I have prepared a list of best SEO blogs for bloggers & digital marketers. This list of SEO websites will help you to become an SEO expert in your industry. You don’t need to buy any SEO course as a beginner. Just follow these SEO Blogs and learn SEO for FREE.

As a marketer or blogger, it is essential to know everything about SEO. Because without proper SEO, it is impossible to get the Google first page position. And we all know the importance of ranking #1 on Google or any search engine.

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Why Should You Follow These SEO Blogs in 2020?

SEO strategies are changing every day. Yes, whatever was working a few years back, is not working now. Although the core principle of SEO still remains the same, the way of performing SEO activities has changed. But how will you educate yourself with the latest changes in the SEO world? You just have to follow these Best SEO blogs in 2020 to stay aware of what’s happening around you.

Here are a few points I want to mention before proceeding further.

  • Google is changing its algorithms on every week. They may be updating it on a daily basis or an hourly basis. But we generally come to know about such updates on a weekly or monthly basis from these SEO blogs. So follow these blogs to stay updated. You can also check out my FREE eBook on SEO best practices.
  • Now what to do after every Google update? That’s what people are looking for and these SEO blogs will help you to figure out what exactly experts are suggesting or taking actions. So, you must follow these SEO Experts in 2020.
  • SEO trends are changing continuously and what works best last year will not work in 2020. Then how can we learn or adapt to the changes? That’s why I love to follow a few of these SEO blogs without any miss and apply all possible suggestions on my blogs.
  • The best way to learn SEO is by applying those tactics. But as a beginner, we always look for some guarantee. And that’s where I found many awesome SEO case studies where these SEO experts shared their real-time experiments and what is the outcomes. That means you can get all those knowledge & learnings at a free of cost only.

How Do I Prepare This List of SEO Websites?

I am into blogging for the last 10 years and I have seen many top SEO bloggers grow from zero to hero. As I read a lot, gradually I have bookmarked many such awesome websites where top bloggers regularly share very useful & practical SEO tips. So, I have prepared this list after following many SEO blogs for the last many years. Without any doubt, these are the best SEO blogs in 2020. I am sure more can be added to this list.

My intention with this list of SEO blogs is very simple. I want to create a solid resource article where every beginner will find the best SEO blogs in one place and save time. If you don’t find the good resources from the beginning, you may end up losing time or even get diverted from your target also.

On the other hand, you will always get motivated by reading these blogs as these experts are making some serious amounts of money from their blogs through different SEO techniques. So, you must understand and learn SEO properly before starting a blog in 2020.

Top 42 Best SEO Blogs For 2020 (Perfect Way To Become An SEO Expert)

I have prepared this list of top SEO blogs for 2019 with a simple intention to keep all the popular SEO websites in one place. If you follow them regularly, you will not miss a piece of single information about SEO in the future. So, don’t go by the sequencing, as every SEO blog or SEO Blogger is simply awesome. Just for your convenience of reading & referring use the numbers against them. 🙂

1. The Moz Blog

The Moz blog was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Meussig. Initially, it was known as SEOmoz and was started mainly as a blog and an online community where various SEO experts used to share their research and ideas.

Later in 2013 in search of broader marketing efforts, SEOmoz was rebranded into Moz. They always built the largest community of SEOs and brought radical transparency to the industry. Few renowned authors of the Moz blog are Miriam Ellis, Will Critchlow, and Britney Muller.

2. Semrush Blog

In 2008 Semrush was first started with only one primary goal which is to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone. A few of the top authors of Semrush blog are A.J Ghergich, Bill Widmer and Kevin Indig.

This blog has various interesting features like an Organic research facility, an advertising research facility, provides backlinks, keyword research and even includes product listing ads. Moreover, the SEMRush blog offers different types of Semrush tools.

Click Here To Sign Up For SEMRush Free Trial Account.


SEOBook Blog was first started in 2003 by Aaron Wall and his dedicated teammates. This blog offers the number 1 SEO training program, and moreover, SEOBook Blog also provides various SEO related tools and videos, and along with that it also comes with a private member’s forum.

This SEO blog is generally famous for offering marketing tips, search analytics, online business tips, and general commentary on the evolution of the web from an algorithmic, and also publishing business model perspective. The first Indian author of the SEOBook Blog is Upendra Rana.

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land along with its sister publications, MarTech Today and Marketing Land covers all information related to digital marketing, advertising technology, and the tech landscape. One of the most popular SEO blogs to get all Google updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc.

This blog is a daily publication and information site covering search engine industry news, plus SEO, PPC and searches engine marketing tips, tactics, and strategies. Some of the top authors of this blog are Barry Levine, Matt McGee, and Brian Massey.

5. Backlinko

Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean who is an internationally proclaimed SEO expert. Initially, he designed this blog to teach the lessons he has learned throughout his career. This is a single author blog.

After launching Backlinko, Brian quickly made a name for himself by publishing useful practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business. Backlinko is now one of the most popular online marketing blogs.

Just check this video, I am sure you will fall in love with his knowledge & the authority in SEO niche.

6. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch provides tips and essential information regarding the best formula to effectively search on the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help the site owners to improve online business.

SEW encourages readers to comment, both positively and negatively, on its articles and columns which are a very useful feature of this blog. Authors of the SEW blog are Sergey Grybniak and Jason Tabeling.

7. Yoast SEO Blog

The primary mission of Yoast blog is to help every website owners to rank high in the search engines and eventually help them to flourish their online business. This is one of my favorite top SEO blogs and I am following them for a long time.

Yoast’s SEO plug-ins, blog posts, and online courses help both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

Joost de Valk is a renowned author of Yoast blog while some other authors of this blog are Annelieke van den Berg, Caroline Geven, and David Mihm.

I have moved to a better Yoast SEO alternative. Check the new Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin.

8. Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs blogs help the website owners to get better at SEO and marketing with the help of detailed tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces from marketing practitioners and industry experts. They own the best SEO tool in this industry.

This blog is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a massive index of backlinks, keywords and content. On average, in this blog, a user will find a maximum of nine to ten blogs per month. The founder of this blog is Dmitry Gerasimenko.

9. Search Engine Roundtable

The founder of Search Engine Roundtable is Barry Schwartz. This is a single author blog that was started in December 2003 as a new website that is renowned for publishing five to six posts per day.

This blog has a rank of 6240, and its estimated monthly organic search traffic is 83856. Moreover, the average post per month on this blog is 164. Mostly the posts are short, but they serve their purpose of keeping the SEO community up to date.

10. Neil Patel Blog

This blog is named after its creator Neil Patel. He along with a team of expert marketers publishes marketing news from every spectrum on this blog including SEO related news. Moreover, they also publish various videos that are as useful as the blog posts.

Neil Patel helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom to grow their revenue. In this blog on average, a user will definitely find one post per month. Recently he has started sharing blogging tips in Hindi.

Want to learn how to optimize blog posts for SEO? Check the latest posts of this blog are “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019,” and “7 Marketing Mistakes That Nearly Broke Me… Literally.” Undoubtedly Neil is one of the Top SEO Digital Marketing Experts.

11. Branded3 Blog

Branded3 is actually a well-established digital search agency based in the UK. The Branded3 blog serves as a hub for valuable information related to search engine optimization, link building, app store listing optimization, etc.

Moreover, readers can also subscribe to get the latest news and information on SEO related topics and hence the information that they will get will help them to enhance their SEO skills.

Branded3 is a multi-author blog, so few of the authors of this blog are Andrew Parker, Daniel Saunders, Stephen Kenwright, Charlie Harris, and Richard Carter.

12. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central blog is an essential blog which helps an individual to learn different ways to run a particular blog successfully. So basically we can say that this is one of the best SEO blogs which teaches an individual new way of blogging.

Google Webmaster Central Blog is a multi-author blog, so few of the renowned writers of this blog are Othar Hansson, Javier Tordable, and Maile Ohye.

13. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal blog is founded in 2003 by Loren Baker. Search Engine Journal is actually a news blog that is almost similar to the Search Engine Land blog. On average, a user will find four to five posts per day on this blog.

Occasionally a user will see a big post, but generally, a user will find several small posts. Search Engine Journal is a multi-author blog, so few of the renowned authors of this blog are Jean Dion, Stephen Watts, and Kristi Hines.

I am a big fan of this website and regularly follow this website for the latest updates in SEO industry. In fact, all the latest Google algorithm updates are disclosed and analyzed here only. Recently, after Google B.E.R.T. update I have created a video after following couple of their articles.

14. Brightedge Blog

Brightedge was founded in 2007 by Jim Yu and Lemuel Park. The Brightedge SEO blog is best for that category of website owners who are looking for general SEO education and tips.

It covers most of the search engine updates, and moreover, here a person can find topics like guest posting and different ways of performing SEO in other countries that will help a person to boost their SEO performances.

Brightedge blog can also be considered as a perfect blog to stay updated on the latest SEO updates and trends.

15. Portent Blog

The blog is mainly created to help all marketers and site owners to improve their organic search performance and exposure. Portent blog is founded by Ian Lurie who is also the CEO of Portent and the EVP of Marketing Services at Clearlink.

This is a multi-author blog, so few of the top authors of Portent blog are Cabel Cosper, Matthew Henry, Zac Heinrichs, and finally the founder himself, i.e., Ian Lurie.

16. Growth (Aka Inbound Blog)

Inbound is an essential blog as it contains detailed information on various topics that are related to quality link building, content development, SEO strategy and on various other aspects.

Hence if an individual follows this blog regularly, he/she will be able to manage its SEO campaign effectively. In this blog, an individual will find at least a single post per month.

17. Hubspot Blog

Hubspot is a multi-author blog that was founded in 2004. An individual would definitely want to visit this blog when he/she need to find the latest news on inbound marketing. This blog consists of three parts which are Marketing, Sales, and Agency.

Another exciting aspect of this blog is that Hubspot is updated very frequently so anyone who wants to use this blog will get the latest news and ideas. Some of the writers of Hubspot blog are Caroline Forsey, Debbie Farese, Cambria Davies, and Meg Prater.

18. Bloggerspassion

Bloggerspassion is one of the top SEO blogs by an Indian blogger. Anil Agarwal is the man behind this blog. Anil has mastered his SEO skills by doing a lot of experiments, writing awesome SEO content. HIs blog is all about affiliate marketing & SEO content writing techniques.

Anil has proved his SEO skills and generated more than $1,00,000 from his blog last year. He has ranked his affiliate product review articles with high competition on Google’s first page. If you want to learn SEO, then you must start following his blog.

19. Pure SEO Blog

Pure SEO blog is ideal for an individual if he/she is searching for a place that unveils all the secrets of search engine optimization. Moreover, through this blog, a website owner can get insights and all the latest updates on SEO related matters.

Apart from SEO, this blog is also quite informative about the other channels of digital marketing much like social media. Generally, the frequency of its posts is about two posts per month.

Another great feature of this blog is that it offers tailored and effective (SEO) packages that can make a website’s traffic from nil to 100% in less time than it takes to build a website.

20. Quicksprout Blog

Just like Kissmetrics and The Daily Egg, this blog is also founded by Neil Patel. Quicksprout provides a lot of information on analytics and traffic. Generally, this blog is different from other SEO blogs. In this blog, an individual will find some practical tips which are very useful.

In Quicksprout, Neil Patel explains everything in a very clear manner, and hence a lot of people get attracted to this blog. Neil Patel also shares different techniques in this blog which helps an individual to grow his/her online business.

21. SEO by The Sea

In 2005 Bill Slawski founded this single author blog and named it as SEO by the Sea. SEO by the Sea is one of the best single-author blogs, and its post generally contains a lot of valuable information about SEO as Bill has 30 years of online marketing experience.

Bill Slawski is well known for breaking down and analyzing many Google patents and whitepapers which eventually makes this blog a great place to learn about the actual functioning of the search engines.

22. Unamo Blog

Search Engine Optimization is the key to drive or magnetize more traffic towards any website. Generally every week a site owner will find a new post on this blog.

This blog discusses prominent topics such as qualities require within SEO content writer, the importance of backlink profile analysis, the importance of SEO audit, the role of SEO in the growth of any business, and altering the nature of Search Engine Result Pages.

Unamo Blog is a multi-author blog, and hence some of the authors of this blog are Anita Sambol, Danish Wadhwa, Laura Dibiase, Ryan Gould, and Moloy Kumar Dey.

23. SEO Nick Blog

In 2012 Nick Eubanks founded the SEO Nick blog. This blog is ideal for that category of people who are looking for real case studies on SEO that will explode their search traffic. Moreover, this blog also includes SEO case studies, real data and articles which include actual insights.

Although this blog is not as popular as few other blogs which are described in this article but still it is emerging very fast, and soon this will be as essential as any other famous SEO blog.

In this blog, the majority of the posts are written by Nick, but there are few other authors as well so some of the authors of SEO Nick blog are Gaurav Kumar, Luke Harsel, and Dave Schneider.

24. Hobo-web Blog

Shaun Anderson founded Hobo-web blog which is one of the best single-author SEO blogs. Occasionally Shaun posts on this blog but whenever he posts something, it is worth reading. Often his posts cross the 5K wordmark, and they are always well structured, so it is always a pleasure to read such interesting posts.

Average posts per month on this blog range from two to three and the estimated monthly organic search traffic is 57815. If you have any doubts regarding how to write SEO friendly blog posts, then read a few of the in-depth articles to clear your doubts.

25. GotchSEO Blog

Nathan Gotch is the founder of Gotch SEO. This blog was founded in 2013. Generally, this is a single author blog, but sometimes a user may find a few guest posts as well. Over the past few years, the Gotch SEO blog has gained immense popularity.

Its estimated monthly organic search traffic is 22654, and on an average, a user will find one to two posts per month. Nathan is personally one of my favorite SEO Experts. Recently he has declared to stop providing SEO services further as he is working to build a course around Gotch SEO Academy. Read the article here.

26. Matthew Woodward

This blog is named after its founder Matthew Woodward. Matthew Woodward was introduced in 2012 as an experiment, but later this flourished, and nowadays Matthew regularly publishes in-depth posts and tutorials on internal linking to affiliate marketing.

This is a single author blog, but sometimes a user can find a few guest posts as well. The domain rating of this blog is 73 and on average, the number of posts per month on this blog is 9 or 10.

27. Cognitive SEO Blog

Razvan Gavrilas introduced this multi-author SEO blog. The estimated monthly organic search traffic of Cognitive SEO is 17931. This blog is becoming more and more famous recently as many site owners are benefiting from this blog.

As this is a multi-author blog so few of the famous authors of the cognitive blog are Tad Chef, Cornelia Cozmiuc, Livia Rusu and Adrian Cojocariu.

28. Lion Zeal

The founder of Lion Zeal blog is Daryl Rosser who is a relative newcomer to the SEO world but has developed a very useful blog for all the marketers and site owners. On average, a user will generally find 8 to 9 posts per month on this blog. Lion Zeal is a single author blog.

The estimated monthly organic search traffic of this blog is 3039, and the domain rating of this blog is 41.

29. Kaiser the Sage

Kaiser the Sage is a single-author blog that was founded by Jason Acidre. This blog mainly discusses the outreach based link building.

Jason is highly experienced when it comes to link building which is evident from the fact that he took one website from 50K to 320K visits per month using competitive link acquisition campaigns.

On average, a reader will find one to two posts on this blog per month and its estimated monthly organic search traffic of Kaiser the sage blog is 3019.

30. Buzzstream Blog

Paul Mary is the founder of Buzzstream which is a multi-author blog. In this blog, a reader will find posts related to link building. Apart from link building the posts also focuses on outreach as well.

Although they do not publish a huge amount of posts per month the posts they publish are very interesting, and they are worth reading. Generally, a user will find one to two posts per month.

Few of the renowned authors of Buzzstream are Darren Kingman, Stephen Panico, Kristi Hines, and Andrea Lehr.

31. ShoutMeLoud.com

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agarwal of ShoutmeLoud

ShoutMeLoud.com blog is a platform where enthusiastic bloggers share the knowledge of the internet world to earn money. Practical tips that are shared by bloggers on this blog bring awareness among the business owners of different verticals regarding how to raise money using the online medium.

Moreover, the online marketing tips which are mentioned in this blog are best to increase the traffic and brand value. Usually, this Blog covers the topic like email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing, etc.

ShoutMeLoud is a multi-author blog, so few of the top authors of ShoutMeLoud blog are Mayur Somani, Harsh Agarwal, and Lee Ka Hoong.

32. Monitorbacklinks Blog

How to check backlinks of your competitor? Well, Monitor Backlink is one of the best backlink checker tools available. but besides that, they share regular SEO tips, link building guides to help you learn SEO.

This blog is mainly recognized as a great source of information for link building enthusiasts as well as professionals since they get quite useful information here that helps them in their link building campaign.

These blogs also give complete information on how to attract customers by using Link Bait, SEO tactics for RankBrain and human behavior signals etc. An individual will find a new post on this blog every week.

33. The SEM Post

The founder and editor of The SEM Post is Jeniffer Slegg. She is an experienced speaker and expert in search engine marketing, working in the industry for almost 20 years. She founded The SEM Post in 2014.

Apart from providing daily updates on the latest SEO related stuff, Slegg regularly spots essential features to rank high in major search engines like Google and Bing. This is a single author blog, and Jeniffer Slegg posts quite frequently on this blog.

34. SEOChat Blog

SEOChat is a perfect blog for any business, whether a person is focused on content creation, lead generation or simply trying to rank higher in Google.

Two great things that stand out about SEOChat are the fresh and well-written material found on the site, such as their marketing tools and secondly because of the presence of the huge number of free SEO tools that help to discover the most suitable SEO strategies for top brands and website owners today.

Moreover, this blog also provides the perfect solution in case a person is looking for the best information on how to set up or fix Meta tags, broken links, and images.

35. Searchmetrics SEO Blog

Marcus Tober is the founder and CTO of the Searchmetrics SEO blog. He often writes in his blog, but as this is a multi-author blog, so few other authors of this blog are Jordan Koene, Daniel Furch, Sebastien Edgar, and Jan Grundmann.

In this blog, authors write on current issues in the field of online marketing and SEO, and even the authors also show interesting statistics and trends. Moreover, Searchmetrics also monitors and reveals all the businesses which are available online.

On average, a user will find 3 to 4 posts per month on this blog. Few of the recent posts of this blog are “5 Top Tips for Getting Your SEO Copywriting Projects to Rank,” and “SEO & Content in 2019 and beyond – The Online Marketer’s Wishlist.”

36. ClickZ

ClickZ is a very useful blog which mainly contains information about the latest updates on the SEO industry. Moreover, this blog also helps an individual to stay updated with all the happenings in the SEO world.

This blog even helps site owners to learn various SEO methods which eventually help them to run their website successfully. The events and the seminars which are hosted by ClickZ are very beneficial for almost all SEO professionals.

Some of the renowned authors of ClickZ are Tessa Judge, Tiffany Delmore, Kimberley Collins, Mike O’Brien, and Tereza Litsa.

37. Crazy Egg

The Daily Egg blog is founded in 2006 by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel. This blog is one of the first testing platforms created to help site owners and marketers to improve their website conversion rate within 30 days.

The SEO section of The Daily Egg blog features different factors that generally affect SEO, latest trends in SEO and various other topics that are related to SEO. On this blog, a user will usually find one to two posts per month.

This is a multi-author blog, so few of the top authors of The Daily Egg blog are George Mathew, Jeremy Smith, Kathryn Aragon, Rakesh Kumar, and Sherice Jacob.

38. Kissmetrics

Just like Neil Patel blog this blog is also founded by Neil Patel who is a renowned digital marketer. This blog helps an individual to analyze and optimize his/her website with enhanced SEO techniques and eventually helps an individual to stay ahead of others.

More precisely we can say that this blog is an SEO encyclopedia which means that this blog generally contains all essential information about SEO. This is one of the best SEO blogs for beginners.

39. Bruce Clay

This blog is named after its founder Bruce Clay. Bruce Clay blog provides valuable information on SEO and how-to articles on various factors which are essential for a blog. This blog is perfect for a person who wants to drive huge traffic to his/her website.

Moreover, on this site, a user will find topics on a wide range of SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics, and other related services. Some of the authors of this blog are Paula Allen, Siddharth Lal, Ryon Flack, and last but not least Bruce Clay himself.

40. Ranking by SEO Blog

This blog was first started with a vision to add new dimensions to the digital marketing industry, almost eight years ago, and Ranking by SEO blog has also bagged various prestigious industry awards including the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

This blog has played a significant role in increasing the popularity of the company, and this blog equally helps every site owners and online marketers. This is a multi-author blog, so some of the renowned authors of this blog are Anna Rud, Lalit Sharma, Shane Barker, and Bill Acholla.

In this blog, an individual can read about Google updates, industry news, SEO myths, and SEO ideas. If a person regularly reads this blog he/she will definitely understand the SEO well.

Follow this blog regularly to get the answer to questions like why isn’t my website ranking. Eventually, he/she will be able to give the right direction to his/her SEO campaign.

41. Robbie Richards Blog

Want to know how to learn SEO at home without joining any SEO course? Then you must read the actual case studies and SEO analysis from SEO experts. If you want to learn SEO from real-time experiences then Robbie Richards is the best person.

I am a big follower of his SEO case studies and Expert roundup posts. You will find a very detailed guide on every single topic. Especially, he has covered all crucial topics related to SEO by asking experts opinion.

42. Detailed.com

Glen Allsopp is another very popular SEO Expert. Personally, I found detailed.com is one of the best places to learn actual case studies of SEO. Glen Allsopp always looks for various SEO tactics by doing deep research and share through his blog.

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Follow These Best SEO Blogs In 2020 For Better Search Rankings

SEO is not a single day task. It is a continuous process. You have to learn SEO, try SEO and then only with the time you will get proper results. And that is not the end, to keep your website ranking on high, you have to keep doing SEO for your website or blog.

So, keep learning about SEO daily from these top SEO blogs. Don’t rely much on any SEO course, better to learn from these SEO experts who are experimenting with various SEO tactics and come with priceless SEO case studies. Personally, I learn everything by reading such useful guides every day.

So, which SEO blog is your favorite? Share #1 SEO Expert who helped you to learn SEO and outranked your competitors by writing a simple comment below.

Do you think I have missed out on any potential SEO blogs on this list? Feel free to let me know by writing a comment below. I will update this list of best SEO blogs for 2020 gradually.

If you find my efforts worthy, please give a shoutout to this article by sharing in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. 

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    1. Thank you, Sasi for sharing your feedback. Yes, I have added a few new sites which are doing good and surely grow as an authority with time. I am looking for more potential SEO blogs to make this list really worthy for readers.

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  18. Thanks, Santanu Sir, for combining them in a single page! Now it’s easy for me to checkout reputed source to learn SEO rather than searching on google!
    Few of them I already following from the time I was born in Blogging & Web Designing world!
    I started to learn from ShoutMeLoud. Still now, I’m a big fan of shoutmeloud.com. Thank Harsh Sir who help to learn me SEO and Blogging.

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