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Writing without any grammatical and punctuation mistakes is the dream of most writers. However, it often sucks especially when you write without any AI assistant tool!

Grammarly is one of those tools that makes my writing process easier and joyful and helps me to be more productive. 

I love to use it because it is an all in one grammar and punctuation checker tool with tons of helpful features.

Without using Grammarly while writing, it makes me feel overwhelmed.

Writers love to use Grammarly not only because of its grammar and punctuation correction features, but there are dozens of other benefits that this tool offers to its customers.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no other good writing corrector tools in this universe! 

best Grammarly Alternatives

Hopefully, there are tons of Grammarly alternatives that work the same as Grammarly or even better.

Best Grammarly Alternatives!

I have not only collected some mind-blowing alternatives to Grammarly, but I also shared an in-depth reason about why you should go with it! 

All these below mentioned writing correctors are worth trying to proofread your copy and to enhance your skills of writing.

1. ProWritingAid

It is one of those awesome tools that I use besides Grammarly. 

This writing assistant not only helps me to correct grammatical and contextual errors but also teaches me a lot about better writing, every day.

It checks for serious writing errors that you can’t even catch with Grammarly.

I highly recommend this tool if you are a fiction or an ebook writer. Because it can easily detect and proofread big pieces of content.

Like Grammarly, you can access this tool anywhere. 

ProwritingAid can easily integrate with Google Docs, MS, and browsers. You can simply use it anywhere on the web with its extensions available for Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome.

ProWritingAid also has a desktop application but unfortunately, it is for only premium users.

Apart from correcting grammatical and punctuation mistakes, this AI-based tool checks for more than 5000 context rules in your content. 

You can easily correct cliches, wordy sentences, and repeated words from your content.

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Why ProWritingAid over Grammarly?

There are two big reasons behind…

The first one is the affordability of the tool. 

ProWriting is payable and much cheaper than Grammarly and other premium tools in the market. 

It also has a lifetime subscription that costs only $299. Because of this, most of the Guru writers recommend this tool.

ProWriting is the first choice of fiction and story writers, because of its amazing features.

But I recommend using Grammarly if you wanna use it as a student, blogger, or for your office work.

Is the premium worth it?

The answer is: Yes.

ProWritingAid premium subscription is the only thing that I will recommend to you as one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

If we compare the free version of ProWritingAid and Grammarly, then no doubt Grammarly free is much better.

However, ProWritingAid pro comes up with some mind-blowing writing features to completely transform your writing skills.

2. Whitesmoke

It does not even provide a one-day free trial, unfortunately!

But still on number two in my Grammarly alternatives list.

And why not!… I love WhiteSmoke because of its advanced writing features and skills learning tutorials.

WhiteSmoke is not only a grammar checker, but also it is one of the best plagiarism checkers, Language translators and proofreading softwares.

The new updated version of the tool is more accurate and helpful for savvy writers. 

It checks for advanced writing factors including, content structure, punctuation errors, capitalization, voice and tone, powerful synonyms, and informal expressions in your article.

To proofread big pieces of content I also suggest Whitesmoke after ProWritingAid.

The plagiarism check feature of the tool works the same as other premium plagiarism softwares, you will also get a language translator to translate into 50+ languages.

Why WhiteSmoke over Grammarly?

Though Grammarly is the best grammar corrector tool for everybody who uses to write online daily. 

However, WhiteSmoke will take you a step further with its mind-blowing features.

Especially when it comes to affordability and learning the arts of writing along with correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes, WhiteSmoke is always a better option.

Is the premium worth it?

WhiteSmoke no longer offers any free subscription or even trial. But you can buy it at cheap rates, and yes! It is worth paying…

Starter plan costs $5 only while Grammarly will cost you a minimum $11.66.

3. Linguix

This is another writing tool that you might don’t know. 

However, Linguix is proving itself as one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

I often use this to correct grammar, punctuation, and typos errors in my content.

This tool is best for those who use chrome extension for their writing tasks because it works much better than Grammarly for chrome (As I observed).

This tool uses 2000+ context rules to better catch your errors. 

And the best part is… 

It can be easily used by any kind of person. And that’s because of the simple layout of Linguix.

It also comes up with hundreds of free writing templates that help to make your task more easier and effective.

Most of the writing tools now offer tracking and performance stats of every user in your team, hopefully, Linguix is one of them.

You can also make use of Snippet to be more productive while writing. 

Why Linguix over Grammarly?

No doubt! it is one of the cheapest Grammarly alternatives that come up with awesome writing and productivity features.

However, I only recommend using the premium version over Grammarly Pro, because Linguix costs less.

Whether you are an office worker, student, or a writer… 

This tool is worth trying.

Is the premium worth it?

Yes, a premium subscription is a must for serious writers.

With a free trial, you can correct only basic grammar and punctuation errors, but the premium version will let you be more productive and accurate while writing online! 

4. Hemingway

Doesn’t matter, which tool you prefer to proofread your content! But Hemingway is the only editor that is used by millions of writers. 

Even you can’t ignore its importance!

Although Hemingway is not for checking serious styling and grammar issues, it helps to improve the readability score of your copy.

It makes my content easily understandable and also suggests removing passive voice, weak or complicated words, and adverbs.

Hemingway editor also comes up with formatting features. 

You can use this writing corrector tool on WordPress and Medium too.

If you work offline or want a desktop version then you can grab their lifetime deal for just 20 bucks.

Why Hemingway over Grammarly?

I don’t recommend using the Hemingway editor as your writing corrector tool. But yeah! It is the only tool that I prefer if you want to make your content more readable.

Is the premium worth it?

I personally use a free web-based editor. But if you grab their premium version that costs only $20 for a lifetime, you will get a premium desktop app that also works offline. 

Also, you will get access to directly use this tool on some online platforms like WP and Medium. 

With premium, you can download your content in PDF with all color highlighted errors, so that you can send it back to the writer for re-editing. 

5. Sapling

sapling.ai grammar corrector

A few months back I tried this amazing writing tool. And I am amazed by how it catches critical styling, writing, grammatical, and punctuation errors. 

I can say that Sapling.ai is the only best Grammarly alternative. 

But! their price is starting from $25 per month.

Yah! Sapling.ai is an advanced AI writing assistant for customer-facing teams. If you are a business owner and want to ensure that every team member is using the same tone and style, then this tool is the holy grail.

There are more benefits of using this tool. But as an individual, you can try it to check Grammatical, styling, and typos errors. 

Same like other tools, this one can also integrate with chrome, firefox, Google Docs, and Outlook.

Why sapling over Grammarly?

Sapling is not a deal for you if you are already cash-crunched and can’t afford Grammarly.

But if you need it for your team or company then definitely Sapling is the best to go.

Is the premium worth it?

Sapling.ai offers three types of subscriptions. The first subscription cost you 0$ and can be used to check basic grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

But I only recommend you if you go for a premium subscription, where you will get access to free templates, autocomplete sentences feature, powerful synonyms suggestions, and advanced writing corrections. (1-month free trial available)

That all costs only $25 per month.

Or if you need for your team then you can discuss your needs and query with them, so that they can tell you the payable cost.

Wrapping up

Grammarly is my primary writing tool that proofreads my blog posts, emails and social media contents

However, there may be tons of reasons for not using this tool. 

Thankfully, there are lots of Grammarly alternatives in the market.

But again… That all depends on your needs.

For example, I love to use ProWritingAid and Linguix because both are cheap and help me to write error free content. They also allow some amazing features that Grammarly doesn’t.

Similarly, if you love to write ebooks, stories or novels or other big pieces of content then ProWritingAid is the best deal for you, or if you want a cheap and similar alternative to Grammarly then you must try WhiteSmoke or Linguix.

Also, you can try Sapling, this tool is amazing and much similar to Grammarly. You can also try their premium subscription free for a month.

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