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Nowadays, a large section of website owners come across a slow-loading website issue. However, in order to rank higher in the Google ranking website owners must provide fast-loading websites since visitors always prefer fast-loading websites over those that take long to load.

Therefore in order to help website owners overcome this problem, we will discuss WP Rocket, an extremely popular caching plug-in for WordPress. Its popularity is increasing day by day just because of its beginner-friendly and user-friendly interface.

In this WP Rocket sale article, users will come to know about the main features of WP Rocket along with its pricing structure and World-class customer support facilities. Furthermore, we will also mention the pros and cons of this caching plug-in.  You can consider this as one of the best 4th JULY WordPress Deals for bloggers as well.

What is WP Rocket Sale 2022?

Before we share the WP Rocket sale details, let’s first know something about this plugin.

WP Rocket is an exceptional caching plugin especially built for WordPress to improve the loading speed of any WordPress website. It was launched in the year 2013 to solve the problem of slow-loading websites. WP Rocket has come a long way since then, and currently, it powers more than 900,000 websites worldwide. 

Now let’s come to the WP Rocket sale 2022 details.

• The promo will be running from July 5th to July 19th, 2022.
• There is a 25% OFF on new WP Rocket licenses.

During this sale, you will get a flat 25% off on all plans using our special discount link.

Below is the WP Rocket discounted pricing. You can choose any of these plans as per your need.

PlansOriginal PriceDiscounted Price

Now let’s move into the next segment of this WP Rocket sale article where we will discuss the main features of this cache plugin.

  • Single License – For just 1 website
  • Plus License – For 3 websites
  • Infinite License – For unlimited websites

This is not the only WP Rocket promotion, as they also share various other offers and discounts through the year. Here are few of the popular WP Rocket sale details that you should not miss.

  • WP Rocket Spring campaign (end of March)
  • WP Rocket’s anniversary campaign (beginning of July)
  • WP Rocket Halloween campaign (end of October)
  • WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 2022 (end of November)

Key Features of WP Rocket Plugin

1. Comes with a straightforward interface

WP Rocket offers a straightforward interface so it can be easily handled even by a beginner who did not have any coding experience. It provides a user-friendly dashboard through which users can easily manage and enable caching of their WordPress website.

Moreover, as soon as WP Rocket becomes active, it will automatically start to cache a website and will eventually improve the loading time. Within the dashboard, there are several video tutorials that help to enable additional features like HTML, CSS, Mobile caching, and file modification.      

2. Comes with File Minification feature

WP Rocket offers an optional file minification feature through which it can remove unnecessary whitespaces, line breaks, comments, and extra characters from code in the file that makes up a website.

As WP Rocket reduces the file’s size, they consume less bandwidth and eventually load faster when requested. So, file minification is another way to improve the loading speed of a particular website alongside caching.

3. Compatible with CDN

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute a website’s files around the world is an effective way to speed up a website. 

So, because WP Rocket is compatible with most of the CDN providers users can easily integrate CDN with WP Rocket, and eventually, they will be able to improve the performance of their website. 

4. Compatible with WooCommerce

WP Rocket flawlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plug-in so users can easily set up an online store or can even sell a few items from their WordPress website. 

Moreover, WP Rocket also helps user customers from experiencing any problems when they automatically exclude the view cart and checkout pages of the user’s site from the cache.

5. Helps in mobile detection and caching

WP Rocket can easily optimize any website so that it can be accessed from a mobile device like smartphones and tablets. This is an essential feature as nowadays more and more people are accessing websites from smartphones or mobile devices.

Moreover, because of this feature users can easily enable caching for mobile devices and eventually create separate cache files in order to speed up loading time for smartphones and tablet users.

6. Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy

WP Rocket comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this feature users can easily get back the entire invested amount if they decide to give up the services of WP Rocket within the stipulated 14 days.

WP Rocket Pricing Structure Explained

WP Rocket comes with three different pricing plans, including the Single Plan, Plus Plan, and Infinite plan. The Single Plan is only for a single website and is available at $49, while on the other hand the Plus plan allows users to use this plug-in on three different websites and is available at $99. This is the regular pricing structure before the WP Rocket sale 2022.

  • Single License for  $49: 1 year of assistance and updates for just one website.
  • Plus License for $99: 1 year of assistance and updates for three websites.
  • Infinite License for  $249: 1 year of assistance and updates for unlimited websites.

Finally, the Infinite Plan is for an unlimited number of websites and is available at $249. All the pricing plans come with one year of free customer support and free regular updates. Moreover, every pricing plan of WP Rocket comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. 

All options include: 

  • Powerful features for web performance
  • eCommerce compatibility
  • Multilingual compatibility
  • Excellent support
  • Broad compatibility with hostings, themes, and plugins

Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, every pricing plan of WP Rocket comes with a world-class customer support facility. Users can seek help from knowledgeable support staff by submitting a ticket. The customer agents come up with an appropriate answer and solve the ticket within a few hours. 

Tickets are answered by the support staff from Monday to Saturday as they do not provide help on Sundays. Apart from submitting tickets, users can also take help from the extensive documentation section, which has solutions to the most common issues WP Rocket users encounter while using this plug-in.

Moreover, within the support users will also get a few essential Help Articles that discuss about several issues users may face while using WP Rocket. Most of the time, people get answers to their queries from the Help Articles.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does WP Rocket offers a refund policy?

Answer: All plans of WP Rocket come with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result of this feature, users can easily get back the entire invested amount if they give up the services of WP Rocket within the stipulated 14 days.

Question: Does WP Rocket license renew automatically?

Answer: Yes, the WP Rocket license will automatically renew at a 30% discount after one year, so users don’t lose access to free updates and support. However, if users want, they can disable the auto-renewal option present on the account page.

Question Three: Can users use WP Rocket on client sites?

Answer: Yes, users can easily utilize the Infinite Plan for their client sites. WP Rocket also offers Reseller accounts if users want to offer WP Rocket as a part of an optimization package.

Question: Does WP Rocket work on WordPress.com?

Answer: Yes, users can install WP Rocket on their websites if they have a Business or e-commerce plan on WordPress.com. However, if users opt for the personal or premium plan, they cannot add WP Rocket or other plug-ins to their websites.

Conclusion: Is WP Rocket Sale 2022 Worth?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have discussed the WP Rocket sale 2022 in detail. WP Rocket is an extremely popular WordPress caching plug-in that helps to speed up a WordPress website. 

Before concluding this WP Rocket promotion 2022, let me share a quick WP Rocket Pros and Cons so that you will get why WP Rocket is the best WordPress cache plugin for 2022.


  • It offers both user-friendly and beginner-friendly interfaces.
  • Users can easily configure this WordPress plug-in.
  • It offers regular updates and new features.
  • WP Rocket comes with several essential add-ons like the Cloudflare CDN add-on and varnish cache.
  • This WordPress caching plug-in offers a world-class customer support facility and extensive documentation section.
  • Its license gets renewed automatically at a 30% discount.
  • It comes with a 14-day trial period.


  • It does not offer any free pricing plan.
  • WP Rocket’s preload bot can cause CPU overload on some servers.

Finally, at the end of this article, we can say that every user must try out this caching plug-in regardless of what type of WordPress website they are using since WP Rocket will definitely help it to load faster.

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