the domain name and click on the NEXT button.

Step #4: Provide Personal Information

On the next screen, you have to fill up all necessary information like your name, address, city, email address, mobile number, etc. On the same screen, just scroll down a little bit to find out the Bluehost hosting plan pricing details and the duration for which you want to buy.

Step #5: Choose 36 mo Plan For maximum Discount

To start a blog with Bluehost while getting the maximum discount, make sure that you choose a 36-month plan. I did a mistake of buying for 1 year, and after that now I am renewing my Bluehost package by paying the actual charges. You will not get any Bluehost renewal discount to save money after that.

bluehost coupon

So, bet way to save money is by choosing for 36-month, so that you can get the lowest price for 3 years. Also remember to remove all the other ticks, as this is not required for this moment.

Step #6: Remove Extra Addons

Step #7: Choose Bluehost Payment Options

Bluehost only offer payment through credit card. That’s why I have mentioned in the beginning to get ready with your credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, then take help from your friends or family.

Provide the credit card information and then click on the SUBMIT button to complete the purchase.

bluehost payment option

Step #8: Create Account on Bluehost

Now that you have purchased a hosting plan with the maximum Bluehost discount, on the next screen, it will ask you to create a password for your Bluehost cPanel. Choose a password that is very tricky to crack for others, but simple to remember for you. Make sure you followed the password rules.

(7) Create Password

As soon as you are done with your password, you can log in to your dashboard. You will also get an email with all the necessary details as well.

(8) Login

Step #9: Login to Bluehost Account & Set Up WordPress 

Click on the login button and provide your id & password. After successful login, you will find a screen like below. Click on the Start Blogging button and continue with the dashboard.

(9) Use new password

The Bluehost interface is really awesome. If you are installing the first time also, you will hardly find it difficult. As soon as you log in to your Bluehost cPanel you will find it like below.

Step 4. Install WordPress on Bluehost Domain

Under the website section in your cPanel, you will find easily the option INSTALL WORDPRESS. It will open a screen of Mojo marketplace. Bluehost is internally integrated with Mojo marketplace which provides a very good interface to install WordPress as well as many other services related to a blog set up.

(10) Name your website

On the next screen, select the domain name on which you want to install WordPress. Make sure you keep the directory field blank. If you have a specific requirement like you want to install WordPress on a blog directory, then you can write. In that case, your website will launch like yourdomain.com/blog/.

(11) Website type

On successful installation, you will find a screen like below.

(12) Pick a theme

Next, you can log in to your WordPress website using the yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ link. You will find a screen like below where Bluehost will offer a screen to configure various WordPress settings.

(14) Start Building

You can follow the step-by-step guide to set up your complete WordPress site. Website title, header and other information.

(13) WordPress Auto-Install

Step #11: Welcome to Bluehost Dashboard

As I have already mentioned, you can either choose a free theme from the theme gallery offered by Mojo marketplace. But it is always better to pick any of the SEO-friendly premium themes from StudioPress Themes or Thrive Themes.

(15) Bluehost cPanel

Step #12: Start Using Bluehost Tools to Run Your Blog  

After completing all the steps, you will reach a screen like below. Here you have to click on the launch button to make your website live.

(16) WordPress Tools

5. Essential WordPress Settings to Do

So, we are done with the installation of WordPress on our domain name. What is next in this how to start a blog tutorial? You can follow my article about this topic and make sure to set up your WordPress site completely. These are the mandatory steps to do and all necessary plugins to install for your website.

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme

I never compromise with my website design as this is the face of my business. That’s why I always recommend buying a premium WordPress theme. This is one of the mandatory investment ones that must run the blogging business.

Which theme is best for WordPress Sites in 2020? Let me share the most popular WordPress themes which are fast loading, SEO friendly and highly secure.

  • GeneratePress (Only $49/year)
  • Genesis Framework (It’s free now)

I am using Thrive Architect for this blog to design custom pages. This is one of the best WordPress page builders for beginners in 2024.

Install Essential Plugins for WordPress

The best part of WordPress is that you will find a plugin whatever problem you face. But installing many plugins will slow down your website. So, here are the list of WordPress plugins that I have installed & always recommend you install on your blog.

Thrive Architect: Website design plays a huge role in 2020. So, just installing a theme may not be enough as your competitors are designing some stunning websites. You can use this amazing tool to create any kind of landing page. This is one of my favorite drag & drop page builder plugins for WordPress.

Rank Math SEO Plugin: Rank SEO Plugin is not just an SEO plugin. This is one of my favorite plugin which is helping me to do the on-page SEO and many other things smoothly. This plugin is far better compared to Yoas SEO Plugin & undoubtedly my #1 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

WP Rocket: This is the plugin that helped me to get 100 in GTMetrix Score. Last year during WP Rocket Black Friday sale, I bought this amazing plugin and trust me my website speed has improved a lot. Undoubtedly the #1 Best Cache Plugin for WordPress.

Thrive Leads:  This is the best plugin to collect emails from your audience. If you are looking for a cheap OptinMonster alternative, then Thrive Leads is the best email list building plugin.

Backup Plugin: I always recommend you t use UpdraftPLUS plugin as it’s the best free backup plugin. But as a SiteGround user, you don’t have to worry about that. You will get FREE 30 days backup with every SiteGround plan.

Anti-Spam: To protect spam comments, you have to install this amazing FREE plugin. There are many other plugins, but I found this one awesome.

Social Snap Pro: Social snap is a social sharing plugin, But I like this plugin so much because they help to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and many more platforms.

SG Optimizer: But besides that, also, SiteGround hosting comes with 2 amazing plugins which will give you faster performance. Let’s set up the SG Optimizer & SiteGround SuperCacher plugin.

6. How Do I Write My First Blog Post?

Now the real game starts, as blogging is all about writing quality content. Yes, whatever is your niche, you have to produce content that is worthy, useful for readers, solve the reader’s query. And do you think you can do it with your blog?

Must-read articles after finishing the first 5 steps of how to start a blog guide.

How do I create a blog post (Tips & Tricks)?

Your first blog post could be on anything on your niche. Don’t sit relax as you are done with the technical parts of how to start a blog for free guide.

  • You can start creating your necessary pages like About usContact usPrivacy policy, etc. Although that is not like creating a blog post, I can say your content towards your website.
  • Whatever is your niche, you can start writing a blog post about your journey. E.g. how did you create this blog, why you decided to start a blog, what is your inspiration to start a blog, what is the purpose of creating this website etc.
  • If you have started a multi-niche news website, then definitely you can start writing on any topic which is trending. You can check with Google trends and start writing your first article. But better not to go in that way as multi-niche blogging is not at all an easy thing to do. You may lose your interest and not able to deliver content as per your expectations. So, better to spend enough time to write on a specific niche. E.g. I am writing about blogging tips, how to start a WordPress blog in 2024 guide on this website. So, it is quite easy for me to concentrate and create content on similar interests continuously without irritating my readers.
  • If you have a plan to start a micro-niche site, then you should focus on creating a home page concentrating on the main keyword putting every single information.

So, this is just an overall guide to help you out to write your first content. Writing quality content is always a challenge as we are mostly writing on similar topics that others are writing. So, you have to concentrate on creating something different from the existing ones.

7. How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

Traffic generation is the biggest challenge for every blogger, especially if your blog is new it is very difficult to attract visitors to your website.

In that case, what to do to bring initial traffic to your blog?

  • Make a list of blogs in your niche. Then start visiting their blogs and write a quality comment on their blog post. Make sure you keep your name and website address while commenting. Don’t put any keyword, these tricks don’t work.
  • Be active in social media and engage more in Facebook groups. Almost every group has its own rules where you will get a chance to share your blog post. E.g. I generally run a #BlogPromotion thread every week on Saturday. On that day you can share your blog post and get noticed by other bloggers and also get shared by them as well. This is a very good way to get recognized by bloggers and earn their first kick.
  • Sign up to question-answer websites like Quora and start answering relevant questions in your blog niche. If you find any suitable opportunity to link your article, do that. You will get a good amount of quality traffic to your blog.

These are a few of the very basic but effective steps to start generating traffic to your website. Work hard, put genuine effort to build your blog, build your authorship and reputation. Things will surely move things in a positive direction.

FAQs Related to Starting a Blog in 2024

How To Start a Blog and Make Money?

This is what I have explained in this article. If you follow this guide completely then you will end up starting a WordPress blog. After that, you have to grow your blog gradually and then follow these techniques to make money from your blog.

Where Can I Start A Blog For FREE?

There are many free blogging platforms where you can easily set up your own blog for free. E.g., WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Weebly.com, etc.

How many articles to start a blog?

There are no such numbers. Definitely, in the beginning, you will have very less number of posts. Keep writing articles related to your blog niche and gradually your blog will grow.

How to start a blogging business?

Blogging business is all about sharing useful information to educate people and then selling your products or promote others through affiliate marketing. The first step is by creating your own blog and start posting articles as per your expertise.

Is WordPress really free?

Yes, WordPress is a FREE platform if you are talking about WordPress.com. In case of WordPress.org, the CMS is free, but you need a web hosting plan where you can install WordPress. 

Final Words on How to Start a Successful Blog In 2024

So, finally, you are done with this massive guide about how to start a blog in 2020. I am sure you are happy like me to start your blogging journey on WordPress.

Just remember one thing, what I have learned in the last 10 years. Don’t hesitate to buy premium tools that are essential to grow your blog. The more you delay, the more you will lose. That’s why I have decided to invest in all essential tools & plugins to give the best performance & look for my website.

I put a huge effort to create this long guide on How to Start a Blog in 2024 with lots of screenshots. My purpose is to simplify the process of starting a WordPress blog quickly. Probably it may take 10-15 minutes max if you understand the process.

In case you have any doubt regarding setting up a blog on WordPress or any kind of information, then Join My Facebook Group. You can ask me anything, I would love to resolve your questions. In fact, there are many other awesome bloggers who can help you out. Feel free to ask your questions regarding this topic “how to start your blog on WordPress”.


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    1. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Hi Santanu,

    You give some very useful tips on starting a blog and a straightforward approach with helpful steps.

    I wish I had had my blog professionally set up for me when I first started out because I wasted a lot of time and profits getting to the stage I’m at now. It was very stressful too. If I had had a guide such as your, I’m sure it would have been easier.

    One additional step I recommend is to ensure that you can recover your blog if it gets damaged.

    I had two blogs that were damaged beyond repair by some moron hacker, and although I had a backup (in theory) I hadn’t backed up everything I needed so I lost the lot. The hosting company said they were backing it up in their blurb, but when it came to recovering from a backup, suddenly they’d forgotten to do it. Most unprofessional – I’m no longer with that company.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. This is something I am also trusting on the web hosting companies, but after finding your experiences it’s really difficult to trust on them at least about the website back. I think one should take their own back up. Many thanks for this share.

  2. Hello Santanu,
    It’s my first time here on your blog. can say you have very wonderful blog.
    Before one ventures into blogging, he needs to choose a niche, and this article comes in handy for newbies to know their where about while choosing a specific niche.
    Thanks for the big share and do have a wonderful day ahead.

    1. Thanks Larry for your comments. Yes, selecting niche is the to get good result in blogging.

  3. Great article on how to start a blog in 2017 but i have a question and that is how to increase the audience base of your blog and how to rank higher on Google.

    1. This is the killer question and every one is running after this only. Mainly I will say, it will first depend up on your blogging niche. If it is less competitive then you can bring traffic with less effort, just making sure content is unique, on-page SEO optimized and well explained. But in case you are working on a competitive niche, then content + strong off-site reputation will work in long run.

  4. Great Article ! You have shared.I want to know a question that how can I enabled comment luv in my own blog?

    1. Its very simple, just install the plugin and activate the same.

  5. Hi Santanu,

    It’s really nice article about understanding a blog as well as understanding earning via blogging. Well some people start blogging for making money but they don’t understand blogging and be fail to earn money so this simple.

    You have to understanding blogging before thinking to earn money via blogging.

    1. You are right, mostly people think that blogging is one of the easy way to make money and that’s why they jumped into it. But one should know that this need huge dedication, time & knowledge to make money form blogging. Thanks for sharing your views here.

  6. Hi Santanu, great post. Just a quick question: do you have a post or guide about Genesis framework? I’ve always wanted to use it but I’m a big confused about it’s functionality and how it’s different from a theme?

    keep it up!

    1. Hi Sean, You can find my other article about how to install Genesis Framework. Besides that, if you need a separate article, please feel free to share the topic, I will try to help you as per my knowledge for sure.

  7. That is a great guide Santanu. You have given the detailed info. Niche is a very important factor to decide your blog future. So do proper research.
    I would also suggest to plan your budget accordingly and make sure you have enough money to buy hosting and a good theme.



    1. Thank you Ravi for finding this guide useful. One must do necessary investments towards blogging business, otherwise, it will be very difficult to build a reputation and grow further. And a good hosting & good theme is a must to start with.

  8. hello satanu

    such a great article thanks for sharing really amazing article

  9. This a complete and detailed tutorial for learning about start a blog. I did not see your described information on any other platform regarding to this subject. I really appreciate your knowledge and the method of providing the information also.

  10. Hey Santanu,

    Absolutely epic guide on starting a blog!

    When ever I read your content it gets me so excited to be honest I could go on for hours reading your posts.

    So I guess that you have mastered something.

  11. Hello Santanu,

    Your blogging tips are very useful. I was looking for information about the best hosting services and found your guide insightful.

    Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge!


  12. Best one, i have read so many blog on this topic but trust me your post is in more detail. I really like this article man.

  13. Really happy to see your comment. I will update this post gradually to make this complete guide about How to start a blog from scratch in 2020 the ultimate one. Keep track of more updates.

  14. Thanks for the sharing of information. You have explain this in very detail. This is very useful for new and medium bloggers to get new idea and skill to improve their blog ranking and traffic. Well explained.

  15. Hi Santanu Bro!

    One of the most detailed article I have ever read on this topic. Anyone will be able to start a blog without knowing anything about starting a blog after reading your article. You have cover everything here brother! I

  16. Emma Marie says:

    Hi Santanu,

    Kudos to you for clarifying too many things in one post. I have a question.

    I already have a blog and some traffic too. Google rejected my blog for Adsense.

    Is there any other add provider like Google Adsense?

  17. Tanvir Hossan says:

    Hi Santanu,

    You give some very useful tips on starting a blog and a straightforward approach with helpful steps.

    I wish I had had my blog professionally set up for me when I first started out because I wasted a lot of time and profits getting to the stage I’m at now. It was very stressful too. If I had had a guide such as your, I’m sure it would have been easier.

    One additional step I recommend is to ensure that you can recover your blog if it gets damaged.

    I had two blogs that were damaged beyond repair by some moron hacker, and although I had a backup (in theory) I hadn’t backed up everything I needed so I lost the lot. The hosting company said they were backing it up in their blurb, but when it came to recovering from a backup, suddenly they’d forgotten to do it. Most unprofessional – I’m no longer with that company.

  18. Hey Santanu!

    It’s very good to see renowned bloggers like you motivating the youths and others how to lead this path. And it’s actually very inspiring to beginners like me to move in the right direction of fruitful blogging. THANK YOU SO MUCH !! 🙂

  19. Great Post Santanu !
    I have just started writing content and I was willing to write blogs. I saw your post and found the detailed information about Blogging from beginning to the end. Now I am super excited to write asap. I know it would take some time and patience to make real money out of the content but now I feel confident. Everything you shared ; web hosting, buying domain, etc was so helpful.
    Thanks once again. I will be waiting for your next post.

  20. Really happy to see your comment. I will update this post gradually to make this complete guide about How to start a blog from scratch in 2020 the ultimate one. Keep track of more updates.

  21. Hello Santanu Brother !!

    I am very impressed with your website. This is an amazing blogging trick for me. Your website article is very informative and helpful. Really great feeling now !! I am about to bookmark your site and maintain checking achievable information. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.

  22. Hello Sir Great Post I have one Question Before one ventures into blogging, he needs to choose a niche, and this article comes in handy for newbies to know their where about while choosing a specific niche.
    Thanks for the big share and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  23. Glad you liked it 😊 I’m a big fan of your blog.

    By the way, I’m still new to this whole blogging world so getting some exposure to my tiny blog would be awesome.
    I was wondering if i could contribute a guest post for your blog.

  24. It is truly a nice & useful piece of info. I am glad that you just
    shared this useful information with us. Please stay
    us up to date like this.

  25. Hi Santanu sir,

    Thankuu so much sir what a wonderful content you have provided to us in a very detailed manner. Before i was not able to understand what is blog but after reading your article i fell very thankfull to you. Such a great content😊

  26. Good luck for starting a new blog. I am sure you will grow your blog with time and get a lot of traffic to earn money online.

  27. Starting a blog is not a big deal but doing constant hard work on blog and providing quality content on blog is competitive task

    but if you passionate about that you can do easily provide quality content on blog

    I Highly recommend this article to the newbies who want to start their blog in 2020

    As Always Great Content Santanu Sir

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