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In the competitive world of digital marketing, securing top spots on Google search results is crucial. The challenge, however, is managing and analyzing the overwhelming amount of SEO data. Many struggle with tools like Google’s Looker Studio or creating personalized dashboards from scratch.

That’s where SEOcrawl comes in – a comprehensive SEO suite designed to streamline keyword monitoring, URL optimization, and SEO reporting, making your climb to the top of Google’s rankings both easier and more effective.

Here are the complete details of this SEOcrawl Lifetime Offer 2023 From Appsumo.

  • Actual Price: $72.00
  • Lifetime Deal: $19.00 [74% Discount]
  • Limitation: 1 project, 1 user, Up to 10,000 total clicks per month from Google search console, Up to 1,000 total sessions per month from Google Analytics

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What is SEOcrawl?

SEOcrawl is more than just an SEO tool; it’s a robust data warehouse that integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide over 16 months of historical data analysis. It’s an all-in-one solution for businesses and digital marketers looking to enhance their SEO strategy.

By connecting your existing Google accounts, SEOcrawl offers real-time insights and automates the process of keyword and URL cluster creation. Its capability to craft over 20 specialized SEO dashboards makes it a versatile tool, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re a small startup, a growing eCommerce platform, or a marketing agency, SEOcrawl is designed to elevate your SEO game.

Key Features of SEOcrawl

  • Custom-Made Dashboards: Over 20 SEO dashboards provide unique insights and key metrics, customized to fit different business needs.
  • Keyword and URL Monitoring: Keep track of unlimited keywords, core keywords, and brand-related keywords, alongside growth trends for top URLs.
  • Actionable SEO Reports: Automatically generated reports offer insights into keyword performance, content suggestions, and URL optimization tips.
  • Rank Tracker: Monitor the traffic evolution of unlimited URLs and track their performance over time.
  • Task Management: Collaborate efficiently with your team on SEO projects using the built-in Task Organizer with detailed tasks, lists, and Kanban boards.

SEOcrawl Lifetime Deal

Understanding the value of a tool like SEOcrawl is essential, especially when it comes to financial investment. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the pricing and the lifetime deal offered, helping you make an informed decision.

  • Introductory Price: The lifetime access to SEOcrawl starts at just $19. This is a special, limited-time offer that provides significant savings. It’s important to note that this price is subject to change, and the deal is only available for a limited period.

Tiered Pricing Structure: SEOcrawl’s lifetime deal is structured into different tiers, each catering to varying levels of user needs and project sizes.

  • License Tier 1: Priced at $19 (from the original $72), this tier includes all the fundamental features of SEOcrawl. It’s ideal for individual users or small projects, offering 1 project, 1 user, up to 10,000 total clicks per month from Google Search Console, and up to 1,000 total sessions per month from Google Analytics.
  • License Tier 2: For $69 (down from $232), this tier expands the capacity to 5 projects and allows for unlimited users. It increases the limits to 100,000 total clicks per month and 10,000 total sessions per month, including team management features.
  • License Tier 3: At $169 (originally $392), this is the most comprehensive tier, suitable for large agencies or businesses. It supports 25 projects and unlimited users, with up to 1 million total clicks per month and 50,000 total sessions per month. This tier also includes white labeling, allowing businesses to brand their reports and dashboards.

What Does the Lifetime Deal Include?

  • Access to All Future Updates: Purchasing any of the lifetime deal tiers grants access to all future updates of the Elite Plan. This means that as SEOcrawl evolves and adds new features, you’ll automatically receive these upgrades at no additional cost.
  • No Additional Fees: The one-time payment for the lifetime deal is all-inclusive. There are no hidden costs, no recurring fees, and no need for stacking codes.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: SEOcrawl offers a risk-free trial period. If you’re not satisfied with the tool within the first 60 days of purchase, you can get a full refund, making the investment safe and secure.

Flexibility and Compliance:

  • Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade: Depending on your evolving business needs, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between the different license tiers.
  • GDPR Compliance: For businesses concerned about data privacy, SEOcrawl is GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data handling practices adhere to EU regulations.

Exclusive Offer for AppSumo Customers:

  • Special Terms for Previous Purchasers: If you’ve previously purchased SEOcrawl through AppSumo, you can upgrade your license to increase your feature limits. Plus, you’ll be grandfathered into the new feature limits, ensuring that you always have access to the latest offerings of the tool.

SEOcrawl FAQs

How does SEOcrawl integrate with Google tools?

SEOcrawl seamlessly connects with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, allowing users to analyze extensive data for comprehensive SEO insights.

Can SEOcrawl track both keywords and URLs?

Yes, it can monitor unlimited keywords and URLs, providing detailed insights on their performance and growth trends.

Is SEOcrawl suitable for team collaboration?

Absolutely. It features a Task Organizer for efficient team collaboration on SEO projects, including task management and kanban boards.

What kind of reports does SEOcrawl generate?

SEOcrawl offers automated, actionable SEO reports including keyword performance, content suggestions, and URL optimization tips.

Is the lifetime deal of SEOcrawl worth it?

The lifetime deal provides significant savings with access to a comprehensive set of features, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to boost their SEO strategy.

Conclusion: Is the SEOcrawl Lifetime Deal Worth It?

SEOcrawl’s lifetime deal is more than just an affordable SEO solution; it’s a strategic investment in your digital growth. With its comprehensive features, from custom dashboards to detailed SEO reporting, it empowers businesses and marketers to make data-driven decisions. The deal’s affordability, coupled with the tool’s efficiency in handling SEO tasks, makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their online presence and search engine rankings. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, SEOcrawl is a tool that promises to simplify and amplify your SEO efforts.