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Do you love traveling and at the same time want to share your experiences with others? Then travel blogging is something that will help you to take your interest & passion to the next level.

Yes, many people these days want to become a travel blogger and want to make a living out of that. There is no doubt about the future of blogging and at the same time traveling is something that everyone loves to do. So, if you can mix both, then you can create a perfect career option for you.

I know you have a couple of questions related to travel blogging in your mind. In this article, I will be sharing all the important information to be a travel blogger & also answer all the basics questions that you need to know before starting a travel blog, E.g.

  1. How I can start your own Travel Blog?
  2. How to become a popular travel Blogger?
  3. How travel bloggers make money?

I’ll answer all of your questions today. Today you’ll learn, How to become a popular travel blogger and many things related to travel blogging. Let’s start with the first question 

What is a Travel Blogger?

Travel Blogger Makes up with Two Words, Travel + Blogger.

When we break down these into two terms, it sounds like a person who loves to write about his/her traveling journey through his/her blog. You can start a blog on any niche and one of them traveling is a very profitable one.

According to me, If you have a blog, where you are consistent and write about traveling then you are a travel blogger. But you have to make sure that, you are actually sharing your real-time travel experiences in your style & voice to make it interesting for the audience to consume.

If you have an audience that revolves around your blog and you are making money through it. Then you are a professional travel blogger.

How to Become a Travel Blogger

Before giving a push start to travel blogging, you need to give dedication. You have to find your passion and then, make it your profession. Let’s Learn about finding your passion

1. Find Your Niche & Interest

Even though traveling is a focused niche, but as a beginner, you have to be focus on what kind of travel blogger you can be and share content. If you follow a few of the popular travel blog or travel-related YouTube channels, you will easily identify the differences among them.

E.g. you may find many people are sharing amazing pictures while traveling and showcasing their photography skills. There are many travel blogs where people share hotel reviews they stay while travelling. There are blogs where you can share about a particular place, sightseeing and what are the tourist attractions, etc. Many travel bloggers are traveling abroad and sharing their experiences.

So, as a beginner, you must sort out your travel habits or activities and accordingly find out the niche where you can share your experiences and connect with the audience. Don’t just start following what others are doing as this is the biggest mistake you are going to do in blogging.

2. Pick your Blog Name & Setup Your Blog

After choosing your passion. Now, you need to live it over the internet through your blog. You need a domain name and hosting to create your blog. 

This guide will help you to start your own blog. After Setting up your blog you can come back here for further steps.

3. Decide The Tagline And Description 

Here are the things, where you need to be creative.

Choose A Perfect Tagline – The Tagline of your blog is like the soul of your blogging Brand. Your Blog is going to be recognized with your catchy tagline. Only one single tip that I have for choosing a tagline is, It Must need to be related to your blog and make it unique.

Write a Blog Description – A Blog description is the homepage description of your website. Like Title & Tagline, Blog Description also plays a major role in the Branding of your blog. It’s the second impression of the user after reading your title.

Before Crafting your blog description. Here are certain things to follow:

  1. Add Words That Compels – Add Words that compel users to click on your blog in SERPs. For Example – If you are running a Weight-Loss Blog then you can add the word “Effortless” to increase CTR. Because In Weight Loss niche people tend to search for effortless ways.
  2. Add Positive or Negative Emotion –  According to Studies, if you add a positive or negative emotion in your description it will connect with users’ subconscious mind. Will Make an Image of Brand in his mind.
  3. Be Unique – Want to become a brand, you need to be unique. don’t copy others use your creativity to create a professional blog description
  4. Add Your Brand Name – This needs to be the first point. Add your brand name in front of the description

I have published an In-depth guide about Blog Description on my blog. Where I explained, How to Write a professional Blog Description.

4. Write regularly, and well

For becoming a successful Travel Blog, It is very necessary to write regularly. There’s no magic going to happen without consistency. Maybe, there are some tasks that are going to be boring for you. 

But you have to do that for being a successful Travel Blogger.

 No, I’m Not Forcing you to post Content Daily. I just want you to post content after 4-5 days of your recent post date.

 I’ve seen many travel bloggers post 8-10 Blog posts a month, According to me, For Building an audience for your blog, 5-7 Blog Posts per month are enough. 

5. It’s all about bringing Value

To become successful in travel blogging, you must have to post high-quality content to your blog. You have to do on-page and off-page SEO optimizations of your site, to perform well in search engines.

Before things like SEO or Content Marketing. You have to ensure that your content is High Quality and brings value to your reader’s life 

6. Define your goals

There is no benefit of traveling on a train without knowing your destination. Similarly, there is no benefit of running a blog without setting up goals for your blog.

Goals can be your blog traffic, Conversions, Page Views, Social Media Followers and so on. Make your goals and also make micro-goals that will you try to achieve on a daily basis with your daily work. This will help you to maintain your productivity.

By the way, I use Trello for setting up my micro goals and daily works as well.

7. Build a mailing list

One of the biggest mistakes that not only travel bloggers all newbie bloggers done is. They are didn’t building their email list.

Email List is a way to get instant traffic. Monetizing a specific, Promote affiliate offer and lots of things. You can say that “Money is in the list.

My Opinion is Start Building your email list from the first day. You can use services like MailerLite, Email Octopus as an email marketing tool.

8. Know your weaknesses

Everything is not perfect, you have to make it perfect. I’m Damm sure that you have listened to this quote. According to the Quote, You are also not perfect. 

You need to identify your weak points and work on them. This helps will you to be perfect. Practice the thing regularly in which you are weak. 

Do Practise again and again,

 One day you will come When you will master it. My Mean to say is

Practice Makes a Men Perfect

Otherwise, you can also hire someone that will do that work for you.

9. Social Media Platforms For Travel Blogger

The thing that i most like about travel blogging is, That they have tremendous reach on social media. My mean is not that, Other niches didn’t do well on social media. 

Actually, Travel Blogger has a plus point in it. Like, They keep visiting different locations. So, they have lots of content to cover in their traveling journey. 

Here are Few Social Platforms. Where a Travel Blogger can start putting their content.

Facebook: Organic Reach on Facebook is Dead. But, You can use Facebook groups to create your own community. Not only that, Traveling Images engage more people than simple text.

Instagram: As a Travel Blogger, Instagram is going to be heaven for you. Really, you can’t imagine the opportunity of a travel blogger on Instagram. You’ll get Maximum Engagement, Reach, and you can also Rank your photos on GEO Tags.

Youtube: If you make Vlogs of traveling then, Youtube is a nice fit for you. Go for youtube.   

Pinterest: Pinterest is your second largest traffic source after search engines. So, Be Active thier and you’ll receive tons of traffic.

How to Get Your Travel Blog Noticed!

When you have fully set up your blog and have written a few blog posts on your blog. Now, Its time to bring traffic to your blog and start building a strong blogging brand around it. 

So, here are a few strategies that will help you to bring traffic on your site

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a very wast term itself. SEO will be your number one traffic source for your blog. SEO is a complex thing, that you have to consistently master. 

The process of optimizing your website to perform better in Search Engines is known as SEO. You can follow this ON-Page SEO Checklist for optimizing your blog for basic SEO.

You can install a plugin called RankMath to optimize your website for SEO. It will take care of half of your SEO Efforts. Then follow the on-page SEO checklist to optimize your blog.

2. Write Guest Posts To Gain Authority, Traffic, and Links

By writing guest posts on another blog not only boost your personal branding, but it will also give you referral traffic and benefits in SEO.

As the first step in guest blogging, you have to find people that are in the same niche in which you’re. 

You can checkout Guest Blogging Sites Lists on the internet for it. And there are lots of strategies to find out guest blogging opportunities.

Before Pitching anyone for the guest post, first, try to make a relation between you and the blogger that you are outreaching. You can make it by commenting on his blog, Being active on his social profile, etc. Just try to make them your name rememberable.

After, Making a connection. Send them a decent pitch for guest posting. In most cases, they will let you do guest posts on their blog.

3. Use Social Media for Attracting Traffic

In 21 Century, Social Media can’t be left anyway. You can drive tons of traffic through social media platforms. I’ve seen lots of bloggers doing a mistake is they didn’t leverage social media for their growth.

Believe me, This going to be your no.1 mistake in their blogging career. I will refer you to develop a social media strategy and blog around it.

You can also use plugins like social snap for auto-sharing of your blog posts on social media. It is going to save a lot of time and energy.

You can leverage the 80-20 rule.

This means to spend 20% of your time writing blog posts. And reaming 80% in promotion of that blog posts.

4. Create Your Own Community

By creating your own community, not only you are going to get returning visitors, but It will also help you to make trust with your readers as well. You can also make tons of affiliate commission by creating your blogging community.

You can create your own Facebook group or you can start your own community forum as well.


1. How much does a travel blogger make?

It Totally depends on the hard work and dedication that you are going to put on your blog. According to my research, A travel blogger can easily make 3000-5000 dollars per month.

2. How can I travel for free?

When your blog starts growing, you will get noticed by sponsors. Sponsors not only going to make your trip free. They will also pay you money for that.

3. What are different sources to monetize a travel blog  

You can easily monetize your travel blog using Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsered Content, etc are great ways to monetize your blog.


Blogging is no more just fun or hobby. People are making their careers in blogging and making a decent amount of income. But at the same time, it has become very competitive and there is no doubt about that.

So, if you are serious about starting a career in blogging and want to become a travel blogger, then you must try to create a blog with useful information which has something new to offer. This is the only way to beat the competition and make a place in your reader’s heart.

Shehraj Singh

Shehraj Singh


Shehraj Singh, I’m Founder of This Blogging Fire. A blog that helps bloggers like you to create an outstanding blog and earn money from it. I’m a Passionate Blogger, Student, and a Freelancer as well.

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