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Google AdSense program is the biggest hope for every blogger to make their first earning from their blog. But the amount of money one can earn from AdSense depends on country-specific traffic. If your website traffic is mostly from Adsense highest CPC countries, then you can make a good amount of money every month.

E.g. if your website is getting clicks from America or Canada then you can make a good amount of money. But for a similar amount of Indian traffic website, the Google Adsense income will be very low. Before revealing the Highest Paying AdSense Country List, let me answer few basic questions related to Google AdSense program.

Top 10 Highest Paying Adsense Country List 2020

This is the screenshot I took from my Google Adsense account reports. You can also do the same and find out the top countries with high CPC keywords. Just go to your Adsense account and create a custom report where you can add the columns you want to check.

Top 10 Highest CPC countries Base on Adwords bids

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Marshal islands
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. New Zealand
  10. Italy

What Is Google AdSense And How It Works?

Google AdSense is an advertising program which basically runs based on CPC or cost per click. In simple terms, Google AdSense will provide you an HTML code which you have to put in your website.

Then you can find out various advertising banners or text link on your website. Now when a user clicks on those links or banners, you will earn some commissions.

But, how much money one can make using Google AdSense program?

This depends completely on the rate of click or CPC which is set for your country. Means, if your country has a high cost per click, then definitely you will earn more for a particular click. On a similar note, for similar clicks, you will make less money if your website traffic is mostly from Asian countries.

If you are a newbie bloggers and really serious to make money from your blog through Google Adsense program, then you should know that you have to bring traffic to your blog from those highest paying Adsense CPC countries only.

But, where to find the list of Google Adsense top paying country list? And how to find high CPC keywords with low competition so that you can easily bring traffic to your website?

Check the below screenshot where you can clearly find that how I find a high-CPC keyword which can give you $183.39/click. Isn’t it amazing? I use SEMRush free trial account and found many profitable keywords for Adsense easily.

high paying adsense keywords

FAQs Related To High CPC AdSense Countries

✅ What is CPC rate?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn when someone clicks on your Ad. CPC is determined by Advertisers based on various factors. Mostly if the Click To Convert ratio is good, then CPC will be high, otherwise, it will below. E.g. if you simply click to check, but don’t buy then Advertisers will lose their money. So, for those countries where this kind of behavior CPC rate will below.

E.g. if your avg CPC is $0.25, then you can make $1 for every 4 clicks you receive. But this is also depending on CTR (click through rate) of your page. Means, if I consider your page has 1% CTR, then you need 100 visits to get 1 click, means daily 400 visits for 4 clicks.

✅ What is a good CPC rate?

There is no such limit on the CPC rate. Obviously, if it is higher, you will earn more money from less number of clicks. This happens with few of the High CPC AdSense Niches like Insurance, Cryptocurrency, etc.

✅ How do I get high CPC ads on AdSense?

To get a good CPC Ads, you need a very high traffic website and your traffic country is from any of the High CPC Countries, then only you can earn a good amount of money.

✅ Is high CPC good or bad?

Yes, it’s actually very good as you can earn more money from AdSense with a less number of clicks & traffic. But make sure that you are not generating fraud clicks for more profit. This way your adsense account will ban.

✅ How many Adsense ads can you have per page?

Although you can have unlimited AdSense ads on a single page, but it;s still a good practice to put less number of ads on a page. You can also activate Auto-Ads and it will find out the suitable places to insert Ads for more clicks.

✅ What is Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM

How much does Google Adsense pay per pageview? What is CPM in advertising? If your website is getting 1 page per visit, and if every page has 3 ad units and an impression CPM (CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions”) of $1, then you can earn $3 per 1000 visits. That means, if you get 1000 visits every day, means monthly 30,000 page views to earn $100 every month only from the impression.

✅ What is the difference between PPC and CPC?

PPC is pay per click which is a type of advertising you can opt for while using Google Adwords. Generally, advertisers prefer to go for PPC ads where they offer CPC or cost per click way of paying money.

✅ What is CPC and CPM on AdSense? Is CPC or CPM better?

This is clear enough from their definition itself. When CPM means for thousands of page impression you are going to pay and in case of CPC, you will be paid on every clicks your website ads receive.

✅ How Much Does AdSense Pay Per Click

Now why the country matters when calculating AdSense CPC? The reason is very simple. If a user clicks on the Google Adsense and either buy the product or generate a Lead then the conversion is good. And that is what advertisers are looking for.

Majority of the high CPC Adsense countries can see a very good conversion on clicks. That is the reason they are willing to pay more money for advertising. On the other hand, countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh see very low conversion rate.

This is the main reason to decide which country will get high CPC and which country will get low CPC. Hope this is clear to understand Google Adsense earnings per click.

You can earn for every clicks you receive on your Google Adsense ad and also for impression as well.

More High Paying AdSense Countries 2020

Here I have added CPC, CTR (Click Through Rate), RPM related columns. And here is the outcome.

high paying adsense country list

I have downloaded the data from my Google Adsense account and then sort them according to high CPC. And here are the details below. This list prepared based my Google Adsense account clicks and earning. It may not be the same for you exactly, but I am sure that the top countries will be them only.

Updated 26/11/2018

Country CTR CPC (USD)
Luxembourg 0.55% 0.65
United States 0.75% 0.61
Australia 0.72% 0.57
United Kingdom 1.06% 0.48
Finland 0.54% 0.45
Canada 0.79% 0.45
Austria 0.69% 0.45
New Zealand 1.21% 0.33
Sweden 0.70% 0.31
Ireland 0.73% 0.31
Denmark 0.70% 0.28
Singapore 0.96% 0.27
South Africa 1.13% 0.26
Norway 0.63% 0.26
Netherlands 0.80% 0.26
Unknown Region 0.63% 0.25
Bahamas 1.71% 0.24
Germany 0.52% 0.22
Switzerland 0.59% 0.21
Belgium 0.53% 0.21
Spain 0.67% 0.19
Djibouti 3.06% 0.19
Thailand 0.80% 0.17
France 0.76% 0.17
Colombia 0.29% 0.17
Puerto Rico 1.40% 0.16
Guatemala 0.74% 0.16
Greece 0.64% 0.16
United Arab Emirates 1.37% 0.15
Russia 0.39% 0.15
Malta 1.34% 0.15
U.S. Virgin Islands 3.85% 0.14
Mexico 0.39% 0.14
Japan 1.14% 0.14
Italy 1.35% 0.13
Hungary 0.76% 0.13
Hong Kong 0.94% 0.13
Côte d’Ivoire 0.69% 0.13
Somalia 0.94% 0.12
Dominica 2.33% 0.12
Costa Rica 0.45% 0.12
Brazil 0.79% 0.12
Yemen 0.33% 0.11
Uganda 0.80% 0.11
Panama 1.68% 0.11
Oman 1.43% 0.11
Nigeria 0.76% 0.11
Malaysia 0.94% 0.11
Kuwait 1.56% 0.11
Israel 1.21% 0.11
Dominican Republic 1.12% 0.11
China 0.66% 0.11
Cayman Islands 0.68% 0.11
Botswana 1.38% 0.11
South Korea 0.82% 0.1
Qatar 1.22% 0.1
Argentina 1.09% 0.1
Saudi Arabia 1.64% 0.09
Czechia 0.96% 0.09
Jamaica 0.42% 0.08
Cameroon 0.71% 0.08
Bahrain 1.24% 0.08
Afghanistan 1.35% 0.08
Zambia 0.52% 0.07
Trinidad & Tobago 1.41% 0.07
Portugal 0.74% 0.07
Poland 0.40% 0.07
Mongolia 1.57% 0.07
Kenya 0.76% 0.07
India 1.64% 0.07
Brunei 1.01% 0.07
Zimbabwe 0.47% 0.06
Turkey 0.93% 0.06
Suriname 1.04% 0.06
Sierra Leone 1.29% 0.06
Romania 0.71% 0.06
Kazakhstan 1.16% 0.06
Indonesia 0.73% 0.06
Honduras 0.81% 0.06
Estonia 1.53% 0.06
Egypt 1.20% 0.06
Cyprus 1.26% 0.06
Algeria 1.30% 0.06
Tanzania 0.85% 0.05
Myanmar (Burma) 1.18% 0.05
Moldova 1.27% 0.05
Haiti 1.41% 0.05
Ghana 0.51% 0.05
Fiji 1.15% 0.05
Congo – Kinshasa 0.94% 0.05
Bulgaria 0.48% 0.05
Solomon Islands 4.35% 0.04
Serbia 0.36% 0.04
Philippines 2.66% 0.04
Peru 0.37% 0.04
Pakistan 0.70% 0.04
Namibia 0.92% 0.04
Mozambique 0.96% 0.04
Maldives 0.82% 0.04
Macedonia (FYROM) 0.54% 0.04
Iraq 1.58% 0.04
Guyana 0.65% 0.04
Cape Verde 2.38% 0.04
Bhutan 1.08% 0.04
Barbados 1.76% 0.04
American Samoa 21.43% 0.04
Vietnam 0.90% 0.03
Ukraine 0.32% 0.03
Taiwan 1.54% 0.03
Swaziland 0.67% 0.03
Sri Lanka 0.66% 0.03
Rwanda 1.19% 0.03
Paraguay 4.82% 0.03
Papua New Guinea 0.61% 0.03
Nepal 0.88% 0.03
Mauritius 0.44% 0.03
Macau 1.59% 0.03
Lebanon 1.62% 0.03
Latvia 0.64% 0.03
Jordan 2.10% 0.03
Iran 0.25% 0.03
Guam 1.22% 0.03
Ethiopia 0.70% 0.03
Congo – Brazzaville 1.91% 0.03
Bolivia 3.25% 0.03
Belarus 1.00% 0.03
Bangladesh 0.92% 0.03
St. Lucia 0.70% 0.02
Seychelles 1.32% 0.02
Morocco 0.35% 0.02
Mali 0.84% 0.02
Malawi 0.25% 0.02
Lithuania 0.71% 0.02
Libya 1.28% 0.02
Liberia 2.47% 0.02
Chile 0.49% 0.02
Caribbean Netherlands 1.83% 0.02
Cambodia 0.54% 0.02
Burundi 1.65% 0.02
Benin 1.09% 0.02
Angola 1.02% 0.02
Timor-Leste 1.23% 0.01
Syria 1.34% 0.01
Sudan 1.17% 0.01
Senegal 0.36% 0.01
Madagascar 1.38% 0.01
Georgia 0.71% 0.01
French Polynesia 8.33% 0.01
Burkina Faso 3.33% 0.01

Can I Trust On This List Of Best Adsense CPC Countries 2020?

Frankly speaking, Google Adsense never share any such information officially. Based on various sources and their observation this list is prepared.

You can assume that these are the countries generally getting a good rate of conversion for Adsense clicks or their average cost per click is better. If you are an Indian blogger, then the average cost per click in India is very compared to these countries.

You can start analyzing this list and try to find out the high CPC keywords in those countries and rank them better on a search engine. This will definitely increase your Adsense income drastically.

How To Apply For Google AdSense Program & Get Approved?

If you are a newbie and wondering how to get Google Adsense account approved, then let me tell you that it is not that easy these days to get your AdSense account approved. Even if you have an active Adsense account, it can be banned in case you have not followed Google Adsense policies.

Anyway, considering you are applying for the first time here are the basic steps to apply Google Adsense account. Follow this AdSense Tutorial on How to get AdSense Approval for your blog. Here is a quick guide.

  1. Visit https://www.google.com/adsense/start.
  2. Click Sign up now.
  3. Enter the URL of the site that you want to show ads on. Learn more about how to enter your URL
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Choose whether you’d like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions.
  6. We recommend that you choose Yes so we can help you get more out of AdSense. You can change your contact settings later.
  7. Click Save and continue.
  8. Sign in to your Google Account.
  9. Select your country or territory.
  10. Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  11. Click Create account.

In case your Adsense account got banned, then you must try these Adsense alternatives.

What Are High-CPC AdSense Keywords?

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks to be performed before writing any content. When you are planning to earn money using Google Adsense, then you have to target high-CPC keywords. The purpose is simple, the more clicks you will get on such keywords, the income will be high.

But this kind of keywords is very tough to rank. As obviously they are high-competition keywords. So, you have to understand the particular keyword and try to create a website around the broad keyword of that keywords. Here comes the importance of high-CPC Adsense niche.

Here is the list of most popular and high paying Adsense niche that you can target to create a website. But remember to do proper keyword research to find the suitable low competition & high search volume. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to build organic traffic.

  1. Insurance $57 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
  3. Mortgage $47 CPC
  4. Attorney $47 CPC
  5. Loans $44 CPC
  6. Lawyer $42 CPC
  7. Donate $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call $42 CPC
  9. Degree $40 CPC
  10. Credit $38 CPC

I just showed above how you can find out even more High-CPC Adsense keywords using SEMRush Keyword Research Tool. Don’t worry, you start with their FREE Trial. Read this detailed SEMRush review first.

How To Utilise This List Of Adsense CPC Keywords By Countries 2020?

Well, it is very simple. If you are looking to make money online through Google Adsense program, then you should start blogging on topics related to these countries.

Just writing is not enough, as you have to grow your website and start getting organic traffic which actually converts in clicks. Try to find out the high CPC low competition keywords using tools like SEMRush.

You can also work on micro niche keywords targeting those high paying countries and make very good money from Google Adsense program targeting the high CPC keywords.

In most cases, we put our maximum efforts for India based keywords obviously & we can bring very high traffic also. But in the case of Indian traffic, you will get very low income. E.g. for one of my India based traffic website, for 96,341 page views, we received only 6,551 clicks and final earning is only $296.34. This is simply pathetic. 🙁

So, don’t waste your time anymore. Simply register with SEMrush Free Trail account and start finding high CPC Adsense keywords for which your competitor is getting huge traffic & making money.

So, if you really want to get a good return from your hard work, then try to build a website on keywords around those highest paying Adsense countries list 2020 [High CPC Keywords]. You will really get good income for even low traffic, even though the competition may be high, but it is worth trying for those high CPC countries.

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    1. You are right, affiliate marketing is far better if you know how to do that properly. Thank you for sharing your honest views here.

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    You’ve shared a great list for anyone that wants to monetize their website with Google AdSense. Sometimes it’s just not worth monetizing with it, whether it’s your target country like India, Pakistan and other their world countries, or sometimes the niche where they don’t pay you enough for hardwork.

    That’s why we need to think of other monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, display ads and even training/courses/ depending on the niche.



    1. Yes, you are right. So far in my blogging journey I have also tried with Indian traffic and simply fed up with the effort and the rate of return from your efforts. But I have seen people are targeting US traffic for the health-related topic and create micro niche health website for Adsense. You can seriously make some good money in that way. I will be trying to create such a website to give it a try.

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  8. Really I appreciate you for very informative post. How to target Australia, US and UK countries traffic ?

    1. I think the best way to find a country-specific Adsense keyword is by following that country related news or topics for few days. You have to use tools like SEMRUSH and then try to find out the high CPC Keywords.

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    1. Thanks, Praveen for your comment. It is true that time has changed and people now aware that Adsense only works great with highest paying countries. I have seen many bloggers creating micro niche websites targeting high CPC Adsense keywords to make good money. If you have traffic from India, then it’s really painful and I know how much effort is required to build a multi-niche website.

  10. can it work? if I use VPN and keep on changing IP to these listed countries and click on adds myself ?

    1. This is a very risky process and you will always be in a highly risky zone of getting your Adsense account banned. DOn’t get lured for short-term profits using such tricks, you can build a quality blog and make sure you can create a system which will earn for a long time.

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    1. You are right. To make money from Adsense one must need a high traffic website. And now a days there are many Adsense alternatives, but again the story is same for all these kind of ad networks.

  14. Hi Shantanu,
    I think CPC should not be the only criteria for earning more. Some of the countries like India, the ctr is very low. So to earn we should also look at the average ctr of the country. But don’t know how to balance between the country with high CPC and CTR.
    If you suggest me some countries with this thing in mind I will be grateful.

    1. Hi Anand,

      Thank you for sharing your views here.

      Actually, these kinds of data are good for information and planning. But in reality that doesn’t mean that with a website high CPC keyword one can seriously make such income.

      But, it is always good to know which countries are paying high for Adsense. If you are starting a new website, better to find low competition keywords for those countries. You can follow my other article on finding keywords.

      If you have an existing website & based out of India, then I will say try to find out the high paying keywords and try to create posts around them. Although India based traffic is not that profitable for Adsense, the competition for keywords is also very low.

      I saw many bloggers making good Adsense income from India based websites also fetching huge traffic. You can research on cashback & coupon code websites, they are earning a lot from Adsense as well as affiliate commissions. Even if the CPC is low, due to high traffic and thousands of clicks this is possible (Ads placement also plays a huge role to increase the CTR).

  15. My niche is music,how do i use semrush to target a keyword that am gonna rank for and get traffic

    1. Hi Berchman,
      First of all, you have to find out your competitor and then only you can use SEMRUSH to get the keywords for which your competitor is getting traffic.

  16. These stats can only give you a rough idea, it all depends on who is paying what for advertising on the day.

    On one article I could have Germany being the highest paying country the next day it could be the lowest and UK could be my highest. Nothing is constant with Adsense.

  17. Please I need some advice
    My blog is doing very well in terms of traffic but my adsense cpc is guite very bad [ 0.02 or 0.01].
    Please do you have any advice for me?

    1. CPC depends on the country only. If your website traffic if from Aisa countries, then this is very common. Try to find out your website traffic sources first and accordingly write content to target country-specific topics. Countries like the USA, Canada etc do well in AdSense.

  18. Nice post!
    It is difficult to target content from a specific country I feel. It’s better to keep on writing good content and wait for the results.

    1. You are 100% right. These are good to read as information. But to get a good income from AdSense one must try to find out high CPC keywords with low competition & high search volume. Many thanks for your feedback.

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    1. It is difficult to target any country and then try to blog accordingly. Better you try to write content as per your interest. Find out the low competition keywords with high search volume. To make money from AdSense you need huge traffic. In case you are able to create a website around a high CPC keyword which has low competition, then you will definitely earn well. But trust me, the competition is very high.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your honest feedback. I am planning to add all useful information to understand Google AdSense in this article.

    1. Thanks, Ryan for commenting on my article. It was actually old data as per my Adsense account, I have updated the same. 🙂

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    How much I earned?
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    1. Be aware that Google Adsense tracking system is very strong. It can easily detect the fraud clicks and you can lose your AdSense account. So, better you concentrate on increasing website traffic and get natural clicks to make money.

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