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Disclaimer: GreenGeeks Black Friday 2023 Discount is not yet live. This is the previous year’s offer, and we expect to get even more discount this year. If you want to check current offers, follow GreenGeek’s website for updates. Bookmark our Web Hosting Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023 page for all future updates.

80% OFF

Expired On: 12/31/2023

GreenGeeks Black Friday [LIVE]

GreenGeeks Black Friday sale for 2023 is Live Now. This time GreenGeeks is offering HUGE discounts of up to 80% OFF on their hosting plans.

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GreenGeeks Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023

Like every year, we track all upcoming GreenGeeks promotional sales on this page during the 2023 Black Friday Sale. Bookmark this page and grab the best GreenGeeks Black Friday deal 2023 in November this year.

GreekGeeks was launched in 2008 by Trey Gardner. As time passed, GreenGeeks gradually became popular, and it is currently one of the industry’s leading eco-friendly Green Web Hosting providers. Currently, GreenGeeks is used by more than 50K customers and hosts more than 600K websites.

Here are a few details of GreenGeeks Black Friday Sale 2023.

This special offer is valid from 26th November to 29th November 2021. You can avail of the discount only for 4 days! So don’t miss this GreenGeeks Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale.

List Of Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals & Offers

Hosting Company

Black Friday Deal

Deal Page

1. Bluehost

70% OFF ($2.65/mo for 3 Years)

2. Nexcess

75% off 4 months on new monthly plans (Starting from $5.25/mo)

3. GreenGeeks

80% OFF ($1.95/mo for 12 monhs)

4. FastComet

Up to 80% off Shared Hosting ($2.39/mo) + free migration

5. WPX Hosting

99% OFF 1st Mo (25th NOV - 4th DEC)

6. A2 Hosting

67% Off Coupon (26th NOV - 2nd DEC)

7. WPEngine

1) Annual Lite Plan for $13/mo + 2 months free.
2) 4 months free on shared hosting plans. 

8. CloudWays

40% off for 3 Months on all plans (14th NOV - 4th DEC)

9. Kinsta

40% off on Annual plans for 4 Months (Starter plan at $280/year)

10. HostPapa

Up to 85% off for 3 years (Starts at $1.92/mo)

11. Hostinger

Up to 90% off for 4 years (Starts at $1.98/mo)

Key Features & GreenGeeks Hosting Review 2023

GreenGeeks is one of the Green web hosting leaders that has survived in the industry for more than 10 years. It provides a complete hosting solution for thousands of customers around the world.

The prime features are the built-in ones, mainly to the service of shared web hosting, which is the case most buyers expect. As for the starters, the package involves the capability to install and host. In addition to the same, you can opt for the facility to use a bulletin board that comes along with a guest book. It also enables you to utilize surveys and polls on your websites. However, it all depends on your choice of plan.

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider offering various hosting solutions. Here is a review of GreenGeeks highlighting its key features:

  1. Environmentally-Friendly Hosting: GreenGeeks is committed to sustainability and eco-conscious hosting. They purchase wind energy credits to replace the energy used in their operations with renewable energy, making them a carbon-neutral hosting provider. By choosing GreenGeeks, users contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.
  2. Hosting Plans: GreenGeeks offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting plans. This allows users to select the hosting solution that aligns with their website’s needs, whether it’s a personal blog or a resource-intensive business website.
  3. Performance and Reliability: GreenGeeks prioritizes performance and reliability. Their hosting infrastructure is built with high-quality hardware, optimized server configurations, and solid-state drives (SSDs) for faster website loading times. They also utilize proactive server monitoring to ensure optimal uptime and minimize downtime.
  4. Scalability and Resources: GreenGeeks provides scalable hosting plans, allowing users to upgrade their resources as their website grows. With unlimited web space, bandwidth, and email accounts, users can expand their online presence without worrying about resource limitations.
  5. Enhanced Security: GreenGeeks takes website security seriously. They implement advanced security measures, including real-time server scanning, proactive monitoring, and automatic updates to protect websites from malware and hacking attempts. They also provide free SSL certificates to secure data transmission.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: GreenGeeks offers a user-friendly control panel (cPanel) that simplifies website management. The cPanel provides easy access to website files, databases, email accounts, and other hosting features. Even beginners can navigate and manage their websites effortlessly.
  7. Customer Support: GreenGeeks provides reliable customer support available 24/7 through live chat, email, and phone. Their support team is knowledgeable and responsive, assisting users with any hosting-related queries or technical issues promptly and professionally.
  8. Free Website Migration: GreenGeeks offers free website migration services for users looking to transfer their existing websites from another hosting provider. Their migration specialists ensure a smooth and seamless transition without any downtime or data loss.
  9. Money-Back Guarantee: GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try their services risk-free. Customers who are unsatisfied with the hosting can request a refund within the specified period.

GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly hosting provider that combines sustainability with reliable hosting services. With their commitment to renewable energy, performance-focused infrastructure, enhanced security, and exceptional customer support, GreenGeeks is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking for eco-conscious hosting solutions.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Pricing Explained

GreenGeeks offers four hosting services: WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, and Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting. In this section, we will discuss the pricing plans of each hosting service.

Hosting PlansRegular PriceBlack Friday Price
Lite$10.95/mo75% OFF
Pro$15.95/mo75% OFF
Premium$25.95/mo75% OFF

WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks offers three different WordPress Hosting pricing plans, including the Lite Plan ($2.95/month), Pro Plan ($5.95/month), and the Premium Plan ($11.95/month).

  • Ecosite Lite: $2.49/mo (down from $9.95) on a 36-month term.
  • Ecosite Pro: $3.74/mo (down from $14.95) on a 36-month term.
  • Ecosite Premium: $6.24/mo (down from $24.95) on a 36-month term.

WooCommerce Hosting

The WooCommerce Hosting plans of GreenGeeks are precisely similar to GreenGeek’s WordPress Hosting plans. So the three pricing plans of WooCommerce Hosting are the Lite Plan ($2.95/month), Pro Plan ($5.95/month), and the Premium Plan ($11.95/month).

Reseller Web Hosting

The Reseller Web Hosting service of GreenGeeks offers three different pricing plans, which include the RH-25 Plan ($19.95/month), RH-50 Plan ($24.95/month), and the RH-80 Plan ($34.95/month.).

Managed VPS Hosting

The pricing plans of GreenGeek’s Managed VPS Hosting service include the 2GB Plan ($39.95/month), the 4GB Plan ($59.95/month), and the 8GB Plan ($109.95/month).

During the GreenGeeks Black Friday sale, the company offers 75% discounts on all shared and managed WordPress hosting plans. For more hosting offers, follow this list of Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for 2023.

How To Activate GreenGeeks Black Friday Coupon 2023

At first, users need to go to GreenGeek’s official website.

Note: GreenGeeks coupons are automatically applied, so users don’t need to add any coupon code separately.

After entering the official website, users need to choose a suitable pricing plan per their choice and eventually need to click on the “Get Started” option.

In this step, users must select a domain name for their website and click the “Next” button.

As users click on the “Next” button, they will be directed to a new webpage where they must enter their Account details. 

After entering the Account details, users need to select a preferred payment method, and then users need to click on the “Create Account” button to purchase the service at a discounted price.

If you are searching for cheap and best hosting services in India, you can look for Hostinger, HostGator & Bluehost.

Do I Get a Free Domain Name With One of Their Hosting Plans?

Yes:) you’ll get a free domain name (for the 1-st year) with one of their hosting packages.

Do I Get Free SSL With GreenGeeks?

You get a free SSL license with any hosting package you buy.

What does the GreenGeeks Black Friday offer include?

GreenGeeks provides green hosting plans up to 75% instantaneous rebate. This discount rate is only valid for a short period, where unrestricted WordPress hosting is offered every month at $2.49.

Is there any money-back assurance offered by GreenGeeks?

For each web hosting package, GreenGeeks has a 30-day cash-back guarantee. You will seek a rebate during the first 30 days after payment, even if you’re not completely satisfied with their hosting.

Conclusion: Is GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2023 Worth?

greengeeks black friday cyber monday deals
greengeeks black friday cyber monday deals

I am sure you found this GreenGeeks Black Friday Cyber Monday discount worth and buy at least 3 years of hosting. This is the best time to buy and save a lot of money. If you don’t find this offer exciting, then feel free to check out these web hosting deals.

So, if you are planning to start a new blog in 2023 and you are targeting traffic from countries like the USA then GreenGeeks is an excellent option for you. Their plans are quite cheap and very much performance oriented. Under the budget option, you will not find many hosting companies like GreenGeeks. So don’t miss the GreenGeeks Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023.

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