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As a blogger, you know it very well that if you want to get more traffic to your site, maximize the visibility of your brand as well as to encourage more visitors to convert then you have to publish high-quality content on a regular basis.

But at the same time, we all understand it very well that it is not easy to come up with a new epic blog post everyday.

So, what if I tell you that you can still receive thousands of new traffic, leads, and sales without even publishing a new fresh blog post.

Not clear?

Well, here I am talking about “Content Repurposing.”

What is Content Repurposing?

It is a little known secret that smart bloggers are using to reach a wider audience with their existing content.

Basically, Here you give a new life to your existing blog post by repurposing it and making them suitable for another content outlet.

How Do You Repurpose Content on Different Platforms?

Now, you must be wondering how you can repurpose your blog post…

Well, today I am going to share 9 creative ideas to repurpose your blog posts to reach more people.

1. Create Infographics

It is a fact that the human brain can grasp visual data 60,000 times faster than the text. So it makes sense to create visual content to capture new user’s attention.

And nothing can be better than Infographics for repurposing your existing blog post into visual content.

A recent case study by Search engine journal shows that the bloggers who use infographics in their blog post grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t.

So, How to repurpose your blog content into infographics?

Well, all you have to do is create a short summary of your blog post and then convert it into a good looking infographic.

There are plenty of free and premium tools available for creating amazing graphics. Visme, canva, Piktochart & Venngage are some of the popular tools.

I believe Neil Patel is the guy who is master in creating infographics. If you have followed his Kissmetrics and QuickSprout blog you must have noticed that he has created hundreds of amazing infographics for his content.

Create Infographics

And that’s the reason why he receives millions of traffic and thousands of social share on his blog through infographics.

2. Turn Your Blog post into YouTube videos

Youtube is the fastest growing video sharing website and the second largest search engine in the World after Google.

Which means there is a huge opportunity for you to reach new audiences.

As per my experience, I feel that video content helps you and your brand become more authentic and make a personal touch with your audience.

For those who don’t know…

From late 2016-2018 I was constantly making content for YouTube and my channel Technical star Shivam had gained more than 1 lakh subscribers. (But I sold that channel in January 2019)

I have also shared my story of how I missed the big opportunity to leverage my Youtube channel audience to increase my blog traffic in my “Blogging Mistakes to avoid article.”

So, How you can repurpose your blog content in YouTube videos.

Well let’s understand it from an example:

Brian Dean from Backlinko creates a video version of most of his blog posts and publish it on YouTube.

And then he embeds his video on his blog post and adds link of the blog post in his YouTube video description box.

Turn Your Blog post into YouTube videos

That’s the smartest way to interlink your content with each other and reach a wider audience for both types of content.

I have seen that Santanu has also started doing the same and I am sure he must be getting positive results. Visit his YouTube channel.

Turn Your Blog post into YouTube video

So, if these guys can do then why you cant?

3. Turn Popular Posts Into Podcasts

Podcast popularity has been massively increased in the past few years. Around 9% of the population used to listen to podcasts every month in 2007, which increased to  24% in 2017 and today in 2019 more than 67 million people listen to podcasts every week.

Turn Popular Posts Into Podcasts

So, what you need to do is go through your past blog posts and determine which topic could give your podcast listener more benefits.

I will recommend you to use tools like Buzzsumo to identify your most popular or most shared blog post.

Just type your website URL in the search box and it will automatically show you the most shared article on your blog.

To give you an idea, Here is how it looks for my website..


Now all you need to do is turn that blog post into a podcast episode… I will recommend you to read this guide by WP Beginner if you are setting up a podcast for the first time.

Once you have a podcast setup you can embed the link of your podcast into the blog post and offer your readers a new way to digest the content.

I have seen Pro Blogger expertly follow this strategy on his blog. The podcast they publish often relates to their old piece of content that they previously published on his blog.

problogger podcast

4. Republish Content on a Different Platform

One of the easiest ways to get a surge of traffic from old well-performing content is to simply republish them on another blogging platform with a way bigger audience than yours.

I know you might be thinking that Google may give you a penalty for duplicate content.

But No, it’s not like that Matt Cutts himself has verified this in one of his YouTube videos that there is no penalty for duplicate content until you are not spamming on the internet.

However, it is always recommended that you should not republish the content immediately after publishing the original article on your blog.

Because if both the article will be published at the same time then it’ll be difficult for Google to decide which article they should index.

Now, where can you republish your old popular blog post?

  • Medium
  • Linkedin
  • LifeHacker
  • Business Insider
  • Reddit
  • The good men project, etc..

All you have to do is just find your well-performing old content and copy-paste it on other blogging platforms.

However, I will recommend that if you have time then try to write a new title or add new graphics in the content so that your content can attract as many possible as new audiences.

Here is one of the article of my blog that I published on Medium…

Republish Content on a Different Platform

5. Turn Blog Content Into a Slideshare presentation

Converting your best blog posts into Slideshare not only extend the life of your existing blog post but it also provides additional opportunities for getting Potential subscribers or customers.

LinkedIn’s SlideShare is one of the awesome ways to turn any of your blog post into an engaging and visually appealing slide deck.

All you need to do is turn your Blog post headline into Slide titles, Make Your Subheadings the Transition Slides and Distill Your Content into Bullet Points.

As well as you can strategically embed links in your slide to direct the potential viewer to your blog.

 For Example, Adam From Blogging Wizard turned his article “The Blogger’s Guide To Understanding The Psychology Of Social Networks” into a SlideShare presentation and generated thousands of social shares.

6. Convert your content into a Quora Answer

Quora is undoubtedly the biggest question answer or Q&A platform right now on the internet. Here people asks questions ranging from space to affiliate marketing.

That’s why it is one of the best ways to repurpose your blog content and get the target audience’s attention, no matter which niche your site belongs.

All you need to do is create an account on Quora and try to find the questions with less answer and more flowers so that your answer can get maximum exposure.

I will recommend you to not just copy-paste your blog post into the answer. It’ll be much better if you try to summarize the blog post and answer the question under 500 words. Because it is obvious that no one wants to read a 2000 words answer on Quora.

And at the end of the answer, you can insert the link of your in-depth blog post so that you’ll get traffic from those who want to get detailed information.

For Example – Anil Agarwal from Bloggers passion is doing great on Quora these days, Here is an example of one of his answer on quora where he has given an excellent answer and smartly linked his blog post within the answer.

Convert your content into a Quora Answer

7. Email newsletters or an email series

If you really want to get the most bang for your old blog, consider repurposing your blog post into an email newsletter or email series.

Hopefully, you already have a large list of email subscribers, if not then please try to focus on building an email list, because you can’t even imagine how valuable it can be for you and your blog in future.

Coming back to repurposing your blog post into an email newsletter or series. See, you can post your blog post content as it is into an individual email newsletter. Or maybe you can use a pared-down version to redirect newsletter readers back to the original blog post.

But if you want to get the most out of your email list then I will recommend you to create an email series.

See, If you have published multiple blog post that all are based around a single central theme then consider releasing those content as an email series.

For Example – Suppose you have posted Five blog post on your blog related to increasing traffic for the website. Then you can load them into your preferred autoresponder (Like MailChimp or Convertkit) and release it as “Skyrocket your traffic in 5-days” email course.

8. Ebook

Creating an ebook is considered as one of the best ways to monetize your blog or grow your email list.

But everyone knows it very well that it’s not easy to create a new fresh ebook in one day.

So, instead of coming with fresh and unique content for your new ebook, why not use your existing content to create an ebook. Yes, you can find some of your popular blog posts and convert it into an ebook.

For Example, WP Buff has repurposed many of his blog posts into an ebook.


If you decided to create an ebook based on your existing blog post, then take the time to add additional information, images, and context to make the ebook something that is worth the additional investment.

You can use tools like Google slides, Google docs or maybe Canva editor to create a good looking ebook in a few minutes.

Once your ebook is completed you can give it free to your readers as a lead magnet or you can launch it as a premium ebook to generate revenue.

9. Use your content as a Facebook post

Facebook is one of the best ways to get more engagement for your blog post. You can repurpose your blog content into facebook post for a facebook group or a facebook page and attract new visitors to your blog post.

For example, I recently Repurpose one of my old blog posts into a facebook post for my own facebook group.

Use your content as a Facebook post

One thing you need to keep in mind that you don’t need to share your whole 2000-2500 words long content as a facebook post. Try to summarize in a short post that is valuable for the group members or followers.

Apart from a normal facebook post, you can do a live video talking about your blog post.

Of course, you don’t need to read word by word, but instead, talk about why you wrote it and how it can be valuable for your readers.

This will not only allow you to engage with your Facebook audience at the same time it also sends new traffic to your blog.

Wrapping it up

Growing your blog traffic takes a lot of time and effort. From content creation to content promotion, there is lots of work involved in publishing a successful new blog post.

While repurposing your old blog post can be a huge time saver. It is a great blogging practice that is often used by big content creator and marketers to increase the traffic, SEO, sales, reach and much more. 

If you have some popular blog post on your blog just repurpose them into facebook live video, email series, quora answer or even an ebook.

As long as you are adding value to the original content, Your repurposing effort will definitely give you benefits.


Shivam Choudhary


Shivam Choudhary is the man behind Blogging Nova. He is an affiliate marketer and passionate blogger who shares proven strategies and resources that you need to accelerate your blog’s growth

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  1. Thankyou, Santanu for giving me the opportunity to write for one of my very favorite blog. I hope readers will get some value from the knowledge I have shared here. #Thankyou..

    1. I am really happy to have you on my blog brother. My blog is always hungry for awesome content that helps beginners and you have shared the perfect topic.

  2. hey shivam, you nailed it very well.
    yes repurposing content is very helpful to grow brand on different platforms. once we have to create content on one platform and we will push this in different formats like infographics, video, audio etc as you said to other platforms.
    in beginning days it will may difficult but as we move further it will bring good results.

  3. Hi Santanu,

    Thank you for breaking this down so well. Indeed, content is “king” in SEO and when done right, it could help us climb the ladder of success – achieving shiny heights in the SERPs. I couldn’t agree more with what you mentioned here, particularly in repurposing content as infographics and SlideShare content. Been doing it for years and so far, it has delivered positive results. Great insights and thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  4. Hi, Shivam Choudhary

    You give me here answers to questions I was looking for a long time.
    Especially about republishing on a different platform, is it possible to post one on my other website? I did but was not sure if it is allowed.
    Video is something I do as well posting on YouTube and Facebook. People like often more to watch videos. You give here many other Ideas as well, which I will think about.
    Thank you for this interesting article.

  5. Hey Shivam,

    That’s an awesome list of ways to repurpose content. I’m already practising converting my blog posts into videos – I do some, while I write fresh script for some.

    I used to do Slideshare before, now due to want of time, I am unable to do it. Also publishing on Medium is something I’ve been thinking for quite a while now.

    Thanks again 🙂


  6. Hello Santanu and Subham,

    Great article, content repurposing is the best way to get a better ranking of your blog, but if done properly.

    I noticed that a lot of bloggers do it, but don’t do it correctly, which is why their blog rankings don’t change much. Many bloggers go to their old blog posts and update it by changing only a few lines, but this is not the right way. I think the suggestions you have shared here will definitely work for those people, and his article will make them aware of the real meaning of content repurposing.

    BTW Thanks for the sharing this such an informative article. Keep sharing this kind of stuff.

    – Mishal Soni

  7. Hello Shivam, I have a question about Facebook posts. I do have a Facebook Page, and the reach is very low whenever I write some posts. Is that Facebook’s strategy or I don’t do something good enough? I saw above that you are sharing posts in groups, so is that a better way to share my blog content? Sometimes I have feeling that posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is a waste of time.
    If you can give me answer on this I would be very grateful! Thanks.

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