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best seo blogs to follow

I have prepared a list of the best SEO blogs for bloggers & digital marketers. This list of SEO websites will help you to become an SEO expert in your industry. You don’t need to buy any SEO course as a beginner. Just follow these SEO Blogs and learn SEO for FREE.

As a marketer or blogger, it is essential to know everything about SEO. Because without proper SEO, it is impossible to get the Google first page position. And we all know the importance of ranking #1 on Google or any search engine.

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Why Should You Follow These SEO Blogs in 2024?

SEO strategies are changing every day. Yes, whatever was working a few years back, is not working now. Although the core principle of SEO still remains the same, the way of performing SEO activities has changed. But how will you educate yourself with the latest changes in the SEO world? You just have to follow these Best SEO blogs in 2024 to stay aware of what’s happening around you.

Here are a few points I want to mention before proceeding further.

  • Google is changing its algorithms every week. They may be updating it on a daily basis or an hourly basis. But we generally come to know about such updates on a weekly or monthly basis from these SEO blogs. So follow these blogs to stay updated.
  • Now what to do after every Google update? That’s what people are looking for and these SEO blogs will help you to figure out what exactly experts are suggesting or taking action. So, you must follow these SEO Experts in 2024.
  • SEO trends are changing continuously and what works best last year will not work in 2024. Then how can we learn or adapt to the changes? That’s why I love to follow a few of these SEO blogs without any miss and apply all possible suggestions on my blogs.
  • The best way to learn SEO is by applying those tactics. But as a beginner, we always look for some guarantee. And that’s where I found many awesome SEO case studies where these SEO experts shared their real-time experiments and what are the outcomes. That means you can get all those knowledge & learnings at a free of cost only.

How Do I Prepare This List of SEO Websites?

I am into blogging for the last 10 years and I have seen many top SEO bloggers grow from zero to hero. As I read a lot, gradually I have bookmarked many such awesome websites where top bloggers regularly share very useful & practical SEO tips. So, I have prepared this list after following many SEO blogs for the last many years. Without any doubt, these are the best SEO blogs in 2024. I am sure more can be added to this list.

My intention with this list of SEO blogs is very simple. I want to create a solid resource article where every beginner will find the best SEO blogs in one place and save time. If you don’t find good resources from the beginning, you may end up losing time or even get diverted from your target also.

On the other hand, you will always get motivated by reading these blogs as these experts are making some serious amounts of money from their blogs through different SEO techniques. So, you must understand and learn SEO properly before starting a blog in 2024.

Top 42 Best SEO Blogs For 2024 (Perfect Way To Become An SEO Expert)

I have prepared this list of top SEO blogs for 2024 with the simple intention of keeping all the popular SEO websites in one place. If you follow them regularly, you will not miss a piece of single information about SEO in the future. So, don’t go by the sequencing, as every SEO blog or SEO Blogger is simply awesome. Just for your convenience of reading & referring use the numbers against them. 🙂

1. The Moz Blog (https://moz.com/blog)

The Moz Blog, founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Meussig, and originally known as SEOmoz, started as a platform for SEO experts to share insights. In 2013, it rebranded as Moz, fostering the largest SEO community and promoting transparency. Key authors include Miriam Ellis, Will Critchlow, and Britney Muller.

  • Industry-leading SEO insights.
  • Emphasis on community and transparency.
  • Renowned authors contribute valuable content.

2. Semrush Blog (https://www.semrush.com/blog)

Semrush, established in 2008, aims to level the online competition field. Notable authors include A.J Ghergich, Bill Widmer, and Kevin Indig. The blog offers organic and advertising research, backlinks, keyword research, and Semrush tool insights.

  • Comprehensive SEO research tools.
  • Focus on fair online competition.
  • Valuable Semrush tool tutorials.

3. SEOBOOK Blog (https://www.seobook.com/blog)

Founded in 2003 by Aaron Wall, SEOBook Blog offers top SEO training, tools, videos, and a members’ forum. It covers marketing tips, search analytics, and web evolution insights. The first Indian author was Upendra Rana.

  • Top-notch SEO training program.
  • Diverse SEO-related tools.
  • Valuable marketing insights.

4. Search Engine Land (https://searchengineland.com/)

Search Engine Land, alongside MarTech Today and Marketing Land, covers digital marketing and tech news. It’s a reliable source for Google updates (e.g., Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird). Key authors include Barry Levine, Matt McGee, and Brian Massey.

  • Daily updates on search engine industry news.
  • In-depth SEO, PPC, and SEM tips.
  • Coverage of major Google algorithm updates.

5. Backlinko (https://backlinko.com/blog)

Founded by SEO expert Brian Dean, Backlinko shares practical marketing strategies. Brian’s content is highly regarded in the industry, making Backlinko a popular choice for online marketers.

  • Expert insights from Brian Dean.
  • Actionable online marketing strategies.
  • High-quality video content.

6. Search Engine Watch (https://www.searchenginewatch.com/)

Search Engine Watch provides effective web searching tips, industry analysis, and business improvement guidance. The blog encourages reader comments. Authors include Sergey Grybniak and Jason Tabeling.

  • Tips for efficient web searching.
  • Analytical insights for website owners.
  • Interactive reader engagement.

7. Yoast SEO Blog (https://yoast.com/seo-blog/)

Yoast’s mission is to help website owners rank high in search engines. The blog, authored by Joost de Valk and others, offers SEO plugins, blog posts, and online courses for traffic attraction.

  • SEO plugins and courses.
  • Traffic optimization guidance.
  • Diverse authorship for varied perspectives.

8. Ahrefs Blog (https://ahrefs.com/blog)

Ahrefs’ blog educates website owners with detailed tutorials, case studies, and opinions from industry experts. Known for its SEO tools, Ahrefs has a data-driven approach. Dmitry Gerasimenko is the founder.

  • Data-driven marketing insights.
  • Valuable SEO toolset.
  • Regularly updated content.

9. Search Engine Roundtable (https://www.seroundtable.com/)

Founded by Barry Schwartz, this blog publishes multiple posts daily to keep the SEO community informed. It focuses on timely updates and maintains an active community.

  • Timely SEO updates.
  • Active SEO community engagement.
  • Frequent posts for staying current.

10. Neil Patel Blog (https://neilpatel.com/blog/)

Named after its creator, Neil Patel’s blog covers diverse marketing news and publishes informative videos. It serves both large companies and small websites in attracting desired traffic.

  • A wide spectrum of marketing news.
  • Informative video content.
  • Expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

11. Branded3 Blog (https://www.branded3.com/blog/)

Branded3, a UK-based digital search agency, hosts a blog with valuable information on SEO, link building, and app store optimization. Multiple authors, including Andrew Parker and Daniel Saunders, contribute.

  • UK-based SEO expertise.
  • Varied topics for SEO enthusiasts.
  • Subscription for the latest SEO news.

12. Google Webmaster Central Blog (https://webmasters.googleblog.com/)

Google Webmaster Central Blog imparts essential knowledge for successful blogging. It’s a multi-author blog, featuring Othar Hansson, Javier Tordable, and Maile Ohye.

  • Insights for running a successful blog.
  • Google’s perspective on webmaster guidelines.
  • Multi-authorship for diverse viewpoints.

13. Search Engine Journal (https://www.searchenginejournal.com/)

Founded by Loren Baker in 2003, Search Engine Journal is a news blog covering SEO and related topics. It publishes multiple posts daily, keeping readers updated.

  • Daily SEO news updates.
  • Varied post formats.
  • Analysis of Google algorithm changes.

14. Brightedge Blog (https://www.brightedge.com/blog)

Brightedge, established in 2007 by Jim Yu and Lemuel Park, offers general SEO education and tips. It covers search engine updates and global SEO practices.

  • General SEO education.
  • Global SEO insights.
  • Updates on search engine changes.

15. Portent Blog (https://www.portent.com/blog)

Portent’s blog, created by Ian Lurie, aims to improve organic search performance. It features multi-author content, including authors like Cabel Cosper and Matthew Henry.

  • Organic search performance tips.
  • Multi-author content for varied insights.
  • Expertise in improving exposure.

16. Growth (Aka Inbound Blog)

The Growth blog, also known as Inbound Blog, offers detailed insights into quality link building, content development, SEO strategies, and more. Regularly following this blog equips individuals with effective SEO campaign management. Expect to find at least one informative post per month.

  • Offers detailed insights into quality link building, content development, and SEO strategies.
  • A valuable resource for effective SEO campaign management.
  • Provides at least one informative post per month.

17. Hubspot Blog (https://blog.hubspot.com/)

Founded in 2004, the Hubspot Blog is a multi-author platform that covers the latest news in inbound marketing. It’s divided into three sections: Marketing, Sales, and Agency. Hubspot is updated frequently, providing readers with up-to-the-minute news and ideas. Key authors include Caroline Forsey, Debbie Farese, Cambria Davies, and Meg Prater.

  • Multi-author platform founded in 2004.
  • Covers the latest news in inbound marketing.
  • Divided into three sections: Marketing, Sales, and Agency.
  • Frequent updates for up-to-the-minute news and ideas.

18. Bloggerspassion (https://bloggerspassion.com/)

Bloggerspassion, one of India’s top SEO blogs, is spearheaded by Anil Agarwal. Anil, an expert in affiliate marketing and SEO content writing, generated over $1,00,000 from his blog last year. He’s known for ranking affiliate product review articles on Google’s first page, making this blog a must-follow for those eager to learn SEO.

  • Top SEO blog by Indian blogger Anil Agarwal.
  • Focuses on affiliate marketing and SEO content writing techniques.
  • Anil generated over $1,00,000 from his blog last year.
  • Known for ranking affiliate product review articles on Google’s first page.

19. Pure SEO Blog (https://www.pureseo.co.nz/blog/)

The Pure SEO blog reveals the secrets of search engine optimization, offering insights and the latest updates on SEO matters. Beyond SEO, it provides information on various digital marketing channels, including social media. Typically, it publishes about two posts per month and offers tailored and effective SEO packages.

  • Reveals secrets of search engine optimization.
  • Offers insights and the latest updates on SEO matters.
  • Covers various digital marketing channels, including social media.
  • Publishes about two posts per month.

20. Quicksprout Blog (https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/)

Founded by Neil Patel, Quicksprout focuses on analytics, traffic, and practical tips. Neil’s clear explanations and practical techniques make this blog stand out. It’s a go-to resource for individuals looking to grow their online businesses.

  • Founded by Neil Patel.
  • Focuses on analytics, traffic, and practical tips.
  • Clear explanations and practical techniques.
  • A valuable resource for individuals looking to grow their online businesses.

21. SEO by The Sea (https://www.seobythesea.com/)

Founded in 2005 by Bill Slawski, SEO by The Sea is a single-author blog packed with valuable SEO information. Bill’s 30 years of online marketing experience shines through as he breaks down and analyzes Google patents and whitepapers.

  • Single-author blog founded by Bill Slawski.
  • Packed with valuable SEO information.
  • Bill’s 30 years of online marketing experience.
  • Analyzes Google patents and whitepapers.

22. Unamo Blog (https://unamo.com/blog/)

Unamo Blog delves into the essential role of Search Engine Optimization in driving website traffic. Readers can expect weekly posts covering topics like SEO content writing, backlink analysis, SEO audits, and more. A multi-author blog, it features writers like Anita Sambol, Danish Wadhwa, Laura Dibiase, Ryan Gould, and Moloy Kumar Dey.

  • Focuses on the essential role of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Offers insights into SEO content writing, backlink analysis, and SEO audits.
  • Multi-author blog with a variety of contributors.
  • Weekly posts covering prominent SEO topics.

23. SEO Nick Blog (https://www.seonick.net/)

Founded in 2012 by Nick Eubanks, the SEO Nick Blog focuses on real case studies, SEO data, and insights that can boost search traffic. While Nick predominantly contributes, other authors like Gaurav Kumar, Luke Harsel, and Dave Schneider also share their expertise.

  • Founded in 2012 by Nick Eubanks.
  • Focuses on real case studies, SEO data, and insights.
  • Emerging as a valuable resource in the SEO community.
  • Features contributions from Nick and other authors.

24. Hobo-web Blog (https://www.hobo-web.co.uk/)

Shaun Anderson established the Hobo-web blog, known for its in-depth articles. Although Shaun’s posts can be lengthy, they are well-structured and informative. On average, you’ll find two to three posts per month, making it a valuable resource for learning SEO-friendly blog post writing.

  • Founded by Shaun Anderson.
  • Known for in-depth articles.
  • Well-structured and informative posts.
  • Publishes two to three posts per month.

25. GotchSEO Blog (https://www.gotchseo.com/blog/)

Nathan Gotch founded Gotch SEO in 2013. While it’s primarily a single-author blog, occasional guest posts make appearances. Over the years, it has gained popularity, and Nathan Gotch has recently shifted focus to building the Gotch SEO Academy. Check out his insights and updates.

  • Founded by Nathan Gotch in 2013.
  • Primarily a single-author blog.
  • Gained popularity over the years.
  • Nathan Gotch’s insights and updates.

26. Matthew Woodward (https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/)

Named after its founder, Matthew Woodward’s blog was introduced in 2012 and has flourished since. It features in-depth posts and tutorials covering various topics, from internal linking to affiliate marketing. With a domain rating of 73, this single-author blog publishes an impressive 9-10 posts per month.

  • Named after its founder.
  • Introduced in 2012 and has flourished.
  • In-depth posts and tutorials on various topics.
  • Focus on internal linking to affiliate marketing.

27. Cognitive SEO Blog (https://cognitiveseo.com/blog/)

Razvan Gavrilas heads the multi-author Cognitive SEO Blog. With an estimated monthly organic search traffic of 17,931, it’s gaining popularity among site owners. The blog covers a wide range of SEO topics, and authors like Tad Chef, Cornelia Cozmiuc, Livia Rusu, and Adrian Cojocariu contribute.

  • Razvan Gavrilas heads the multi-author blog.
  • Gaining popularity among site owners.
  • Covers a wide range of SEO topics.
  • Contributions from authors like Tad Chef, Cornelia Cozmiuc, and more.

28. Lion Zeal (https://lionzeal.com/blog/)

Daryl Rosser, the founder of Lion Zeal, offers valuable insights for marketers and site owners. While it’s primarily a single-author blog, it publishes 8-9 posts per month. With an estimated monthly organic search traffic of 3,039, it’s on the rise in the SEO community.

  • Founded by Daryl Rosser.
  • Valuable insights for marketers and site owners.
  • Emerging as a valuable resource.
  • Focus on outreach-based link building.

29. Kaiser the Sage (https://kaiserthesage.com/blog/)

Jason Acidre founded Kaiser the Sage, a single-author blog focused on outreach-based link building. Jason’s expertise in link building is evident, and he often shares insights gained from taking websites from 50K to 320K visits per month. Look for 1-2 posts per month.

  • Founded by Jason Acidre.
  • A single-author blog focused on outreach-based link building.
  • Jason’s expertise in link building.
  • Insights from taking websites from 50K to 320K visits per month.

30. Buzzstream Blog (https://www.buzzstream.com/blog)

Paul Mary’s Buzzstream Blog, a multi-author platform, explores link-building and outreach strategies. While it doesn’t publish a high volume of posts, the content is engaging and worth the read. Authors include Darren Kingman, Stephen Panico, Kristi Hines, and Andrea Lehr.

  • Founded by Paul Mary.
  • Multi-author platform exploring link-building and outreach strategies.
  • Engaging and worth reading content.
  • Authors include Darren Kingman, Stephen Panico, and more.

31. ShoutMeLoud.com (ShoutMeLoud.com)

ShoutMeLoud.com, founded by Harsh Agrawal, is a platform where enthusiastic bloggers share their knowledge of the internet world to earn money. This blog provides practical tips that bring awareness to business owners across different verticals on how to raise money using the online medium. Key highlights of this blog include:

  • Insights into email marketing strategies.
  • SEO techniques for improving website ranking.
  • Social Media Marketing Best Practices.
  • Tips for effective Video Marketing.
  • A multi-author blog featuring top authors like Mayur Somani, Harsh Agrawal, and Lee Ka Hoong.

32. Monitor backlinks Blog (Monitor Backlinks)

The Monitorbacklinks Blog is a valuable resource for link-building enthusiasts and professionals. In addition to being a backlink checker tool, this blog offers regular SEO tips and link-building guides. Key highlights include:

  • Guidance on checking competitors’ backlinks.
  • Information on attracting customers through Link Bait.
  • SEO tactics for RankBrain and human behavior signals.
  • Weekly posts to keep readers informed.

33. The SEM Post (The SEM Post)

Founded by Jennifer Slegg, The SEM Post is an authoritative source for daily updates on SEO-related topics. Jennifer Slegg, an industry expert with almost 20 years of experience, regularly shares essential insights for ranking high on search engines. Key highlights:

  • Daily updates on SEO trends.
  • Expert advice on ranking in major search engines.
  • Single-author blog with frequent posts.

34. SEOChat Blog (SEOChat)

SEOChat is a versatile blog catering to various business needs, from content creation to lead generation and ranking higher in Google. Key highlights:

  • Fresh and well-written material.
  • A wide range of free SEO tools.
  • Solutions for setting up or fixing Meta tags, broken links, and images.

35. Searchmetrics SEO Blog (Searchmetrics)

Founded by Marcus Tober, the Searchmetrics SEO blog features a diverse group of authors who write on current online marketing and SEO issues. Key highlights:

  • Authoritative insights and statistics.
  • Monitoring and revelations about online businesses.
  • 3 to 4 posts per month on average.

36. ClickZ (ClickZ)

ClickZ is a valuable resource for staying updated on the latest SEO industry updates. It offers insights into various SEO methods to help website owners succeed. Key highlights:

  • Information on the latest SEO updates.
  • SEO events and seminars.
  • Top authors include Tessa Judge, Tiffany Delmore, Kimberley Collins, Mike O’Brien, and Tereza Litsa.

37. Crazy Egg (Crazy Egg Blog)

Founded by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel, the Crazy Egg blog focuses on improving website conversion rates. It covers SEO topics that affect website performance. Key highlights:

  • Tips for improving website conversion rates.
  • SEO insights and trends.
  • Multi-author blog with top authors like George Mathew, Jeremy Smith, Kathryn Aragon, Rakesh Kumar, and Sherice Jacob.

38. Kissmetrics (Kissmetrics Blog)

Founded by Neil Patel, Kissmetrics provides valuable information on SEO and website optimization techniques. Key highlights:

  • In-depth SEO information.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Covers a wide range of topics including SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics, and more.

39. Bruce Clay (Bruce Clay Blog)

The Bruce Clay blog, named after its founder, offers valuable SEO information and how-to articles for bloggers. Key highlights:

  • Insights on SEO, PPC, content marketing, and analytics.
  • Contributions from authors like Paula Allen, Siddharth Lal, Ryon Flack, and Bruce Clay.

40. Ranking by SEO Blog (Ranking By SEO Blog)

Ranking by SEO blog, in operation for eight years, offers insights into digital marketing and SEO. Key highlights:

  • Aiding site owners and online marketers.
  • Covers Google updates, industry news, SEO myths, and ideas.
  • A multi-author blog featuring authors like Anna Rud, Lalit Sharma, Shane Barker, and Bill Acholla.

41. Robbie Richards Blog (Robbie Richards Blog)

Robbie Richards’ blog is known for its detailed case studies and SEO analysis. It’s an excellent resource for learning SEO from experts’ real-time experiences. Key highlights:

  • In-depth SEO case studies and expert roundup posts.
  • Detailed guides on various SEO topics.

42. Detailed.com (Detailed.com)

Glen Allsopp’s Detailed.com is a hub for SEO enthusiasts seeking real case studies. Glen’s deep research and insights are shared through this blog. Key highlights:

  • Valuable SEO case studies.
  • In-depth SEO tactics and research.

These blogs collectively offer a diverse range of SEO insights and strategies, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals in the field of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Conclusion: Are These Best SEO Blogs worth to follow in 2024?

best seo blogs to follow
best seo blogs to follow

SEO is not a single-day task. It is a continuous process. You have to learn SEO, try SEO, and then only with time you will get proper results. And that is not the end, to keep your website ranking on high, you have to keep doing SEO for your website or blog.

So, keep learning about SEO daily from these top SEO blogs. Don’t rely much on any SEO course, better to learn from these SEO experts who are experimenting with various SEO tactics and come with priceless SEO case studies. Personally, I learn everything by reading such useful guides every day.

So, which SEO blog is your favorite? Share #1 SEO Expert who helped you to learn SEO and outranked your competitors by writing a simple comment below.

Do you think I have missed out on any potential SEO blogs on this list? Feel free to let me know by writing a comment below. I will update this list of best SEO blogs for 2024 gradually.

If you find my efforts worthy, please give a shoutout to this article by sharing in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. 

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  1. Rahul Bhichher says:

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    1. Thanks, Rahul for your inputs. Yes, SEO is changing and one has to learn continuously to stay updated. These list of SEO blogs are very handy to get updated information about SEO.

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  3. Great list Santanu,
    personally, I like Detailed.com the most. It’s because I got hooked when Glen was still writing over at Viperchill.com

    1. Thanks, Nikoka for sharing your views. I am also a big fan of Glen and his writing style.

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    It’s important to stay updated with seo because it’s changing dramatically.

    for seo, my go-to blog is backlinko, Ahrefs, Neil patel

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    1. Thank you very much Pankaj. I have purchased Thrive Leads as well, I will surely integrate within the content. Thank you very much for this suggestion.

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    I started to learn from ShoutMeLoud. Still now, I’m a big fan of shoutmeloud.com. Thank Harsh Sir who help to learn me SEO and Blogging!

  13. Hey Santanu,

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    1. Thank you Manoj for finding my efforts useful. The main purpose behind creating such a huge list is to provide all the high-quality SEO websites at one place, so that anyone can find it handy.

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    I already follow backlinko, but it’s pretty difficult to follow all he says. He is a beast in his domain.

    Who would you recommend to follow if someone is starting his blog from scratch.

    1. You are right. Things are very much advanced and may not be a cup of the team for beginners. But personally, I also follow some of the blogs who shared SEO topics very simple way: Bloggerspassion, GotchSEO, Robbie Rechards etc.

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    Great work putting this post together. Plenty of great blogs here.

    By the way, it looks like Kissmetrics (kissmetricshq.com) doesn’t have an active blog at the moment.

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  23. Massive list of great influencer in SEO Niche 🙂 to follow
    They share tons of knowledge jn their blog post every time

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    Great List of SEO blogs you have shared here. I am a big fan of Backlinko and reading it on a regular basis. However, there are other SEO blogs that I visit regularly and learn more about SEO. Thanks for sharing these huge lists.


    1. Backlinko is the ultimate source of knowledge about SEO. But other sites are also sharing awesome SEO articles with great information and in-depth knowledge.

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    1. You are right, there are plenty of such Awesome SEO Blogs to Follow and I found these 42 as best.

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  27. The Moz blog is the best for getting new google updates and latest SEO trends. And I used to read Backlinko and learned lots of new tactics for the link building. If you want to create quality backlinks you must read Backlinko blogs.

  28. Thanks, Santanu Sir, for combining them in a single page! Now it’s easy for me to checkout reputed source to learn SEO rather than searching on google!
    Few of them I already following from the time I was born in Blogging & Web Designing world!
    I started to learn from ShoutMeLoud. Still now, I’m a big fan of shoutmeloud.com. Thank Harsh Sir who help to learn me SEO and Blogging.

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    1. Undoubtedly Backlinko is the best SEO blogs among all where one can find comprehensive details with lots of examples.

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