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If you want to increase your Google AdSense earning from your blog then you have to write more articles around High CPC Keywords. But how to find profitable High CPC keywords easily? In this tutorial, I will show you the exact step by step process to find out many profitable AdSense keywords with the help of popular SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest.

Keyword research is very important in blogging. If you don’t know how to do keyword research and simply write articles randomly, then you will not get success in blogging. That’s why you must find what people are searching for, what kind of searches are giving high earning opportunities. And then you can write on those topics.

What Is Long Tail Keywords?

Before proceeding further, let’s discuss about long tail keywords and why they are the best profitable keywords one must target to earn more using Google Adsense program. You can watch this video from my YouTube channel to understand everything about Long Tail Keywords.

Google AdSense program is a great way to monetize your blog traffic. But how much money your blog is going to make depends on a couple of things.

If you want me to be more specific, then you must look for long tail keywords with good CPC (cost per click). In this article, I am going to share the steps to find many awesome high paying Adsense keywords using SEMrush Tool.

long tail keywordsImage Source: https://www.link-assistant.com

Best Keyword Research Tools 2020

Keyword research is the key to drive traffic to your website. If you don’t do keyword research then you will never be able to know what to write that will bring tons of organic traffic. Although you can always follow your competitors for article ideas, this is not the right way.

Here are few of the best keyword research tools (covering both free & paid ones) that you can use to find high CPC AdSense keywords. I use SEMrush tool to do my keyword research. Other than that, I also use KeywordTool.io and Answer The Public website to find all the relevant terms & questions around the main keyword.

In this article, I will share the simplest & quickest process using the SEMrush tool, to find out all the high paying long tail keywords to make money from Google AdSense program.

Top Indian Bloggers With Highest AdSense Income

The very first strategy to find high paying Adsense keyword is to find out the top bloggers or websites making good money using Google Adsense program. I find this article useful, from where I found the list of top bloggers making huge Adsense income in India.

  1. Amit Agarwal (http://www.labnol.org/)
  2. Srinivas Tamada (http://www.9lessons.info/)
  3. Arun Prabhudesai (http://trak.in/)
  4. Jaspal Singh (http://savedelete.com/)
  5. Nirmal Balachandran (http://www.nirmaltv.com/)
  6. Rahul Bansal (http://devilsworkshop.org/)
  7. Harsh Agrawal (http://www.shoutmeloud.com/)

Now our work will be very simple. Need to analyze any of the websites and try to find out for which keywords they are making such high income from Google Adsense program. And, SEMrush can get this job done in the next few seconds. Just follow the below section for step by step guide.

Top 20 Most Expensive High CPC Adsense Niches in 2020

I have collected some awesome data which you will find very useful while planning to start a new blog to make money online. This data is collected from an infographic stating about most expensive keywords ever.

Search Queries or Keywords Highest CPC Search Volume in %
Insurance $54.91 24%
Loans $44.28 12.8%
Mortgage $47.12 9%
Attorney $47.07 3.6%
Credit $36.06 3.2%
Lawyer $42.51 3%
Donate $42.02 2.5%
Degree $40.61 2.2%
Hosting $31.91 2.2%
Claim $45.51 1.4%
Conference call $42.05 0.9%
Trading $33.19 0.8%
Software $35.29 0.8%
Recovery $42.03 0.7%
Transfer $29.86 0.6%
Gas/Electricity $54.63 0.6%
Classes $35.04 0.5%
Rehab $33.59 0.5%
Treatment $37.18 0.2%
Cord Blood $$27.80 0.2%

That means if you are running a blog on insurance niche and the highest CPC bid set as $54.51 and you get around 100 clicks on that ad. In that case, your earning will be $5451/day (just an example). This is simply unbelievable!

How To Find High Paying AdSense Keywords Using SEMrush Tool 2020

SEMRush is one of the most popular keyword research tool. In fact it’s a complete SEO tool with which one can easily do every kind of SEO analysis of any website. I have shared a detailed review of SEMRush tool. Anyway, let’s find out the steps to explore some high CPC keywords to earn money. For this example, I have considered Labnol.org website.

Step #1: First of all, you have to log in to your SEMrush account and you will find a screen like below. You have to provide the domain name first. 

high paying adsense keywords

Step #2: Choose the Domain Overview option. And you can see a screen like below with the complete analysis of the website. E.g. all the top organic keywords, number of backlinks etc.

high paying adsense keywords

Now scroll down a little bit and you will find the area with top organic keywords.

high paying adsense keywords

Step #3: Click on “View Full Report” button. Then it will open the screen like below where you can find a detailed report.

high paying adsense keywords

Step #4: On the next page, you can find the list of keywords displayed in a tabular format with lots of other information. E.g. keyword position, search volume, CPC (USD), % traffic etc. Now sort this table by clicking on the CPC (USD) column.

high paying adsense keywords

You can see that the highest CPC showing as more than $180. That means for that particular term, for one click there is a chance to make $180. But that is not that easy to get. You have considered many other things like search volume, keyword difficulty etc.

Step #5: You can further filter these keywords using SEMrush tool. There is an advanced search option from where you can choose various options. E.g. I have opted for keywords with search volume at least 1000, keyword difficulty below 50 and long tail keyword with more than 4 words.

high paying adsense keywords

You can play with SEMrush tool in various ways and continue your research for as long as possible, so that finally you can come up with a list of profitable high CPC Adsense keywords. Next, you have to create a content plan around those keywords. make sure to write high quality content and target those keywords.

Fastest Way To Find Highest CPC AdSense Keywords Using Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs is another amazing SEO tool. In fact both Ahrefs & SEMRush is very tough competitors. If you compare SEMRush Vs Ahrefs, you will find that both are having plenty of features. But when SEMRush is best for keyword research, Ahrefs is best for Link building analysis. ANyway, let s find out some profitable high cpc keywords using Ahrefs here.

Step #1: For this example, let’s try to analyse Quora.com domain and try to find out some profitable keywords for your blog. First visit Ahrefs.com website and sign up for their 7 days trial @ $1 only. 

ahrefs site explorer

Step #2: Open site explorer and enter the domain name Quora.com. And click on the search button. You will find a screen like below where you can see all the stats of Quora website. 

ahrefs site explorer quora

Step #3: Check on the left side options and click on  Organic Keywords link. It will open all the keywords for which Quora is getting traffic. From that table of keywords, click on CPC column to sort the keywords by their highest CPC value.

ahrefs high cpc keywords

That’s it. You will find all the keywords with highest CPC on top of this list. Now use Ahrefs keyword filter options like Volume, KD (keyword difficulty), Traffic, Word Count, Search Terms etc and find out keywords as per your blog niche.

FAQs Related To High CPC keywords

 What is CPC in AdSense?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. The CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser; some advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they’re advertising.

 What are the highest CPC keywords?

There are many keywords with high CPC and I have shared a few of such niches here. You can find out some websites and analyze them using SEMRush or Ahrefs to find out the highest CPC keywords.

 Where can I find high CPC keywords?

You need a professional SEO tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs to find out high CPC keywords. With free SEO tools, this options are missing.

 Which country has highest CPC rate?

Mostly you will find countries like the USA, Canada, Luxembourger, Australia has the highest CPC rates because their conversion ration is high.

 Which AdSense niche pays the highest?

There are many niches like download software, insurance, attorney, health & fitness and many more where chances of earning more money is high.

Conclusion: Finding High CPC Keywords

There is no other way to increase your AdSense income. You have to find out the high-CPC keywords with low competition. At the same time, make sure you avoid information keywords as this will reduce your CTR or click through rate.

E.g. if you find a keyword related to Download something, the chances of clicks will be more as the visitors will come to your content with an intent to download something. That’s the reason they will click more on those websites and if you can mix your content & Ads well you can earn more.

I will conclude this article with my keyword research tool recommendations. You must use SEMrush, as with this one tool you can do many things like competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit etc. So, I hope you can find out High CPC keywords with low competition easily after following this tutorial. Feel free to write a comment below and share your questions or suggestions, if any.

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