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Searching for Katteb lifetime deals online? Katteb is a revolutionary AI writer who constantly learns. It verifies facts before writing. It is capable of writing about any recent or upcoming event. You can get a massive discount using this special Katteb Appsumo deal.

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  • Actual Price: $999.00
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  • Limitation: Allows you to generate 15,000 words per month

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Katteb Review 2023: Why you must buy this tool?

Katteb is an advanced AI-powered writing tool designed to provide fact-checked and plagiarism-free content. This comprehensive review will delve into the key features of Katteb, highlighting its structure and benefits.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
    Katteb boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both seasoned writers and beginners. The intuitive design allows users to navigate effortlessly through the platform, ensuring a smooth writing experience.
  2. AI-Powered Fact-Checking:
    One of Katteb’s standout features is its fact-checking capability. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, the tool cross-references information against reputable sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the generated content. This feature is especially valuable for writers looking to produce well-researched and trustworthy articles.
  3. Plagiarism-Free Content:
    Katteb understands the importance of originality in writing. The tool utilizes powerful algorithms to detect and eliminate any traces of plagiarism within the generated content. With Katteb, writers can have peace of mind knowing that their work is unique and free from any intellectual property concerns.
  4. Customizable Writing Styles:
    To cater to various writing needs, Katteb offers customizable writing styles. Whether you require a formal tone for academic papers or a conversational style for blog posts, the tool can adapt to your specific requirements. This flexibility allows writers to maintain their unique voice while benefiting from the AI-generated content suggestions.
  5. Grammar and Language Enhancement:
    Katteb goes beyond mere fact-checking and plagiarism detection. The tool also provides grammar and language enhancement suggestions, ensuring that your writing is polished and error-free. From identifying grammatical errors to suggesting alternative word choices, Katteb acts as a reliable writing companion, enhancing the overall quality of your content.
  6. Structured Content Generation:
    When using Katteb, writers can expect content that is well-structured and organized. The tool offers suggestions for introductions, paragraphs, and conclusions, providing a solid framework for your writing. This feature proves especially valuable for those seeking to improve the flow and coherence of their articles.
  7. Collaboration and Editing Features:
    Katteb recognizes the collaborative nature of writing projects. The platform offers seamless collaboration and editing features, allowing multiple users to work together on a single document. Writers can easily share their work, gather feedback, and make real-time edits, streamlining the collaborative writing process.

Katteb is a powerful AI writer that excels in fact-checking and generating plagiarism-free content. Its user-friendly interface, customizable writing styles, grammar enhancement, and structured content generation features make it a valuable tool for writers across various domains. With Katteb, you can produce well-researched, accurate, and engaging content while streamlining your writing process.

Deal Terms 

  • Lifetime access to Katteb
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Katteb Plan updates
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • This deal is non-refundable


  • Credible Writer ( Write based on sources )
  • Proofreading Engine ( Supports 25+ Languages )
  • Plagiarism Checker ( With Citations )
  • Long Form Article Writer ( GPT-4 Included as Beta )
  • AI Art Generator ( DALL-E )
  • Related Images Suggestions ( For Free )
  • One Click Article Rewriter ( Preserve Formatting & Images )
  • Advanced Article Rewriter ( Multiple Suggestions )
  • Content Enricher & Expander ( Using Keyboard Shortcuts )
  • GPT-4 ( 10 Daily Generations Per Account )

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