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DIVI AI Summer Sale 2023 is live now. This is a 2-week long promotion where you will get a discount on all Elegant Themes products. That means DIVI AI Builder, DIVI Theme Builder, DIVI Teams, DIVI Cloud & more.

Finally, DIVI has incorporated AI features into its award-winning theme builder. This post will talk about the DIVI AI discount, explain the pricing options, and many more valuable features of DIVI AI.

Elegant Themes has been one of the most popular WordPress theme providers for a long time. Their DIVI theme is one of the most powerful website builders of 2023. With the launch of DIVI AI, they have taken a future-proof step that will attract more customers.

divi ai discount pricing review
divi ai discount pricing review

What is DIVI AI?

Divi AI isn’t just another tool; it’s an intelligent assistant explicitly designed for Divi, the leading WordPress theme and website builder. Think of it as hiring a professional writer and a digital artist without the hefty cost.

Divi AI understands every element of your Divi website and uses this knowledge to auto-generate content and images that fit seamlessly into your existing design.

Key Highlights of DIVI AI

  1. Auto-Content Generation: Forget about spending hours brainstorming content. With a single click, Divi AI can recommend and generate text, images, or even whole modules tailored to your website’s context.
  2. Prompted Content Creation: Feed Divi AI with some basic information about your website or the particular page you’re designing, and it will provide suggestions that align with your site’s theme and brand.
  3. One-Click Image Generation: No more stock image hunting! Simply describe the kind of image you’re thinking of, and Divi AI will craft it in seconds. Whether it’s a realistic photo, a 3D render, or even a hand-drawn sketch, this tool covers you.
  4. Content Refinement: We already have content but think it needs a touch of professionalism? Divi AI can seamlessly rewrite headings, paragraphs, CTAs, and more to elevate the quality of your website’s content.
  5. Advanced Customization: Want more control? Divi AI offers advanced options that let you fine-tune your prompts. You can dictate tone, style, context, and even specific keywords.

Upcoming Functions of DIVI AI

  • Code Generation: Are you someone who finds the world of code a bit intimidating? Fret no more! With DIVI AI’s code generation feature, you don’t need to be a coding maestro. Whether it’s HTML, CSS, or JS, effortlessly generate or tweak code wherever Divi provides the flexibility for customization.
  • Automated Full Layout Generation: Visualize a world where, with a simple command, you could breathe life into an entire website layout. Well, that dream isn’t far from reality. DIVI AI is introducing a feature where artificial intelligence will craft total website layouts for you. The future of web design is not just automation; it’s intelligent automation!
  • Advanced AI-Powered Image Editing: Editing images is crucial to website design. But what if this process became ten times smarter and more efficient? With the upcoming AI image editing tool, you can tweak and resize specific segments of your images. Even more intriguing, DIVI AI will empower you to generatively fill vacant sections of your photos. It’s like having a digital artist inside your builder, catering to all your visual demands.

DIVI AI Pricing & Discount

Investing in Divi AI is like hiring an entire creative team but at a fraction of the price. DIVI AI Pricing is very simple. First, you must be an Elegant Themes member, and then you can quickly go for the DIVI AI tool.

To celebrate the launch, there’s a whopping 40% off! The pricing is straightforward:

  • The actual monthly subscription fee is $24/mo. As the DIVI AI discount is live, you will get 40% off on annual billing and a 20% discount on monthly billing.
  • A flat fee grants you unlimited access to AI-generated content and images.
  • Use Divi AI across multiple websites and with your entire team.
  • All future updates of Divi AI are included at no extra charge. Talk about value!

DIVI AI Discount – 40% OFF (Limited Time Offer)

Pay only $14.40 per month (billed yearly) and get unlimited text and image generation accessible by all team members. That’s a yearly saving of $115.20 (actual price $178.80). If you want to start with their monthly billing option, you will get a 20% Off DIVi AI discount. In that case, you must pay only $19.20/mo (actual price $24/mo). No need to apply any specific DIVI AI Coupon Code, as it’s a flat discount.

DIVI AI Summer Sale 2023- 20% OFF (Limited Time Offer)

Right now DIVI AI discount has reduced form 40% to 20%. The previous discount was their promotional sale during launch. That may be back during DIVI AI Black Friday Sale only. But right now if you want to get some discount on Elegant Themes package then you should grab this DIVI AI Deal. You don’t have to apply any DIVI AI Coupon Code, as this is a flat discount. Visit the Official Elegant Themes Summer Sale page now.


How does Divi AI differ from other tools?

Divi AI stands apart because it’s embedded directly into the Divi Visual Builder. This means generated content gets auto-applied to your pages, and images directly upload to your WordPress media library.

Is Divi AI multilingual?

Absolutely! Divi AI can craft text in any language. However, when it comes to image prompts, they should be in English.

Are the images royalty-free?

Yes! You can use the images for commercial purposes without any extra charges.

What makes Divi AI better than other tools like Jasper and ChatGPT

Divi AI is unique for a couple reasons. First, it’s integrated into the Visual Builder, which is incredibly convenient! The text you generate automatically applies to the page and the images you generate get uploaded to the WordPress media library. Divi AI’s most significant advantage is the fact that it understands Divi and learns from your website, allowing it to create more contextually relevant content automatically. Other tools can’t do this because they don’t have access to your database or Divi’s code.

Conclusion: Is DIVI AI Discount Worth It?

Divi AI is a no-brainer if you’re in the digital space and are always looking for ways to improve your workflow. It’s not just a tool; it’s a revolutionary step toward making web design and content creation seamless, efficient, and professional.

Divi AI is a trusty sidekick for beginners and experienced web designers, ensuring your websites look good and resonate with your intended audience. And with the current discount, now is the best time to invest in your digital future.

Remember, every great website is not just about design; it’s about the content, the imagery, and the experience it delivers. Divi AI ensures you excel in all these areas. So why wait? Dive into the future of web design with Divi AI today!

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