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FluentBooking Black Friday Deal [LIVE]

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, FluentBooking offers discounts on its products. For example, in 2022, Orderable offered a 50% discount on all products.

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As we edge closer to the busiest shopping season of the year, many are on the lookout for the best deals that Black Friday has to offer. And for those in search of the ultimate appointment and booking solution for WordPress, the FluentBooking Black Friday Sale 2023 is a deal you won’t want to miss! Offering an array of features to streamline your scheduling needs, FluentBooking ensures that your appointment booking is fluent, intuitive, and most importantly, efficient.

FluentBooking Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023

It’s that time of year again when savvy WordPress users look out for the biggest bargains! The NinjaTables Black Friday Sale 2023 is here, and it promises not only substantial savings but also a chance to elevate your website to new heights with the best table plugin available. With the FluentBooking plugin, displaying data on WordPress becomes a breeze.

  • Discount: FLAT 50% OFF on Annual Plans & Up to 50% OFF on Lifetime Plans
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  • Validity: 15th Nov – 2nd Dec
  • Minimum Savings: $20 savings on Single Site License
  • Maximum Savings: $200 savings on Lifetime Unlimited License
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What is FluentBooking & Key Features

1. Unlimited Hosts & Calendars:

FluentBooking offers unlimited scalability. Whether you’re a startup with a few staff members or a multinational corporation with hundreds of employees, everyone can have their personalized booking calendar. This feature eliminates the need for multiple platforms or tiered access, ensuring simplicity and ease of access for all involved.

2. Availability Management:

Flexibility at its best. FluentBooking allows users to set up their availability based on personal preferences, work timings, and other commitments. Whether you want to block out a lunch hour, allocate specific days for meetings, or set up recurring availability slots, this feature provides all the customization you need.

3. Multiple Meeting Types:

Meeting variety made easy. Whether you’re hosting workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, group discussions, or large seminars, FluentBooking accommodates all. Users can define the meeting type, set the number of attendees, and even allocate different time slots based on the meeting format.

4. Stripe Integration:

Seamless financial transactions. Beyond just setting up meetings, FluentBooking offers the capability to monetize your services. With Stripe integration, users can set up paid sessions, ensuring secure financial transactions and instant payments. Plus, the added layer of protection against fraudulent bookings is invaluable.

5. Notifications and Reminders:

Stay on top of your game. Nothing’s worse than missed meetings. FluentBooking sends tailored email notifications upon booking, and reminders as the meeting time approaches, ensuring both hosts and attendees are always in the loop.

6. CRM Integration – Get More Done Doing Less:

Build relationships effortlessly. By integrating with CRM, FluentBooking doesn’t just stop at scheduling. Users can nurture client relationships, track interactions, and even gauge the effectiveness of meetings, turning leads into loyal customers.

7. Fluent Booking Integration:

Your favorite tools are now interconnected. FluentBooking isn’t just a standalone platform. It seamlessly meshes with tools you use daily, from Google Calendar for scheduling to Zoom for virtual meetings, and Stripe for payments. This ensures you don’t have to juggle multiple platforms, but have everything you need in one place.

FluentBooking Black Friday Price 2023

The beauty of FluentBooking lies not just in its features but also in its affordability, especially with the Black Friday discounts:

1 Site License: $995 Site License: $24950 Site License: $499
1 Domain License5 Domain License50 Domain License
Lifetime Plugin UpdateLifetime Plugin UpdateLifetime Plugin Update
Lifetime Priority SupportLifetime Priority SupportLifetime Priority Support
All Features IncludedAll Features IncludedAll Features Included

Super Saver:

Best for large enterprises or agencies.

  • Original Price: $999
  • Black Friday Deal: $499 (You save 50%!)
    • Offerings: 50 Site Licence, Lifetime Plugin Update, Lifetime Priority Support, and All Features Included. This package is best suited for those who manage multiple sites or wish to provide a booking platform for several clients.
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Mid-Tier Offer:

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Original Price: $499
  • Black Friday Deal: $249 (You save 50%!)
    • Offerings: 5 Site Licence, Lifetime Plugin Update, Lifetime Priority Support, and All Features Included. Perfect for businesses with multiple domains but not requiring as expansive a reach as the Super Saver.
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Entry Offer:

Perfect for individual professionals or startups.

  • Original Price: $199
  • Black Friday Deal: $99 (You save 50%!)
    • Offerings: 1 Site Licence, Lifetime Plugin Update, Lifetime Priority Support, and All Features Included. This package is tailored for individuals or startups who need a robust booking system without the frills of managing multiple sites.
    • Grab This Deal Now

FAQs About FluentBooking Black Friday Offer

What is FluentBooking?

FluentBooking is your go-to solution for complex appointment needs. Create infinite calendars and meetings, synchronize with your calendar, and incorporate various tools to transform your conversations into conversions.

How many hosts and calendars can I add?

There’s no limit! FluentBooking allows you to onboard unlimited hosts and calendars.

Do we need to use other Fluent plugins to use FluentBooking?

While FluentBooking is a comprehensive tool on its own, integrating it with other Fluent plugins can enhance its capabilities.

What integrations will be available with FluentBooking?

A plethora of integrations such as Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, Zapier, and more are available, with more integrations coming soon.

How much will the FluentBooking lifetime deal cost?

This Black Friday, you can avail lifetime deals starting from just $99, going up to $499, based on the package.

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