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fluent forms pricing lifetime discount

Discover Fluent Forms, the acclaimed drag-and-drop form builder plugin by WP Manage Ninja, now revolutionizing WordPress sites with over 300,000 installs and a 4.8 rating. This user-friendly tool simplifies form creation, offering an intuitive interface for quick, efficient design. Excitingly, you can now save significantly on Fluent Forms with up to 30% off annual plans and 20% off Lifetime plans through a unique affiliate link. With these discounts, Fluent Forms Pro becomes even more accessible, providing cost-effective solutions for your website needs, backed by a 14-day refund policy for added peace of mind. Embrace Fluent Forms and elevate your website effortlessly.

Plan TypeFeaturesPricing (Discounted/Original)
Annual Single Site LicenseAll Pro Features, Plugin Updates for 1yr, Priority Support for 1yr, Use it on 1 Website$41 ($59)
Annual Agency LicenseAll Pro Features, Plugin Updates for 1yr, Priority Support for 1yr, Use it on 5 Websites$90 ($129)
Annual Unlimited LicenseAll Pro Features, Plugin Updates for 1yr, Priority Support for 1yr, Use on Unlimited Sites$139 ($199)
Lifetime Single Site LicenseAll Pro Features, Lifetime Plugin Updates, Lifetime Priority Support, Use it on 1 Website$239 ($299)
Lifetime Agency LicenseAll Pro Features, Lifetime Plugin Updates, Lifetime Priority Support, Use it on 5 Websites$399 ($499)
Lifetime Unlimited LicenseAll Pro Features, Lifetime Plugin Updates, Lifetime Priority Support, Use on Unlimited Sites$719 ($899)

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What is Fluent Forms?

Fluent Forms is a comprehensive and user-friendly form builder plugin for WordPress. It’s designed to simplify the process of creating forms, making it accessible for both non-technical users and developers. With its intuitive interface, creating forms becomes a straightforward task, free from overly technical design processes or developer jargon. Fluent Forms stands out for its ease of use and flexibility, offering a range of features that enhance the form creation experience.

Key Features of Fluent Forms:

  1. Intuitive Form Creation: Fluent Forms offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies form creation, making it accessible for users with varying technical skills.
  2. Prebuilt Form Templates: A wide range of prebuilt form templates are available, catering to different organizational needs and form types, from simple contact forms to more complex structures.
  3. Customizable Styles: The plugin allows easy customization of form styles, supporting both minimalistic designs that blend with website themes and more detailed styling with CSS for advanced customization.
  4. Effective Spam Protection: Fluent Forms includes built-in spam protection features like honeypot and captcha, along with advanced form validation, to reduce unwanted spam submissions effectively.
  5. Visual Reporting: The plugin offers a visual report feature, providing insightful analytics and graphical representations of form submissions, such as bar charts and pie charts, to better understand user engagement.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Fluent Forms supports integration with various email lists, CRM tools, Slack, and Google Sheets, streamlining workflows and enhancing data management.
  7. Advanced Functionalities: The plugin includes advanced features like Custom Post Type (CPT) creation, payment and subscription handling, file and image uploads, multi-column layouts, and more, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

In addition to these key features, Fluent Forms also boasts robust documentation, a fast and lightweight codebase, comprehensive email notification customization options, and the ability to import/export forms. Its diverse integrations, such as with Zapier and Twilio, extend its functionality further, making it a powerful tool for creating and managing forms on WordPress websites.

Fluent Forms Pricing Plans Explained 2024

Fluent Forms offers a comprehensive solution for creating versatile forms tailored to various needs. Their annual pricing plan is designed to be both affordable and feature-rich, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. With three distinct plans, Fluent Forms caters to a wide range of users, from individual site owners to agencies and large enterprises.

  1. Single Site License ($79 per year, promotional price $63): Ideal for individual users or small businesses, this plan includes a license for one domain. It offers 1 year of plugin updates and priority support, ensuring your form-related needs are met efficiently. All features of Fluent Forms are included, providing a robust platform for form creation and management.
  2. Agency License ($159 per year, promotional price $127): This plan is tailored for small to medium-sized agencies, offering licenses for up to 5 domains. It includes all the benefits of the Single Site License, such as 1-year plugin updates, priority support, and access to all features. This plan is perfect for businesses looking to expand their reach and manage multiple clients or projects.
  3. Unlimited License ($299 per year, promotional price $239): For large agencies or enterprises, the Unlimited License is the most comprehensive option. It offers an unlimited domain license, making it ideal for extensive networks or numerous projects. Along with 1-year plugin updates and priority support, this plan includes over 45 third-party integrations, enhancing the power and flexibility of your forms.

Each plan ensures that you have the necessary tools and support to create effective, powerful forms, making Fluent Forms a reliable and cost-effective choice for all your form-building needs.

Fluent Forms Lifetime Deal Explained 2024

Fluent Forms offers a compelling lifetime deal that simplifies your form-building needs with cost-effective plans. This deal is particularly attractive for those looking to invest in a robust form solution without the worry of recurring fees. Whether you are an individual or running an agency, Fluent Forms caters to different needs with its varied plans, each packed with unlimited updates and priority support, ensuring you stay up-to-date and have help when needed.

  1. Single Site License ($349, discounted to $279): Ideal for individual users or small businesses, this plan offers a 1 domain license. It’s perfect if you’re looking to use Fluent Forms exclusively on a single website. You’ll enjoy all the features included in the plugin, ensuring a comprehensive toolset for form creation and management.
  2. Agency License ($599, discounted to $479): This plan is tailored for small agencies or freelancers managing multiple websites, offering a 5-domain license. It’s a step up for those who need a bit more flexibility than the single-site license but don’t require an extensive range of domains.
  3. Unlimited License ($899, discounted to $719): As the name suggests, this is the most expansive plan, offering an unlimited domain license. It’s ideal for larger agencies or businesses that manage numerous websites and need a scalable, all-encompassing solution for their form-building needs.

Each plan ensures you have access to all features of Fluent Forms, along with the assurance of unlimited plugin updates and priority support. This deal not only offers significant savings but also the convenience and reliability essential for efficient digital operations.

How to Get a 20% Discount on FluentBooking Lifetime Plans in 2024

Maximize Your Web Forms with Fluent Forms: A Simple Guide to Get Started in 2024

Fluent Forms simplifies the way you create and manage forms on your website, offering a blend of efficiency and user-friendly features. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned webmasters, Fluent Forms is a powerful tool to gather information, feedback, and data from your website visitors. Follow these three easy steps to get started with Fluent Forms and enhance your website’s functionality:

  1. Visit the Fluent Forms Website: First things first, head over to the Fluent Forms website by clicking on this exclusive link. To ensure a seamless experience, it’s advisable to open the link in incognito mode. This prevents any caching issues that might hinder the process.
  2. Choose Your Desired Form Package: Once you’re on the Fluent Forms site, take your time to explore the variety of packages offered. Whether you need a basic package for a single site or a more advanced option for multiple sites, Fluent Forms has you covered. Select the package that best fits your needs and click the “Purchase” button to move forward.
  3. Finalize Your Fluent Forms Setup: In the final step, you’ll be directed to a secure checkout page. Here, you can choose your payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and enter your details. The great thing about Fluent Forms is that there are no complicated setups or codes needed. Once your purchase is complete, you’re all set to start creating and integrating forms on your website.

By following these straightforward steps, you can quickly set up Fluent Forms and begin enjoying its wide range of features, designed to make your website more interactive and efficient. Whether you’re looking to create simple contact forms or complex multi-page forms, Fluent Forms offers the flexibility and ease you need to enhance your website’s capabilities.

FAQs – Fluent Forms Discount Pricing

Do I need coding skills to use Fluent Forms?

Absolutely not! Fluent Forms is designed with simplicity in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or not tech-savvy, you can easily create and manage forms. It’s all about drag-and-drop and clicking – no coding required!

How does Fluent Forms affect the overall experience on my website?

Fluent Forms enhances your website by adding seamless and efficient form functionality. It’s optimized for speed, ensuring your site’s performance stays top-notch. Plus, its sleek design blends perfectly with your site, elevating user experience.

Is Fluent Forms mobile-responsive?

Yes, indeed! Fluent Forms is fully mobile-responsive. This means your forms will look great and work smoothly on any device, providing an excellent experience for mobile users.

Is Fluent Forms GDPR compliant?

Your privacy concerns are covered! Fluent Forms is GDPR compliant, ensuring your forms adhere to privacy regulations. Collect data with confidence, knowing you’re respecting user privacy.

Do I need to pay extra money to use add-ons or integrations?

No extra charges here! Fluent Forms comes with a variety of add-ons and integrations included in the package. You get access to these powerful features without additional costs.

What if I get stuck with using Fluent Forms?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Whether it’s a simple query or a complex issue, we provide prompt and effective support to keep you moving.

Is Fluent Forms compatible with page builders?

Yes, Fluent Forms works seamlessly with various page builders. It integrates smoothly, allowing you to create and manage forms within your preferred page-building environment.

Conclusion: Is Fluent Forms Pricing Worth It?

fluent forms pricing lifetime discount
fluent forms pricing lifetime discount

In conclusion, selecting the right Fluent Forms plan hinges on your specific needs and the scale of your operations. Here’s a clear guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • For Solo Bloggers or Small Business Owners: If you’re currently running just one website, the Annual or Lifetime Single Site License is the ideal choice. This plan perfectly caters to your individual needs, ensuring you get all the essential features without paying for unnecessary extras.
  • For Managing Multiple Sites: If you’re handling multiple sites (up to 5) or planning to expand within a year, the Annual or Lifetime Agency License is the way to go. This plan provides the flexibility and resources needed to manage and grow up to five websites efficiently.
  • For Designers, Developers, or Agencies: If you’re in the business of managing a large number of client websites, the Annual or Lifetime Unlimited Site License is your best bet. This plan offers the most extensive range of features and the capacity to handle unlimited sites, making it ideal for high-scale operations.

Choose wisely based on your current needs and future goals. Each plan is tailored to fit different scales of operation, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

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