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With Amazon affiliate websites, these days bloggers found an awesome way to make money online through affiliate marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing is awesome and if you get addicted to Amazon affiliate sites, then the sky is the only limit. πŸ™‚ To motivate you in 2020, I am going to share more than 10+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites in different niches.

But that doesn’t mean it is easy to start an Amazon affiliate site and start making money from that overnight. I have included several awesome Amazon affiliate examples here which will surely motivate you to invest more time towards learning.

Frankly speaking, so far I made a few bucks from one of my Indian Amazon Affiliate websites. But to be very honest, I did not put enough effort to make it an awesome website to bring enough traffic so that it can generate regular income automatically.

Here is the snapshot of my Amazon Affiliate earnings so far. I know this is not at all something that will motivate you, as people are making millions.

amazon affiliate earning proof
How To make money with amazon affiliate website in 2020

But still, I believe, a beginner will surely get confidence from the fact that even without putting many efforts an Amazon affiliate website can make money. In that case, some proper efforts can really make magic.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Website?

Well, it is like any other website only. In simple terms, this is a website that is monetized especially with Amazon Affiliate program only. That means you are going to create a website where you will write articles about products that are available to purchase on Amazon.

Typically, the majority of the Amazon Affiliate websites are actually shared product reviews, comparison & information related to products with buyer intent. As a buyer, people love to read reviews online. In that case, if you can rank your website for those queries, then people will visit your articles and if they got convinced they might love to buy the product using your Amazon Affiliate link.

How Much Traffic You Need To Make Decent Income From Amazon Affiliate Sites?

And that’s where you will earn a commission from every sale. Now the commission structure of products on Amazon is different for different types of products. That generally varies from 4% – 10% on average. That means, if someone buys a $100 product form your article, you will get $10 (if the commission is 10%). That means to make a decent income of say, $1000 you have to make sure 100 people buy something using your links.

amazon affiliate commission rates 2020 india
amazon affiliate commission rates 2020 India

Now if I consider your website conversion is 5%, that means you need at least 10,000 people on your website to make it happen. Now I think I am able to explain, how much traffic you need to make a decent income from an Amazon Affiliate website.

This is just an example. But roughly speaking, you need a decent amount of traffic and at the same time a good website where you will take care of everything so that users will find value, get convinced to buy those products using your links.

Below Amazon Affiliate site examples will help you to understand how much potential these websites are and how much money they are actually making.

10+ Best Amazon Affiliate Websites To Motivate You in 2019

If you search the web with “examples of Amazon Affiliate Website” you will find some great websites which are ruling the majority of amazon niche websites. Among them, I am going to share the 3 awesome websites, I find very useful.

#1. Bestreviews.com

amazon affiliate site example bestreviews
Amazon affiliate site example: bestreviews.com

Personally, I like this website compared to others. I know the WireCutter would be placed in #1, but I would not mind putting this awesome Amazon Affiliate website. I really like the way they narrate every single review article, with real-time pictures of products. They generally buy the products and then test thoroughly to write exclusive reviews.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://bestreviews.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 44,376,450
  • Daily Pageviews: 4,274,931

High traffic keywords: Best Foot Spa, Best Adult BMX Bikes, Best Mandoline Slicers etc.

#2. TheWireCutter.com

amazon affiliate site example TheWireCutter
amazon affiliate site example: TheWireCutter.com

The WireCutter is the website which has really ignite the fire to start an Amazon affiliate website. Many bloggers got motivated by their success stories and use this website to explore profitable Amazon niches. Yes, you can research this website and find out a low competition with high search volume keywords to plan for your Amazon affiliate website.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://thewirecutter.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 8,579,460
  • Daily Pageviews: 554,804

High traffic keywords: Best robot vacuum, a best smart doorbell camera, best 3d pen etc

#3. ThisIsWhyImBroke.com

amazon affiliate site example ThisIsWhyImBroke
amazon affiliate site example: ThisIsWhyImBroke.com

This is a huge website covering almost every niche that exists. This website will look like an e-commerce website, where you will find different products listed for sale. But when you click on them to explore, they will send you to Amazon. This website is a pure example of awesome branding and the best marketing strategy.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 2,979,570
  • Daily Pageviews: 135,073

High traffic keywords: hot tub hammock, belt buckle knife, batman motorcycle helmet

So, these are the top 3 examples of Amazon affiliate websites which must you be your mentor. Yes, if you have a plan to start an Amazon affiliate website and don’t know from where to start then you must start with these websites.

If you spend some quality time, then I am sure you will be able to crack the keyword for your Amazon affiliate website from these sites only. They wrote tons of products, you just have to find out one with good search volume, but low in competition.

Anyway, let’s explore 7 more awesome Amazon Affiliate websites which are worth mentioning here.

#4. 10Beasts.com

amazon affiliate site example 10beasts
amazon affiliate site example: 10beasts.com

This is one of the most talked Amazon affiliate websites so far. Luqman has stunned everyone by making more than $48,000 from one month from this website. In fact, he has revealed everything about this awesome website, including his link building techniques as well. He majorly used scholarship link building, which is not quite safe nowadays. Finally, this website got sold.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://10beasts.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 549,420
  • Daily Pageviews: 34,797

High traffic keywords: best smartwatch, best windshield wipers, best gaming mouse, best hoverboard

#5. VloggerPro.com

The consumption of Video content is increasing like fire. And that where the birth of Vlogging. I found this website awesome as it is highly targetted to Vlogger or video bloggers who generally need a good Digital camera, Camera lens and other types of equipment. Not only that, this is a perfect example of an Amazon niche website that can make a serious amount of money.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://vloggerpro.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 127,500
  • Daily Pageviews: 6,035

High traffic keywords: cheap cameras for YouTube, best vlogging camera, YouTube microphone

#6. TheAdventureJunkies.com

Outdoor activity niche is another popular Amazon affiliate niche where you will find many websites. But as I said, the specific niche websites are doing really good compared to multi-niche Amazon affiliate websites. If you have a plan to start a micro-niche Amazon Affiliate site, then you must study this website to find out some cool keyword ideas.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://www.theadventurejunkies.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 663,540
  • Daily Pageviews: 28,753

High traffic keywords: Best tandem kayak, best underwater scooter, best camping hammock etc.

#7. DirtBikePlanet.com

I like this website because I am a big follower of Jim Harmer. He is an awesome affiliate marketer and very honest. I discovered the YouTube channel and able to explore some awesome facts about affiliate marketing. They build this awesome website and shared a detailed case study about this website, how the plan content etc.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://dirtbikeplanet.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 76,080
  • Daily Pageviews: 6,086

High Traffic Keyword list: dirt bikes for kids, dirt bike tracks, best dirt bike brand, dirt bikes for 10-year-olds

#8. AllThat3d.com

This is another example of great niche-specific Amazon affiliate website. I like this website because I like the product 3D pen. This is one of the products which will have a huge demand in coming days. if you can find such products which are amazing and make our life easy in the coming days, then you are going to hit the jackpot.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://www.allthat3d.com/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 8,100
  • Daily Pageviews: 378

Most Searched Keywords: 3d printing pen, cheap 3d printer etc.

Amazon Affiliate Sites With Indian Traffic (Examples)

These are some of the coolest websites I found in the Indian Amazon Affiliate niche. There are dozens of websites where you will find thousands of content with “Best Products” or “Top 10 Products” related articles.

Comparatively, I feel it is easy to start creating Indian Amazon Affiliate Websites, as the competition is relatively less. But I don’t think this statement will last long, as bloggers are really after every single profitable keyword to make money by starting an Amazon Affiliate Website.

#9. ImTarunSingh.net

You may not like the design and theme of this website if you compare this with other successful Amazon affiliate websites, but do you know that this website is one of the best Indian Amazon affiliate site. Indian Amazon affiliate space mostly popular for home & kitchen appliance products. And this website is almost ranking for every single product.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://www.imtarunsingh.net/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 143,700
  • Daily Pageviews: 5,748

High Traffic Keywords: best refrigerator in India, best steam iron in India, best solo microwave oven, best sewing machine for boutique India

#10. KitchenArena.in

As I already said, the majority of the people buying online are consuming home & kitchen appliance items. That means Amazon affiliates are trying their level best to rank for #1 spot in Google. This is an awesome website where you will find all major appliances written in-depth.

Here are some stats as per hypestat.com:

  • Website: https://www.kitchenarena.in/
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 198,630
  • Daily Pageviews: 9,270

Best Traffic Keywords: best washing machine in India, best air conditioner in India, mixer grinder reviews in India

I think is enough information I have shared so that you can start doing your research. The major difficult path in the Amazon affiliate website is to find out the suitable keyword.

If you have a plan to start a multi-niche Amazon site then you have to work hard to build authority. Otherwise, micro-niche websites rank faster and also give a good return with less investment 7 effort.

How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Website in 2019 Which Can Generate Income?

Looking for tips to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program? Have you gone mad after discovering many young bloggers are making millions with Amazon niche sites? In fact, that is a topic that is making me crazy at the same time. But this article is not about how to create an Amazon niche site and make 6 figure income from that site.

I have read many successful amazon affiliate stories where bloggers are making huge money. But the process to build an amazon niche site to make money needs huge dedication, knowledge and off-course planning. I have realized that this is not a work for a part-time blogger like me who is busy resolving the client’s IT issues all the time in office.

But, still, nothing to worry as one can make use of the Amazon Affiliate Program and make money from his/their website itself. You can check out the Amazon native ads I have planted in my sidebar. Although the income is not yet good enough and the reason behind that is the traffic of this website is not in millions.

Tips To Make Money Using Amazon Affiliate Program

The very first thing I want to tell you that, if you are serious about making good money online especially with amazon, you have to work to build a specific product niche site for the long run to make money. Personally, I am also working side by side to build an Amazon niche site and also a coupon website where I am promoting Amazon products to generate affiliate income. But it’s a long way to go.

Here are a few tips I have learned from experts to make your Amazon Niche Site make money from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

  1. Choose the website niche more specific to an Amazon product. You can also create a coupon website or deals site and share whatever you want to form Amazon. But choosing a micro-niche topic and building a website for that could be the best idea although it takes time.
  2. It is good to buy a theme that will be highly suitable for your Amazon Affiliate website. There are many awesome premium WordPress themes for Amazon affiliate sites that the majority of the successful bloggers are using. Just pick any one of them and create an SEO friendly Fast loading website. You can actually save some money using these Black Friday WordPress Theme deals.
  3. Considering that you have decided to build an Amazon micro niche website, next you should plan to write extensive product reviews for all the related products. Remember one thing while writing reviews, never mention the product price directly, rather use Amazon APIs to fetch the price directly from Amazon itself. E.g. EasyAzon plugin or AAWP etc.
  4. Mention about the Amazon product page couple of times and make sure the links are all nofollow. Share as many images as possible to make the review useful readers.
  5. Link building is very crucial in case of Amazon affiliate as you have to beat the existing competition. As I have said already, I am not in the race with other Amazon niche site builder bloggers, so I prefer to build links systemically and over the period of time to make my blog for the long run. Now it depends on your target as well. If you really want to make millions by creating an Amazon niche site, then you have to be very fast and smarter. At least my strategy is for a normal blog with which you can make affiliate income like others.
  6. Sign Up with Amazon Affiliate Program and then start exploring various ways you can promote their products. Personally, I like the native ad concept as it will work like Adsense, which means show the best products as per the content of your website. That means the more you will write related to products, the more chance of getting clicks and the further conversion will go high.
  7. Read the various terms & conditions of Amazon Affiliate Program, as they are very strict and in case there is any violation you may have to face rejection. I have read many bloggers sharing how their money-making Amazon sites are got banned by Amazon without sharing enough details of rejection.

How To Make Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program?

In fact, it’s the same way I have described above. If you are using some premium Amazon affiliate themes, then they can automatically convert your affiliate links as per the Geolocation form where the product is accessing.

Otherwise, its the same way you have to join Amazon India Affiliate program and start promoting various products online on your website or social media. But frankly speaking, the income is very less when you promote Amazon India affiliate program compared to Amazon USA Affiliate Program. In India, online shopping is booming but the conversion rate is very low compared to the USA, Canada or UK.

So, better to work hard to build a website to attract international traffic so that you can promote Amazon products in the future. It’s really worth trying. I will definitely share my experience and success with my Amazon niche site experiment in coming days, in case I will be able to make some good money.

Have you got any success trying Amazon affiliate programs so far? Do you make money from Amazon niche sites? Could you share some tips or experiences here by writing a simple comment below.

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    1. Thanks Mairaj for finding this useful. Actually there are some serious money making opportunity with Amazon and people are doing the same also. But that path is very difficult for a beginner to understand. I am talking about building an Amazon niche site and making 6 figure income from that.
      But if one can target a small income, he/she can easily build a small deals or coupon site on a specific category from Amazon and then start blogging on the same. In long run a good website will always have the potential to generate money.

  2. Great article brother…. You mentioned almost all the points which needed.. It has been very useful for newbie…

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    1. Building & managing a micro niche website is very easy and the return is also awesome compared to a multi niche website. Personally me & my wife is running a multi niche website also where we are putting our max effort. But build couple of micro niche websites where we hardly update anything in a week. Thanks for your comment.

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    1. Thanks, brother for finding this useful. There are many Indian Amazon Affiliate websites, but the problem here is that no one is sharing their earning as a case study. But I have listed out few of the Indian Amazon affiliate sites as well.

  7. Nice article. Can I have your Whatsapp no or facebook ID. I need help with choosing niche in affiliate marketing.

  8. Recently started an online affiliate store and getting good responces. I think concentrating only on Amazon wont be a good idea . Instead we may look for Product /price comparison where you can connect to multiple affiliates . Amazon is very strict now a days and it’s not easy to retain API ( Getting is easy)

    1. You are right brother. If you can create a website that can target different affiliates then it’s even better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. But Amazon micro niche websites have their own benefits. In fact, the popularity of micro niche sites has increased because of Amazon’s affiliate only, after google AdSense.

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    1. If you have to make the most out of affiliate marketing, then there is no alternative to SEO or organic traffic. As per my experience, if you can rank something on top of Google, then only it will give the best result in terms of sale.

  12. pls also share your experience that which things we should avoid to prevent a affiliate site from amazon ban bec as a beginner its really hard to understand lot of things

    1. The best way to promote Amazon products is through your blog content. And there are many terms & conditions that you must read first. E.g. one should not mention the price of products, add a disclaimer about your affiliation with Amazon, don’t share your affiliate links too much on social media or PPC ads etc.

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